Chapter 66: The Joy of the Construction Team Leader

Kant led the troops toward the Oasis Lookout.

On the Watchtower, the construction workers holding wooden sticks soon discovered them.

The fatter construction team leader quickly walked out of the Council Hall and gathered all of the construction workers. They quickly walked to the edge of the Oasis and waited respectfully for Kant’s arrival.

Looking at the travel-worn troops, the construction leader also took a step forward.

He bowed respectfully and said in a very humble manner, “Lord Kant, seeing that you have returned safely, I believe that you must have achieved a glorious victory. Please allow me to represent Suno’s construction team and offer you my most sincere blessings.”

“I appreciate your gratitude.” Kant raised his hand with a calm expression.

At the same time, he looked at the newly built houses and these respectful and humble construction workers in satisfaction. It made his face blossomed into a smile. He nodded and thanked them. “During the period of our absence, it has been hard on all of you to help guard the house.”

“We ought to do this as it’s part of our job! ” The construction team leader bowed hurriedly and replied.

However, he was very proud of it in his heart.

Helping the Lord to solve problems and leaving a good impression on the Lord would definitely not be a loss for him, even as a mere leader of a small construction team. Any stingy Lord would show his favor to him and his construction team in return.

In the future, he would not have to worry about not having a job and can instead just focus on construction-based tasks.

Kant also made the same decision.

Pursing his dry lips, he said to the leader of the construction team, “If there’s any construction work in the future, I will arrange someone to inform you. I will hire you as long as your construction team is not busy.”

“Your kindness makes me feel as if I am bathed in a holy light.” The leader of the construction team was overjoyed.

However, these flatteries did not have much effect.

Kant waved his hand and signaled the troops behind him to move into the village of Drondheim.

It was tiring to travel day and night. After arriving at his village, he had to rest well. Although these people were all recruited and upgraded by the system, they were still living beings after all. They would also experience exhaustion and tiredness.

This was because Kant himself could sense his own status. He had almost reached his limit.

“Oh right, I have a task for you.”

Kant looked at the tired soldiers behind him and said to the leader of the construction team who was still waiting at the side, “Clean up all the houses and let my soldiers rest well. ”

“Rest assured, Lord Kant.”

The leader of the construction team replied firmly, “I’m good at handling these trivial matters!”

With that, he quickly walked to the side and led his construction workers to clean the rooms. At the same time, he assigned the soldiers who were barely standing in line but seemed to be able to fall asleep at any time to their rooms.

A standard house in Swadia was designed according to the needs of a complete family.

For example, there is a master bedroom, a second bedroom, a kitchen, a living room and everything needed. There were also toilets, basements, storage rooms, and other supporting facilities. It was absolutely sufficient for a family of five to live comfortably.

There were 11 houses and it was easy to fit 92 soldiers to sleep.

Of course, if there were new peasants arriving at Drondheim, Kant would have to build more houses. After all, he could not possibly let some of them sleep in tents and sandpits.

Fortunately, everything was sufficient for the soldiers’ needs for now.

This leader of the construction team could arrange rooms for everyone meticulously.

Including the warhorses, the cavalry took them to the date palm jungle to rest and avoid the heat.

There were now 46 armored warhorses, 5 Salander horses, 6 civilian reins and 2 military horses of Kant and Firentis. In sum, there were a total of 64 horses in Kant’s army.

It was obviously insufficient to rely on the horse stable located in the stronghold of the sand bandits to contain all of the horses.

Therefore, the construction workers could only build a temporary horse stable in the date palm jungle to let the warhorses rest first. After they had fully regained their strength, Kant would decide whether to build a special horse stable for them or going with an alternative plan.

Soon, the construction team leader had finished arranging everyone’s restrooms.

He walked quickly to the Council Hall and reported to Kant and Firentis respectfully, who were sitting on chairs and chatting, “Lord, everything has been arranged. Those brave warriors are now resting.”

“Well done.” Kant smiled at him. “I appreciate your efforts very much.”

Firentis nodded slightly and praised, “You have solved our problem.”

They had just returned and were quite tired. What they wanted to do the most was to have a good rest and not to solve these trivial matters.

This was especially true for Firentis as he had helped Kant with everything on the way back. It was obvious that he was tired as told by his dark circles. Evidently, he did not have a good rest.

“Lord Kant, you should rest first.”

The leader of the construction team was even happier. He patted his chest and swore, “We will help your troops to stand guard at night. As long as there are any abnormalities, my workers will blow off the alarm horn in the shortest time possible!”

“My troops will be fully rested by afternoon.”

Kant was still worried about handing over the defense task of the village to the construction team leader as his main job was to design and build.

However, he was not someone who would kill the donkey after the grinding was done. He said calmly, “I will give you 100 Denar as a token of my gratitude for helping to guard the village.”

This was the way of a superior to establish his rapport.

The leader of the construction team had a surprised look on his chubby face. He bent down again and flattered, “Thank you very much, my Lord. Your kindness and generosity seem to have brightened our hearts.”

“Alright, you can leave now.” Kant waved his hand.

The leader of the construction team complimented him a little more before he left.

He had already noticed the fatigues on Kant and Fatis’ faces. The wise choice was to shut up quickly and do his job well. For example, he would continue to be a sentinel for his Lord and guard this desert.

However, he was also very relaxed. Not many people would come to this damned place.

Not to mention the enemy.

This was also the reason why Kant was able to temporarily relax and let these construction workers help defend.

If there really were enemies nearby, they could launch an attack at any time. If that time comes, even if his soldiers were as tired as dead dogs, Kant would not hesitate to arrange for the replacement personnel to be on guard.

The matter of life and death was Kant’s bottom Line.

After chatting for a while, Kant and Firentis were also extremely tired, so they had gone back to their rooms to rest respectively.

They went to the second floor.

Kant entered his room, casually pulled off the linen robe that was full of fine sand, taking off his underwear loosely and crashed onto the bed to sleep. He urgently needed to replenish his energy.

But in the dream, he had an inexplicable dream.

The dream was chaotic and he could not tell what it was about.

There were the nobles of the Dukedom of Leo, his father, Cameron and his elder brother.

There was even his mother, whose impression of Kant when he was young had almost disappeared. He could only vaguely remember that she was a blonde white woman, sitting by the bed, looking at him with a sad expression when he was still a child.

But when Kant was about to take a closer look at her face, he woke up groggily.

The dream was still on his mind.

Kant blinked his eyes in a daze and looked at the roof made of rough wood. Only then did he realize that he was lying on his bed.

And his mouth was so dry that he could breathe fire.

He needed to drink water.

He lifted the linen blanket and went to the table. There was spring water in the silver kettle that had been boiled and cooled. He opened the lid and gulped it down, finally extinguishing the fire in his chest.

He turned his head to look out of the window. The Sun was not hot.

Kant was stunned for a moment before he realized, “It’s already afternoon. Time really flies.”

He had slept until now.

When they came to the window, the Swadian light infantrymen in mail armor had already started their patrol in groups of five. They held heavy spears and heater shields in their hands, patrolling around the entire Oasis Lookout and the streets of Drondheim.

The Swadian heavy calvary on warhorses were also patrolling in a few clusters nearby.

“Everything is normal.”

Kant nodded in satisfaction. This was the atmosphere that his village should have.

Of course, he did not forget about his own matters.

“Open the System Mall.”

Linking his mind to the system, the dialog box for the lottery in the mall immediately popped up in his vision.

A treasure box with colorful lights hidden in it appeared in the middle of the dialog box. As long as one honor point was consumed, the treasure box would be opened and any Big Gift Pack would appear.

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