Chapter 1553: When is Your Family Master Coming?/ Very Slow

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Chapter 1881: When Is Your Family Master Coming?

Headless Wolf wanted to shoot, he didn’t realize that the gun had already been snatched away. His expression turned pale, and he screamed desperately, “Come! Someone come!”

Yang Ming didn’t stop Headless Wolf from shouting. He instead glanced at Golden Bull, telling him to do the same.

“Bang!” The office door was pushed open, and Wang Peng rushed in.

“Catch him! Catch them for me!” Headless Wolf snarled when he saw the people coming in.

Wang Peng was unmoved. He had come to report to Yang Ming. He wasn’t Headless Wolf’s underling.

“Why aren’t you moving? Didn’t you hear me talking to you?” Headless Wolf was anxious watching this “subordinate” standing there stupidly without taking any action, so he roared again.

“I heard you.” Wang Peng was naturally more casual than Golden Bull was in front of Yang Ming. After glancing at Headless Wolf, Wang Peng knew that Headless Wolf had misunderstood. He smiled slightly, and wanted to tease him a little.

“Why aren’t you moving despite not hearing it?” Headless Wolf didn’t expect that his underlings were so stupid, “By the way, whose underling are you? Why are you so unfamiliar? I’ve never seen you before.”

“Oh, I’m Brother Yang’s underling,” Wang Peng replied.

“Brother Yang? Which Brother Yang? What Brother Yang? Who is your Brother Yang’s boss?” Headless Wolf froze. He had never heard of someone named “Brother Yang” in his gang, so he subconsciously thought this Brother Yang was a petty character. With so many gang members, it was naturally impossible for him to remember everyone clearly.

That was why he asked who the boss was above Brother Yang to see if he had any memory of it! But, Headless Wolf was wondering, Where did my bodyguard go? Why didn’t he come in and get such a dummy? And how did this person come in? Who allowed him in?

“Brother Yang is Brother Yang! How would I know who is above Brother Yang!?” Wang Peng rolled his eyes and said, “In my opinion, Brother Yang is the boss. Nobody is more powerful than him.”

“You-” Headless Wolf was stunned, furious, “Get out! Come, somebody come! Mike? Where is Mike? Secretary? Where is the secretary?”

“Oh, are you looking for them? They are dead,” Wang Peng said while looking at Headless Wolf with sympathy.

“Dead?” Headless Wolf froze. Then his face changed. He started to feel that something was wrong! I have been shouting so long for someone, but only some Brother Yang’s underling came in, and no one else…

Although Headless Wolf was reluctant to think pessimistically, today’s incident was a bit strange! Logically speaking, my bodyguard and secretary wouldn’t disappear at the same time. I also shouted so many times… A bad thought surfaced in this heart…

“Yeah, they are dead!” Wang Peng nodded stubbornly.

“How did they die?” Headless Wolf asked unwillingly, and he now realized that the person who had come in was fishy.

“I killed them,” Wang Peng replied.

“You… Who in the world are you?”Headless Wolf’s cold sweat poured out profusely. As expected, this person is fishy.

“I have already said it. I am Brother Yang’s subordinate. Didn’t I tell you?” Wang Peng laughed, “Isn’t that so, Brother Yang?”

“Enough, Wang Peng, don’t mess around with him,” Yang Ming smiled, as if he wanted to end the current situation. In fact, Yang Ming had also acquiesced to Wang Peng teasing Headless Wolf. This guy was too arrogant. Yang Ming also wanted to use Wang Peng to mess around with Headless Wolf.

“Okay, Brother Yang.” Wang Peng stood beside Yang Ming with a smile, “Brother Yang, all the people outside have been killed.”

“En, you have done well. It’s quite fast.” Yang Ming nodded his head in appreciation, then looked at Headless Wolf, “Didn’t you say that this is your territory? Since I’m here today, don’t think about leaving. Am I right?”

Yang Ming… Brother Yang… My God! Apparently this is Brother Yang! Headless Wolf knew that he had been tricked by Yang Ming and Wang Peng. To think that he was still giving Wang Peng orders and bombarding him with questions. In the end, Wang Peng wasn’t even his underling! He asked in vain and embarrassed himself!

However, he was still unconvinced. This was such a huge gang. There were at least a hundred people who were in the headquarters at any one time. How could Wang Peng just say that all of them had been killed?

But up until now, no one had entered the office, nor had anyone reported to headquarters that anyone else besides Yang Ming and Golden Bull had arrived. The problem here was apparent!

“Yang Ming, what kind of tricks are you playing?” Headless Wolf was not stupid. As soon as he realized that something was wrong, he began to be cautious.

“I’m playing tricks? Sorry, I didn’t play any tricks!” Yang Ming spread his hands and said, “It was your challenge letter that brought me here. It was also you who told me that since I’m here, I won’t be able to go back. You also told me that I won’t be able to see the Nancheng family’s family master. Furthermore, you even said that the challenge letter was a lie, and there was no need to follow it! Now you’re asking me what kind of tricks I’m playing? Don’t you think your question is a bit funny?”

“This…” Previously, Headless Wolf thought that if he managed to trick Yang Ming to come, he had a nine out of ten chance to take down Yang Ming. But he didn’t expect the tables to turn.

“Do you still not believe that your people are all dead?” Yang Ming guessed since Headless Wolf seemed to be scared, but not terrified.

Yang Ming’s words accurately struck the crux of Headless Wolf’s thoughts. Although Headless Wolf was a little afraid, he didn’t believe that Yang Ming’s men could eliminate his entire headquarters! How could just one person manage to eliminate the entire headquarters? Isn’t this a joke?

Headless Wolf carried a little bit of hope in his heart, thinking that Wang Peng was bluffing. He thought that Wang Peng had somehow managed to mingle in with his men, and managed to take out his secretary and bodyguard.

“Why don’t you look out of the window now?” Yang Ming said to Headless Wolf while smiling.

Headless Wolf was shocked. He turned back somewhat unnaturally, looking through the window at the headquarters’ courtyard. With just one glance, he almost collapsed on the ground!

A group of black-shirted men with guns and ammunition had suddenly appeared since an unknown point in time. These people were obviously not members of their gang. The Guillotine Gang didn’t have so many guns, and furthermore, they weren’t so well-trained!

And those who should be on duty in the headquarters’ courtyard had all disappeared at this moment. They were nowhere to be found! At this moment, Headless Wolf realized that things were really bad!

Yang Ming didn’t lie to him. He was probably the only person alive in the headquarters on his side!

“You… where are my people?” Headless Wolf asked subconsciously. But after asking this question, he felt a bit ridiculous. Yang Ming had already said that his people were dead. What was the point in asking?

Headless Wolf sat on the office chair defeated, looking at Yang Ming with dread. He wasn’t a bold person by nature. The only reason he was able to become the Guillotine Gang’s leader was because of his relationship with Govisik. He was the cousin of Govisik’s mistress. It was because of this relation that he was put into an important position. As for beating and killing people, Headless Wolf never participated in it. He always ordered other people to do it. He just had to do his job properly as the Guillotine Gang’s boss and just be Gosivik’s spokesperson.

In his opinion, with Govisik’s support, his position as the boss was stable. No one could do anything to him. He could always live a good life at the headquarters, bossing his underlings around. It was the best!

In addition, Headless Wolf had also given himself the fancy name “Headless Wolf”, which sounded quite cool. He also fabricated the lie that he had chopped countless people’s heads with a machete, which was why he was called Headless Wolf!

This time’s matter was meant to be a simple thing. Somehow it had become more complicated. His opponent wasn’t some pushover. Not only did he eliminate his entire headquarters, but now… how would they deal with him?

“Call Govisik and tell him that I have taken over the Guillotine Gang. Ask him when will your family master come. My patience is limited and I don’t have time to play with you!” Yang Ming said directly to Headless Wolf before Headless Wolf could figure out what he was thinking.

Chapter 1882: Very Slow

Headless Wolf was relieved when he heard that Yang Ming just told him to make a call. If I do this, he shouldn’t give me a hard time.

Without his underlings, Headless Wolf had lost his boldness as a big boss. He was like a petty and cautious character. He was in fear and trepidation with no guts to resist.

“I… I’ll call now!” Headless Wolf nodded. Compared to the Guillotine Gang’s previous boss, Headless Wolf wasn’t underworld material. He was only the boss because he had Govisik backing him up, so he was able to be arrogant. Now that he suddenly had no more underlings, he was just a shell. How could he dare to be arrogant?

Yang Ming witnessed the difference between Headless Wolf’s demeanor before and after. Previously, he felt that Headless Wolf didn’t seem like a boss. Even if it was a new gang, a boss should have a boss’s vibe. But this Headless Wolf seemed no different from a ruffian. This was why Yang Ming guessed that this person was simply a spokesperson that Govisik had pushed out.

Govisik wanted to run for parliament. Naturally, he would not openly associate with shady backgrounds so he could avoid criticism. Having a spokesperson was the best way to handle it.

As for the Guillotine Gang’s members, Yang Ming was not polite. They were only a group of scum anyways. They would just be parasites if they were left alive. So, he just took it as Wang Peng helping the public take out the scum.

“Hello? Brother-in-law …” Headless Wolf was so nervous that he even forgot to address “boss”. The words “brother-in-law” came out instantly.

“Headless Wolf, what nonsense are you spouting!?” Govisik naturally didn’t want other people to know the relationship between them. Although it was just him in the office, Govisik still corrected him, “Call me boss next time!”

“Boss … it’s bad! Something bad has happened!” Headless Wolf thought to himself. It doesn’t matter what I call you, Quickly save me! “Boss, the Guillotine Gang has been eliminated. Everyone is dead…”

“What? What are you talking about? The Guillotine Gang was eliminated by someone?” Govisik’s brain suddenly went “whoosh”. He almost threw the phone out as he lost his balance! He doubted Headless Wolf’s words because it was now the key time of the elections, and his opponents would use all kinds of ways to try and attack him. If someone decided to send people to take out the Guillotine Gang, Govisik wouldn’t be able to deal with it due to the elections. He also couldn’t simply stand out and show that he had relations with a gang. He could only keep it in his heart. Govisik’s first thought was that it was one of his opponents who hired someone to do it!

“Who did it? Was it the Speed Racer Gang or the Resolute Gang?” The names that Govisik mentioned were the two other big gangs other than the Guillotine Gang. In Govisik’s opinion, the only people who had the power to eliminate the Guillotine Gang were these two gangs. They might even have cooperated!

Since there were not many gangs capable of destroying the Guillotine Gang in Las Vegas city, Govisik first thought was that it was these two gangs.

“No… neither of them!” Headless Wolf smiled bitterly, “Boss, it was Yang Ming’s men …”

“What? Yang Ming?” Govisik was dumbfounded! Originally, he thought it was done by his competitors, so he didn’t even think of Yang Ming. In his opinion, Yang Ming’s trip to the Guillotine Gang’s headquarters was undoubtedly equivalent to death. So how could a person who was courting death eliminate the Guillotine Gang?

“Impossible! Even if his subordinates can fight, it is impossible to destroy over a hundred of your people, right?” Govisik subconsciously spoke loudly.

“He also has a lot of men… He has surrounded the Guillotine Gang!” Headless Wolf smiled bitterly, “Boss, you have to save me. Yang Ming is right next to me. He asked me to call you!”

“God!” Govisik couldn’t help but curse. This Headless Wolf really is not reliable. It is impossible to know what he is thinking now that something like this has happened. He didn’t even report in advance after seeing Yang Ming bring so many men over. He only decided to call and report after the headquarters was eliminated!

The situation had already come to this. What else could Govisik do? If the Headless Wolf had reported in advance, Govisik could still have made some arrangements and found some way to get more members over. Even if things got worse, the more embarrassing thing would be reporting it to the police. At least the Guillotine Gang would still be safe!

But Headless Wolf only decided to call him after everyone was dead. What else could he do? He was extremely disappointed in Headless Wolf. The Guillotine Gang was completely ruined and Headless Wolf was useless to him now! If it wasn’t because of Headless Wolf’s sister, Govisik would have switched out Headless Wolf long ago.

But now, since Headless Wolf had fallen into Yang Ming’s hands, he might as well let Yang Ming deal with Headless Wolf. It would save him the effort! Thinking of this, Govisik replied coldly, “You’re the Guillotine Gang’s boss. Now that something has happened, why are you looking for me instead of solving it yourself? Enough, if there’s nothing then I’ll hang up now! Goodbye!”

Govisik finished talking, and hung up before Headless Wolf could say anything more. Headless Wolf was a little dumbfounded listening to the busy tone coming from the phone!

He was not stupid. Govisik’s attitude was already obvious. He wanted to give up on him. He hurried to call Govisik’s phone again, but the phone disconnected after two beeps. Headless Wolf felt instantly depressed, and he dropped the phone helplessly.

“Mr. Yang… Govisik hung up on me…” Headless Wolf said carefully. Now he could only rely on himself, “Mr. Yang, just look at me. I’m just a spokesperson pushed to the front. Whatever I did was for Govisik. Please don’t give me any trouble. Even being the boss of this Guillotine Gang was Govisik’s orders. It’s not my business. Even if you eliminate the Guillotine Gang, it has nothing to do with me. Please let me go. If you have any grudges, you can go look for Govisik. Don’t look for me…”

Headless Wolf couldn’t care less about his face, and began to plea for mercy directly.

Yang Ming also heard the conversation between Headless Wolf and Govisik on the phone. He knew that this guy was only Govisik’s puppet. Yang Ming had no interest in killing such a person.

Originally, Yang Ming thought that through this matter, he could make Headless Wolf call Govisik and get him to come out. He could deal with this thing in one go. But it was obvious that Govisik didn’t care about Headless Wolf’s life and death. He even hung up the phone without saying more than a few words!

This made Yang Ming’s original plan useless. Looking at Headless Wolf kneeling on the ground for mercy, Yang Ming was too lazy to deal with him. He just looked at him dismissively and said, “You should look out for yourself.”

After he finished speaking, Yang Ming waved to Golden Bull and Wang Peng, “Let’s go!”

Headless Wolf was a little stunned. He looked at Yang Ming, dumbfounded, “Mr. Yang… Brother, you won’t kill me?”

“What? Do you want to be killed?” Yang Ming frowned, saying in his heart, Why is this Headless Wolf so slow.

“No, no!” Headless Wolf quickly denied, shaking his head like a rattle, “How could I want to be killed? I’m not a fool. I mean, you are just letting me go like that?”

“Why are you so bothersome? Do you want to die, or not?” Yang Ming suddenly didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

“Of course I don’t want to die!” THeadless Wolf said quickly.

“You don’t want to die, yet you still talk so much!” Yang Ming said, “If you don’t want to die then stay here. I’m leaving!”

“Goodbye!” Wang Peng waved at Headless Wolf.

Golden Bull glanced blankly at Headless Wolf. He picked up the pistol that had fallen to the ground, and put it in Headless Wolf’s hands, “Here, I am giving it back to you.”

“Ugh…” Headless Wolf watched the three men leave in dismay, and the pistol fell to the ground again with a thump, “Hoo… I was scared to death. I never expected I would still be alive!”

After Headless Wolf waited for Yang Ming to leave, he quickly packed his luggage and the gang’s black money. He quickly launched his plan to flee. He knew that even if Yang Ming let him go, Govisik might still give him trouble!

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