Chapter 38 – Enthusiasm at the Mid-Autumn Festive (part 6)

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A flower dress, fair skin, pretty forehead, a strong nose, a clear and sharp pair of eyes, an attractive curve of the lips – the person had quite the aura.

After Bai Xi examined the person, she picked up the glass of osmanthus wine and downed the entire cup. “You want to spend ten thousand liang to buy a puppet from me?”

She didn’t leave immediately, rather, she selected a roadside stall to rest at. She wanted to wait for the person who wanted to spend ten thousand liang on her puppets. Sure enough, when the osmanthus wine she wanted reached the table, that person arrived.

“Yes.” The answer was simple.

Bai Xi filled the man’s wineglass. “This osmanthus wine is good.”

The man took the wineglass and smelled the contents before downing it. He smiled slightly. “It’s actually good.”

After Bai Xi finished the wine in her glass, she looked at the three puppets in her hand. Bai Xi’s smile didn’t quite reach her eyes. “What if I tell you that I wasn’t intending to sell these three puppets to you this entire time?”

“You dare to make fun of the young master!” The black shadow whom Bai Xi had spoken to previously rushed over upon hearing that sentence. His face was black and his eyes were full of anger.

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“Hehe, did I?” Bai Xi looked over at the angry man.

“You…” That person kept silent and hung his head.

Bai Xi knew that this person wouldn’t continue speaking, not because he remembered her words, but because of the man sitting across from her.

“This gentleman doesn’t want to deprive others. Since you don’t want to give them up, I will not force you. However, I am very curious. Do you plan on keeping those puppets or are they a gift?” The man didn’t show any sign of anger, instead he was calm.

“You answer me first. Why do you want to buy my puppets?”

After her question, the man was silent for a while. He then pointed at two of the three puppets in Bai Xi’s hand and said faintly, “Actually, buying the puppets was just one method. What I want to know is what your relationship is with those two people.”

“Oh?” This man was straightforward. The puppets she held were fashioned after Little Qiu Qiu, her older brother, and that damn old man. Before, she thought that the buyer was after her older brother, now it seemed that this man was after the Bai family.

“I’ve answered you. Now you should answer my question.”

“They’re a gift.” If this person really was targeting the Bai family, then was he an enemy or a friend? “Do you recognise them?”

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“Yes. Do you recognise them?”

“You could say I recognise them, but you can also say that I don’t.”

“What do you mean?”

“I intend to give these to my lover to make her happy.”



The man didn’t respond. However, his brows wrinkled and his expression showed that he was full of doubt.

“Okay, the wine is done and everything that needs to be said has been said. Thank you for drinking with me.” Although she didn’t learn anything from this, she believed that even if she continued to ask questions, the man sitting across from her would not answer her.

“Young Master, this servant will go and inquire about that person’s identity.”

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“There’s no need to do something so troublesome. Tomorrow we will go visit the Bai family. We will then know who that person is.” After the man placed some silver on the table, he left. The Bai family? A lover? It seemed that this father let him do things himself. It wasn’t as boring as before.


Bai Xi didn’t continue to stay around the lively and crowded street. She made her way home, but she had returned to her original appearance, that of the Bai family’s second young miss.

The palace banquet should be over soon. Her dad and older brother had not yet returned to the mansion, so she didn’t need to sneak over the wall to return. Her guess was correct. Apart from her two concubine mothers and her two younger sisters, only that damn old man in Mo Xuan Yuan was left in the mansion. He didn’t enter the palace, which was rare. She wouldn’t go and curse at him this time.

Xi Yuan

“Young Miss, you have finally returned! It’s good that you returned safely.” Mu Qiu stood near the door, waiting anxiously. When she saw the figure from afar, she hurried over to determine if her young miss was fine.

“Little Qiu Qiu, this young miss will personally give you something.”

“Eh? A puppet? Really? Thanks, young miss.” Mu Qiu was pleasantly surprised and took the puppets Bai Xi held out to her. Her attention had been grabbed by the puppets and she didn’t remember what she was going to say.

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“Little Qiu Qiu, after dad and them return, can you tell them that I have already gone to sleep and that I have something to tell them tomorrow?”


Bai Xi couldn’t help but shake her head. One puppet was able to make Little Qiu Qiu so obedient. So simple. However, this was also good. She knew what to do in the future.

Just when Bai Xi was about to enter her room, a familiar indifferent voice whispered in her ear, “Bai Xi.”

Eh? This voice… Bai Xi looked around the area but didn’t see that person anywhere. Was she hearing things?

“Up here.” The voice was no longer a whisper but came from directly overhead.

Bai Xi was stunned and took a few steps back. She looked up at the roof and sure enough, she saw the owner of that voice. Feng Ming sat on the roof. Although the moon was shining, it wasn’t as brilliant as his moon white robe. He had an unmatched appearance and noble temperament which was evident, even though he was sitting on the roof. He looked so elegant and like a deity. The beautiful scenery around him dulled in comparison.

She wasn’t sure if Little Qiu Qiu had returned to the room, but she didn’t see her in the courtyard. Only she and that person on the roof remained.

That pair of golden eyes appeared more brilliant in the night and they stared down at the figure below.

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