Chapter 1544: Do Not Move!/ Depressed and Sullen

Chapter 1863: Do Not Move!

A moment ago, Zhang Bing also saw that Klass’s cards had actually made up a Blackjack. Zhang Bing suddenly felt that the sky was going to fall. Dramatic changes would take place. Would Yang Ming’s life be endangered here?

However, Zhang Bing also knew that it was not right for him to say anything. Even if he objected, the other party would not take him seriously. He could only look at Yang Ming anxiously.

But when he saw Yang Ming calmly say that he had forgotten to mention something just now, Zhang Bing knew that Yang Ming already had a countermeasure. He would not be taken advantage of by others.

Indeed, the situation suddenly changed after Yang Ming spoke. Klass, who was supposed to be the winner, suddenly became the loser. His face was gloomy and ugly. Although Zhang Bing did not know how Yang Ming could change the course of events and even know about the missing two cards in the card deck, a victory was still a victory. No matter how Yang Ming did it, what mattered was that the final result was to their advantage.

Zhang Bing was overjoyed. Yang Ming did not disappoint him. My bro is the Boss. He is simply awesome. He played with Klass without a hint of temper. This way of defeating opponents is simply too exhilarating.

“I just casually mentioned it…Correct any mistakes you make, but maintain your good record if you did not make them. Besides, I’m talking about the quality of the playing cards. What is Mr. Klass so agitated about? Is this playing card manufactured by your own family?” Yang Ming said sarcastically as he smiled faintly.

“I am only commenting. What do these playing cards have to do with me!” Klass said mockingly as his face changed. “Shall we start the game? Stop discussing the playing cards.”

“En, you are right. Then, let’s continue.” Yang Ming nodded to the dealer, indicating that he could start. “This time, you have to pay close attention to the playing cards. If there are two cards missing, you will not be able to explain yourself.”

The dealer’s face changed. He knew in his heart that Yang Ming was just reminding him. Before this, he blamed Yang Ming for stealing the playing cards. But in the end, Yang Ming never touched the playing cards. Therefore, it was definitely impossible for Yang Ming to steal the cards. The dealer was still embarrassed over this. So, he directed his suspicions toward Klass, especially since Klass had a somewhat uncomfortable expression afterward. This further reinforced the dealer’s thoughts. However, Klass was introduced by Smith, and was said to be a good friend of the big boss. Hence, it was impossible for the dealer to have a fallout with Klass.

So, the dealer was very grateful to Yang Ming for the reminder regardless of his previous suspicions. This time, all would be well as long as he watched Klass carefully. The dealer gave Yang Ming a warm smile and began to unpack the playing cards.

Klass looked even more gloomy after Yang Ming’s reminder. However, he could not explain anything at this time. He would likely be suspected of hiding something if he tried to explain further. So, Klass let out a groan and swallowed his anger.

“Both sides, please check the cards,” the dealer said to Yang Ming and Klass as he spread the playing cards on the table.

“Mr. Yang, for this round, you need to watch carefully whether there are any playing cards missing,” Klass told Yang Ming. “Otherwise, it will be bad if you mention that there are missing cards again.”

“Hehe, I have finished looking. There is no problem. What about you, Mr. Klass?” Yang Ming nodded with a smile.

“I have no problem too,” said Klass casually.

“Well, you can now shuffle the cards,” Yang Ming said to the dealer.

The dealer nodded his head and quickly shuffled the cards.

Klass stared at the dealer’s hand movements without blinking. Yang Ming snickered in his heart. This guy is trying to memorize the order of the playing cards again. Of course, Yang Ming would not allow him to do as he pleased. Yang Ming rubbed his chin and then said, “Mr. Klass, tell me. How is it possible that there were missing cards in the set of playing cards just now?”

“Ah…what?” Klass was fully focusing on the playing cards in the dealer’s hand. He was immediately distracted when he heard Yang Ming’s question, “How would I know?”

However, as Klass was distracted, he could no longer track the dealer’s hand movements. His previous efforts were useless. Klass was so enraged that his lungs wanted to explode! This Yang Ming. He always chooses to talk nonsense at the critical moment instead of earlier or later on. Dang it, it is really annoying!

“To say the least, this casino is quite large. I never thought that there would be problems with the playing cards. I managed to notice the missing cards. Any normal gambler would have lost a lot of money if they did not notice it.” Yang Ming derided the casino at the same time. After all, Yang Ming was dissatisfied with the South City Casino for helping Klass. Obviously, he would not give the casino face this time.

“I’m not a producer of playing cards. How would I know?” Krass was getting impatient. This Yang Ming is really meddlesome. I have no choice but to try to steal some playing cards again for this round. If I can’t, I can only depend on my luck.

Klass’s spirits were very low. He definitely suspected that Yang Ming was doing this intentionally. He was thinking. This kid’s eyesight is not good. He can not remember the order of the dealer’s shuffling. He purposely caused this ruckus to make sure I do not remember it too. This causes both of us to be in the same boat, relying on our luck.

The dealer shuffled the cards, then placed the playing cards on the table, and said, “Please cut the playing cards.”

When Klass was about to reach out, Yang Ming suddenly said, “Stop! Don’t move!”

Klass was shocked. His heart had nearly fallen out. He silently scolded Yang Ming for his lack of manners. He frowned and looked at Yang Ming, “What do you think you are doing?”

“Both of us best not touch those playing cards. IIf any cards go missing this time, you will be considered the prime suspect!” Yang Ming seemed to be reminding Klass for his own good on the surface. But in reality, he was actually insinuating that Klass would try to steal the cards again.

“…” Klass did not expect this Yang Ming to be so troublesome. From now on, he must finally face his opponent properly without any of his previous contempt. Klass finally understood why the boss wanted him to handle this serious matter, “You don’t need to remind me. I won’t even touch it.”

Klass’s hand conveniently brushed his hair and said. “I am just doing my hair.”

The dealer broke into a cold sweat at Yang Ming’s words. Now that I think about it, Klass might have taken the opportunity when cutting the cards to steal two cards. In that case, I really can’t afford to be careless!

Since Yang Ming said that they would not be cutting the cards, the dealer quickly seized the opportunity and took back the poker cards. He cut the cards twice and said, “Who will go first this time?”

“Mr. Yang, you decide.” Klass could no longer remember the order of the cards anyway. Hence, he might as well be generous this once and let Yang Ming decide. It would also prevent Yang Ming from finding any flaws with the game when he lost.

“Hehe, the previous game was invalid. So, this time, Mr. Klass should be the one to decide,” said Yang Ming with a smile.

“Okay!” Klass did not decline and said to the dealer, “Let’s get started.”

The reason Yang Ming said this was because he had already seen the cards. If he allowed Klass to be dealt to first, Yang Ming would be getting two tens. It would be impossible for Klass to have cards bigger than his regardless of whether Klass asked or stopped. If Klass asked for two more playing cards, he would bust.

Klass’s face-down card was a nine of hearts. His face-up card was an eight of clubs.

Yang Ming’s face-down card was a ten of hearts. His face-up card was a ten of spades.

Klass was to ask for the card first. He was a bit hesitant. His hand of cards was disastrous! His playing cards added up together to seventeen points. It was neither big nor small. He could easily lose this round if he asked for another card.

However, when he saw Yang Ming’s face-up card was a ten of spades, Klass was troubled as to whether to ask for another card. After hesitating for a while, Klass said, “I want one card.”

“Hehe.” Yang Ming let out a faint laugh, scaring Klass.

“What are you laughing at?” Klass was a little annoyed. He was a little scared, and not sure whether to continue to ask for a card. What did Yang Ming’s sudden “hehe” laugh mean? Is he laughing at my inevitable bust?

That can’t be right. Yang Ming can only see my face-up card, but he can’t see my face down card. What is he laughing about?

“My hand of playing cards is good. Can’t I laugh twice?” Yang Ming said as if it was normal and looked at Klass like he was a fool.

“This …” Klass was speechless. Is there anyone like you? You laughed when your hand of cards was good? Don’t you know that beaming with joy is a taboo during gambling? Are you afraid that others will not be able to guess your cards?

However, it was naturally impossible for Klass to fully believe Yang Ming. This Yang Ming was extremely sly. In his opinion, Yang Ming’s gambling skills might be terrible, but he would try to use some clever tricks to his advantage.

Chapter 1864: Depressed And Sullen

“Even if you have a good hand of playing cards, don’t scare people,” said Klass glumly. He then waved to the dealer, “I want another one.”

The dealer nodded, pulled out a playing card and placed it in front of Klass.

Klass’s face twitched. He did not expect to get such a card! It was an ace! This card could be used as one point or eleven points in Black Jack. But, in the present situation, it could only be used as one point. He would bust if it was used as eleven points.

Seventeen points plus one point was eighteen points. Klass was even glummer. This hand was neither small nor big. The present situation meant that he could not continue to ask for any cards even if he was forced to. If he asked for another one, he would most likely bust!

At the moment, he could only hope that Yang Ming’s hand was smaller than his, or another card would bust Yang Ming’s hand.

“Stop the cards,” said Klass. “Mr. Yang, it’s your turn.”

“I don’t want any,” said Yang Ming. “I told you. My cards are good. Why would I need more?”

“Okay, now that both parties have stopped, let’s reveal the cards,” said the dealer.

Klass and Yang Ming opened their face down cards at the same time. When Klass saw that Yang Ming’s face-down card was also a ten, his face immediately went pale! He had lost. He had actually lost.

“Hehe, Mr. Klass, thanks for letting me win,” said Yang Ming with a smile. “Of course, you can also suspect there is a problem with the playing cards and ask for a review.”

“Hmph!” Klass let out a cold snort. He had already examined whether there were any problems with the cards before. Of course, he would not find any more faults!

From the start till the end, Yang Ming had never touched other cards other than his face down card. Of course, Klass would not think that Yang Ming won through some tricks.

“In this case, one of these two people can go with you.” Klass nodded. “Mr. Yang, do you want to continue to bet on the next round, or take one person away?”

Although Klass said so, he knew that since Yang Ming was here, Yang Ming would definitely not take only one person away. He would only leave when he could take both these people away. Klass just wanted to run Yang Ming down.

“Keep going,” said Yang Ming calmly, without anger.

“Yang Ming! Don’t gamble anymore. You take Zhang Bing away. Don’t mind me!” Zhang Jiefang suddenly interrupted Yang Ming. Zhang Jiefang’s mood appeared excited, “Yang Ming, please take care of Zhang Bing in the future!”

Yang Ming understood Zhang Jiefang’s sudden outburst very well. Zhang Jiefang saw that Yang Ming had won one round and Zhang Bing was rescued. He did not want Yang Ming to take risks by continuing to gamble. He was afraid that Yang Ming might not be this lucky in the next round and Zhang Bing would be lost again!

Zhang Jiefang was thinking that he was already so old. If he dies, then so be it. Zhang Bing had a long path ahead of him. Zhang Bing would be taken care of by Yang Ming in the future. This meant that Zhang Bing would be doing well. Zhang Jiefang could leave this world in peace.

“Uncle Zhang, keep calm.” Yang Ming faintly smiled. “When we go back, we will go back together.”

Zhang Jiefang could only remain silent after Yang Ming said that. After all, Yang Ming was the one who came up with the idea. He was just giving a suggestion.

“Mr. Yang, can we start?” asked Klass.

“Go ahead.” Yang Ming nodded.

The dealer cleared away the playing cards on the table, then threw them into the shredder. He took out another deck of playing cards, and opened it to let everyone check the cards. He then cut the cards and asked, “Who will go first this round?”

Klass’s eyes were following all the dealer’s actions this time. Yang Ming did not say anything to disturb him. This made Klass calm down. After all, he roughly remembered the first few cards of the deck in the dealer’s hand this time.

Although it was impossible to be completely accurate, it was close enough. In this game, the person who asked for the card first had the absolute advantage! Klass was disdainful of Yang Ming who remained indifferent and calm. This guy is just a little smart and a little lucky. As long as I am careful, I can turn the tables this round.

“Excuse me, who is going first this time?” asked the dealer after putting the cards down.

“Mr. Yang, you call the shots!” Klass hesitated, and felt that it was best to let Yang Ming decide. Klass let Yang Ming decide the previous two times. If he was to suddenly say that he wanted to go first, wouldn’t this little kid Yang Ming start to have doubts? This kid was not easy to deal with. So, to avoid arousing Yang Ming’s suspicions, Klass pretended to ask again.

Klass predicted that Yang Ming would allow him to start again this time as he had allowed him to start first during the previous two rounds.

“Oh, the first time was invalid. You were the one who started first the second time. Then, this time, I will go first. That way it will be fairer!” said Yang Ming gently.

“What?” Klass was immediately dumbfounded when he heard what Yang Ming said. It can’t be? Why did Yang Ming not let me take the lead this time? Why did he modestly decline the chance to take the lead during the previous two rounds?

What in the world is this little kid Yang Ming doing? However, Yang Ming had given a normal and flawless reason. The first time was invalid. Hence, it did not count. Klass had made the first move the second time. So, it was pretty normal for Yang Ming to be dealt the cards first this time.

If Klass said that he wanted to be dealt to first this time, Yang Ming would definitely be more skeptical, and even suspect his motives. So, Klass was really helpless. If he had known this earlier, he would not have asked Yang Ming and straight away asked to be dealt to first. Although that was not totally safe, it would have been better than the current situation!

“What’s wrong? Mr. Klass?” asked Yang Ming, who pretended not to know anything.

“Nothing. I am the one who was dealt the cards first previously. This time, Mr. Yang asked to be dealt to first, which made me somewhat surprised,” said Klass.

“Oh, that was surprising?” Yang Ming giggled. “Ok then, you can go first?”

When Klass heard Yang Ming’s words, his heart beat with excitement for a while. He just wanted to say “Alright then!” But, he suddenly pulled the brakes. If I say this, Yang Ming will definitely suspect me. Then it will be even more difficult for me to go first.

So Klass hesitated and said, “I don’t mind. What Mr. Yang says matters.”

“Oh, then…I’ll go first,” said Yang Ming to the dealer. “Let’s get started.”

“…” Klass’s heart was totally confused and almost fell out. When he heard Yang Ming say “then…”, he thought that Yang Ming wanted to say “Then, I will let you go first…”. In the end, Yang Ming said, “Then I’ll go first…!”

Dang it, if I had known earlier, I would not have modestly declined. I would have just said, “Alright then, I’ll go first.” Wouldn’t that have solved the problem? Why did the wolf linger in fear of the tiger? Aren’t I suffering more in the end?

Klass was disappointed twice. He had missed the opportunity twice, which made his heart sullen to death.

However, it was useless to be depressed and sullen now. He could only try his best to win this round. Hopefully, Yang Ming would make a mistake, go bust or stop asking for the playing cards.

Klass had a clear picture before. The person who first asked for the cards would have a face down Eight of Clubs and a face-up Ten of Diamonds. This added up to eighteen points, which was relatively large, but not very big.

With this kind of hand, if Yang Ming wanted one more card, it would be an Ace of Hearts bringing his sum to nineteen points. If he wanted yet another one, it would be an Ace of Diamonds, bringing his sum up to twenty. If he still wanted another one, it would be a Seven of Clubs, and he would go bust.

So, he prayed that Yang Ming would not keep going. Klass’s face-down card was a Nine of Diamonds and his face-up card a Eight of Diamonds, which added up to seventeen points. If Yang Ming did not ask for any cards, he would ask for two Ace cards and it would add up to nineteen points, exceeding Yang Ming’s eighteen points.

“Sir, do you want a card?” the dealer asked Yang Ming.

“Oh, let me see!” Yang Ming pretended to glance at his face down and then said, “Aiya, it’s a bit tricky! Should I or should I not?”

Klass was nervous at Yang Ming’s words. He was almost dying. Since his debut, this was the most depressing gamble. His heart was perturbed as it followed Yang Ming’s constant change in demeanor. If this continued, his heart would definitely fall out. This kid was just too capable of toying with other people!

“Hehe, this is the last one. Mr. Yang, you wouldn’t want to waste your previous efforts, right?” Klass seemingly gave a kind hint to Yang Ming. However, Klass was indicating to Yang Ming to stop if his hand was good. Play safe and not take any risks. After all, it was already eighteen points. If he asked for another card, he would probably bust.

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