Chapter 1556: Emergency During the Meal/ Ninja Turtle

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Chapter 1887: Emergency During the Meal

Govisik was quite puzzled. The family master actually wanted to come to Las Vegas in person, and was obviously very dissatisfied with his previous actions. If this were truly the case, the family would eventually stop supporting him in the future. Nevermind running for a parliament position, it might not even be possible for him to continue his career in Las Vegas!

Due to this, Govisik hated Yang Ming very much. But he did not dare to provoke him. Yang Ming was someone that even the family master did not dare to provoke. What power did Govosik have to be able to provoke him?

However, Govisik was still dissatisfied with this matter. If I can stay as the person-in-charge of the family’s affairs in Las Vegas, then this matter will be over. But if the family master removes me from this post by, hmph. If I can’t live a good life, I definitely will not allow Yang Ming to be better off. Worst comes to worst, we will bear losses together.

Jotans rushed to the airport in a hurry. Although he had a private jet, he was not able to fly anytime he liked. After all, flight routes over long distances must be coordinated before flying. Otherwise, a plane crash was possible which was no trivial matter.

“Family Master Jotans, no air routes can be vacated within four hours according to the reply from the airport personnel,” said the butler said helplessly to Jotans.

“What?” When Jotans heard it=this, his expression suddenly became gloomy. “Not for four hours?”

“Yes, family master, that is what the aviation department said…” the butler replied carefully.

“Did you tell them that I am the one going to use it?” Jotans asked.

“I told them… but it can’t affect normal flights!” The butler said, “The time slots for flights are all full… Although we are a distinguished family, this matter involves transnational routes…”

“Go negotiate again, and ask for the soonest possible time we can fly!” Jotans snorted in a foul mood. If he was delayed for another four hours, he would not be able to arrive within twenty-four hours. Thinking of this, Jotans’ face could not help but be cast in a layer of gloom.

“Okay, I’ll go now.” the butler nodded quickly. He did not know what had happened to the family master today. Why does he suddenly want to fly to Las Vegas in a hurry? What serious matter happened?

Jotans hesitated. Although he knew that this was not a good time to disturb Yang Ming, he still had to inform Yang Ming. If he could not arrive within twenty-four hours, only God knows what would happen.

So, Jotans dialed Yang Ming’s phone again helplessly.

Yang Ming had just finished calling Batterton, but the phone in the room rang again. Yang Ming thought that it was Batterton calling back. Without thinking much about it, he picked up the phone, “Hey?”

“Mr. Yang, this is Jotans…” Jotans did not expect Yang Ming to answer the phone so quickly. He was stunned for a moment, then quickly replied.

“Jotans? Is there anything I can help you with?” Yang Ming asked faintly.

“Well… Mr. Yang, the soonest time I can take off is only in four hours. I’m afraid I won’t be able to arrive within twenty-four hours!” Jotans said carefully, “I would like to plead with you for a few more hours?”

Yang Ming frowned. He had not expected Jotans to call about this matter.

“When can you come then?” Yang Ming asked with a frown.

“The earliest possible time would be tomorrow…” Jotans said, “Mr. Yang, it is not that I don’t want to go. Instead, I really want to rush there as soon as possible…”

“Fine, tomorrow then.” Yang Ming said impatiently, “Call me when you arrive. I don’t have time now to listen to your nonsense.”

“Ah, Mr. Yang, if I am unable to reach within twenty-four hours, you won’t take action against our Nancheng family, right?” Jotans asked a little uneasily.

“Why are you talking so much nonsense? If I allow you a grace period until tomorrow, it will be tomorrow. As for whether I take action against your family, it depends on your sincerity tomorrow!” Although Yang Ming was a little bit impatient with Jotans dilly-dallying, he still explained to him.

“Okay! Okay!” Jotans finally relaxed. Now that Yang Ming had said so, Yang Ming would definitely not take any action until he arrived, “Mr. Yang, rest assured. I am very sincere!”

“Okay, I’ll hang up if there is nothing else!” After Yang Ming finished speaking, he hung up the phone without waiting for Jotans’ reply.

Jotans was left holding the phone after Yang Ming disconnected the phone call. He sighed, and shook his head slightly. Have I been despised to this extent by any person in the past? However, it is pretty normal that Yang Ming despises me. Rather, I still need to please him carefully!

However, after getting a positive reply from Yang Ming, Jotans was not very anxious. After all, if today could not work, Yang Ming had also agreed on tomorrow. The key was in his attitude tomorrow! If Yang Ming was satisfied with his attitude, then the matter would just end like this. If his attitude was dissatisfying, then this time’s matter… probably not done yet!

Thinking that all this was caused by Govisik’s unauthorized decision, Jotans’ heart was incomparably angry. He considered getting rid of Govisik as soon as he reached Las Vegas. Las Vegas was such an important place. There were many people waiting in line for Govosik’s position, including many young talents in the family. Why should he use this fool?

This time, Yang Ming just wanted to blackmail Jotans for some money, so he did not really care much about whether Jotans would come. He had even made an appointment with Zhang Bing tonight to accompany him to the nightclub. Even if Jotans came, he did not think that he would be free to see him.

Batterton got dinner ready, and called Yang Ming, asking him what time he would like to have dinner. Yang Ming thought about it, then asked Zhang Bing to get prepared so that they could go down for dinner together.

Yang Ming had barely eaten anything morning. Zhang Bing and the group also did not have much to eat as well! When Yang Ming last left, he told Zhang Bing to be careful and not to leave the hotel when there was nothing going on, and not to open the door if strangers knocked. Zhang Bing was so careful that he did not even eat or order food.

“Bro, we should be fine now, right?” Zhang Bing quickly came to Yang Ming’s room, then lowered his voice and said, “If the matters aren’t settled, we won’t be able to enjoy ourselves to the fullest tonight!”

“It’s basically fine. You don’t have to be so careful anymore.” Yang Ming laughed. Previously, he was afraid that the Guillotine Gang’s men would do something bad to Zhang Bing. Since the Guillotine Gang had been eliminated and the Guillotine Gang’s boss Headless Wolf was on the run, Yang Ming’s worry was naturally redundant.

Batterton was still careful to escort Yang Ming and his party into the restaurant’s luxurious private room. Upon Batterton’s personal order, the waiter busily served the food.

Yang Ming was indifferent to Batterton’s humble attitude. Wang Mei was also used to it due to previous events. But Zhang Bing and Zhang Jiefang’s eyes were wide in surprise! When they learned that Batterton was the Douglas Vast Hotel’s owner, they were extremely shocked. It was fair to say that Yang Ming had relations in Las Vegas since he could get the luxurious top rooms of the Douglas Vast Hotel.

However, it was a bit abnormal for the hotel’s owner to serve him personally and look so respectful while doing it! What sort of identity did Yang Ming have that could make a condescending hotel owner serve him personally?

If this were China, it would still be possible. But this was Las Vegas in the United States. How could this happen?

Zhang Bing’s ability to adapt was rather strong. He quickly thought that his bro lived up to his name. Yang Ming was superb in every aspect. On the other hand, Zhang Jiefang was really shocked. Yang Ming’s surprise this time was really too great!

He had heard from Zhang Bing at home that Yang Ming was not the same as he was back then due to his great empire and great connections in Song Jiang, but that was only pertaining to their city. Why is Yang Ming still as such even outside the city and outside the country?

However, although Zhang Jiefang was curious, it was inappropriate to ask questions, so he could only silently enjoy the scrumptious meal.

Soon after they started eating, a loud noise came from the private room’s door. Yang Ming frowned, and was just about to ask Batterton what was happening when the door was pushed open. A young man walked in and accused in English, “I’m here to see who’s in this private room! Who dares to occupy Mr. Lang Ge’s private room?”

Chapter 1888: Ninja Turtle

Although the man who came in did not look very fierce, his dress and mannerism showed that he was not a good person. He looked like a rich man’s thug or bodyguard.

That Mr. Lang Ge he mentioned should be his boss.

Yang Ming was rather indifferent. He merely looked at the man who came in with a bit of disgust, and did not speak up. Batterton was on his side. He believed that Batteron would handle it.

Therefore, Yang Ming did not get up and continued to eat. He did not even look at the man who walked in.

As Lang Ge’s direct subordinates, Slater was also one of the overbearing figures in Las Vegas city. When were others not in fear and trepidation when they saw him? At this moment, although he shouted, no one in the room even cared to reply to him!

Although some of them had shocked expressions, there were still some that did not even look at him, and were still eating! Slater was angry. Wasn’t it obvious that they were looking down at him?

“Haven’t you heard of Mr. Lang Ge? Do you want to be enemies with Mr. Lang Ge?” Slater yelled at Yang Ming and the others.

“What Lang Ge? There’s even a slater!” Yang Ming frowned, remembering an animated cartoon called “Ninja Turtle” that he had watched when he was a kid. There was a big boss named Lang Ge, and under this big boss was also a small boss named Slater.

“You know I’m Slater, and yet you’re still so arrogant? Who are you?” Slater was even angrier when Yang Ming called his name. He thought, Is this foreigner doing this intentionally? He knows my identity and yet he is still opposing me?

“What? Your name is Slater?” Yang Ming froze and looked at the person, “Why don’t you say that you’re a ninja turtle?”

“What ninja turtle?” Slater apparently did not understand Yang Ming.

But at this moment, Batterton, who was standing aside, hurried over and said to Yang Ming first, “Mr. Yang, I am so sorry. It was a misunderstanding. I will explain to Mr. Slater!”

Batterton pulled Slater out after he said this. When Slater came in, he did not see Batterton. However, he was stunned the moment he suddenly saw Batterton, the Douglas Vast Hotel’s manager being here, “Mr. Batterton? Why are you there?”

“Mr. Slater, these guests are arranged by our family’s family master, please forgive me …” Batterton smiled bitterly, “Today, I’ll give Mr. Lang Ge another private room. I can’t afford to offend the people in this room either ”

Batterton obviously did not dare to provoke Slater and Lang Ge. Lang Ge was the leader of the Street Racer Gang, one of the three major gangs in this city! Although the Douglas Vast Hotel did not operate those gang-related projects, as part of the entertainment industry, it still had to rely on the protection of local gangs. Hence, the relationship between Batterton and the Street Racer Gang was not bad.

Therefore, Batterton did not want to offend Slater either. Although the family master’s side was more important, Batterton was naturally even more careful since Yang Ming could even eliminate the Guillotine Gang. Who was Yang Ming compared to the Street Racer Gang?

But because of his close relationship with Lang Ge, he did not want to offend Lang Ge due to this. Since Yang Ming could not be here forever and had to leave eventually, Batterton still had to maintain a good relationship with Lang Ge for his future.

After hearing Batterton say that the guests in the private room were from his family, Slater knew that if he forcibly asked those people to give up the room, Batterton would not agree!

Although Lang Ge was very powerful here, Batterton would not offend the family for him. After all, if he offended the family, it was unsure whether he could remain the hotel manager!

So, once Slater heard Batterton’s words, he knew he couldn’t say anything despite being a little displeased. He could only leave the private room with Batterton and walk to Lang Ge not far away.

“Mr. Batterton?” Lang Ge looked at the hotel manager Batterton who was walking with Slater in surprise. He had not expected Batterton to appear here suddenly.

He came to the Douglas Hotel for a meal today, and had not informed Batterton when he came. After all, although Batterton’s status in Las Vegas was not as high as Lang Ge, he was a member of the Douglas family. So in front of Batterton, Lang Ge would not be arrogant! After all, in front of Batterton’s family, his position as a gang leader was nothing.

The Douglas Family was the real underworld godfather.

After Lang Ge came, he found out from the lobby manager downstairs that there were already people in the restaurant’s private room where he often sat. So, he decided to send Slater to inquire about their backgrounds. If they were not anyone powerful, he would make them change rooms.

But he did not expect Batterton to come out of the private room.

“Mr. Lang Ge, I’m really sorry. The people eating in this room are guests of the family master. Would you like to change to another room? It will be on the house,” Batterton asked with a smile.

“Well!” Lang Ge frowned. Once he heard that they were guests of the Douglas family, he immediately felt a little displeased. They are merely family guests, and not a member of the family. Yet they still occupied the room!

But Lang Ge also knew that Batterton must be in an awkward position and would not offend the people in the room. So Lang Ge had no choice but to do Batterton a favor, “Alright, let’s change rooms!”

Batterton breathed a sigh of relief. He could tell that Lang Ge was apparently displeased from his gloomy expression. But Batterton was a little annoyed. I kindly allowed you to have another room. Are you still not happy?

You really do not know how the Guillotine Gang was finished! If you knew, would you still be as such? You probably would lie on the ground to lick Yang Ming’s toes, no? Batterton thought evilly.

This Lang Ge had inherited his father’s legacy, taking over the Street Racer Gang’s top position at a very young age. Naturally, he was a bit arrogant. He did not say much due to Batterton’s age.

But after entering the private room, he frowned and asked Slater, “Who were the people in the private room?”

“They were a few foreigners – an older man with three children!” Slater regarded Yang Ming and the others as children.

“Hmph! I am showing them some courtesy this time for Batterton’s sake. However, it wouldn’t be so courteous the next time we meet!” Lang Ge sneered, “There is still business today, so don’t care about them!”

“Yes, Mr. Lang Ge, it’s more important to pick up chicks. We just leave those people alone first!” Slater quickly complimented.

“Is your news accurate? The kid really brought his girlfriend here?” Lang Ge heard Slater’s words, and asked a little uneasily.

“Relax! Mr. Lang Ge, I sent someone to check with that chick’s classmate. This time around, they came to Las Vegas to travel together, and heard that the Douglas Vast Hotel has an acrobatic show tonight in the nightclub. The chick is very interested in acrobatics. They will definitely come!” said Slater proudly.

“En, that’s good! Have you investigated that guy’s background?” Lang Ge said with a snort, “He robbed my woman, and even crashed my car. Let us see how he will die!”

“We have done a thorough investigation. It seems that he is a member of a large family in China. But it doesn’t matter. Their influence cannot reach here. This is our territory. What are we afraid of!” said Slater in disdain.

Lang Ge also relaxed after hearing this. In his opinion, as long as the boy had no background on the Euro-American side, it would be fine. As for China, it was so far away. Who cared about that?

“He actually beat me in a race and made me lose face in my Street Racer Gang’s territory. Today I want him to know who has the biggest say here!” said Lang Ge fiercely.

This was actually the case. Although Lang Ge had inherited his father’s legacy and become the Street Racer Gang’s leader, he also had another identity as a college student!

In school, he saw a girl, the one that Slater mentioned before. However, after being defeated in his pursuit of her, he was also provoked by her boyfriend …

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