Chapter 76: Preparation Before Leaving

In order to bring the village to a higher level, Kant would not hesitate.

At present, only three more buildings were needed for the system upgrade. They could be built with only 400 Denars. It was not expensive, but Kant was worried about the construction time.

The construction of the mill required 200 Denars and took 14 days.

The construction of the city wall required 100 Denars and took 7 days.

The construction of the well required 100 Denars and took 7 days.

if his calculation was right, 28 days would be wasted, and that’s almost a month.

Although it was much faster than real construction, Kant could not wait.

Kant intended to put the table salt trade, which could bring huge profit, on the agenda before the end of the last week of this month. It would be best if the candidate for the sales agent could be confirmed so that the trade could start directly.

The other trade between the Oasis Lookout and the Lion Kingdom would also be opened after the table salt trade.

This had a huge impact on development.

That was why Kant was not happy about the 28 days, and he wouldn’t allow it.

“System, is there any way to quickly build a building? ”

Kant’s thought contacted the system.

If he did not understand anything, he would just ask. The system would give the most reasonable explanation for this kind of question regarding the system.

Soon, the system replied.

“100 reputation points can reduce construction time by one day. ”

The system also offered another method, “Many buildings can be built at the same time. For each additional building, an additional 100 Denars will be charged as the cost of labor. ”

“Huh? ” Kant was stunned.

Of course, he knew the method of using reputation points to build.

Wasting the hard-earned reputation points to reduce the construction time was obviously not cost-effective at all. After all, he had worked so hard, but his reputation points were only a little over a thousand now, and that was only enough to reduce the construction time by ten days.

What he found heart-stirring was the second method given by the system.

“Construct more buildings at the same time. ”

Kant muttered to himself, “So, for every additional building, an additional 100 Denars of labor cost is charged? ”

“That’s right, ” the system quickly replied.

“Oh. ” Kant raised his eyebrows.

The corners of his mouth curled up into a smile as he scanned how much Denars he had in his mind. His heart swelled with pride, “It’s no big deal! ”

Reward: 10,000 Denars for completing the Main Quest.

Reward: 5,000 Denars for completing the Special Quest.

In addition to the 1,000 Denars he previously had, Kant’s savings had soared to 16,000 Denars.

Even though he had spent 2,186 Denars on military expenses this morning, he still had 10,000 plus Denars left.

Three buildings with an additional 100 Denars?

That’d only cost 700 Denars in total. It was really a piece of cake!

“Build the buildings. ”

Kant communicated with the system in his mind. At the same time, he set up the mill at the empty desert on the east side of the spring water.

The mill was useless at the moment, but it could be used as a warehouse.

Once there was a good harvest of barley, and when Kant also bought all kinds of grains from the Lion Kingdom, the mill could be put into use. The empty desert in the surroundings could be used as an open-air warehouse temporarily, killing two birds with one stone.

Kant thought about the city wall carefully.

Although this half-meter-tall building was defined as military construction, it had no use to Kant at the moment.

They were in the Nahrin Desert.

It was not an area that had lots of natural resources or a forest with a complicated environment.

There were no ferocious carnivores.

There were no thieves or burglars.

Most importantly, Kant did not have much livestock.

The warhorses had already recognized their owner and would only stay close to the Swadian cavalry. Even if their owner died on the battlefield, they would not leave the battlefield too far without anyone controlling them.

“But… This would work.”

Shaking his head helplessly, Kant discovered the function of the city wall.

Through the communication system in his mind, Kant confirmed to start the construction of the city wall, “Build the city wall around the 7.5 acres of barley fields and the 2 acres of date palm jungle. I don’t want those desert gazelle that would appear nearby at any time to enter. ”

[ Building the mill costs 200 Denars. It will take 14 days. ]

[ Construction of the city wall costs 100 Denars. It will take 7 days. ]

[ Due to the simultaneous construction of multiple buildings, you will need to pay an additional 200 Denars. ]

Dialog boxes appeared on Kant’s retina.

“Confirmed. ”

Kant frowned but did not mind.

He looked at the construction time for the mill. 14 days were equal to two weeks. The construction time made him hesitate for a moment, but he still made up his mind and said, “I will spend 700 reputation points to reduce the construction time of the mill by 7 days. ”

[ Ding… System’s notification ]

[ You have used 700 reputation points. The mill’s construction time has been reduced by 7 days. ]

He needed all the buildings to be completed by the end of this week.

It was time to bring the village to the next level.

Kant speculated that after the village being leveled up, two choices would appear.

One was a military “Fortress”, and the subsequent level up in the game would be “Castle”.

The second one was “Town” the represented economy, and the next level up in the game was “City”.

Of course, Kant would choose to build Drondheim according to the castle interface.

If he didn’t have sufficient military force and defense capability, he wouldn’t be able to keep a foothold in this area. No matter how prosperous Kant’s city was, it would only benefit other parties in the end.

Power came from the barrel of a gun.

Kant would not forget this saying and did not dare to be careless.

At this moment, a large number of construction workers appeared behind the dune. There were 200 of them in total. Besides, 10 carriages that accompanied them were filled with various construction materials.

They were heading toward the Oasis Lookout.

The leader of the caravan was the construction coordinator who had left after building the house in seven days.

Now the chubby coordinator was all smiles. He thought that nothing would go wrong sucking up to the Lord. It had not been long since he left, and now there were already new orders and missions for him. It really made him happy.

Especially when he thought that he could make a fortune this time, happiness was written all over his face.

Kant also noticed them.

He walked over and chatted with the construction coordinator. Since they were all acquaintances, he did not ask too many questions.

These construction workers’ craftsmanship had left a good impression on Kant.

Now, other important matters were waiting for him to deal with.

For example, the table salt trade, and the construction of the posthouse and well.

“Go and tell Manid and Firentis to see me. ”

Returning to the Council Hall, Kant casually ordered.

“Yes, sir. ” A member of the heavy Swadian cavalry, who was in charge of standing guard, immediately responded and left quickly to search for the two targets.

Soon, the two arrived at the Council Hall.

“My Lord.”

Manid and Firentis respectfully placed their hands on their chests and saluted.

“Have a seat.” Kant gestured and went straight to the point. He said, “Now that the development of the Oasis Lookout has basically come to an end, I plan to go to the Lion Kingdom. Manid, you will go with me. Firentis, you will stay behind and be in charge of guarding this place.”

“Yes, my Lord. ” Firentis immediately nodded.

However, Manid frowned and asked Kant, “My Lord, isn’t this too impatient? After all, we haven’t started producing table salt yet. At the very least, we have to do a background check on the candidates for sales agents. ”

“Candidates? ”

Kant’s lip quirked upwards in one corner. After living in the Lion Kingdom for 16 years, he was not completely ignorant.

Letting out a breath, he looked at Manid casually and said, “I have a candidate in mind. As long as you can make him understand what profit means and persuade him to work closely with us. ”

“I will do as you say, my Lord. ” Manid nodded.

“Very good. ” Kant smiled.

The Senwaya Range, which separated the Nahrin Desert from the Lion Kingdom, was not completely impassable. There was a gap in it. It was the passage that the Jackalan tribes in the desert used to enter the Lion Kingdom. It was also the only passage that connected the two places.

Now, of course, the Lion Kingdom had built a fortress to defend the gap in the mountain range.

The Stone Pass.

The name meant that the fortress was as solid as stones, firmly guarding the pass.

It had not been built for long, its construction started 10 years ago to defend against the Jackalan. Its function was just like its name, guarding the passage like a solid stone. Even the Jackalan tribes that were scattered on the Senwaya Range could not casually pass through the gap in the mountain range to travel between the Nahrin Desert and the Lion Kingdom’s mountain range like they used to.

However, Kant knew better that the baron who was responsible for guarding this pass was also a little short on cash…

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