Chapter 1550: Send the Message/ Happiness and Displeasure

Chapter 1875: Send the Message

“I…” Naturally, Mike wouldn’t say that he was looking for a gun. However, seeing the smiling man in front of him, Mike did not dare not to answer his question. After all, he was a demon who could kill someone in the blink of an eye.

“Are you looking for this?” Golden Bull lifted his right hand. Suddenly, a gun appeared in his right hand.

Mike was startled. After looking at it thoroughly, he realized that the gun in Golden Bull’s hand was the gun that he had lost! He did not know when or how the gun ended up in Golden Bull’s hands.

All of a sudden, Mike’s facial expression became unsightly, and he became very pale. Deep down, he was clear that Golden Bull had gotten close to him without him knowing, and had taken his gun away. And yet, he didn’t even realize it!

If Golden Bull wanted to kill him, he would be a corpse by now like those underlings on the ground.

“I took it while taking care of them,” Golden Bull said ostentatiously as he looked at Mike.

Golden Bull had learned this from Yang Ming. This was also one of Yang Ming’s most used tactics. Golden Bull heard it from Wang Xiaoyan, and thought that it looked cool, which was why he started mimicking it. He aimed to become an expert like Yang Ming one day, so he was always mimicking Yang Ming’s tone and way of doing things.

More cold sweat appeared on Mike’s head. How did I offend such a person? Didn’t I just ask him a question? Did he have to kill all of my underlings? Mike had forgotten that he was the one who gave the order to seize Golden Bull first.

However, even if he didn’t ask anything, Golden Bull would also not let him off the bat. Mike was just thinking too much.

“You… What do you want to do?” Mike was a little afraid now. Although he was a small captain of an underworld gang, he wasn’t someone that was not afraid of death. He was scared of dying.

He was now doing very well, and had even gotten Headless Wolf’s trust. If he died, it would all be for nothing. At that time, who would even remember someone like him? One of his capable underlings would replace him, and he would then become history. As time passed, he would be forgotten by everyone.

“Relax, I won’t kill you now.” Golden Bull looked at Mike in contempt, “I want to bring you to see my leader.”

“Your leader …” Mike wasn’t a fool. Even if Golden Bull said that he wouldn’t kill Mike now, he didn’t say that he wouldn’t be killed later. But what terrified Mike even more was the fact that Golden Bull wasn’t a leader, but merely an underling.

If he’s already this powerful, then what kind of person is his leader? Mike’s confidence crumbled. If I knew this was going to happen, I wouldn’t have volunteered to carry out this mission that requires capturing someone!

Originally, I thought that capturing a foreigner would be a very simple task. If I sent ten burly guys to stand there, the person would definitely be afraid.

In the end, the ten burly guys ended up on the floor dead before they could even speak, and I am the one afraid now.

And after all these happenings, the person that I wanted to capture has not even appeared yet… Mike really wanted to cry. I’m really unlucky. Why was I so enthusiastic?

“You’ll see him in a while!” Golden Bull was a man of few words, and his tone was still very cold. Golden Bull remembered the relationship between Yang Ming and the hotel, so he knew that the lift at the top floor should already have been locked. No one would be able to come up anymore. Because of this, Golden Bull wasn’t afraid that anyone would see the corpses in the corridor.

As Golden Bull was talking, he carried Mike and walked towards Room One.

Zhang Bing in Room Two did not notice the events in the corridor. After all, Golden Bull’s took action quickly, and the commotion he made was very small. Right now, Zhang Bing, Zhang Jiefang and Wang Mei were glad that they had returned safely, and did not notice whatever happened in the corridor.

Golden Bull carried Mike like he was a little chick. After reaching Room One, Golden Bull knocked on the door. The door opened almost immediately. This time, Mike finally saw Yang Ming, the person he wanted to capture.

After Yang Ming opened the door, he turned around and walked back into the room. Golden Bull carried Mike and followed him. After they reached the center of the room, he threw Mike on the floor.

“Brother, I didn’t do it on purpose. I’m just a small fry, a useless character. Everything was arranged by our boss, Headless Wolf. He asked me to go capture someone, so I had to do so! Please don’t vent your anger on me! I couldn’t help it!” Mike had already thought it through in an instant. Other than kneeling and begging for forgiveness, there was nothing else he could do. Let alone how strong Yang Ming was, just his underling alone was already very scary. He could kill ten people in an instant. What kind of speed is this?

A wise man doesn’t fight against impossible odds. Since he could not defeat them, he would be a fool not to plead for forgiveness. It was never too late for revenge. If I successfully return alive, only then shall I make a decision. If I lose my life, then what use is there thinking about other stuff?

Because of this, Mike decided to give up his pride. He didn’t care about his image anymore, and started to kowtow. After all, image and pride was nothing. From Mike’s perspective, his life was more important than everything.

“Get him up. Don’t dirty my carpet.” Yang Ming waved his hand at Golden Bull. He didn’t want his carpet to be stained with blood. Although this wasn’t his house’s carpet, it still wasn’t a good omen as he was staying here.

“Yes!” Golden Bull responded, and carried Mike up, “The leader didn’t ask you to kowtow. Stand here obediently!”

“Ah! Yes yes!” Mike said carefully and immediately straightened his body. He never expected that his kowtow would cause displeasure to others.

“Enough. Don’t do unnecessary things.” Yang Ming frowned. He looked at Mike with slight contempt, “I won’t kill you.”

“Ah? Thank you! Thank you!” Mike was surprised, and immediately said happily.

“What about those men he brought?” Yang Ming ignored Mike and asked Golden Bull.

“They have been taken care of,” responded Golden Bull.

“Okay.” Yang Ming nodded. He then told Mike, “Take those corpses back with you. Tell your boss Headless Wolf to pass the message, ‘There’s only eighteen hours left’, on to Govisik.”

“Yes, yes. I’ll surely pass on the message!” Although Mike didn’t understand what Yang Ming meant, it was very apparent that Yang Ming was allowing him to leave. He naturally agreed to it very quickly. He would do anything he was told to do as long as he could keep his life.

“En, Golden Bull. Find some bags to keep the corpses. Let him find a trolley to take them away,” said Yang Ming to Golden Bull.

“Yes, leader!” Golden Bull lifted Mike up, and walked out of Yang Ming’s room. After that, he threw him out the door, “Wait for me here. I’ll find a bag.”

“Yes, yes!” Mike quickly nodded. After he saw Golden Bull walking further away and into the elevator, his mind started becoming very active. Golden Bull has left, and Yang Ming isn’t watching me. I can run away now. Should I run or not?

His current situation was very suitable for fleeing. However, Mike was a little hesitant. From Yang Ming’s words just now, it was obvious that Yang Ming was allowing him to live. Even if he didn’t run away, he wouldn’t die. However, if he did run away and was brought back here, everything would backfire if Yang Ming and Golden Bull decided to change their mind.

To avoid causing unnecessary problems, Mike decided not to run away.

After all, Yang Ming said that he would let me go. That means that I’m guaranteed to stay alive. Yang Ming had no reason to lie to him. It was very simple to just kill him off. There was no point in lying to such a small fry.

With this thought, Mike waited there while feeling relieved. I guess waiting for a while doesn’t matter. After all, I can be said to be righteous if I were to carry those corpses back, as I did not abandon them. At that time, I can give an explanation to Headless Wolf.

After a while, Golden Bull returned with a few polypropylene knitted bags. Golden Bull was satisfied when he saw Mike waiting there. He threw the polypropylene knitted bags to Mike and said, “Bag the corpses yourself.”

“Yes, yes!” Mike took over the bags and started to bag the corpses. He didn’t care anymore, and folded the corpses if he could not shove them in. Who cares? Let me shove you in first.

Chapter 1876: Happiness and Displeasure

Surprisingly, Mike’s actions were very fast. He finished everything rapidly. After that, he wiped his sweat and told Golden Bull, “Brother, I have already finished stuffing them inside. What should I do now?”

“Oh, carry them downstairs after you have finished stuffing them inside. I’ll help you move them into the elevator, and you’re responsible for transporting them,” said Golden Bull.

“Okay, okay!” Mike quickly nodded.

“I’ll take six, and you’ll take four. Is there a problem?” Golden Bull ordered as he looked at Mike.

“No… No problem!” Mike was frightened. He was stupefied when he saw Golden Bull carrying three bags in each hand. Golden Bull carried six bags with two hands and walked towards the elevator door. He doesn’t even look that tough. How is he so strong? Isn’t he too powerful? No wonder he could carry me like I’m a little chick.

Mike didn’t have Golden Bull’s strength. It was tiring for him to just carry one bag on each hand. It was impossible for him to carry all of the remaining four bags at once.

“I… I’ll carry another round!” Mike said quickly when he saw Golden Bull looking at him while throwing down the bags in his hands.

“No need. Just wait by the elevator.” Golden Bull turned around and walked back to the spot. He returned quickly while carrying two bags. “Hold the elevator door for a while later. Don’t let the door close.”

“Okay, okay!” Mike replied quickly.

The elevator rose slowly. After a while, the elevator door opened. Other than Yang Ming and a few other people, no one was staying on the top floor of the hotel. So no one else would come up here.

After the elevator door opened, Golden Bull asked Mike to hold open the elevator door. He then threw all the polypropylene knitted bags into the elevator without any hesitation. After Mike entered the elevator, the elevator door closed slowly.

After finishing everything, Golden Bull returned to Yang Ming to report on the completed task.

As for Mike, he let out a sigh of relief, “Sigh, that was scary! I almost died here. What kind of people are they? How are they so strong?”

The elevator paused a few times on the way down. Some people wanted to enter, but decided not to when they saw that the elevator was filled with “goods”. Instead, they used another elevator. After all, the hotel didn’t only have one elevator. There were a few others.

“Ding!” The elevator stopped on the first floor, and the door opened slowly. Mike looked around first before carefully exiting the elevator.

Batterton was waiting anxiously downstairs. He didn’t dare to go up without Yang Ming summoning him. After Mike brought ten burly men up, Batterton was worried that something would happen to Yang Ming.

Batterton tensed up when he saw Mike exit the elevator door stealthily. Did he catch Yang Ming already? Is he being so careful to prevent others from becoming suspicious?

However, Mike’s actions afterward caused Batterton to be surprised. After Mike looked around, he returned to the elevator and dragged out two polypropylene knitted bags and placed them at the elevator’s door. It seemed like he wanted to prevent the lift from closing. After that, he dragged out two more polypropylene knitted bags and dragged them to the hotel entrance.

Batterton got very curious. What is Mike doing? What is he dragging in his hands? Batterton decided to go up and ask him. After all, this was his hotel. Mike would definitely show him some respect if he were to ask him.

“Mr. Mike, what are you dragging in those polypropylene knitted bags? Do you need my help?” Batterton went up and asked.

“Ah- Mr. Batterton?” Mike felt a little embarrassed. He forcefully laughed twice, “No need. I’m just carrying them to the car.”

“Then let me help you,” said Batterton. He then dragged out two polypropylene knitted bags from the elevator. However, the moment he came into contact with one of the bags, Batterton’s facial expression changed drastically. He could vaguely make out what these bags contained.

Mike did not turn down Batterton’s help. After all, this thing had happened in Batterton’s hotel. Batterton had witnessed Mike bringing in ten men, but now Mike was dragging ten bags. Mike had to explain it somehow.

“Mr. Batterton, to be honest… I messed up this time!” Mike did not hide it, “Inside these polypropylene knitted bags are my ten underlings.”

“Ah?” Although Batterton had vaguely guessed what was inside the polypropylene knitted bags, he was still surprised when he heard Mike say that all his underlings were all dead. Did Yang Ming do this?

“That Yang Ming guy is very hard to deal with, and his underling is even more powerful! I’m only alive because I was asked to pass on a message. Otherwise, I would also…” Mike didn’t continue his words. He then told Batterton, “Mr. Batterton, let me give you some advice. Never ever offend that guy. Otherwise, you’ll bring yourself troubles. As for other stuff, let our boss handle it.”

Mike treated Batterton as his accomplice. He was afraid that Yang Ming would vent his anger on Batterton. He decided to remind him.

“Ah? So powerful? Seems like I really have to be careful!” Although Batterton said so, he thought, Seems like the family master was right. I didn’t have to intervene in this matter. Yang Ming dealt with it on his own.

After helping to carry all the polypropylene knitted bags into the multi-purpose vehicle, Batterton returned to the hotel lobby. Although they were moving those bags for a long time, others were not suspicious as they just thought that they were moving goods.

Mike drove the car and left quickly. As for Batterton, he dialed the telephone in Yang Ming’s room immediately.

“Mr. Yang, I’m Batterton. Are you alright?” Batterton already knew that it was impossible for Yang Ming to have any problems from Mike’s words.

“I’m fine. Has Mike left?” Yang Ming was humored. Batterton had obviously seen Mike moving the corpses.

“Yes. I helped him carry some of those polypropylene knitted bags,” said Batterton. “Relax, Mr. Yang. No one else joined in.”

“Oh, I got it. Go do your work first. Contact me if you have other problems,” said Yang Ming calmly. He did not say anything further.

“Yes, Mr. Yang.” Batterton let out a sigh of relief. He knew that he had built a decent relationship with Yang Ming. After he finished calling Yang Ming, Batterton decided to call Caique to report the scene that had happened here.

Although Caique didn’t ask him to report, he felt that he had to tell Caique as this was a serious matter. It would also show his respect for Caique.

Sure enough, Caique complimented Batterton after hearing his report. He asked him to continue following the development of this matter.

“How is it?” The few elders beside Caique asked anxiously after he hung up.

“Eleven people went in, and ten of them died. The leader was kept alive as Yang Ming needed someone to pass on a message,” said Caique.

“Haha, the Nancheng Family is foolish indeed. Can they offend Mr. Yang? Serves them right if they die!” The elder that had conflicts with the Nancheng Family said gloatingly.

“Serves them right. The Nancheng Family will be done for. They had to offend no one other than Yang Ming. He’s an existence that caused even the Lancer Family to be annihilated!” The others agreed. After all, they had no more relations with the Lancer Family. They could just bring this matter up casually now.

Caique smiled faintly while looking at this scene. As he got closer to Yang Ming, his position as the family master became even more stable.

On the way back to the Guillotine gang, Mike wanted to give his boss Headless Wolf a call to report the situation. However, he felt that it was better to report this face-to-face. Mike decided to drive straight to the Guillotine Gang’s headquarters.

After he stopped the car in the underground parking at the Guillotine Gang’s headquarters, he quickly got out of the car and rushed straight to his boss Headless Wolf’s office. He then knocked on the door.

“Who is it? Why are you knocking on the door?” Headless Wolf yelled while feeling displeased. Just as he was about to say “the door isn’t locked, just come in”, he saw Mike stumbling into the room.

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