Chapter 1558: Three with Two Remaining/ Go and Die if You Want To

Chapter 1891: Three With Two Remaining

Tao Linfang stumbled towards the nightclub’s doorway hurriedly while Slater chased after her. The waiter at the side noticed Slater, but shrank his head and pretended not to see anything.

These people obviously knew who Slater was. They did not dare to stop him. Otherwise, the security guards in the nightclub would have already taken action.

However, everyone knew that Slater was the subordinate of Lang Ge, the Street Racer Gang’s master. The hotel’s security depended on the Street Racer Gang. So why would they dare to intervene with whatever the master of the Street Racer Gang does?

“Ah? Mr. Yang… help…” Tao Linfang suddenly saw Yang Ming standing at the nightclub’s entrance. But after starting her words, she hesitated. She then lowered her head and continued to run towards the door without saying anything else.

Yang Ming was stunned and wondered why Tao Linfang had stopped her words halfway. He then understood why immediately. Tao Linfang knew Lang Ge and Slater’s identities. She wanted to ask for help but had second thoughts about it due to their identities. Yang Ming and Zhang Bing had only come to join the jewelry exhibition and it was impossible for them to fight against Lang Ge and Slater. Tao Linfang did not want to involve them in this troublesome matter.

If she asked them for help, not only would they not be able to help her, but it might even bring them trouble.

Yang Ming did not want to be a busybody. But Tao Linfang’s actions left a good impression on him. This person is not bad. We’re both from China. I should help her out a little.

Thinking of this, Yang Ming took a step out. He blocked directly in front of Tao Linfang, and said, “It is alright. Let me handle it.”

Slater was chasing after Tao Linfang and was about to catch up to her. However, he got annoyed when he saw someone suddenly stand in front of Tao Linfang like they intended on sticking up for her! There is someone who dares to go against the Street Racer Gang in Las Vegas? Does this person not want to live anymore?

“The kid there, get out of my way! This is none of your business. Go away if you don’t want to die!” Slater shouted.

“Slater, we meet again?” Yang Ming looked at Slater like he was a fool, “Oh yeah, I was eating just now and didn’t have time to bother with you. I didn’t know you were so arrogant. You ran all the way here just to shout? Where’s Lang Ge?”

Slater was dumbfounded after hearing Yang Ming’s words. After taking a closer look, he recognized who it was. Isn’t it this guy who snatched Mr. Lang Ge’s private room just now when Mr. Lang Ge was going to have his meal?

At that time, the kid sat there calmly and continued eating without lifting his head nor showing any respect. Slater got furious thinking of the previous scene. “It’s you! Let me warn you, stop butting into other people’s business! I gave you some respect and didn’t beat you up last time because you were Batterton’s guest. But, if you dare to butt in now, hmph, no one can help you!”

“Mr. Yang, this has nothing to do with you. I think you should just go..” Tao Linfang didn’t expect Yang Ming to stick up for her! In her opinion, the security guards were all being cowards by not intervening in this sort of thing. Other people would not even bother to be a busybody, let alone a person I just met.

But Yang Ming stood up for her. Although Yang Ming’s sense of justice touched Tao Linfang, she didn’t want to drag Yang Ming into this. It had nothing to do with Yang Ming and she didn’t want to involve Yang Ming in her affairs!

“It’s nothing.” Yang Ming smiled slightly, “It’s just a Street Racer Gang. I don’t put them in my eyes!”

“Yo? Who are you? Aren’t you a bit too arrogant? Just a Street Racer Gang?” On the other side, Lang Ge had managed to settle Chen Ze. Lang Ge was used to fights since he had been involved in the underworlds since he was a kid. Chen Ze was not his opponent! It just took a few hits to make Chen Ze fall to the ground seeing stars with blood all over his face.

After taking care of Chen Ze, Lang Ge chased after Tao Linfang with Slater. He suddenly heard someone being disdainful toward the Street Racer Gang by saying that they were nothing. How can I, Lang Ge, as the Street Racer Gang’s master, tolerate this?

“Mr. Lang Ge! This kid was the one in the private room just now! He took advantage of being Batterton’s guest and made impertinent remarks about you!”

“Oh? Sticking up for somebody? Haha!” Lang Ge laughed after he heard Slater’s words, “Kid, I don’t care what status you have in the Douglas Family but there’s one thing you have to be clear about. This is Las Vegas, not your territory! This is my territory and I make the rules here! So if you want to stick up for someone, it’s best to keep a low profile. Otherwise, I don’t care if you’re a member of the Douglas Family, I will make you crawl out of here.”

“Oh, excuse me. I’m not from the Douglas Family. Sorry to let you down!” Yang Ming shrugged with a smile, “Also, I’m still keeping to my words. It’s just a Street Racer Gang and it’s nothing much.”

“Hmph Hmph! Look, kid, don’t go on talking while acting like you know anything!” Lang Ge mocked Yang Ming’s ignorance, “Do you know our Street Racer Gang’s status in Las Vegas? Let me tell you, we are one of the three major gangs! It seems that you don’t know anything about Las Vegas! Don’t tell me you thought we are like other street racers that only race cars?”

“I wonder if the three major gangs you mentioned included the Guillotine Gang. I’m afraid that it has now only become two major gangs.” Yang Ming said lightly, “If you continue nagging endlessly here, I don’t mind changing it into just one major gang!”

“What do you mean?” Lang Ge was stunned. He could not understand what Yang Ming was talking about.

“Nothing, I’m just asking you to get out of the way, or else I will make your Street Racer Gang history.” Yang Ming was too lazy to explain to Lang Ge and warned him directly.

Lang Ge still could not quite understand Yang Ming’s words, but he immediately laughed, “You have such pride. So what if you’re powerful in other places? You are in the wrong place. This is Las Vegas!”

“Mr. Lang Ge, let’s not talk nonsense with this boy!” Slater frowned, “I think this boy is just delaying time. Let’s hurry up and catch that girl, otherwise, she might call the police and this situation may get out of hand!”

Lang Ge heard Slate’s words, and nodded deeply. He also felt that Yang Ming’s words were inexplicable and assumed he was delaying time to wait for help. Therefore, he didn’t continue talking nonsense with Yang Ming, and immediately headed towards Tao Linfang with Slater!

Tao Linfang initially wanted to run. However, after seeing that Chen Ze was beaten up by Lang Ge like a blood gourd [1], she ran toward Chen Ze and wiped the blood on his face with a handkerchief.

At the same time, Chen Ze also heard the conversation between Lang Ge and Slater. Seeing that they were going to catch Tao Linfang again, he quickly shook Tao Linfang’s hand away from his forehead, “Linfang, run away! They’re going to catch you. I’m fine here.”

“But… I can’t leave you here! They will beat you up!” Tao Linfang hesitated.

“Blargh! Still being affectionate?” Lang Ge sneered. “Don’t be delusional. None of you can run away! Tao Linfang, I guess you didn’t expect it? If you knew this would happen, you should have not done it in the first place. If you had followed me, I would not go after this pretty boy.”

Lang Ge remembered the anger he experienced when he, the Street Racer Gang’s master, was rejected by Tao Linfang. Since there’s an opportunity to vent my anger out now, I will not let this opportunity go!

“Lang Ge, if you dare to touch Tao Linfang, I will not let you go!” Although Chen Ze was beaten up until his face was covered with blood, he endured the pain and climbed up from the ground. He proceeded to throw himself on Lang Ge after hearing how Lang Ge wanted to mistreat Tao Linfang.

“Idiot!” Lang Ge kicked Chen Ze so hard that he did a somersault. “You’re this weak, and you say you won’t let me go? If you have the ability, try not to let me off the hook today! Such a weak person! Let me tell you, this is how the world is. It is the survival of the fittest. Stop having any illusions. Today, your girlfriend is mine! What can you do? You’re such a weakling you were born to be trampled on by me!”

“You-” Chen Ze was knocked to the ground, panting heavily. Although he was furious, he did not have the strength to climb up.

Just when Chen Ze and Tao Linfang were in despair, a cold voice sounded from behind…

Chapter 1892: Go and Die if You Want To

“You’re right, it’s the survival of the fittest!” Yang Ming lifted Lang Ge’s from his neck collar and lifted him up, “Such a weak person like you was born to be trampled on by me.”

“Who is it? Let go of me!” Lang Ge was startled, and turned back quickly to see Yang Ming lifting him with a single hand. Lang Ge said angrily, “What do you think you’re doing, kid?”

“Nothing much. I told you before to get out of here quickly. Since you did not leave, you don’t have any more chances to do so.” Yang Ming laughed, “Do you have Alzheimer’s Disease? You got amnesia so soon?”

“Let go of Mr. Lang Ge! What are you doing!” Slater was shocked when he saw Lang Ge being lifted by Yang Ming. He drew his gun out subconsciously. He pointed it at Yang Ming, “Kid, let go of Mr. Lang Ge if you don’t want to die!”

“Why don’t you shoot?” Yang Ming nodded indifferently to Slater.

“You… you don’t force me!” Slater had just wanted to scare Yang Ming by pulling his gun out. Although he had killed people as a gang member, he still did not dare to kill people in public! After all, the police were not to be underestimated. If he shot and killed someone in public, he would be arrested and sent to prison without a second thought.

“I’m not forcing you. You can shoot. Do whatever you want to do.” Yang Ming smiled and ignored Slater. He then turned to Lang Ge, “So how about it? Do you remember what I said before?”

“Hmph!” Lang Ge snorted and suddenly reached out with his hand to grab Yang Ming! Although he was caught in the air by Yang Ming, his hands were free. He wanted to make a surprise attack on Yang Ming! In his opinion, Yang Ming was just someone who had more strength but no other abilities. I can take advantage of my rich fighting experience and settle Yang Ming easily.

“What are you doing?” Yang Ming saw Lang Ge trying to attack him. He grabbed Lang Ge’s neck collar and threw him down. Lang Ge smashed directly onto the bar counter. “Boom.” The bar counter fell and crashed onto Lang Ge’s body. It created a large wound on Lang Ge’s forehead and blood flowed down immediately!

The security guard nearby wanted to stop Yang Ming. But after the waiter who received Yang Ming lowered his head and said a few words to the security guard captain, the security guard captain immediately returned!

Staying in the VIP room on the top floor? This is the treatment that only the boss’s family can enjoy! The security guard captain quickly informed his followers to just observe and not intervene! In his opinion, Lang Ge could not be provoked, but not could Yang Ming. He could only observe.

“You dare to hit me!” Lang Ge’s head was bleeding. He got up from the ground and snarled at Yang Ming. Slater was struggling at the same time. Should I shoot?

If I shoot at Yang Ming, my life would be finished. I would have to spend the rest of my life in prison. If I don’t shoot, Lang Ge will be beaten up! Slater hesitated. Although I’m Lang Ge’s follower, I can’t risk my future just for Lang Ge.

“If you don’t move, I’ll shoot you!” Slater threatened while holding the pistol.

“Do whatever you want to. Stop repeating the same sentence.” Yang Ming glanced at Slater and ignored him. Yang Ming could see that Slater was just trying to act tough. But even if Slater really wanted to shoot, Yang Ming didn’t care. Yang Ming had his peripheral vision trained on Slater.

Slater’s face changed color. He did not have the courage to shoot here! This was playing with his future! After some hesitation, Slater put the pistol down, took out his phone and dialed a number…

“Mr. Lang Ge, wait for a while. I’ll call someone right away!” said Slater.

“Call my dad and ask him to bring some people to surround this place!” Lang Ge shouted, “So what if it’s the Douglas Family? I’ll demolish this place today!”

“Yes, Mr. Lang Ge.” Slater quickly dialed the phone and waited for a moment before saying carefully, “Is it the old leader? I’m Slater! I have something important to tell you…”

“Give me the phone. I’ll say it myself!” Lang Ge was impatient when he saw Slater dilly-dallying. He reached his hand out and asked Slater to pass him the phone.

“Okay, Mr. Lang Ge!” Slater was worried about how to describe it. When Lang Ge asked for the phone, he quickly passed it to him.

“Dad, I was beaten up by someone at the Douglas Vast Hotel!” Lang Ge got straight to the point. “Bring your people here to surround this place! The opponent is a guest of the Douglas Family!”

“What? What’s going on? Lang Ge, can you make it clearer?” After Lang Ge’s father heard what Lang Ge said, he could not grasp what was going on.

“I was pursuing a woman here but someone nosy beat me up! My head is also cracked! Quickly ask someone to capture him!” Lang Ge explained.

“Oh? Who’s so bold? How dare he touch my son? Hmph Hmph! Does he not want to live anymore?” Lang Ge’s father said, “Wait for me, I’ll bring people over now!”

“Okay, okay. I’ll wait for you here, I’m at the nightclub on the first floor of the Douglas Hotel!” Lang Ge said with a smile after he heard his father’s words.

Lang Ge hung up the phone. He then pointed at Yang Ming and said, “You, kid. If you dare, don’t leave. Let’s see how I’ll take care of you later!”

Lang Ge knew that he was not Yang Ming’s opponent. He could only diss him and wish Yang Ming would wait until his father’s people arrived.

“Hehe, I will not leave.” Yang Ming said lightly. Since he had taken charge of this matter, he would naturally manage it to the end! Yang Ming still had a good impression of Chen Ze and Tao Linfang, so he decided to help them. He would only leave after he settled this matter. Otherwise, they would be in trouble and suffer if he left them there.

Lang Ge was happy when he heard Yang Ming did not want to leave. He thought, This kid has guts. As long as you stay here, you will see how I take care of you later! I’ll capture you and take you to a place where there is no one so I can use whatever methods I want to! Don’t cry when that time comes!”

Lang Ge’s father was furious after he received his son’s call. He was well-known for spoiling his son. Lang Ge was an only child and was spoiled since childhood. Otherwise, he would not have been handed the Street Racer Gang!

After Lang Ge’s father got the phone call, he prepared to bring people over to beat the guy who beat his son. That place is the Douglas Family’s territory. Since that person is a guest of the Douglas Family, I should give Batterton a heads up! After all, I have a good relationship with Batterton, and the Douglas Family is also one of the big families. Since that guy is their guest, I should still tell them in advance.

Alas, if Batterton disagreed, he would still force his way through. This person had offended his bottom line! My son is my lifeblood! I must make that person pay for it.

He picked up the phone and dialed Batterton’s number. When Batterton picked up, Lang Ge Sr. said in an unquestionable tone, “Mr. Batterton? You have a guest from the Douglas family in your hotel, right? That person beat my son up and I’m going to send people out to capture. Please cooperate with me on your side!”

His intention was just to inform Batterton, and did not bother if Batterton would object. In his opinion, Batterton would not be able to oppose him.

“What? Guest of our family? Hit your son?” Batterton was dumbfounded. “Is there any misunderstanding in this matter?”

“Misunderstanding?! It happened at the nightclub on your hotel’s underground floor. Alright, I’m going to catch that guy!” said Lang Ge Sr.

Nightclub? Batterton’s face changed immediately. Is Lang Ge Sr. talking about Yang Ming? Thinking of this, Batterton was not scared of Lang Ge Sr. Although he had to rely on Lang Ge Sr. for some matters, if Lang Ge Sr. and Yang Ming got into a conflict, he would naturally favor Yang Ming first!

“Lang Ge Sr., let me advise you. If you don’t want to die, don’t bother with this matter!” Batterton sneered. He had fulfilled his duty of benevolence and told Lang Ge Sr. in advance.

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