Chapter 63: The Kingdom of the Jackalan

After dealing with the 30 Jackalan warriors in mail armor, what came next was very easy.

The low-class Jackalan holding the wooden pole and carrying the coarse salt sack on its back had no intention of resisting at all. It threw away the things it held in its hands and ran straight towards the depths of the desert.

Firentis did not have the troops pursue too far away.

Without fresh water and food, even if they had escaped, they would not be able to escape death in the end.


Tightening the reins, Firentis stopped his warhorse from moving forward.

Not far in front of him, ten Swadian Heavy Cavalrymen holding spiked warhammers in their hands rode their horses and were in the midst of surrounding a Jackalan. The Jackalan wore a linen robe and was seated on the ground with its head lowered. It looked like the Jackalan had surrendered.

“Sir Firentis, this thing can speak our language.”

A Swadian Heavy Cavalrymen lifted the visor of his cavalry helmet and said curiously, “And it is quite good at it.”

“Is that so?” Firentis nodded.

He was actually not surprised that this Jackalan knew the common language of the human race.

When he led the Elite Desert Bandit and directly beheaded the Jackalan Shaman, that evil old Jackalan was speaking the standard human language. It meant that these Jackalans also knew the common language of the human race.

For example, this Jackalan, who wore a linen robe and looked quite decent.

It was Asage.

When the Swadian Heavy Cavalry launched their charge, it had already fled to a relatively safe shanty area.

It could only watch as all 30 of its guards were easily punctured by those three-meter long lances as if they were a bunch of hilarious chicks. Now, it was making sculptures on the sand. It had already lost the courage to face death calmly.

Compared to being captured by humans, it felt that death was more terrifying.

Besides, it had invested 10,000 silver coins in this salt mine. It was not worth it to die like this.

Regardless, Asage decided to speak. It spoke in the standard human language, “I am not a thing. Please don’t insult me with a term like this. I’m not a low-class Jackalan, but a civilized high-class Jackalan.”

“Oh, is that so? ”

Firentis nodded. At the same time, he waved his hand to those Swadian Heavy Cavalrymen and said, “It doesn’t matter. Bring it to Lord Kant.”

“Understood. ” The strong Swadian Heavy Cavalry grinned. The warhammer in their hands bounced on their iron gloves as they said impolitely, “Jackalan, do you want to stand up and walk, or do you want us to carry you? ”

“There’s no need to trouble you. I’ll walk on my own.”

Asage glanced at the spiked warhammer with a tinge of fear and unconsciously gulped.

It stood up and walked in front of soldiers obediently.

Just a dozen or so minutes ago, Asage clearly saw how these seemingly ordinary spiked warhammers easily cracked Jackalan skulls. It was just as easy as cracking a piece of fruit.

“A wise choice,” Firentis praised with a smile.

However, the 10 Swadian Heavy Cavalrymen around Asage cautiously dismounted their horses and followed close beside it.

Their hands tightly clenched the warhammers. The moment any unusual situation arose, with their skills, they would be able to completely subdue and control this seemingly rational and intelligent Jackalan in the shortest amount of time.

In reality, Asage did not resist.

It was not that it was calm, but that it was genuinely afraid of the fierce-looking heavy cavalrymen around it.

It walked towards Kant.

The Swadian Footmen with their heater shield in their hands had raised their spathas vigilantly as it approached.

None of them had a friendly look while killing intent filled their eyes. This made Asage’s legs go weak. It could not help but lower its head as it followed along. It did not dare to lift its head.

“Lord, we’ve captured it alive.”

Firentis walked in front and reported to Kant, “That strange Jackalan from earlier.”

“Well done.” Kant nodded.

While examining Asage with his eyes, he asked with a calm tone, “Do you know the common language of the human race?”

“Of course.”

Asage mustered up its courage and answered, “A little.” However, no one knew just how frightened it actually was. Its heart pounded loudly as if someone was playing the drums while both its legs had gone so weak that it was about to fall to the ground.

Kant chuckled and said, “Relax, this is nothing.”

Asage gulped and glanced at the Jackalan corpses around the area from the corner of its eyes. Its heart trembled even more. Asage was certain that no one would be able to relax after witnessing a massacre.

“It looks like you are different from your other Jackalan compatriots.”

Kant smiled and continued to ask in a calm tone, “It gives me the feeling…” He paused and then continued, “As if you have your own civilization and you are not wild beasts like the rest of them.”

“No, it should be different.”

Asage was a little angry. It mustered up enough courage to retort, “I am a high-class Jackalan. I am completely different from these low-class Jackalans in the desert. They are still wild beasts, and I am a civilized race!”

“Oh.” Kant frowned slightly and asked in surprise, “High-class and low-class?”

He really did not expect that Jackalan had such a class division.

“Yes. ” Asage swallowed its saliva. Seeing that the human noble in front of it was not angry, it could not help but explain in a low voice, “I am a high-class Jackalan from a place north of the Nahrin Desert, the Mannheim Coast. I am a merchant of the Kingdom of Grey Mane. There is a fundamental difference between me and those lowly Jackalans in the desert.”

“But it looks like you are all similar,” Firentis added.

Of course, Kant also had similar doubts.

No matter how he looked at it, this so-called high-class Jackalan was only slightly taller, stronger, and dressed in decent clothes.

There was not much difference between this Jackalan and the other so-called low-class Jackalan in terms of appearance.

They all had sharp teeth, beast-like heads, and grayish-brown fur that covered their bodies.

However, this made Asage feel a little proud. It mustered up its courage and said, “We have established our own Kingdom of Grey Mane on the Mannheim Coast. There is a fundamental difference between us and these retarded low-class Jackalans!”

“Mannheim Coast? Kingdom of Grey Mane?”

Kant frowned even more. These two names had never appeared in the academy library of the Dukedom of Leo.

Now that he heard this Jackalan mention it, Kant could not help but ask, “You said that you came from somewhere north of the Nahrin Desert? But according to my understanding, the Nahrin Desert is very large, and even birds can not fly through it!”

“You are talking about the Devil’s land, right? That’s right, only we, the Jackalans, can cross it!”

Asage gulped and regained some confidence, “I come from a place north of the Nahrin Desert, the Mannheim Coast, which is a lush coastal area. It takes 30 days to walk in the desert to get here!”

Kant’s brows furrowed together.

Looking at the Jackalan, he asked solemnly, “Are you saying that your kingdom exists north of the Nahrin Desert?”

“Of course.” Asage bared its teeth as it said with a stern expression, “That is the Kingdom of Grey Mane. I mentioned before that the kingdom was established by high-class Jackalans, and the troops are very strong. They can pass through the Devil’s Desert that you humans can not pass through. If you don’t let me go, the troops of the Kingdom of Grey Mane will pass through the Devil’s Desert and plunder your human kingdom! ”

“Oh, so that’s how it is.”

Kant nodded and exchanged glances with Firentis.

Asage looked at Kant’s calm appearance and was instantly flustered. It realized that even though it had used all of its trump cards, the other party was still not afraid and had no intention to let it go.

Immediately, it became even more fearful, it said without thinking, “You’d better let me go quickly. Otherwise, in half a year’s time, our Kingdom of Grey Mane’s troops will officially arrive here and attack your human kingdoms. You won’t be able to defend them at all. Our high-class Jackalan warriors are the strongest!”

“That’s good, isn’t it?”

Kant laughed lightly. Firentis also laughed at the side.

Both of them were laughing gently.

Asage became even more fearful.

“Bring it back and we’ll have a lengthy discussion.” Kant waved his hand and instructed the Swadian Heavy Cavalryman seriously, “Tie it up good. This is our friend after all.”

“Understood. ” The heavy cavalrymen nodded.

Asage looked at the approaching heavy cavalryman holding a bundle of hemp rope in his hands in horror. Finally, it could not help but shout, “I’m willing to use 1,000 silver horns to redeem myself. Please, don’t kill me! No! Don’t!”

The response was the heavy armored boots of the heavy cavalryman.

Asage’s face was full of despair after it was kicked to the ground. It thought about the humans who were turned into food after being captured in Mannheim Coast and felt sad about its future and fate.

“I hope they don’t turn me into a stew.” Asage looked at the sky in despair and prayed in silence.

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