Chapter 25

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Posted on February 27, 2019 by Jalyss

I submitted my thesis yesterday! I am so over it and decided to translate another chapter to take a break. Enjoy!

Unedited. If you see any mistakes, please let me know. In case I haven’t mentioned Qing Yun before, the Yun means cloud.

Chapter 25: And Together With The Ice Lord at the Qi Xi Festival (part 6)

Qing Wu? Why was he here? She looked around, her eyes eventually settling on the familiar black carriage. That man shouldn’t be in the carriage, right? She quickly got her answer.

A pair of white jade hands pushed back the curtain. The glow of the sunset shone on his unmatched features, just like an immortal who fell from heaven. His glittering gold eyes met with her black pearl-like eyes, an indifferent look on his face. If one looked carefully, one could see a hint of arrogance.

After about half a minute, Feng Ming merely said two words, “Get in.” When he finished speaking, the curtains fell back to their original position and hid his otherworldly appearance.

Bai Xi knitted her brows. Before she could turn around and head back into the Bai residence, Qing Wu had already stepped towards her and whispered, “Young miss Bai Xi, master has specifically come here for you.”

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After seeing that Bai Xi had no reaction, Qing Wu continued. “Young miss Bai Xi, master wants to talk to young miss.” Inwardly, he felt that his master wanted to meet young miss Bai Xi to express his feelings. However, he didn’t know why his master liked this ordinary looking woman. But, his master rarely liked women, so of course he was really happy and believed that his master wouldn’t like just an ordinary woman.

Bai Xi subconsciously glanced at the curtain in the carriage, wondering what this man wanted.

A moment later, she heard an indifferent voice come from behind the curtain. “Don’t you want to know why you fell out of the carriage that day?”

Feng Ming’s words caused Bai Xi to immediately come to a decision. However, she had only gone two steps before stopping. She turned to look at the dumbfounded Mu Qiu behind her. “Little Qiu Qiu, can you tell dad that I am going to the Qi Qiao market?”

As she prepared to get on the carriage, she suddenly remembered something else and turned to Mu Qiu. “I will return soon.”

Qing Wu laughed and raised his head to worship his master’s ability. His master was really his master – a single sentence was all it took to get young miss Bai Xi to board the carriage. Before he went to drive the carriage, he called out, “Hey, little Qiu Qiu, you can be assured that your family’s young miss and my family’s master will be completely safe.”

Mu Qiu was still stunned and nodded mechanically. Was she hallucinating? It seemed she had seen His Excellency, The Ice Lord appear at the entrance of the Bai residence, and now her young miss was boarding the carriage with His Excellency, The Ice Lord. This… was she seeing things?

Perhaps it was because of the Qi Qiao Festival. Perhaps it was because it was already near dusk. Or maybe it was because someone had already removed the obstacles. The Ice Lord’s carriage appearing at the Bai residence not only caused a crowd, but the movement of the carriage was smooth as nobody would block it.

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Bai Xi hopped into the carriage and her line of sight fell on the man whose eyes were closed as if he was sleeping. After about 5 minutes1, she discovered that this man did not show any indication of opening his eyes. She suddenly felt like she had been deceived.

Just as she was thinking of this sort of thing, Feng Ming, who was sitting across from her, said, “I did not kick you off the carriage.” His tone did not carry any traces of affection.

“Mm? Oh, wait. Is this what you were saying to me this morning? You wanted me to get into the carriage specifically to say this sentence and not for another reason?”

He opened his eyes. “You could say that.”

“Yes is yes and no is no. You should be clearer when speaking.” Why did she feel that the man across from her, His Excellency, The Ice Lord, who was worshipped by everyone was not the same as before?

“Young miss Bai Xi, this morning master did indeed say this, but there is something else that master would like to say to young miss Bai Xi.” Qing Wu’s explanation came from outside of the carriage. He wanted to know what master and young miss Bai Xi would be saying, so he was eavesdropping. At the same time, he did not forget to cheer on his master in his heart.

When he had hardly finished speaking, he was hit once more and yelped in pain.

“Young miss Bai Xi, you can pretend like you heard nothing.” Outside the carriage, Qing Wu covered his forehead. He accidentally revealed his master’s ideas, but he also allowed his master and young miss Bai Xi to make some progress. Ah, his master was really incomprehensible.

Hey, he can’t understand this at all.

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“Should Qing Wu be so wilful as your subordinate?” She found it hard to imagine that someone with that sort of nature would follow Feng Ming as a subordinate, whose personality was completely different.

“I also don’t know.” After Feng Ming spoke, he closed his eyes once more.

“Hm?” She was surprised and didn’t think that he wouldn’t know, let alone answer her.

Bai Xi didn’t have further questions and just leaned against the wall of the carriage, closing her eyes. She also wanted to rest for a moment. Soon enough, her breathing gradually evened out and she fell asleep. Almost after she fell asleep, a pair of golden eyes opened, and his gaze fell on Bai Xi’s sleeping appearance. She wasn’t that far away, and he didn’t close his eyes again.

After a while, Bai Xi woke up. She never thought that when she opened her eyes, she would see that pair of gold eyes staring back at her. What was this man doing? He shouldn’t have found out that she was wearing a mask, right?

“Finally.” His sexy lips opened slightly.

“Mm?” Huh? Finally? Finally what? Bai Xi pushed the curtain aside and looked out the window only to see that there were no buildings around them. There were only some hills and trees.

“Qing Yun.” Feng Ming did not explain and just said these two words.

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Before Bai Xi could comprehend his words, a figure had entered through the window and fell to the ground, not rising. Bai Xi stared blankly at the scene. Why did she feel that this scene was familiar? When she looked out at the scenery, she understood. This man wanted to recreate the incident, only now there was another person in the carriage, which was really strange.

“This is how you want to show me how I fell out of the carriage?”


“That’s good. He should be knocked out with a big bag on the left side of his forehead.” Her eyes were full of mischief. Since the incident would be recreated, naturally it should be recreated to be exactly the same.

“Qing Yun, did you hear that clearly?”

“Yes,” the stunned person inside the carriage responded.

Outside the carriage, Qing Wu heard what his master said and tried to stifle his laughter. His master really loved him, and it was good for his subordinates. He can finally see his eldest brother get made fun of. Furthermore, Qing Wu really wanted to thank young miss Bai Xi.

Eldest brother, you should perform well! Haha, Qing Yun, he laughed in his heart.

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