Chapter 71: Thoughts on the Salt Trade

The lake water was clear. It glistened ever so slightly under the gradually slanting sunlight.

It was no longer as hot as noon.

Due to this small lake, it was as if the entire Oasis Lookout had a refreshing coolness to it.

Perhaps this had something to do with the solar disk installed at the top of the Watchtower.

Although they had already walked out of the 500 square meter coverage area, the mysterious power that absorbed sunlight still faintly affected the surrounding environment and brought a little coolness.

They strolled along the lakeside.

Firentis and Manid followed behind Kant.

The three of them chatted cheerfully, and the atmosphere was harmonious.

Manid had come from a merchant family in the Kingdom of Nords. He was extremely talkative and led the conversation, never leaving traces of flattery. He alone influenced the atmosphere positively.

“My Lord, this is really a miracle in the desert.”

Speaking softly, Manide sighed, “It reminds me of the Shareze Oasis in the Sarrand Desert.”

“Ah, Shareze, ” Kant shook his head with a smile, “That is a prosperous place.”

Shareze was the capital of the Sarrand Sultanate. It was a prosperous city located beside the Great Oasis and a pearl in the desert famous for its economy and military. Kant was aware that Oasis Lookout was a far cry form it.

“There is already a glimpse of Shareze here,” Manid complimented with a smile.

“I hope so.”

Kant nodded gently. In a good mood, he said, “Everything will get better.”

“Definitely,” Ma Nide said.

The best way to compliment someone was to make them feel prouder of something that they were proud of.

The perfect compliment would hit the sweet spot.

Kant’s pride was naturally the establishment of Drondheim, a safe haven in the harsh Nahrin Desert; the expansion of the Oasis Lookout which allowed him to realize his full strength.

Manid’s compliment hit just right.


Kant turned his head to look at the handsome Nord merchant.

“At your command, my Lord,” Manid bowed slightly.

“From now on, you will be the leader of my trade caravan and be in charge of the administration of business,” Kant gave his appointment. “I think it will be very easy for you to take up this profession.”

“As you wish, I will do my best,” Manid nodded in gratitude.

Kant smiled and nodded, “Okay. ”

The three of them continued chatting happily as they walked along the lakeside.

It was almost dusk.

When they walked out of the Council Hall, cooking had already begun in the kitchen.

The fragrance seemed to have drifted over.

“The food is almost ready. It’s all the same old stuff. If you keep eating it, you’ll get sick of it too.”

Kant shook his head and touched his nose. The aroma of the food made him feel depressed: “To be honest, dinner wasn’t very sumptuous.”

“It will be in the future,” Manid shrugged and smiled, “and I don’t care about the quality of the food. I’m sure Knight Firentis feels the same.” After a pause, Manid continued, “You must carry out the ideals in your heart, even if it means persisting in adversity.”

“Yes, the desire brought by the tongue is just an illusion. ”

Firentis nodded. He was a knight who insisted on his own morals. When he was roaming the continent, he had saved suffering civilians merely to uphold justice. He would not even accept the reward from the grateful civilians.

This was also the reason why Firentis and Manid were able to have a drink together when they met in the tavern on the continent.

Both of them had their own bottom line and morals.

“Indeed,” Kant nodded with a smile. His gaze deepened slightly.

He thought that what Manid and Firentis said was right.

But staring at the desert in the distance, a thought surfaced silently in Kant’s heart: “It’s just too idealistic.”

The lack of strength made everything an illusion.

At this time, Manid spoke, interrupting Kant’s thoughts, “Lord Kant, there’s no need to worry. We can sell our salt to the Lion Kingdom in exchange for a large amount of resources and food that will enrich our stomachs.”

“What do you think about this salt trade?” Kant asked.

“It’s high risk, high reward,” Manid said.

“I understand that, but are there any more details?” Kant nodded.

Manid thought about it and raised his head, “We won’t venture too deep into the Lion Kingdom. Instead, we need to find an agent. We will be safe for the time being as long as this agent doesn’t falter.”

“Agent?” Kant seemed to be deep in thought.

“That’s right,” Manid nodded before continuing, “We neither have a professional trade caravan, nor the capital to ensure the safety of a trade caravan. The end result may not be good if we rashly trade with the Lion Kingdom. Therefore, we should find an agent who is strong enough and is willing to cooperate. We can give up part of the profits to let him establish the trade caravan of the Lion Kingdom, or even the salt of other human kingdoms.”

“You mean to avert attention in the early stages? ”

Kant frowned. In disbelief, he said, “I don’t think we can hide from those who really want to investigate this.”

“No, why should we hide?” Manid shrugged. With a smile, he said, “They can know that we have a natural salt mine in this desert.”

“Please continue,” Kant frowned.

Manid said, “I don’t believe that anyone would really gather elite troops to deal with this matter in a war between two Lords. Moreover, they would have to enter via the Nahrin Desert and walk for seven days before attacking the Oasis Lookout. It’s simply not worth it.”

The three of them continued to walk on, following the lake to the agricultural area on the north side. The Date Palm Jungle was very lush.

“My Lord.”

A group of Swadian Footman raised their heavy spears and saluted.

“Mm, keep your guard up. ”

Kant nodded, indicating for them to continue their patrol.

However, he frowned slightly and asked Manid, “These noblemen may not fight personally, but they could always employ the services of well-trained bandits.”

“What does that have to do with us?” Manid asked with a smile.

Kant was slightly taken aback, as if he thought of something.

Manid said straightforwardly, “The trade caravan of the Lion Kingdom is not ours, but the agent’s. How he distributes the profits is up to him, not us, so dealing with those noblemen is also the agent’s job.”

“That…” Kant raised his eyebrows slightly, pensive.

“That’s right,” Manid nodded. “The profits we share with the agent do not come for free.”

“Ha… ” Kant could not help but laugh.

He turned to look at Manid’s handsome face, shook his head and sighed. “Sometimes, I really doubt whether you really are a person from Nord. My impression of them is that they are all muscular warriors who jump off ships raising axes and big shields. ”

“The business in Nord is equally developed.”

Manid shrugged and joked, “Things that are plundered must be sold, so businessmen are equally important.”


The three of them immediately laughed.

The atmosphere was harmonious.

Kant was happy that he had obtained Manid, a professional businessman.

Although Firentis could not handle business, he was familiar with Manid and could be considered an old friend.

They returned along the east side of the spring.

On the flat training ground, there were already Swadian Heavy Cavalry training slowly. Some of them held spears and war hammers, sparring with the Footman to hone their skills and impart experience.

As a level 4 troop class, Swadian Heavy Cavalry were naturally qualified to impart experience to the level 3 troop class of Footman.

Kant naturally understood the rules of the training ground.

It would be even more effective if it was a level 5 troop class against a level 1 troop class.

Still, Kant was satisfied with this.

Why had their previous conversation not mentioned what would happen if bandits indeed attacked the Oasis Lookout from the desert?

This was the reason.

Kant’s home ground was the Nahrin Desert.

Kant, who had firmly occupied this water source, was as good as the arbiter of life and death.

If anyone dared to attack?

46 Swadian Heavy Cavalry and 41 Swadian Footman were ready and waiting.

20 Ravernstern Rangers were also in waiting.

Although there were only about 100 of them, they were all elites!

If any bandits wanted to cause trouble?

They would be beaten to death!

Even if they were lucky enough to escape, seven days in the Senwaya Range was a road towards death.

Without water, they would only become miserable dried corpses.

The vitality of humans was not as tenacious as Jackalans.

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