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Chapter 53 – Love Rivals Meet, Who Provokes Who?

The soft moonlight shone down on the lazy and elegant white figure sitting on the big stone wall. The silver light gathered around, outlining his elegant body and unparalleled beauty to perfection. His golden eyes were brilliant under the moonlight, painting a beautiful and fascinating picture.

Now wasn’t the time for Bai Xi to be bewitched because those golden eyes were looking straight at her, and she was still sitting in the hot spring naked.

“You… You…” Bai Xi’s voice was stuck in her throat and was only able to splutter those two words out.

“The two hours are up. You can come out now. Your clothes are there,” Feng Ming said lightly, but his gold eyes didn’t look away. They were focused on Bai Xi, who was gradually turning red.

Bai Xi discovered that there was a brand-new set of clothes on the ground near her. Even the inner clothes were ready to wear. He was attentive, but she didn’t recall bringing anything when they came here. Why was there a change of clothes here? But that wasn’t the issue here. The issue was that this man removed all her clothes. Wasn’t she seen by him and touched by him?

Thinking of this, Bai Xi immediately took a few steps back and sunk into the water with only her head above water.

“I only helped take them off. I won’t help you wear them. Women’s clothes are too troublesome. You should be able to do it yourself,” Feng Ming complained a little while looking up at the night sky.

“Who would let you take it off.” Her blush had not fully subsided yet. Due to the water vapour from the hot spring, her exposed skin was deliciously enchanting.

She couldn’t wait to get out and beat up that man. What kind of explanation was ‘I can only take it off and can’t help you wear it’? Did she ask him to remove her clothes? Why did it feel like he was asking for a reward, as if he had taken care of her? She owed him a beating!

“Don’t sleep like that next time. I am happy to help you undress again later.” Feng Ming seemed to think of something as his golden eyes flashed and a slight smile appeared on his face.

Bai Xi gritted her teeth in anger after hearing his words. After confirming that the other party wouldn’t leave, she took a deep breath and quickly got out and put on her clothes. Even though she finished dressing herself in less than a minute, her cheeks were still bright red.

“You won’t have another opportunity to do so.” She’ll remember this event and collect interest on it later. Also, her guard is lowered around him and she keeps getting bullied by him.

A gleam of light flashed in his gold eyes and he smiled slightly. He then pointed to the food next to him. “You must also be hungry. Eat.”

Bai Xi ate the barbeque sullenly. In fact, the moment she awoke, she could smell the food. However, she was not in the mood to eat. Now, after taking a bite, she realised that the barbeque was not only flavourful, but the meat was also fresh and tender. It was delicious so who could blame her for wanting to enjoy the food? If that was the case, why did he want her to cook for him?

“Bai Xi.”


“Are you angry?” he asked softly.

“…” Bai Xi ate slowly and showed no signs of responding.

“How about I give you a chance to take off my clothes?”

Bai Xi almost choked to death upon hearing his words. Why did he want to give her a chance to undress him? She remembered that he said something similar after he took her first kiss. “No.”

“Are you sure?”


“Okay then, maybe next time,” he said, his voice a little regretful. His gold eyes landed on Bai Xi’s dripping hair. Before Bai Xi could comprehend his words, he suddenly had a comb in his hand and moved over to comb her soft hair.


“Don’t move.”

She thought her hair was still wet, but in the next moment, it felt dry. Feng Ming had dried her hair with his internal force and then he tied her hair up. He used a hairband to tie her hair up simply since he didn’t know how to style it.

Feng Ming leaned against the boulder and he asked Bai Xi, “Why don’t you use the hairpin I gave you?”

“I lost it.”


“Yes.” Bai Xi looked back down at the barbeque and continued eating. She actually didn’t know where the hairpin went. She only remembered that she had lost track of it when she returned to her courtyard. It’s not that she hasn’t seen it, but it was because she hadn’t paid attention to it.

“Are you still angry?” Feng Ming asked again.

“What if I say I still am?” She wasn’t angry, but she felt an indescribable feeling in her heart.

“How about I listen to you over the next two days?”

“Okay,” Bai Xi answered quickly in order to make sure he couldn’t take back his words.

“Hehe, you replied quickly.” Feng Ming smiled a little, but he didn’t know that when he was saying this, he adopted a pampering look.

“Of course. There’s no room for regrets,” she admitted directly, not bothering to hide her thoughts.

After Feng Ming heard her words, he smiled and stared into the distance, as if thinking about something.

The air was a little suffocating for Bai Xi and she didn’t know what to say, even after she thought about it for a long time. So, she chose to say this because she wanted to know the origin of these four books.

“Feng Ming, the books you gave me last time were accidentally burned by the old man.”


“The old man said that the books were passed down from generation to generation in your Feng family. Now that they’ve been burned, aren’t you angry?” The old man only said that the book was owned by the Feng family, but did not mention that it was passed down from generation to generation. However, from her perspective, it was the same thing.

“They’re useless books. Burn them,” Feng Ming said lightly as if burning the books was to his liking.

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“Since they’re useless, why did you want me to memorise them in the first place? And why within one day?” She spent the entire night learning the contents of those books, but now she was being told that they were useless books. She felt cheated.

“They’re useless to me, but they are beneficial to you. Didn’t you realise it?” Feng Ming stood up, his expression gentle.

“Did you know the secret?” If this was the case, then he clearly knew that she had the other three books, so he handed her the book. But, why did he give it to her? As he said, that book was useless to him, but very useful for her. Was he that kind?

“This isn’t important. Bai Xi, look out.”

He looked at the branches of the tree and took a hold of one. A sword aura immediately radiated from the branch. The sleeves of his robe flew out, his gestures elegant.

Bai Xi’s eyes were wide as she stared at his Flying Sword Dance. She seemed to feel snowflakes floating in the air and dancing freely with the sword intent from the tree branch.

The white robe fluttered with his every move and the plum blossoms on his robe seemed to be alive. They floated with the breeze on the white crescent robe, adding a little charm to the beautiful scene.

She finally knew why those millions upon millions of women were so obsessed with him. They weren’t blindly pursuing him. He had advantages worthy of those women’s pursuit and obsession. Even her heart was accidentally caught.

In the silent night, two figures danced side by side under the soft moonlight. They matched each other well and were so charming, even the moon seemed to be fascinated by the dancing couple.

Although Bai Xi was not a martial arts expert, her memory was surprisingly very good. She soon mastered the sword technique. She also found that the sword technique was familiar, like she had seen it before, but she couldn’t think about it for too long. She felt something in her belly, no, in her dantian1, where she could feel a stream of qi beginning to circulate. Her body felt lighter.

“Concentrate on the methods you memorised,” he said just when Bai Xi was wondering what that qi flow was.

Without thinking, she focused on the meditation methods from those four books. She found that the qi flow was getting bigger and bigger before finally returning to the dantian. The qi then seemed to be about to disappear.

Just as the qi flow was about to break through her dantian, a burst of energy suddenly shook the branch in her hand to the ground. Her body fell into a somewhat cold embrace.

“That’s enough for today. We’ll continue tomorrow.”

“Is the qi flowing around my body my internal force?”


“But when did I have internal force?” She clearly remembered that this body didn’t have any internal force before. How come she suddenly has it after soaking in the spring water? It also didn’t seem to be weak, which was strange. She didn’t take any weird pills and all of a sudden, she wakes up with some skills? Unless…

“Your body has strong internal force, but it was sealed up by someone. I just brought you here to help you improve your meridians and lift the seal. The spring water helped stabilise your body after breaking the seal and having your internal force rush out.” Feng Ming carefully stretched out his hand and stroked the messy hair on Bai Xi’s shoulder. His tone of voice was soft.

“So I have internal force?” This body has internal force and it wasn’t weak, but why was it sealed? Sure enough, it seems that this body had many secrets. Who was the person who sealed her internal force? Was it the damn old man? Her father? Her older brother? Or maybe it was someone else she didn’t know.

“You can ask Old Man Bai about this.”

“That damn old man knows about this?”


“That damn old man asked you to remove the seal for me?”


“Hey, can you stop giving such vague answers?” What did he mean maybe? Was it a yes or a no?

“Go ask Old Man Bai,” Feng Ming replied lightly.

“You… Fine. Then he gave you something as a reward for dealing with the seal?” She recalled that damn old man telling him to seize the opportunity or something like that. That damn old man knew that they would be alone in this place at that time? That damn old man! There were many men in the world. Why was that damn old man optimistic about this one?

“No.” A white, jade-like hand gently pulled his belt and opened the left side of the robe, revealing the white skin inside. His movements were elegant. The large robe was quickly removed and discarded. The outer robe was still on the big rock next to him. His clothes happened to be placed with Bai Xi’s.

“No, that is…” The words were stuck in her throat as her attention was locked on his body. He had a perfect figure with no fat. It was obvious that god really favours this man. He was the son of God, so of course God would love his own son.

Wait, why didn’t this man soak in the spring water after removing his clothes? Didn’t he say that one could only get into the water after removing their clothes? Why did he go in with his pants on? Could it be…

“Feng Ming, are you tricking me again?!” Bai Xi yelled as she bared her teeth. If the other person said yes, then she would rush over immediately and ensure that he wouldn’t see the light of day tomorrow.

He was in the hot spring with his back turned. On hearing her words, his eyebrows jumped and his eyes flickered. But, when he turned to face Bai Xi, his expression was neutral and indifferent. “No.”

“Are you sure?”

“I’m sure.”

“If you aren’t lying to me, then why don’t you remove all your clothes before getting into the water?”

“You and I are different.” Golden eyes looked innocently at those beautiful eyes without blinking.

Seeing his innocent look, Bai Xi’s confidence waned and she wondered if she was right. “What’s the difference?”

“I am a man. You are a woman.” Gold eyes looked at her reproachfully.

“So what?” Of course she knew that! What did this have to do with how many clothes one had to remove?

“You need to improve and stabilise your internal force, but I don’t.” His calm tone made Bai Xi believe his words.

“Really?” Was it really like this?


Bai Xi believed his words and did not continue questioning him. Seeing his back as he looked up at the night sky, she instead stared at the water in the spring. Her cheeks turned red when she recalled something. “Did you open my meridians and lift the seal?”

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“Is there anyone else here besides me?” Feng Ming asked as he raised his eyebrows.

“Then you… When did you do that?” Was she sleeping so heavily that she didn’t notice him doing that?

“Is it important?”


“Before undressing you.”

After Bai Xi heard his words, her blush deepened, but she stopped asking. She turned around and no longer looked at him. She didn’t want to keep looking at him because she was afraid that if she did, she would fall for him more, and she didn’t want that.

In fact, she wants to stay a bit further away, but when there are formations all around, she doesn’t want to wander around aimlessly. She doesn’t have his skills, so she can’t completely break the formations in one day, especially at night. It’s really difficult.

Feng Ming’s golden eyes shone brilliantly under the moonlight as he looked at Bai Xi, who was caught in her own thoughts. A sly look appeared briefly on his face when her back was turned to him. Bai Xi didn’t notice this look, otherwise he wouldn’t be enjoying the spring water right now.

Over the next two days, Bai Xi made sure she was awake when she had to soak in the spring water. She would never allow Feng Ming to undress her again. Feng Ming really listened to her completely and did everything she said.

Bai Xi enjoyed this privilege.

“I’m hungry. I want to eat grilled fish.”

“Okay.” In an instant, the white figure disappeared. Half an hour later, he came back with a grilled fish in one hand and a honey fruit in the other.

“I don’t want to eat that anymore. I want roast chicken.”


“My neck is a bit sore. Massage it.”


Someone started his life as a masseur.

“This swordsman was sore just now, so you should also massage here.”


“My legs too.”




Bai Xi asked Feng Ming to do these things. There was nothing else to do in this desolate area of the mountain. Feng Ming did them all without complaint. Maybe he also liked getting along like this.

After these two days, Bai Xi managed to control the internal force in her body, although she couldn’t fully use it. She also learned how to use internal force to do simple things, like drying clothes and hair. She was now no longer just agile, she could also fight with internal force.

Although she still didn’t know where the four books from Feng Ming came from, she guessed that he was the one who helped her remove that ‘big rock’ that was blocking her progress before. As for the source of the book, she would ask the damn old man when she returned.

One day later, they left after Bai Xi soaked in the spring one last time. She looked at the scenery and felt a little bit of attachment to this place. After three days of getting along with Feng Ming, their relationship had undergone some subtle changes, but the two of them weren’t aware of them.

“If you like it, we can come again next time.”


“As long as you want to.” Feng Ming glanced at Bai Xi with deep meaning.


Feng Ming looked up at the sky. “Old man Bai should be anxious.”

“Hm?” The old man should be anxious? What did he mean?

Feng Ming didn’t answer her. He merely continued walking.

“Feng Ming, are you going to get rid of anyone who stands in your way?” Bai Xi asked as she chased after him. She had wanted to ask this for quite a while, but she didn’t know how.


“Then why didn’t you kill me when I got into your carriage?” If she knew that the owner of the carriage was the famous Ice Lord, would she still have gotten into the carriage? Yes, but it was only because she had no choice. But she wouldn’t let herself get knocked out again.

He lowered his gold eyes to look down at the person looking up at him. “You were too dirty at that time. I was afraid of dirtying my clothes.”

Bai Xi was stunned; she didn’t expect that answer. Then, she should thank the two killers for stabbing her multiple times and allowing her to bleed out on her clothes, otherwise this Ice Lord would have gotten rid of her.



“My methods of dealing with things are extremely cruel. I am the devil who kills people without blinking, the king of hell. Aren’t you afraid?” Feng Ming didn’t know how to feel about this. When he asked, he was a bit nervous.

“If I am scared, would I stay by your side?” Bai Xi had already died once, so why would she be scared? Besides, she has never felt scared of him.

After Feng Ming heard her words, the corners of his mouth curled upwards unconsciously, and his eyes flickered.

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When they returned to the cliff, Qing Wu was there. He had been waiting for a long time.

“Master, Madam.”

Feng Ming glanced at Qing Wu with slight approval, as if saying that he was finally smarter. Qing Wu seemed to understand his master’s thoughts and he scratched the back of his head with a silly smile on his face.

Bai Xi was a little confused at Qing Wu’s sudden sheepishness. “Monkey, I am not your family’s madam.”

“Eh? Then what should I call madam?” Monkey? Why did the madam call him monkey?

“Long hands and feet, just like a monkey,” Bai Xi said after looking him up and down.

“Oh, that’s how it is. Monkey, well, I like it.”

Bai Xi facepalmed. She really didn’t think that Feng Ming would have such a person.

“That’s right, madam is like this. In my heart, you are already the madam,” Qing Wu said with a smile. He finally got his master’s approval, so he needed to keep it.

“Hey, you should correct yourself…”

“If you don’t leave now, the happy event at the Bai mansion will become a disaster.” Feng Ming got into the carriage.

Bai Xi was surprised and immediately followed him into the carriage. A happy event? What happy event was happening at the Bai mansion today? Why does she not know? Qing Wu grinned. His master was powerful. It seemed that the day where Young Miss Bai Xi became his master’s wife was not far away.


Bai Xi had learned that it was that damn old man’s 60th birthday from Qing Wu. She thought that the damn old man was nervous about her being away for so long, which was why he made her return today, but it was because of his birthday.

Before she got out of the carriage, she could already hear the endless stream of guests in front of the gate to the Bai mansion coming to celebrate that damn old man’s birthday. After seeing what she was wearing, she decided to go over the wall from Luo Yue Xuan to Xi Yuan. After freshening up, she would go and congratulate that damn old man.

“Eh? Young miss, it’s really the young miss! The eldest young master was right. The young miss has returned.” Bai Xi was about to step into the room when she heard Mu Qiu’s joyous voice.

The next moment, she felt Mu Qiu hug her.

“Wuwu, this servant thought the young miss had died.”

“Little Qiu Qiu, my clothes are about to become your rags,” Bai Xi joked. After returning to the Bai mansion, she needed to tease this little girl. It was one of the things she enjoyed.

“Young miss is teasing this servant again,” Mu Qiu complained as she let go of Bai Xi and took a step back.

“If I don’t make fun of you, who will I make fun on? Won’t you let this young miss tease you next time? Little Qiu Qiu.” Bai Xi reached out to tip Mu Qiu’s head up. She smiled evilly.

Mu Qiu blushed a bit. “Young miss needs to go to the front hall to celebrate the old master’s birthday. The banquet will begin soon.”

“Tch, that old man… I won’t go.” Bai Xi turned and walked into the room.

“Why? The old master still cares a lot for the young miss. The old master has already sent someone here twice today and will probably send someone to ask again,” Mu Qiu explained as she followed.

Bai Xi’s heart warmed at the thought that the old man wouldn’t sell her to Feng Ming just like that. “Forget it. For the sake of his sixtieth birthday, I’ll leave it alone. Little Qiu Qiu, just comb my hair.”

“Yes.” Mu Qiu immediately dressed Bai Xi skilfully.

“Little Qiu Qiu, have you seen a jade hairpin with a magnolia flower?” She had to find that hairpin and destroy it, otherwise she would be miserable if that man accidentally saw it one day.

“Eh?” Mu Qiu glanced suspiciously at her young miss through the bronze mirror. “This servant has seen it.”

“Where is it?” She was grateful to Little Qiu Qiu. She knew it was a good idea to ask Little Qiu Qiu.

“This servant put it in the young miss’s bag when this servant helped the young miss pack. Didn’t the young miss see it?” Mu Qiu asked, puzzled. She put the hairpin in the most obvious place. How did the young miss not see it?

Bai Xi frowned. Of course she didn’t see it because that night she just threw the bag aside before having to copy scriptures all night before falling asleep. Then, she was taken to the palace early in the morning the next day. When did she have time to see the hairpin?

She said she lost the hairpin, but it was probably in his courtyard. Why did she say she lost it? She just forgot to look for it. Saying it like this was just looking for trouble.

“Young miss, young miss, what’s the matter?”

“It’s nothing.” She hoped it would be okay. She will have to destroy the hairpin before that man finds it. After making up her mind, she acted immediately.

But, she was stopped as soon as she walked out of the room.

“Xi’er.” She had just stepped out the door when she heard a cheerful voice address her. She looked up to see her older brother walking towards her with a smile on his face.

 “I’m back.” Bai Yu Jie fondly touched Bai Xi’s head.

“How did older brother know I was back?” She remembered that Little Qiu Qiu had said that her older brother had returned today. It was not long after she came back that her older brother came to Xi Yuan. Xi Yuan didn’t have any hidden guards, so how did her older brother know?

Bai Yu Jie smiled gracefully. He took out a pink, jewelled butterfly patterned hair pin from his pocket and put it on Bai Xi. “If this pearl hairpin breaks again, you can ask Mu Qiu to bring it to me. I’ll find someone to fix it for you. If it can’t be repaired, I will get a new one for you. Don’t blame yourself over this.”

“Hm? Oh.” No wonder she thought that this hairpin was a bit familiar. It turned out that it was the one Feng Ming broke. Didn’t Little Qiu Qiu throw it away? How could her brother have it? How was it fixed? What did he mean by not blaming herself? After Bai Xi glanced at Mu Qiu, Mu Qiu immediately looked at the ground. This little girl really knew how to spin lies.

Wait, the hairpin was given to her by her older brother, which was probably why Mu Qiu thought she blamed herself after the hairpin was broken. But why did Mu Qiu lie and not tell the truth?

“Let’s go. Grandfather is waiting for you in the front hall.” Bai Yu Jie smiled gently and glanced at the hairpin in Bai Xi’s bun. After glancing at Luo Xue Yuan, he turned around and walked steadily.

Bai Xi found that the entire Bai mansion was adorned with red silk, colourful lights, and red lanterns. The mansion was full of joy.

“Xi’r, did he bully you?” Bai Yu Jie asked her gently after struggling with the right words.

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Bai Xi looked at Bai Yu Jie suspiciously. She didn’t understand who he was talking about.

“Did Feng Ming bully you these past few days?” Bai Yu Jie repeated, but his expression was cooler.

“Is that what the old man and older brother think?”


“Does older brother also know why I was with him the past few days?”

“Mm.” How could he not know? Otherwise, he wouldn’t have let Feng Ming stay with her.

“Did older brother also know that my internal force was blocked?” Bai Xi asked curiously.

“Xi’r, grandfather will talk about this. Let him tell you.” Bai Yu Jie felt bitter. He only knew that grandfather was worried so he could not help but tell Xi’r the truth. Grandfather repeatedly told him not to intervene in this matter.

“Oh.” It seemed that the damn old man had many secrets.

“Then can Xi’r tell older brother if he has bullied you?” Bai Yu Jie smiled softly and gently touched the silky ink hair with his hand.

Bai Xi suddenly thought about Feng Ming stripping her, so her cheeks instantly flushed. This change caused Bai Yu Jie to freeze; the hand stroking her hair also froze. There was a chill in his eyes.

“Older brother, your younger sister is such a bully.” Bai Xi grinned. That time was an accident. She wouldn’t let that kind of accident happen again. If so, she’d punish him afterwards.

Bai Yu Jie recovered his expression. “That’s fine.”

Before Bai Yu Jie could continue, someone called out, “Bai Xi.”

Bai Xi didn’t need to look over to see who the owner of this voice was. Not to mention his weak voice, but she could feel his aura from 20 metres away. As he was only 10 metres away, it was obvious who it was.

“Why are you here?” Why was he at the Bai mansion? Why was he in the back rooms and not in the front hall? It was just him and Qing Wu. Nobody led him here, so he must be familiar with the layout.

“Old man Bai asked me to tell you to hurry up.” Feng Ming ignored Bai Yu Jie and took Bai Xi’s hand.

Bai Xi was surprised and she stared at the hand holding hers. This was the first time he held her hand. Even in the grassy hill area, he didn’t hold her hand. Why was he doing it now?

“Ugly.” Feng Ming removed the butterfly hairpin from her hair. Just when he was about to destroy the pearl hairpin again, a blast of internal force struck him. When he was three steps away, it disappeared. Feng Ming raised the corner of his mouth slightly and glanced mockingly at Bai Yu Jie as if saying ‘if you want to fight me, there’s no way’.

“Give it to me.” Bai Xi stretched out her hand to grab it, but Feng Ming threw the butterfly hairpin at Bai Yu Jie. It fell into Bai Yu Jie’s hand accurately, but it had been broken.

“Feng Ming, did you break my hairpin again?” Bai Xi looked at the broken hairpin in her older brother’s hand. This is the second time already. Did he just not like the pearl hairpin?

“My people have to wear the hairpins I give.” Feng Ming put a different pearl hairpin in her hair. It was the one that he gave her during the Qi Xi festival, the jade magnolia hairpin.

“Who is your person?” When did she become his person? This hairpin was the one she wanted to destroy. How could it be such a coincidence?

“You and I are lovers, so naturally you are my person.” Feng Ming took Bai Xi and walked forward, ignoring the ugly expression on Bai Yu Jie’s face.

Bai Xi wanted to say something, but decided against it. What he said was right. They were indeed lovers. They hadn’t walked that many steps before Bai Xi heard him say faintly, “Bai Xi, did lying to me make you feel better?”

Chuckling, Bai Xi felt her heart skip a few times. Did he know? That meant that she had read the situation properly. It was the hairpin she was going to destroy. He must have noticed the present she left behind.

Qing Wu smiled happily beside them. His master was worthy of being his master. His master solved everything in a single move. The current young master is still the master’s opponent. But, his master didn’t seem to want his wife to be too close to other men, even if the man in question was the madam’s older brother. Then, he should stay away from the madam in the future.

“Eh? Isn’t that the pearl hairpin the young miss asked me about just now? It turned out it was given to the future young master. No wonder the young miss was so nervous and asked me about it when she came back. So it was like this.” Mu Qiu looked at the hairpin with understanding.

“How could the young miss leave the pearl hairpin given by the master? It turned out that the young miss lost it, but I found it,” Qing Wu said with a smile. When he saw it at Luo Xue Yuan, he thought that the master ordered someone to buy one, but he didn’t expect it to be the original one.

“Madam? Who is your madam, A-Wu?”

“Of course it is Young Miss Bai Xi.”

“Then, Little Qiu Qiu, who did you call future young master just now?”

“His Excellency, The Ice Lord.”

The two of them looked at each other with a knowing smile. Bai Yu Jie, who was forgotten by all of them, listened to their conversations. His expression darkened and his eyes grew cold. His hands were clenched and the tendons could clearly be seen.

The two people walking in front soon arrived at the front hall. As soon as they stepped inside, the noisy hall suddenly became quiet. Everyone’s eyes fell on the white figure at the door.

“Ming boy is here? Xi girl is here too. It just so happened that this old man was thinking about you two just now,” Bai Chong Yuan said with a smile on his face. When he saw the two of them, his eyes were full of smiles.

Several officials quickly recognised Bai Xi as the woman who stood behind Prime Minister Feng that day. She was also the woman whom Prime Minister Feng embraced. But who was this woman? It seemed that General Bai knew her and liked her a lot. What did she have to do with the Bai family?

“Really? I don’t think so,” Bai Xi said lightly. The damn old man knew a lot, but didn’t want to tell her anything.

“Xi’r, today is your grandfather’s sixtieth birthday. Don’t ridicule your grandfather like usual,” Bai Jin Hang scolded in a low voice. It wasn’t really a scolding because there was no harshness in his tone.

“No problem. I like to talk to Xi girl like this.”

The harmonious aura between the two of them made everyone present immediately understand who Bai Xi was. It turned out that General Bai and Bai Xi were grandfather and granddaughter. It turned out this woman was a young miss of the Bai family.

Wait, the Bai family’s young miss… Didn’t the young misses of the Bai family have beautiful and moving appearances? This one was definitely not. There is only one person who wasn’t beautiful in the Bai family, and that was the infamous stupid and ugly second young miss. Is the woman in front of the second young miss of the Bai family?

1(丹田) dantian – an acupuncture point in Chinese medicine that is 3 inches below the navel.

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