Chapter 9: Meeting Once Again

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Bai Xi figured that she hadn’t misheard Mu Qiu. It was unlikely that the younger sister liked the older brother. This… This thought was really strange.

“Are you sure?” Her older brother likely did not know about this. He wouldn’t allow his younger sister to love him secretly. It had been two days, and she hadn’t found anything strange with her older brother.

“This servant doesn’t know. However, this servant does know that each time young miss saw young master, young miss would look extremely joyful. Young miss would speak a lot more and smile a great deal more. This servant also recalled that once the young miss was not careful and broke a picture of the young master and the Xia young lady. Young miss wept, broken-hearted and fell ill for a month. Afterwards, young miss became even more reticent. And… And this servant accidentally heard the young miss speak while sleeping…” Mu Qiu stopped, not daring to look at her master. To know the young miss’ secret… As a servant, she should not pry.

“I wouldn’t say such a thing as liking my brother.”

Mu Qiu nodded. Because she had heard young miss sleep-talk, she knew about the intentions the young miss had for the young master. But the young miss and young master were siblings, so the young miss shouldn’t regard the young master in such a way.

“Little Qiu Qiu, do you feel that older brother likes me?” Despite her initial surprise, Bai Xi’s heart was calm. Her interpretation of the so-called illicit love was different.

This body’s master may not have genuinely liked Bai Yu Jie. She was just dependent on him since apart from Bai Chong Yuan and Bai Jin Hang, Bai Yu Jie was the only one to give her affection. As her older brother of six years who pampered her, it was only natural that she loved him. In this situation, she depended on him, but it was not the same feelings as those between a man and a woman.

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However, this was only her interpretation. In truth, only the original Bai Xi would have known. It was a pity that no one would ever know now.

“Ah? This… This is… That is…”

“It doesn’t matter. Just speak.” As Bai Xi spoke, she removed her clothes and submerged herself in the hot water. Tired as she was, the feeling of the hot water was indescribably pleasant.

“This servant heard the young miss’ sisters say that if a man fell in love with a woman, the man would look at the woman with a kind expression full of love. But this servant did not see it in the young master’s eyes.” Perhaps the young master is special to the young miss, but only because they were siblings. How could the young master like his younger sister in such a way?

“Ai, what little Qiu Qiu said is quite direct. It is rather sad.” Fortunately she didn’t care. If she wasn’t the original Bai Xi, she might not have been able to handle such words.

Mu Qiu panicked and kneeled on the ground. “This servant deserves to die.”

“Mm, you really should die,” Bai Xi said lightly, her eyes teasing. However, as they were separated by a screen and Mu Qiu’s head was bowed as she kneeled, Mu Qiu could not see her expression. Mu Qiu felt that she could not continue living, but she had no complaints. She blamed herself for bringing up this affair and saddening her young miss.

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“Young miss, it is now May. The weather is changing. Young miss should pay attention to her body. Even in summer, young miss is cold and so it is unsuitable for young miss to eat cold food. In winter, young miss’ hands and feet get cold easily, so young miss should get some people to prepare a hot water bottle for the young miss’ bed before the young miss sleeps. Then the young miss should be able to sleep. Additionally, the books that the old master are familiar with, this servant has placed it on the second bookshelf on the third floor. And…” Mu Qiu continued, like she was entrusting her last words.

“Little Qiu Qiu is really worthy to be called Bao Mu (housekeeper).”


“Stand up. I was joking with you. I would hate to part with you if you wanted to die.” How could she possibly want Mu Qiu to die like this?

“Eh? Young miss…”

“I am not saddened. I just discovered that little Qiu Qiu doesn’t have a funny bone in her body. Little Qiu Qiu was quite cute just now.” Bai Xi pushed the screen open and smiled at Mu Qiu.


“Little Qiu Qiu, this sort of emotion is not like the feelings between a man and woman; merely a feeling of like between loved ones. Do you understand? For example, I like older brother, dad, and grandfather. This is the feeling between family members and has nothing to do with feelings between a man and woman. Does this make sense?” Bai Xi explained to a confused Mu Qiu.

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Mu Qiu thought about it for a moment, and then she nodded deeply. “Young miss, this servant understands. This servant misunderstood young miss. This servant really deserves to die.” The young miss had not fallen in love with the young master. It was her fault that she had interpreted it incorrectly. She was lucky that she had not spoken about this matter to other people, or she would have caused the young miss a lot of trouble.

“It is good that you have understood.” She hoped that this would be the end of that matter. “Little Qiu Qiu, your massage skills are not bad. Where did you learn it?”

“This servant needs to massage the young lady a lot, so this servant naturally learned how.”

“Mm, not bad.” She was soaking in the bath and enjoying the massage. She felt quite comfortable, the fatigue from her body slowly disappearing.

Bai Xi was happy that her sisters had not caused her trouble and the concubines had not criticised her today. Normally, apart from looking for her cheeky grandfather, she occasionally spent quality time with her dad. However, most of her time was spent exercising her body in the courtyard. As for her older brother she supposedly had an illicit love for, she hardly saw him. Some people said he was busy with the marriage. Others said he was busy with government affairs. Bai Xi did not bother to look for the real reason. Her focus was on training her weak and delicate body. Fortunately, this body had some foundation. Several days had passed and this body had already improved, and was no longer weak and delicate. She had regained some of her previous skills.

Bai Xi was definitely not a well-behaved master, which is why she took little housekeeper Mu Qiu to stealthily climb the wall to exit the residence.

“Young miss, we should return for breakfast. If master finds out, then master and old master will worry. And the madam… the madam will punish young miss,” Mu Qiu advised as she followed after Bai Xi who was strolling on ahead.

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“This is my problem. Do not press me.” Bai Xi brushed her off. In order to know more about how to survive in this world, she had to leave the residence. Only then could she plan her life.


“You are so wordy… I should leave you here again.” Ai, what good was this Mu Qiu, so long-winded.

Mu Qiu fell silent and followed her family’s young miss. When Bai Xi saw Mu Qiu’s behaviour, she smiled. It was finally quiet.

The two ambled along. Mu Qiu followed close behind Bai Xi, fearing that her family’s young miss would disappear.

Suddenly, a voice declared, “His Excellency, the Ice Lord has arrived! His Excellency, the Ice Lord has arrived!” The originally bustling street fell silent. In a flash, the crowds of people retreated to the sides of the road, leaving an empty path in the middle.

The distant sound of horse hooves grew closer. A black carriage appeared and everybody’s attention was drawn to it. At the first sight of the carriage, Bai Xi had the feeling that the carriage was familiar. Her frown smoothed out a little and she took a closer look. The carriage driver looked even more familiar. Wait… It couldn’t be…

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