Chapter 1555: He Did It/ Meeting With Zhang Bing

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Chapter 1885: He Did It

“Sister, who’s on the phone?” Falcon gazed at Alice, baffled when he saw Alice running aside to answer the phone. However, since he was discussing with Huang Youcai just now, it was normal for Alice to go aside and answer the phone.

“Yang Ming.” Alice did not hide anything, “Klass’s mission failed. Yang Ming is going to find trouble with the Nancheng Family!”

“Hmph.” Falcon snorted. But he did not seem surprised, “Klass is a fool. All those years he learned from me was for nothing. He cannot even handle one Yang Ming. I don’t know how his brain developed.”

Alice shrugged her shoulders. She found it a little funny. Can Yang Ming be dealt with so easily?

“Finding trouble with the Nancheng Family? That doesn’t matter. The Nancheng Family is nothing more than a chess piece. Let him do whatever he wants,” said Falcon faintly.

“I have already negotiated with him. I asked if he would stop pursuing this matter if the Nancheng Family apologized to him,” said Alice. “Yang Ming agreed.”

“Oh?” Falcon was slightly stunned. He glanced at Alice, “I never thought that my sister was so respected that she could change Yang Ming’s mind.”

Falcon had learned about the conflict between Yang Ming and the Lancer Family in Europe through his channels. He knew that Yang Ming was a fierce man. But the most annoying was that the ruthless man Jetson that Dr. Benjamin assigned to him was actually killed off by Yang Ming!

This made Falcon’s heart throb. His hatred of Yang Ming deepened. Fortunately, however, he could now justify looking for trouble with Yang Ming! Didn’t Dr. Benjamin forbid him from dealing with Yang Ming? This time, Yang Ming himself caused trouble and killed Dr. Benjamin’s subordinate. Dr. Benjamin would not let Yang Ming go easily.

As a matter of fact, Dr. Benjamin had sent another expert to help him kill Yang Ming and avenge Jetson! Just now, he was discussing with Huang Youcai about how to deal with Yang Ming.

Alice’s face was faintly blushing, and it was barely noticeable. But Falcon’s eyes were sharp. Falcon’s eyes noticed Alice’s slight change. There was a hint of an unpleasant feeling in Falcon’s heart. Could it be that my younger sister and that Yang Ming…? However, he remembered that he was just praising his younger sister’s charm. It was normal for his younger sister to feel a little shy. Thinking of this, Falcon breathed a sigh of relief.

“Brother… You wouldn’t ask me to use a honey trap right…” Alice also noticed her brother’s peculiar gaze. Her heart tightened, but on the surface, she was shy and coy.

When Falcon heard his sister say that, he knew he was overthinking. It turned out that Alice had misunderstood him and thought that he wanted to use her as a honey trap, but… Falcon gritted his teeth. If I can really kill off Yang Ming, so what if I let my sister sacrifice a little? As long as Yang Ming doesn’t really take advantage of her!

“You can use it if necessary. But be careful! Don’t get taken advantage of by Yang Ming!” said Falcon.

“Brother-!” Alice blushed and lowered her head. However, she sighed in her heart. Since when did me and my brother start to have distrust and distance between us? My brother is actually willing to sacrifice me for his matter… On the other hand, I have also started to hide things from my brother…

Sigh! Alice sighed slightly and threw away these unpleasant thoughts. She was a little puzzled. My brother’s life is now very good. Why is he concerning himself with unrealistic fame and fortune? Why is he so preoccupied with Yang Ming? Why is he so concerned about the benefits promised to him by Dr. Benjamin?

Although he has not reached the top of the world yet, he is still one of the most powerful and wealthy people in the world! Even though it is behind the scenes, he controls many distinguished families at the front… This achievement is already much stronger than many people!

To put it bluntly, if her brother retired from the underworld, her family could rise quickly and become a super family…

“Okay, I’m just saying…” Falcon sighed, a bit ashamed of his previous thoughts.

Alice shook her head and said nothing. At this time, Alice’s cell phone rang again. Alice said softly, “I’ll take this call!”

“En.” Falcon nodded and said nothing. He turned back to Huang Youcai.

“Hello? Hello, this is Alice.” Alice looked at the incoming phone call on her personal phone. It was a number transferred from abroad again.

“Dear Miss Alice, I’m Jotans of the Nancheng Family!” Jotans said respectfully with a flattering tone. He was being very humble and respectful.

“Oh, Jotans, I was about to call you.” Alice didn’t expect Jotans to call first.

“Ah?” Jotans froze. He didn’t know why Alice wanted to call him. The news of Klass’s murder couldn’t have spread already right?

“Jotans, what happened to Klass?” Alice asked in a low voice. “I heard that Yang Ming is going to find trouble with you?”

“Dear Miss Alice, this is what happened. Let me slowly explain it to you!” As soon as Jotans heard Alice’s question, he quickly and carefully explained, “This is the case. Klass asked our Nancheng Family to provide him with the casino, but he didn’t let us get involved in other things… ”

Jotans first shrugged off his responsibilities, then continued, “Klass gambled his life with Yang Ming, so he got a revolver and put a bullet in it. Each of them shot one bullet…”

Jotans described how Klass and Yang Ming bet their lives in detail without any embellishment. After all, there were other people present at that time, so Jotans decided to recount it accurately. He mentioned how Yang Ming killed Klass with a bullet in the end, and that he wanted to avenge Klass himself so he sent the Guillotine Gang to deal with Yang Ming. In the end, the Guillotine Gang was easily destroyed by Yang Ming…

“Who told you to deal with Yang Ming on your own?” Alice suddenly got angry when she heard Jotans’ words. “I just asked you to assist Klass. Did I ask you to deal with Yang Ming? Once Klass died, you should have reported it to me immediately. Why did you make that decision yourself?”

“Dear Miss Alice… I…” Jotans was very resentful. This Govisik didn’t report to me immediately after something happened. He actually made his own decision to deal with Yang Ming, and made me get scolded by Miss Alice! However, Jotans was naturally unable to say that his subordinate did not report to him and made the decision himself. If he said this, wouldn’t it seem like he, the family master, was too incompetent? His control of his subordinates was too poor?

“Well, let’s not talk about useless things. Immediately rush to Las Vegas, go to the Douglas Vast Hotel and apologize to Yang Ming! Then, accept any conditions he proposes!” Alice said coldly, “Start moving now!”

“This…” Jotans was a little dumbfounded. He didn’t know why Miss Alice asked him to apologize to Yang Ming! Wasn’t she going to deal with Yang Ming?

“If you don’t want the Nancheng Family to be destroyed, hurry up!” Alice sighed. It seemed that Jotans was still ill-informed! “Do you know about the Lancer Family incident from a while ago?”

“Ah? I know about it. Apparently, they provoked someone and were then eliminated…” Jotans froze. He wondered why Miss Alice was suddenly talking about this.

“The person they provoked is Yang Ming!” Alice continued, “I don’t need to say anything else, right?”

“Ah? It was Yang Ming?” Jotans was shocked, and cold sweat dripped down his body! He certainly didn’t think that Alice was lying to him. Alice’s words must be true! Previously, he thought that Yang Ming’s tone was too arrogant. Yang Ming even asked him to see him within twenty-four hours, or bear the consequences. At the time, he thought Yang Ming was bragging, but now… he only felt fear!

“He did it! Who else do you think it was?” said Alice. “I have already made it clear. Whether Yang Ming can forgive you or not is up to you!”

After speaking, Alice didn’t say more and hung up the phone directly. She had already said what she had to say. But since Yang Ming had promised that he would not continue pursuing the Nancheng Family matter, then Jotans should be able to escape this time.

Chapter 1886: Meeting with Zhang Bing

Jotans hung up Alice’s phone call and was suddenly so afraid that he started sweating. He did not expect that he had provoked such a powerful existence! No wonder Alice had also assumed a serious attitude to make arrangements for such a long time to deal with this boy. He did not expect that it was because of this!

Jotans smiled bitterly. He thought about how a large family like the Lancer Family was eliminated overnight. He had no doubt that Yang Ming could give the Nancheng Family the same ending.

He picked up the phone and dialed Govisik’s phone number. He could only vent his grievances on his subordinate!

“Govisik, you idiot, why do you take so long to answer the phone?” The phone was picked up after two rings, but Jotans still thought the other party was too slow and scolded him.

“Ah? Family master, I answered very quickly! I keep the phone in my hand all the time…” Govisik said quickly after being stunned for a while. He was dumbfounded from being scolded.

“Stupid! Because of you, I was scolded by Miss Alice!” Jotans said angrily. “You had nothing to do so you provoked Yang Ming? I asked you to assist Klass. You should have just assisted him. Once he was dead, you didn’t immediately report to me. Why did you try to catch Yang Ming? Are you out of your mind?”

“Ah…” Govisik didn’t expect Jotans to suddenly become angry because of this incident and felt a bit wronged. “Family master, I was thinking that since Klass was killed by Yang Ming, Miss Alice would pursue our responsibility. So I thought about catching Yang Ming…”

“Stupid! Do you know how the Lancer Family was eliminated?” Govisik growled.

“I… I don’t know?” When Govisik heard Jotans’ question, he froze and felt confused.

“It was Yang Ming who did it!” Jotans said angrily. “Why did you provoke him for no reason? Didn’t you see how Miss Alice earnestly found a gambling expert to deal with him from other aspects? Do you think ordinary means can handle him? You piss me off!”

“Ah? The Lancer family… Was that done by Yang Ming?” Govisik was stunned. However, thinking of Yang Ming’s mighty power that could instantly eradicate the Guillotine Gang, it would not be that difficult to handle the Lancer Family.

“Of course he did it!” Jotans said angrily. “If it wasn’t for Miss Alice’s reminder this time, our Nancheng Family would be finished! Wait for me in Las Vegas. I will fly there right now. I have to apologize personally to Yang Ming!”

“Ah? Ah?” Govisik didn’t expect that the family master would come to apologize to Yang Ming. It seems that what Jotans said is true. Yang Ming is really that powerful. Otherwise, Jotans wouldn’t come over in person!

Apparently, Yang Ming’s previous words about asking my family master to see him within twenty-four hours are not simply empty words! The funny thing is that I previously thought of it as a joke, but now the family master is actually coming!

After calling Govisik, Jotans immediately called his butler to prepare his private jet. He wanted to fly to Las Vegas as fast as possible.

Once he knew that Yang Ming was the ruthless man who destroyed the Lancer Family, Jotans did not dare to mistreat him. He had no doubt that if he did not appear within twenty-four hours, Yang Ming would eliminate the Nancheng Family immediately.

However, Jotans decided to call Yang Ming before he set off. Although Yang Ming said twenty-four hours, several hours had already passed. What if he couldn’t get there in twenty-four hours? Although it was a private jet, there might still be accidents, such as being unable to land due to thick fog, etc…

Jotans got Yang Ming’s contact information from Govisik. Jotans sighed and dialed Yang Ming’s phone number! Thinking about how he, the family master of the grand Nancheng Family, was actually going to degrade himself to a young person other than Miss Alice, Jotans was a little embarrassed. However, this was nothing when he thought of Yang Ming’s power.

“Hello? Hello, is this Mr. Yang Ming?” Jotans called Yang Ming’s room and asked carefully.

“Who is this?” Yang Ming heard an unfamiliar voice and frowned. He thought for a while and tried to guess the person’s identity.

“Mr. Yang, hello, I am the family master of the Nancheng Family, Jotans. I am truly sorry about before. If you were offended, please forgive me!” said Jotans politely.

“Jotans? I haven’t heard of you,” Yang Ming said lightly. “Do you think you can prove that you are the family master of the Nancheng Family by just making a call?”

“Ugh… this…” Jotans was suddenly a little embarrassed. “Mr. Yang, I’m flying in a private jet now to plead for your forgiveness. I’m only apologizing in advance!”

“Let’s talk once you’ve arrived.” Yang Ming didn’t say much and hung up the phone.

Jotans heard the busy tone coming from the phone and couldn’t help smiling bitterly. It appears that Yang Ming is quite haughty. It’s not going to be easy to make this matter end well.

However, Jotans didn’t dare to mistreat him. After the butler contacted the private jet, he hurried to the airport.

Yang Ming didn’t have much hatred toward the Nancheng Family. Since Alice had pleaded for mercy, Yang Ming just wanted to blackmail Jotans harshly. As for the Nancheng Family’s annihilation, it hadn’t reached that stage yet. Yang Ming really didn’t have the time.

Moreover, the Nancheng Family was just a pawn in Alice’s hands. Whether they were destroyed or not was irrelevant to the overall situation.

Zhang Bing didn’t expect Yang Ming to return so soon. Yang Ming had spoken very seriously before, as if he was going to do something big, but he returned to the hotel in less than two hours.

“Bro, shall we eat together tonight?” Zhang Bing pushed open Yang Ming’s door and said cheerily, “Bro, I heard that this hotel has exciting activities at night. Let’s take a look tonight?”

“En? What exciting activities?” Yang Ming was stunned.

“A strip show! The hotel’s basement is a nightclub. There are special shows every night!” Zhang Bing whispered, “Bro, just us tonight. What do you think?”

Yang Ming looked at the excited Zhang Bing and sighed slightly. Although their friendship had not changed, their thinking was gradually drifting apart.

If he was still his high school self, Yang Ming thought that he would have excitedly agreed with Zhang Bing’s proposal. After all, at that time, he was curious about women’s bodies, but now… Yang Ming really did not have much interest in these things.

He had grown up slowly, and had matured beyond his years. He didn’t know if this was a good thing or a bad thing.

“Okay!” Looking at the excited Zhang Bing, Yang Ming couldn’t bear to pour cold water on him. Yang Ming would just treat it as accompanying him to have fun,

“Great! Bro, I thought you wouldn’t go with me!” When Zhang Bing heard Yang Ming’s affirmative reply, he was even more excited. “Previously, when my dad and Wang Mei were here, I felt embarrassed to go. But, now that I’m going with you, they won’t know what I’m doing!”

Yang Ming smiled and shook his head. “I’ll call Batterton and ask him to prepare dinner. We’ll eat together later.”

“Okay, bro. Everything’s settled! Tonight!” Zhang Bing reminded Yang Ming. “Don’t forget! I’ll go back first!”

“I won’t forget!” Yang Ming scolded with a smile, “You kid, hurry back!”

After waiting for Zhang Bing to leave, Yang Ming called Batterton to ask him to prepare dinner, and then asked about the nightclub. He asked Batterton to save him two VIP seats.

Batterton was now in admiration and fear of Yang Ming! Although the news of the Guillotine Gang’s destruction had not yet spread widely, Batterton, who was concerned about this matter, had learned from the grapevine[1] that the Guillotine Gang was destroyed. The Guillotine Gang’s boss, Headless Wolf, had also fled. Govisik was really annoyed because of this!

However, Govisik’s current attitude was a bit ambiguous. Yang Ming destroyed the Guillotine Gang, but he did not make any response nor did he call back… This made Batterton curious. He understood that Govisik was afraid! He did not dare to act lightly anymore!

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