Chapter 1557: Remembering Our High School Days/ What a Coincidence!

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Chapter 1889: Remembering Our High School Days

In fact, rather than a provocation, it was just the boyfriend safeguarding her. However, as the Street Racer Gang’s young master, Lang Ge naturally could not bear this humiliation, so he proposed to race with the guy. Whoever loses would have to give up pursuing the girl.

Lang Ge himself did not expect the guy to actually agree. Wasn’t he looking for trouble by racing against the Street Racer Gang’s young master? Just when Lang Ge’s friends thought Lang Ge would surely win, an accident happened!

The guy not only won the race, but also forced Lang Ge to crash his car. Although Lang Ge himself was not injured, his favorite Ferrari was turned into scrap from the crash. made Lang Ge ashamed and angry. He also secretly made up his mind to find trouble with the guy!

When Lang Ge found out that the guy had actually taken the girl to Las Vegas to travel, he thought that God had his back! Wasn’t this Las Vegas Lang Ge’s Territory? Since that guy came here, he wouldn’t have a chance to leave!

“Hehe, indeed, Mr. Lang Ge. The kid probably thought you were an ordinary student, and he didn’t yet know your real identity as the young master of the Street Racer Gang in Las Vegas!” Slater brown-nosed.

“Is it all ready?” Lang Ge asked with a snort.

“It has all been arranged accordingly, Mr. Lang Ge. You can rest assured that I have swapped the waiter on duty today with our men!” Slater laughed. “Our people have also replaced the roaster.”

“En, don’t stir up any problems. This place is Batterton’s territory after all. We have to give him some face.” Lang Ge nodded.


Batterton was only relieved after he settled Lang Ge and Slater. He wiped the sweat off his forehead, athen hurried to Yang Ming’s private room. As soon as he entered the door, he explained embarrassedly, “Mr. Yang, I’m sorry to startle you… ”

“I’m not startled.” Yang Ming waved his hands lightly. A psycho coming in and shouting a few words, naturally would not affect Yang Ming whatsoever. Yang Ming simply did not place that person in his eye, so he was even too lazy to make a fuss about it.

Yang Ming found that his temperament had improved. In the past, Yang Ming would have directly dragged him by his collar and thrown him out. Now he just treated such a person as a clown and did not care at all.

“Hehe, yeah, in Mr. Yang’s eyes, that person is nothing at all.” Batterton nodded quickly.

“Who are that Slater and Lang Ge? What do they do?” Yang Ming asked casually.

“Mr. Yang, this Lang Ge, is the young master of the Street Racer Gang, one of the three major gangs in this city… Ugh, it should be two major gangs now…” Batterton suddenly realized the fault in his words and quickly changed his statement, “The former master of the Street Racer Gang is also Lang Ge’s father, who basically has nothing more to do with the gang now. Hence, this Lang Ge is the Street Racer Gang’s current master! Mr. Yang, as you probably know, a gang like the Street Racer Gang mainly focuses on underground racing and gambling, so it consists of a lot of young people…”

“Oh, so the previous guy was the sidekick of the Street Racer Gang’s master. No wonder he was so arrogant.” Yang Ming heard Batterton’s explanation, but he was not surprised, “You have a good relationship with them?”

“Well … Mr. Yang, don’t get me wrong, our relationship can only be said to be okay,” Batterton was afraid of Yang Ming misunderstanding and hurriedly explained, “You know, in Las Vegas, I have no gang to back me up. I’m in the entertainment industry too. Inevitably, I have to deal with the underworld. I had to find a gang that could shelter our hotel, and therefore I am close to the Street Racer Gang. ”

“Oh, since this is the case, I will give you some face and not do anything to them.” Yang Ming nodded, “But if they do not know better, don’t blame me.”

“Relax, Mr. Yang, they should leave after dinner, and won’t continue to annoy you.” When Batterton heard that Yang Ming was giving him some face, he was immediately a little happy.

“Alright, you may go out. You are not needed here. The few of us here would like to chat for a while.” Yang Ming saw that Batterton was still standing by the side, looking like he was ready to serve at any time, so he waved his hand to signal that he could leave.

“Alright, Mr. Yang, if you need anything, you can call for me at any time.” Batterton knew that Yang Ming was dismissing him, so he quickly bowed and exited the room.

Seeing Yang Min’s little respect for a local gang’s master, Zhang Bing and others were extremely shocked. However, from Batterton’s words, it seemed that the three local gangs had turned into two gangs. Is the disappearance of a gang related to Yang Ming?

Especially when considering that Yang Ming had left to handle something, Zhang Bing and the others were shocked! What kind of power does Yang Ming possess now?

However, all three of them were clever and didn’t ask questions. Some things were better left known in their hearts. It would be inappropriate to ask it out loud, especially since Yang Ming did not talk about it.

But the shock in Zhang Jiefang’s eyes became even stronger, and now there was even a touch of admiration!

After dinner, Zhang Bing said that he had something to do with Yang Ming. Zhang Jiefang and Wang Mei naturally did not ask much, and were glad to see Zhang Bing leaving alongside Yang Ming. In their opinion, the closer Zhang Bing gets to Yang Ming, the better it would be! Yang Ming was so powerful. If he could support Zhang Bing, then Zhang Bing would have nothing to worry about in this life.

“Bro, shall we go to the nightclub downstairs now?” After knowing that Yang Ming had reserved two VIP seats, Zhang Bing looked extremely excited!

In fact, VIP seats were at the very front. When there were performances on the stage, iteh VIP naturally provided the clearest view.

“Now? Isn’t it a little early?” Yang Ming looked at the time.

“Really?” Zhang Bing also looked at the time. It was indeed a bit early. The nightclub probably would not have opened yet. So Zhang Bing could only say, “Bro, should we go and have a drink?”

“Let’s go.” Yang Ming nodded. He had dismissed Batterton just now, and Batterton was not allowed to follow him. Hence, Yang Ming and Zhang Bing were still free at the moment. Without Batterton standing respectfully at the side, it seemed rather casual instead.

The two came to the bar on the hotel’s first floor and found a quiet place. Yang Ming ordered a glass of juice while Zhang Bing ordered a glass of wine.

“You kid, when did you learn to drink this elegant thing?” Yang Ming glanced at Zhang Bing.

“Hehe… bro, I am just following local custom!” Zhang Bing said with a grin, “Moreover, I used to drink often when I was in school! At that time, I used to pick up chicks on the Internet. Before working out the deal in the evening, we would first go to a western restaurant to flirt. I often drank this!”

Yang Ming was stunned for a moment. After listening to Zhang Bing’s words, Yang Ming also recalled the times back in highschool and found it quite nostalgic! He also remembered that Zhang Bing back then already liked to talk about his one-night stands on the Internet. One time when Zhang Bing was bragging about it to him, Chen Mengyan even happened to overhear it.

His thoughts shifted to later where he saw a video of Zhou Jiajia at Zhang Bing’s house. Yang Ming could not help but shake his head and smile bitterly. Time had flown by without him noticing. Those days had drifted far away!

Now that he thought of it, it seemed like it was from another lifetime, from a very long time ago. But in fact, it was really only one year ago.

One year could actually change some people and some things so drastically. If I had not saved the old man and not received special abilities, what would my current life look like now?

Without special abilities, he would not have jadetone gambled in Yunnan, nor would he be able to know Liu Weishan, nor would he have got his first bucket of gold! If he had not gone to Hong Kong, he would not have encountered Sister Xiao Qing, and even would not have met Wang Xiaoyan’s men…

“Bro, what’s up with you?” Zhang Bing was baffled upon seeing Yang Ming distracted.

“Ha… I was thinking back to my previous high school life.” Yang Ming sighed. Although he had gained some things now, he had lost a lot of things at the same time, “That time was really carefree!”

“Indeed…” Zhang Bing nodded, “Bro, I don’t even know when you started to become so powerful. You’re getting stronger and stronger. Now, I can’t even believe it! You shocked me too much!”

“Nevermind you, even I ask myself sometimes why there are so many misfortunes around me.” Yang Ming smiled bitterly, and returned to his normal expression.

Chapter 1890: What a Coincidence!

Yang Ming and Zhang Bing were reminiscing about their youth when a young man and woman approached them from the front. They seemed to be a couple, but the only thing Yang Ming and Zhang Bing paid attention to was that they were also Asians.

The man had yellow skin and black pupils. Although he was not particularly handsome, he exuded a bearing presence despite not wearing an eye-catching outfit. Yang Ming also had the feeling the two came from rich families.

Since the two were Asians, Yang Ming couldn’t help but pay more attention to them. There were many Asians in Las Vegas, but it was not common to see them in a hotel or at a bar.

The young couple apparently saw Yang Ming and Zhang Bing, and were also stunned a little. Hesitantly, the young man held the young woman and approached Yang Ming.

The young man nodded kindly to Yang Ming, and then sat at the table near Yang Ming and Zhang Bing. He heard Yang Ming and Zhang Bing’s conversation, and immediately his eyes flashed. He asked Yang Ming, “Are you two Chinese as well?”

“Yeah, you guys too?” Yang Ming nodded with a smile, feeling that the couple had no malicious intentions. He did not mind chatting with them casually.

After all, there is a common saying that meeting a fellow countryman would cause one to burst into tears [1]. Although Yang Ming and this young man were not from the same hometown, they were from the same country. This was even more nostalgic in this foreign country.

Zhang Bing only noticed the young couple behind him at this moment. Previously, his back was turned to the couple, so he did not care. Zhang Bing only turned around when Yang Ming talked to the people behind him.

“We are international students.” The young man nodded. “We happen to have a small holiday, so I took my girlfriend here to the casino city to have a look around.”

Hearing that the two were international students, Yang Ming did not doubt anything. After all, they looked and behaved like students.

“The casino city is just meh… It is fine to look around, but forget about seriously gambling here,” said Yang Ming while glancing at Zhang Bing. Zhang Bing blushed suddenly. He touched his chin and lowered his head.

“Hehe, we just came to take a look. We won’t gamble here. I have been to the casino before, but I just played casually. It doesn’t matter if I win or lose,” the young man nodded and said. “Right, you guys are…”

“Oh, we are here to participate in the International Jewelry Exhibition.” Yang Ming laughed. “This hotel was booked by the Jewelry Association.”

“I see!” The young man nodded. “We were too late. If only we had come a few days earlier. I heard that there was a Jewelry Exhibition. I wanted to see it, but the school holidays did not line up!”

“I told you to take leave, yet you wanted to wait for the end of the course!” The young man’s significant other frowned and complained.

“Hehe…” The young man smiled helplessly, but it could be seen that their relationship was good, “Well, my name is Chen Ze. This is my girlfriend Tao Linfang.”

“Yang Ming.” Yang Ming was very good at assessing people. Just by looking at people’s eyes, he would know whether they were lying. Yang Ming could now determine that these two people were indeed students. However, Yang Ming was currently not particularly sure of their background. However, this did not affect his interaction with them.

“Zhang Bing!” Seeing Yang Ming reveal his name, Zhang Bing was naturally not to be outdone.

“Nice to meet you!” Chen Ze nodded, “But you two look quite young. Have you already left school?”

“Naturally we are still in school, but we came with our elders,” Yang Ming explained.

“So that is the case. I see!” Chen Ze suddenly realized.

At this moment, the waiter brought over something that Chen Ze and Tao Linfang had ordered. He smiled and said in English, “Bon appetit!”

“Sure, thank you.” Chen Ze smiled and glanced at what the waiter had delivered. He smiled apologetically to Yang Ming, and started drinking with Tao Linfang.

It seemed that Chen Ze and Tao Linfang were really here to have some drinks. Probably because they were thirsty, they stood up and prepared to leave as soon as they finished drinking the drinks in front of them.

“Mr. Yang, Mr. Zhang, we are leaving first. It’s good to have met you.” Chen Ze pulled Tao Linfang along and waved at Yang Ming and Zhang Bing.

“We are just about to leave as well. See you again if there’s a chance.” Yang Ming waved his hand.

Chen Ze and Tao Linfang left, while Yang Ming and Zhang Bing continued to reminisce about their youth.

“Bro, those two seemed to have a great temperament!” Zhang Bing looked at the back of Chen Ze and Tao Linfang and said, “They seemed like rich prodigal children or the second generation of officials? They have that noble temperament.”

“I didn’t expect you to have good insights on people.” Zhang Bing’s words surprised Yang Ming a bit, “You’re good, kid. I see that you are well trained now.”

“I usually get in touch with these people a lot, so naturally I can clearly distinguish them.” Zhang Bing laughed, “The jewelry company often has such customers!”

Yang Ming was less surprised when he heard Zhang Bing say this. After all, the jewelry company was the first shop in Song Jiang to propose the concept of customizing jewelry. It was not unusual for Zhang Bing to have interacted with these people in his daily life.

“These two people should come from well off families. But did you realize that none of the clothes on the two of them were very valuable? They wore very common brands. They may be regarded as branded in China. But here, these are what ordinary people would wear,” said Yang Ming.

“I didn’t notice this.” Zhang Bing said, “Bro, you do observe carefully! Maybe their families are more strict?”

“That is hard to tell.” Yang Ming smiled, sat for a while, and looked at the time, “But enough of this. The nightclub should start soon, right? Should we go now?”

“Okay!” Zhang Bing was happy when he heard the words nightclub.

Yang Ming called for the waiter, handed him the room card, and let him check out the bill.

The waiter was shocked when he saw Yang Ming’s room card! This was a luxurious suite on the top floor. The meaning of this room card was extraordinary. This was a room that was not open to the public! One could not live in it even if they had money! Those who could live here aside from the Douglas Family’s top members, would be the guests of the family.

The waiter swiped the card respectfully, and carefully returned the room card to Yang Ming. Then, he asked Yang Ming if he had anything else he needed before he carefully retreated.

“Bro, your room card is really awesome. After the waiter took it, his attitude changed immediately!” Zhang Bing said with envy.

“Don’t you have your own?” Yang Ming glanced at him annoyedly.

“Ah! Yeah! I have it too!” Only then did Zhang Bing remember that his room card was the same. He became embarrassed.

The nightclub was located on the basement floor of the hotel. Yang Ming handed the room card to the receptionist at the door. The receptionist’s face changed, and he said, “Mr. Yang? The boss has informed me. I will take you to the VIP seats! ”

Yang Ming and Zhang Bing followed behind the receptionist and walked into the nightclub. But before they took two steps, a girl stumbled from the nightclub towards the door. However, in the nightclub, someone shouted, “Quick, you go first! Get out of here!”

Hearing this voice, Yang Ming froze slightly, and then saw the girl running over. Yang Ming could not help but frown!

The voice that sounded was Chen Ze whom they met at the bar before, and the girl who ran out was his girlfriend Tao Linfang!

“Slater! Go catch that chick Tao Linfang! I’ll deal with this kid!” Another voice sounded in the nightclub, “Chen Ze, are you that impatient to die? Tao Linfang likes me and flirted with me. What’s that got to do with you? ”

“Yes!” Slater took the orders, and strode toward the direction of Tao Linfang’s escape towards the doorway. Although Tao Linfang was frightened, her actions were slow. She stumbled as if she was drunk.

“Bro, isn’t she the girl from just now…” Zhang Bing also saw Tao Linfang, and was surprised.

“I know! But we have also met the person who is chasing after her.” Yang Ming sneered as he watched Slater getting closer and closer.

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