Chapter 79: Letter from Veruga

The system would never make a mistake.

Following the light blue line, they soon arrived at a place where the sandy ground was relatively flat.

Kant tightened the reins. His face had become even paler due to the cold. However, his eyes were burning as he looked at the ground in front of him. “This is it.”

The light blue line indicator stopped extending in the area in front of them.

It obviously meant that the underground lake indicated by the system was hidden under the vast layer of sand around this area.

“Build a well.”

Kant’s thoughts connected to the system in his mind.

This time, the system did not decline his request. Instead, a dialog box popped up.

[Ding… System prompt]

[Well construction, 100 Denar and seven days required for construction.]

[Since multiple buildings are being constructed at the same time, an additional 100 Denar is needed.]

The sound of metal coins clanging appeared. Another 200 Denar were subtracted in Kant’s mind.

On the flat sand layer, at the location where Kant’s impression of where the well was supposed to be built, lime powder appeared out of thin air as if someone had spread out lines and formed a circle of half a meter out of nowhere.

Kant’s expression was calm. Of course, he knew that the half-meter circle would become a well in seven days.

His heart had slightly eased.

Originally, Kant was worried that if he built a posthouse and set up a well here, some troops from the Dukedom of Leo would come over with ulterior motives. Then, they would use the water here to invade the Oasis Lookout.

Now, he could see that the scale of the well was much smaller when compared to the Jackalan tribe.

A diameter of half a meter would not be able to sustain the water needs of many people. It could only be used as a resting place during journeys.

Even if enemy troops invaded, as long as they used stone slabs or stone pieces to plug the well, they could easily disable the place. After all, the most likely scenario for those trying to dig up the well again in this area within the desert was that the stone slabs and pieces used to build the well would collapse. This would cause the surrounding sand layer to collapse inside, burying the well in a ridiculous amount of sand. By then, it would be impossible to dig it up again.

The sand layer was not a layer of soil. They flowed and moved. It was almost impossible to dig.

Kant nodded to himself. At the same time, he connected his thoughts to a card in his mind and said, “Build the posthouse. ”

It was the building that he had drawn.

In the game, the function of the [Posthouse] was to inform the players to return as soon as possible when the enemy arrived with the intention to loot the village. Paired with the watchtower that could delay the raid, it could be said to be very useful.

Now in the real world, a [Posthouse] also had a similar function of scouting and informing.

Data spread.

A two-story building appeared next to the well. It was a structure made of stone and wood. It was a standard Swadian building style, sturdy and durable. There was also a platform on top of the roof that where one could use to observe the surrounding situation.

“I can sleep in it tonight.”

Kant looked at the 300 square meter building and smiled.

Nights in the Nahrin Desert were cold. The thin linen tent could not block the bone-chilling coldness.

“That’s great. ” Manid also nodded as he trembled. He subconsciously tightened his clothes. As a young merchant, even though he was robbed of his goods and was forced to wander in the Continent of Caradia, he lived a good life. He had never experienced such a tough military life.

Now that a posthouse had appeared, it was like a warm paradise had appeared in the hellish desert.

It was not only him, but the soldiers behind him also felt the same.

“Tie up the horses and remember to give them some water.”

Kant stretched out his hand and ordered, “After you are done, we can make a fire and have a good rest in the rooms inside. ”

“Hip hip, hooray!” The soldiers from Sarrand cheered.

After unpacking their bags, the five Sarrandian horsemen carried their sharp scimitars inside to check. After confirming that there were no problems, they found the straws and firewood stored in the posthouse. They took out their flints and struck them together a few times, causing sparks to fly. Then, they lit a bonfire in the fireplace inside the hall.

A hard-earned warmth immediately filled the room as the flames rose.

A few pine oil torches were also lit and were inserted into a few grooves in the room.

These were torches used for lighting. The grooves were distributed reasonably. With the torches inserted into the grooves, the entire hall began to brighten up.

The ten desert bandits tied up everyone’s horses and poured fresh water into the trough to let the warhorses get some food. One by one, they rubbed their hands together while walking into the posthouse with cold air coming out of their mouths. Later, they simultaneously went to the fireplace to warm themselves, they did not care that the choking smoke generated by the burning firewood was a little too much. Instead, a relaxed expression appeared on each of their faces.

“Manid, drink some hot water.”

Kant also brought a water sack that was heated by the fire and handed it to Manid, who was slumped on the chair with his legs spread apart. Kant smiled and said, “It seems that you have never experienced a life like this before.”

“That is certainly true.” Manid smiled wryly. “It’s really too difficult.”

After grabbing the water sack, warmth spread all over his hands. Manid withdrew his separated legs to make himself more presentable and polite. However, the pain of his inner thighs made him frown. Then, he shook his head helplessly and said, “I will get used to it in the future.”

“It will get better in the future. ”

Kant shrugged and turned his head to look out of the window. As he did this, he slightly furrowed his brows together.

He seemed to have heard the sound of footsteps.

Beside the stove, the desert bandits who had put down their bags and luggage reacted even more intensely than the rest. They reached out to pull out the scimitars hanging on their waists. Then, they pointed their shiny blades at the door with grim expressions.

“Who goes there?”

The five horsemen wearing Sarrandian chain armor and Sarrandian helmets also pulled out their sharp scimitars.

The gear they were equipped with made them the equivalent of heavy footmen, as such, they were not afraid. They raised their shields with their left arms and placed them in front of their bodies. They glanced at each other before walking to the door while shouting angrily, “We heard your footsteps. Don’t sneak around. Come out and show yourself!”

“Lord, lords of Sarrand… Don’t, don’t be rash… We are on the same side!”

Outside the door, a trembling voice emerged.

The owner of the voice sounded extremely afraid. He was even stuttering as he spoke. “We, we are from the construction team of Veruga. We received a mission to build… Build a well here!”

“Huh?” Kant was slightly stunned. He turned his head and looked at Manid.

The expressions of the desert bandits who had already drawn their scimitars turned from grim to calm.

However, the five Sarrandian Horseman at the door walked towards the door quickly. They carefully held their shields in front of them. When they saw ten people wearing linen robes, holding tools, with a carriage full of materials behind them, their expressions finally relaxed.

They turned to Kant and reported, “Lord, it’s the construction team from Veruga.”

“Let them in.”

Kant waved his hand. He understood that these were the construction workers that the system had arranged to build the well.

The reason he was stunned was that he did not expect these construction workers to be from Veruga. Kant thought that they would be the Suno construction workers that he had seen before.

Veruga was a city of the Kingdom of Rhodok, while Suno was a city of the Kingdom of Swadia.

The distance between the two cities was relatively large.

“Construction workers are selected from random cities?” Kant nodded thoughtfully.

The workers walked in from outside.

They were dressed no differently from the construction workers from Suno. The only difference was that there was a slight change in their accent. It carried the sharpness and euphemism of the mountain area of Rhodok. Regardless, they could still be understood.

“It is a pleasure to meet you, my Lord.”

The leader of the construction team bowed respectfully.

“Right.” Kant smiled. “I hope I didn’t trouble you guys for making you come all the way from Veruga to build a well.”

“No, no, it is our honor.”

The leader of the construction team quickly bowed and saluted. “To be able to serve you, Great Lord Kant, it is an honor that we can talk about all our lives. We will definitely build your well seriously.”

“That is wonderful to hear.” Kant nodded with a smile.

The people of Rhodok came from a complex mountainous area, but their personalities were quite simple and their compliments were also somewhat sincere.

Kant had nothing to do, so he also had a few words with him.

The leader of the construction team also saw Manid, who was next to Kant, and could not help but be slightly stunned. “Ah, it’s Lord Manid.”

“You know me? ” Manid asked curiously.

The leader of the construction team said, “Of course, you have been to Veruga before. All the girls in Veruga are saying that you are handsome.”

Kant, who was next to him, smiled and shook his head.

Manid could be said to be the most handsome man on horseback. He was handsome and had a powerful family background. Although he was left to wander the lands, no one could say when he would take off again. So naturally, he was popular with girls.

With regard to this, Manid turned his head around in embarrassment. “Is that so… I always thought that the people of Veruga were very passionate. ”

Then, the leader of the construction team suddenly thought of something.

He took out a letter from his pocket and handed it to Kant on the table. Then, he said respectfully, “Lord Kant, through the construction workers, Sir Firentis’ father found out that his son, Sir Firentis, was working for you. Therefore, he entrusted me, who had come here, to pass this letter to you. I hope you can pass it on to Sir Knight Firentis.”

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