Chapter 44 – The Ice Lord’s Life (part 2)

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Bai Xi didn’t know that ‘tomorrow’ in Feng Ming’s mind was after midnight. As a matter of fact, when the bell sounded at midnight, someone was sent to her to wake her up. Why? Because she was to go from Xi Yuan to Luo Yue Xuan. Afterwards, she had to copy some Confucian classics to temper herself and help hone her patience. There was nothing she could do about it, so she could only endure it.

When she finally finished copying, she went to climb into bed, but someone called her to the carriage as it was time for them to go to court. So, she went outside.

“Hungry?” An indifferent voice called out from the carriage.

Bai Xi didn’t answer and leaned against the carriage, closing her eyes as if she was asleep. The movement of her eyelids revealed that she wasn’t actually asleep. She just didn’t want to see a certain someone.

“Have a snack if you’re hungry.”

Bai Xi didn’t acknowledge him. She shifted her body slightly. Sometimes she wondered if God existed, and then her stomach complained.

Feng Ming smiled faintly. “It’s all your favourite.”

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Bai Xi immediately opened her eyes and picked up a snack to eat.

“Copying Confucian classics will allow you to meditate,” Feng Ming said softly.

There was no need to copy those for the entire night. However, she didn’t say anything.

“Every night since I was five, I have copied at least two classics every night for two years.”

She paused in the middle of her snacking, but did not look over at Feng Ming sitting across from her.

“If you want to become stronger, you need to start with meditation.” After Feng Ming spoke, he closed his eyes to rest.

Shortly after, Bai Xi finally looked at Feng Ming. She stared at him, motionless, as if thinking about something. After a while, she looked away and continued eating her snacks.

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At The Imperial Court

The large Imperial Hall was silent, and all the official’s eyes were on the woman behind Feng Ming. All of them wondered who the woman was, and why she would stand beside Prime Minister Feng Ming. Was she Prime Minister Feng’s new bodyguard?

Bai Jin Hang caught sight of Bai Xi and was shocked, but quickly recovered. It seems that his father had persuaded Feng Ming to take on Xi’r, otherwise Xi’r wouldn’t be next to him. Except, why did Feng Ming take Xi’r to the Imperial Court? This couldn’t be good.

Bai Yu Jie stood there without any expression, as if he didn’t see Bai Xi. He didn’t even look in her direction.

Sitting on the golden dragon throne was the young emperor. From the beginning, he had a graceful and gentle smile. His gaze never left Bai Xi, Feng Ming, or Bai Yu Jie.

Bai Xi stood there indifferently, ignoring the curious gazes. She didn’t know why Feng Ming brought her to the Imperial Court. Could she watch how ancient monarchs and officials discuss politics? However, it seemed like Feng Ming was enjoying this. Not only was his chair made of top-quality sheep jade, he also had bodyguards who were fitted with weapons. If one didn’t know better, one would presume that he was the emperor.

The real emperor kept smiling. He was regarded as a beautiful man, but compared to Feng Ming, he was still inferior. She thought that, although he seemed to be in a good mood, he was carefully evaluating everyone. For him to be able to sit firmly in the position of emperor and allow a powerful official like Feng Ming to be in court, he presumably had unfathomable capability. He was certainly a man of restraint.

“Beautiful people should be together. Prime Minister Feng must be enjoying himself.” Ye Mu Li smiled slightly. One couldn’t tell what he was really thinking.

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Bai Xi glanced up at Ye Mu Li. When Ye Mu Li met her gaze, his smile grew. “The beauty is really blessed. Prime Minister Feng can care for her.”

The officials were stunned. They must have seen incorrectly. The emperor said that the woman was beautiful? That couldn’t be. Was there something wrong with their eyes, or was there something wrong with the emperor’s eyes?

“Beauty, no wait, it should be Little Xi Xi. We have been thinking about seeing you for a while.” Ye Mu Li smiled softly.

Bai Xi was shocked. He knew her? All the officials were also stunned that the emperor recognised this woman. Little Xi Xi? Was that this woman’s name? Bai Yu Jie’s expression changed slightly.

“Done speaking?” Feng Ming asked indifferently, although his eyes showed a little displeasure.

“No.” Ye Mu Li shifted to a languid and relaxed posture, without any hint of a domineering manner befitting an emperor. However, he exuded a dangerous aura.

“Let’s go,” Feng Ming said coldly before leaving. Bai Xi and Qing Wu immediately followed.

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“Sheesh, that guy is really boring. Court is over.” Ye Mu Li also left. But before he exited the room, he looked over in the direction Bai Xi left with a complicated expression.

“Qing Wu, does your master usually go to court like this?” This prime minister didn’t appear to have fulfilled his duty. So far, this prime minister seemed to just say what he wanted before leaving when he wanted, not paying any attention to the emperor.

Qing Wu thought about it for a moment before saying, “Yeah, it’s about the same.”

Bai Xi was lost in thought. She recalled that night during the Mid-Autumn Festival where Ye Mu Li had dealt with Ye Zi Ning’s legs so he could marry her off to Bei Liang. The date of the marriage hadn’t changed. He actually listened to Feng Ming’s words like this? Was he afraid of Feng Ming? For the dignified emperor to be afraid of the head of a prominent family seemed a bit far-fetched.

“Young Miss Bai Xi, I need to correct myself. Actually, Master doesn’t care for the position of prime minister. If it wasn’t for the secret passage of Xi Yue’s emperor, Master wouldn’t have become the prime minister of Xi Yue.” Qing Wu glanced at his master in front, as he whispered.

“Hm?” What did he mean?

“Actually, I am not too clear. However, Master will only be prime minster for five years. After that, master will leave here.” This was all information he got when he eavesdropped on his older brother, and he wasn’t sure of the specifics. He only knew that Ye Mu Li was a very cunning person, and definitely not as gentle as he seemed.

Suddenly, Feng Ming paused and turned to glare at Qing Wu. Then, he looked at Bai Xi and said, “You seem to be very lively?”

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