Chapter 82: The Cold Baron Dylan

Kant did not wait for long.

About ten minutes later, a burly figure wearing mail armor appeared on the city wall.

His slightly messy hair casually draped behind his head. His face was covered with sword scars due to his injuries. It was obvious that he was a person born out of a battlefield. His eyes were as sharp as an eagle’s.

He was the Lord of the Stone Pass, the Baron of North County, Dylan.

Below the city wall, Manid looked up at the baron who was also sizing them up. His expression was slightly solemn.

Manid, who came from a merchant family, naturally knew how to read people’s expressions.

And now, he was looking at this Baron Dylan who stood atop the city wall. There was a hint of doubt in his eyes. The reason was that, from his appearance, he did not seem like the kind of self-indulgent person addicted to the pursuit of pleasure, and who did not know how to develop his estate.

It was obvious that he was in his 30s, which was also the time when one was at his strongest and most energetic.

However, that was exactly the case.

Manid’s brows were tightly knit together. He swept his gaze over towards the peasant conscripts beside him who still had a hint of panic on their faces.

He had clearly witnessed what had occurred earlier on the city wall. In the beginning, the level of vigilance was undoubtedly poor. Manid who came from the continent of Caradia felt that in that chaotic continent of his, this seemingly sturdy stone pass would fall within a day.

“Don’t overthink this.”

Kant seemed to have noticed Manid’s thoughts.

The corners of Kant’s mouth curled into a strange smile. He naturally understood why this Baron Dylan was acting in such contradictory ways.

This actually originated from ten years ago, it was earlier than when the Dukedom of Leo conquered the Nahrin Desert and massacred the Jackalan tribe. When Kant had just turned five or six years old. It was a battle that the Dukedom of Leo continued to brood about, even to this day.

In fact, Kant’s fall and exile to the Nahrin Desert were also related to that battle back then.

“Whew. ” Kant took a deep breath and did not continue overthinking it.

He kicked the horse’s belly and urged his horse forward. When he was about ten meters away from the city wall, he raised his head and said, “Uncle Dylan, it’s very nice to meet you again. How have you been recently?”

As soon as he said that, the entire place fell silent. The answer that should have appeared did not appear.

There was a slight commotion behind him.

The five Sarrandian Horsemen and the ten desert bandits were somewhat indignant.

The reason was that even if they did not know proper etiquettes and only knew how to kill, they knew that the silence of Baron Dylan, who was on the city wall, and his lack of an answer were the equivalent to a serious lack of manners. One could even argue that it was an extreme contempt towards Kant.

This person was their lord.

If it were not for Manid, they would have already started cursing the Sarrand region.

However, Kant did not care.

A gentle smile appeared on his slightly young-looking face, and the light in his eyes was extremely sincere.

Looking at Baron Dylan on the city wall, he lowered his head slightly and continued to speak politely, “Last month, I was conferred the title of the Nahrin Desert. Unfortunately, due to my tight schedule, I did not meet you. Now that my estate has settled down, I have come here in the hopes of meeting you. After all, in my heart, excluding my mother, Uncle Dylan is the person who treated me the best.”

There was still pm;u silence. No one spoke or responded.

However, Baron Dylan, who had a cold expression on his face, finally spoke. “Open the city gate. ”

Upon hearing his order, the soldiers behind him immediately reacted.

As the clinking and clanging sounds of the winch began to fill the air, the city gate, which was made of thick crude wood, slowly opened as the iron chains and ropes attached gradually moved, revealing the pass behind the gate, as well as hundreds of spear-wielding soldiers who had gathered around behind it.

Baron Dylan turned his head and walked down the stairs.

At the same time, without turning his head, he ordered without any expressions, “Who called about an attack from the Jackalan? Find all of them and give each of them ten lashes. If something like this ever happens again in the future, I will have him directly hanged.”

“Yes!” A few soldiers in iron armor immediately responded.

With an unfriendly yet blank expression, he pointed at a few peasant conscripts, took out a horsewhip from behind his back, and lashed out fiercely.

“Crack, crack!” Sounds of whipping filled the air.

Streaks of blood instantly swelled up on their skin.

Along with mournful cries, Baron Dylan, who had walked down from the city wall, got on his horse and left. There was still no compassion on his face.

At the Stone Pass, he had always been known for being cold-blooded and cruel.

“Lord… Dylan. ”

His butler trembled as he waited beside the horse. He gulped and finally mustered enough courage to ask, “Baron Kant has arrived outside. Do you need me to prepare a banquet for tonight?”

“No need,” answered Baron Dylan who had already mounted his warhorse and was about to leave. Then, he said bluntly, “Just prepare more food.”

“Yes, yes, Lord Dylan.” The butler nodded and left.

Meanwhile, Baron Dylan snapped his horsewhip and urged his horse to leave the city gate quickly.

The soldiers clad in iron armor from before followed behind him. They rode on their warhorses and tottered carelessly on the narrow and filthy streets, causing the peasant men and women wearing simple and crude clothes to rush to both sides of the streets to avoid getting hit. Meanwhile, they also had to bow to the baron at the same time.

However, for Baron Dylan, seeing these peasants only made his expression grimmer.

He snapped his horsewhip and the warhorse ran even faster.

Outside the city gate, Kant and his cavalrymen finally began to slowly walk in.

They were not riding on their warhorses. It was a formality to enter the city.

Leading his warhorse, Kant walked at the front. He looked at the middle-aged man walking over to welcome him. He glanced at the fine linen robe donned over his body and immediately understood that this person was probably Baron Dylan’s butler.

He frowned slightly. Kant’s face did not reveal the slightest bit of dissatisfaction. He was still calm.

“Honorable Baron Kant, Baron Dylan has entrusted me to offer you the most sincere greetings and welcome.”

The slightly chubby butler wiped the cold sweat off his temples. He bowed deeply and placed his hands on his chest in a very respectful manner. Indeed, he was bowing to Kant in the most respectful manner. There was not even the slightest flaw in his manners.

It was indeed the most sincere greeting and welcome.

As for whether it was commissioned by Baron Kylan, Kant understood it very well.

When he passed by this place the last time, he replenished his supplies, including food and fresh water, and then rested in the place. However, even after staying for an entire day, this Uncle Dylan of his did not even invite Kant to visit him at his official residence.

“Yes, I’m very happy to see Uncle Dylan.”

Kant had a brilliant smile on his face. He narrowed his eyes, just like a big boy without any schemes.

This made the butler feel relieved.

The butler extended his hand and gestured for Kant to come inside the city gate. Then, the Butler said respectfully, “Please follow me, Baron Kant. Baron Dylan is waiting for your arrival at his official residence. At the same time, he has prepared a wonderful feast for you. He intends to speak to you in detail.”

“Lead the way.” Kant nodded.

The butler’s smile became even brighter and more respectful after seeing how easy it was to talk to Kant.

He led the way and welcomed them into the Stone Pass.

Kant led the horse in front, while Manid and the cavalrymen followed behind. They looked curiously at the fortress built in the middle of the canyon and blocked the passage.

There were also many other curious gazes.

This included the soldiers who wielded spears and were lined up messily on both sides of the street.

There were also the wives of farmers and their children dressed in shabby clothes outside their narrow shacks in the distance.

In particular, when they looked at those walking in the front, Kant and Manid, both of whom were young and handsome, as well as the five Sarrandian Horsemen and the ten desert bandits who looked neat and tidy, their eyes were filled with admiration.

To them, only nobles and knights would dress like this.

Otherwise, they were rich people.

As for themselves, they were just the lowly poor who were sheltered in the stone pass.

Kant could not help but frown under these gazes.

Although the streets under his feet were made of stone, dirty water flowed through the cracks. There was even a faint stench coming from the slum areas on both sides of the street. Every step they took, the bottom of their cowhide boots would generate a “Splashing” sound.

Obviously, dirty black mud also covered the stones of the street.

It made him frown even more.

It was really too filthy.

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