Chapter 33 – Mid-Autumn Festival (part 1)

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“Really, that damn old man, complaining that I am unpleasant to look at. How annoying, hmph!” After Bai Xi head what he said, she stamped her feet and left. At 15 years old she had to marry? She hadn’t even reached that age yet and her body had not fully developed. The old man was anxious to send her out. That rotten old man. That damn old man and the rest of her family were exactly alike, like she didn’t have worth as a woman.

“Girl, this old man hasn’t finished speaking. Doesn’t this old man care for you? You should at least look at who this old man has chosen for you,” Bai Chong Yuan said in a hurry, not seeing the anger on Bai Xi’s face or hearing her complaints.

“Well, you big nuisance, if you want a marriage, go get married yourself!” Bai Xi quickly walked out of Mo Xuan Yuan.

From the other side, Bai Jin Hang and Bai Yu Jie had arrived just in time to see Bai Xi leaving angrily. When Bai Jin Hang called out to her, he did not receive a response.

“Are Xi’r and your grandfather fighting? You should go look, Jie’r.”

There was no need to tell him as Bai Yu Jie had already chased after her. Bai Jin Hang didn’t have much to say and headed to Mo Xuan Yuan. However, he had arrived just in time to hear Bai Chong Yuan complain, “That damn girl doesn’t respect her elders and has the audacity to scowl at me!”

“Isn’t it because she inherited your stubbornness?” Bai Jin Hang shook his head and laughed.

“Well, fortunately you inherited your father’s thoughtfulness, otherwise this old man would die from anger,” Bai Chong Yuan said, his expression proud.

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“What did Xi’r do to make father angry?” Bai Jin Hang asked, smiling. The two of them chatted like they were old friends, rather than father and son. Bai Jin Hang would say that he was more like the father in recent years, and that his father was the child, especially when he got along with Xi’r. His father did not have the prestige an elder should have when he chatted to Xi’r, but he would still continuously say ‘respect your elders’.

“I just reminded her that she is fifteen. Shouldn’t she get married? She left and didn’t give this old man an opportunity to continue. Do you think that the younger generation should answer their elders in such a way?” Bai Chong Yuan fumed, however, his eyes didn’t show the slightest bit of anger.

After Bai Jin Hang heard his father’s words, he sighed. “Father, Xi’r is indeed fifteen. Even if you want her to get married, is she not allowed to get angry? While Xi’r’s temperament may appear calm, she is actually very stubborn. Besides, does father really want a repeat of that incident?” This wasn’t Xi’r’s fault, but father was impatient. Did he still plan to keep Xi’r around for a few more years? But father…

Bai Chong Yuan immediately fell silent, his expression grave. He said, in low spirits, “Shouldn’t I try and find someone to protect Xi’r?”

“Our Bai family can protect Xi’r.”

“That’s all well and good, but there are others who are more suitable.” He didn’t want to push Xi’r out, but that person was more suitable for Xi’r compared to the Bai family.

“What father means is…”

“Mm, it’s really him.”

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“But he may not be willing,” said Bai Jin Hang. Actually, that person was definitely more suitable than them, but how could that person be willing?

“Nothing is absolute.”

Bai Jin Hang looked at how confident his father was and the worry in his heart dissipated a little.

“On the day of the Mid-Autumn Festival, you should take that girl to the banquet at the imperial palace.” Bai Chong Yuan said as he looked over at Bai Jin Hang, as if suddenly thinking of this.

“Father wants us to create an opportunity?”

“No, apart from celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival, it is also the empress dowager’s birthday. It must surely be very lively and that girl should go experience it. It would be for the best if she could go and learn how to respect her elders.” A crafty look briefly flashed across Bai Chong Yuan’s face.

Bai Jin Hang opened his mouth, but didn’t say anything. Instead, he shook his head and sighed before nodding slightly. He believed his father was doing this for a reason.

At the same time…

Bai Yu Jie caught up to Bai Xi soon enough, the latter slowed but did not take the initiative to speak until they were far away from Mo Xuan Yuan. “That damn old man. A few days ag, he went to find you a woman. Now he finds me a man! Does he really have nothing to worry about all day that he wants to think about all these things?”

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After Bai Yu Jie heard her words, his eyes flashed. In the end, he didn’t reveal anything and only smiled gently, lovingly petting Bai Xi’s head. “Grandfather was just joking with you. How grandfather be willing to part with you so soon?”

“Hmph! I can see that he is looking forward to my departure.”

“Hey, don’t get angry. Look, older brother has prepared a gift for you. Come see if you like it.” Bai Yu Jie pulled out a small wooden box from his sleeve.

Bai Xi looked at Bai Yu Jie, puzzled. She was not interested vermillion hairpins and the like. She opened the box and saw a number of silver needles. She was even more confused.

“Compared to that hairpin, these silver needles are more precise. These silver needles are made of millennium ice and they shouldn’t melt. However, when they make contact with human blood, they complete dissolve.” Bai Yu Jie laughed. Last time, Xi’r used a hairpin to pierce Xia Xue’s throat, so he got some people to specially make these needles.

“Thank you, older brother.”

“You can carry it with you all the time. They can also help you remove heat.” As long as he could see her smile, he would give up everything.

“Older brother treats Xi’r the best!” Compared to that old man, this older brother was the greatest.

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Bai Yu Jie smiled dotingly. “Return to your courtyard. Older brother should go and find grandfather.”

Bai Xi nodded. Before leaving, she remembered that she had forgotten to warn the old man. “Tell grandfather that, as long as I disagree, he shouldn’t think about marrying me off, or he will face the consequences.” She then left.

After Bai Yu Jie watched Bai Xi leave, the pampering expression changed to one of pain. In this lifetime, was he doomed to only be her older brother?

When Bai Xi returned to her Xi Yuan, she saw that it was full of books. Mu Qiu and the other servants were moving the books from the room. Were they sunning the books? Hadn’t the Sun Book Festival already passed? Why did they still want to sun the books?

She saw a servant with a large pile of books trip, and the books in her hands flew everywhere. One book landed at Bai Xi’s feet.

“This servant is at fault! This servant is at fault!”

“Continue.” Bai Xi picked up the book next to her. However, when she saw the contents of the book, she froze and squinted at it. This is…


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