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Chapter 52 – World of Two People (part 4)

Feng Ming raised his left hand and held out something, ignoring her question. “Eat this.”

Bai Xi looked at the fruit in his hand which resembled a mango. What kind of fruit was this? Was it a fragrant honey fruit1? Yes, it was. It was also known as a health protection fruit of the 21st century. She didn’t expect it to be here.

It is said that the fragrant honey fruit has the ability to beautify and nourish the face. Consuming it long term could make a person’s complexion radiant. The skin on the man in front of her was a testament to this.

“It seems you know what this is.”

Bai Xi nodded after taking the fruit. She hadn’t forgotten her previous question. “How long have you been back?”

“Just returned,” Feng Ming replied lightly.

“Really?” Why did she not believe him?

Even when she asked a second time, Feng Ming didn’t answer her. After an indifferent glance at Bai Xi, he stepped into the wind. Bai Xi immediately followed him. No matter how many times she asked, Feng Ming did not reply.

“Eh?” After walking nearly 100 metres, Bai Xi was stunned. In front of her was a forest, and when she continued to walk forward, she saw a river. What happened? She only walked 100 metres. Where did the grassy hills go? Why was it now a dense forest?

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The scenery before her was more than just a forest. Various species of birds flew in the sky. It was all incredibly bizarre. How was there this big of a difference when she only walked 100 metres? She was just at a hot spring. Everywhere she looked previously, there was only grass; there were no signs of a forest. But this was…

Soon enough, his faint voice resolved Bai Xi’s doubts. “This formation was implemented by my father. If the formation cannot be broken, then the person inside will be trapped.”

“A hallucinatory array?”


“Oh.” Since it wasn’t a hallucinatory array, then what was it? Regardless of the type of formation, his father must have been powerful. “When you were here for three years, did you have to learn how to break this formation on top of practicing martial arts?” She had an idea of why he was the Ice Lord today.

“I broke this formation in one day.”

His tone was indifferent, but she could detect some disdain mixed with it. She wasn’t sure whether his disdain was aimed at the formation or his father, but she guessed it was aimed at the former.

“If that’s the case, then why did you only leave here three years later?”

Feng Ming did not reply immediately. She raised her head to look at him. The expression on his face was indifferent. The pair of gold eyes were a little dull and not as brilliant as before.

Did she make him recall some sad memories?

“I couldn’t go up from here at that time. It took three years for that man to remember I existed,” Feng Ming said quietly.

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“Ah?” Bai Xi couldn’t think about this for too long before his faint voice continued.

“Thanks to that, I pursued methods to make myself stronger.”

“Did you manage to beat him?”



“He died.”


Feng Ming suddenly turned his head to look at her and whispered, “Bai Xi.”


“I’m hungry.”


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“I’m hungry,” he repeated.

“Oh.” One couldn’t help when they were hungry. What was she supposed to do with this information? Was she supposed to cook for him?

“I’m hungry,” he repeated this for the third time, his voice a little louder this time.

“Didn’t you live here for three years? You can go find…” Before she could finish saying ‘something to eat’, Feng Ming motioned for her to look at the ground at a short distance from them. Bai Xi was surprised to see two pheasants, two fish, and a wild boar lying on the ground.

“You got these?” Although it was obvious, she still asked.


“You got the wild boar?” Ignoring the fact that there were wild boars here, they were the only two here. Two pheasants and two fish were enough for them to eat. There was no need to get the wild boar. Did he have a huge appetite?

“Brought it along.”

Bai Xi almost choked on her own saliva when she heard that he was ‘just bringing it along’.

“Got it.” Bai Xi touched her forehead helplessly. She should deal with the fish and the pheasants first and leave the wild boar for later.

Feng Ming was leaning against a big tree off to the side. His golden eyes were focused on Bai Xi. Bai Xi was busy dealing with the pheasants and fish, so she didn’t notice that a pair of golden eyes were watching her every move.

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By the time she had finished preparing the food and they had both eaten, it had been 4 hours.

“You should sleep for a while.”

“Mm.” Bai Xi nodded. She was a bit tired. Her sleeping schedule was messed up for the past two days thanks to this man in front of her.

“Sleep here,” Feng Ming said lightly as he pointed at his thigh. “It’s more comfortable this way.”

When Feng Ming saw that she hadn’t moved yet, he continued, “Didn’t you say we are lovers?”

Bai Xi thought about it for a while. He was right. Leaning on him would be better than leaning against a hard tree. She then put her head in his lap and turned her back to him. She didn’t want him to see her blushing.

On seeing Bai Xi’s appearance, he smiled slightly and reached out to gently stroke her silky black hair. Feng Ming looked like he cherished Bai Xi, and the expression in his eyes seemed to say ‘this isn’t bad’.

This time, Bai Xi slept quite comfortably. It felt like she had slept for a long time, but she also felt relaxed and full. When she woke up, she found out that the reason why she slept so well was because she was in the spring water and no longer leaning on Feng Ming. However, she was now naked, her clothes lying on the boulder next to the hot spring.

“You woke up at a good time. I was just wondering how to dress you.”

1.(香蜜果) Fragrant honey fruit

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