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Chapter 54 – Ice Lord’s Dream – A Marriage Decree

The officials in the hall suddenly fell from their chairs and the chairs clattered on the floor. At the same moment, the chairs outside the hall could be heard along with the shattering of porcelain.

“Old man, your birthday is really spectacular,” Bai Xi whispered into Bai Chong Yuan’s ear with a playful smile on her face.

However, she felt that today’s scene gave her a sense of déjà vu. She remembered that on the night of the Qi Xi festival, what happened in Yi Pin Lou was the same as today.

So it turned out to be because they were frightened, not because they were rioting. What were they frightened by? Feng Ming appearing? If that was so, then these people were too easily scared. Even if that person has a reputation, it was just a person. Wasn’t that an exaggerated reaction?

She recognised that the guests present were officials from court. Their positions weren’t too low, and one of them seemed to be the father of the old man trying to match her older brother with a woman. She heard that he was a powerful subordinate of the old man. Even so, these officials were high-ranking officials. Shouldn’t they be used to Feng Ming? They often met him in the imperial court. Instead, today… It didn’t matter if you fell down and knocked over your chair in the process, the important thing is that they had this reaction after Feng Ming glanced at them. Not only did the people outside also have a similar reaction, but they didn’t even see Feng Ming.

“Hehe, with you here it is really spectacular,” Bai Chong Yuan said with a smile. His eyes fell on Feng Ming, who was standing to the side.

Bai Xi glanced at him. Did her appearance matter?

“Ming boy, you came to this old man’s birthday banquet. This old man is really honoured.”

Feng Ming didn’t pay attention to Bai Chong Yuan. He sat down in the seat beside him and looked over at the officials who had finally gotten up. The officials froze suddenly and didn’t dare to breathe nor make any expressions. They were afraid that Feng Ming would read their thoughts, so they could only allow others to help them back to their seats.

Bai Chong Yuan smiled calmly at Feng Ming ignoring him and turned his gaze to Bai Xi. “Girl, what are you gifting this old man this year?”

Bai Xi didn’t even know that today was the old man’s birthday, so how was she supposed to have a gift? “Old man, do you want a gift?”

“Girl, did you forget this old man’s birthday?” Bai Chong Yuan seemed to see through Bai Xi and looked at her suspiciously.

“How could I forget that today is your birthday?” Bai Xi said, but inwardly she wondered how this damn old man was able to guess her thoughts. “Uncle Bai Shi, help me prepare some ink and paper.”

Little Qiu Qiu told her that this Bai Shi was the old man’s military advisor. He had a solid position in the Bai family’s army. However, after the old man had given away his military power, he suddenly stepped down as a military advisor and stayed in the Bai family’s mansion willingly to be a subordinate. His status is better than that of a housekeeper in the Bai mansion, and even her dad respects him.

Bai Shi glanced at Bai Chong Yuan, then nodded to quickly prepare what Bai Xi wanted.

“Girl, you want to paint something right now and gift it to this old man?” How could he not know that this girl hadn’t prepared a gift for him. He just wanted to play with this girl since he hadn’t quarrelled with her for several days. He missed it.

“Old man really understands me.” Her painting skills aren’t great, but she should be able to do something today. Her old man in the modern times was much more difficult than this damn old man. At least she managed to come up with something.

Bai Chong Yuan didn’t reply. He just stroked his beard and smiled. From the corner of his eyes, he spotted a man in Chinese clothes just entering the hall. The man stood next to Bai Yu Jie. He suddenly laughed loudly and said, “Chen boy has finally arrived. This old man was waiting anxiously. Come here, this old man will introduce you to my family’s Xi girl.”

 The man in Chinese clothes became the centre of attention in an instant. Who was this man? He was able to make General Bai very happy. However, because they’ve been officials for many years, they knew that this person must have an impressive background. When the man appeared, Bai Xi recognised him. It was him!

“Qing Chen wishes General Bai a long life filled with never-ending happiness.”

“Good, good, good,” Bai Chong Yuan said three times, his eyes filled with smiles. “Xi girl, come, this old man will introduce you. He is the son of your mother’s brother, your cousin1.”

Mother? This was the first time she heard the Bai family mention her mother. Also, this person was her cousin? Last time she was trying to figure out if this man was a friend or an enemy, but today he was introduced as a relative. Was this a coincidence?

With his identity, why was he here for Bai family matters? Was her cousin so simple?

“Is your family prominent?”

After Feng Ming heard those words, his indifferent golden eyes glanced at the man.

“Why is cousin Xi asking me this?” The man readily called Bai Xi his cousin. But, upon seeing her, a trace of doubt flashed in his heart. He remembered that the young man in white clothes said that the puppet in his hand was given to his lover, and he guessed that the white-clothed boy’s lover was the Bai family’s young miss.

Later, when he saw the puppet in General Bai’s hand, he was even more certain of his guess. After his inquiry, he finally discovered that the lover of the boy in white clothes was the second young miss of the Bai family. He thought that the second young miss of the Bai family would have been one of the puppets, but none of them were. Since she was the lover of the white-clothed boy, how could she be entangled with the Feng family’s master?

“Xi girl, Cheng boy is the young master of the Mu Rong family. The future master of the family will naturally have a strong background.” Bai Chong Yuan knocked Bai Xi’s forehead, a little embarrassed at her ignorance. How could anyone ask such a thing as their first question to their relatives?

After hearing the exchange, the officials in the hall looked at Mu Rong Qing Chen in surprise. They didn’t expect this man to be the young master of the Mu Rong family as they didn’t expect the young master of the Mu Rong family to be in the capital. They also didn’t expect him to participate in General Bai’s birthday, nor did they know that he was the cousin of the Bai family’s second young miss.

The future young master of the Mu Rong family… She didn’t expect to have such a powerful cousin. However, what was the relationship between her mother and the master of the Mu Rong family? Bai Xi moved to Feng Ming’s side and asked, “Who is richer, the Mu Rong family or the Feng family?”

“All are inferior compared to you,” Feng Ming replied lightly.

 There was a gasp in the hall. They weren’t surprised by the second young miss of the Bai family’s question. They were surprised by Feng Ming’s answer of ‘all are inferior compared to you’. Did this answer mean that the second young miss of the Bai family was richer than the two families or that no amount of money was more important than her?

They guessed it definitely wasn’t the former. Even if the second young miss of the Bai family had the favour of General Bai, she was still a woman. The inheritance would still go to the young general of the Bai family. That meant that Prime Minister Feng meant the latter.

Bai Yu Jie indifferently stood at the side while Bai Chong Yuan didn’t stop smiling. Bai Jin Hang had a serious expression, as if he was the only one considering the truth of this sentence. Mu Rong Qing Chen watched the scene carefully.

After hearing those words, Bai Xi smiled slightly in satisfaction. She raised her head to look at Mu Rong Qing Chen. “Cousin Chen.” Having a cousin with such a strong background would be good.

Mu Rong Qing Chen nodded gently, which was considered to be his response to her.

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By this time, Bai Shi had prepared the ink and paper. Bai Xi moved to the side table and began to paint.

“Girl, don’t take too long to finish your painting or else my birthday banquet will be over.” Bai Chong Yuan didn’t approach to see how she would paint. His attention was on the painting itself.

Actually, he is not the only one who was curious. Everyone in the hall was curious. Everyone except Feng Ming.

“Old man, fifteen minutes should be enough. You can let the people have the table then.” She has painted this before, so she should be fast. Fifteen minutes should be enough to serve all the dishes so they could eat.

“Girl, don’t try and fool me. I am very picky.” Although Bai Chong Yuan said so, he had already gotten people to serve the tables.

Bai Xi stopped speaking and concentrated on painting. The officials waited quietly, but they didn’t have high expectations for Bai Xi’s painting. After all, they had heard all the rumours. The young miss was stupid and ugly, and the ugly part of the rumours had been verified. Now, they just waited to verify the ‘stupid’ part of the rumours. They didn’t think that the rumours would be false, so they didn’t have any expectations.

Fifteen minutes had passed and all the dishes had been served.

“Old man, accept the gift.” Bai Xi put down the brush and motioned to Bai Shi to take the painting to Bai Chong Yuan.

Bai Chong Yuan got up and quickly took the paper that Bai Shi handed over. Bai Jin Hang and the others looked at it immediately, and the hall instantly fell silent. The only thing that could be heard was Bai Chong Yuan’s low laughter.

Actually, the painting is quite simple. It depicted Antarctic Immortal Weng2 holding out a peach of immortality in the hall of the Bai mansion. In front of the immortal was Bai Chong Yuan, and all the guests in the hall surrounded him.

A poem was also written on the painting3:

Wishing Chong Yuan a long life

Compared to previous years, this is stronger.

Antarctic Immortal Weng sits in the Bai family

May you have everlasting longevity, your fortune be boundless, and have endless happiness!

After, Bai Xi coughed lightly and said, “Old man, you can see my feelings.”

“Good, good, good. This gift is good. This old man likes it!” Bai Chong Yuan said while laughing loudly. His laughter echoed in the hall, and even the guests outside wondered what was happening inside.

The officials dazedly looked at the painting in Bai Chong Yuan’s hands and then looked up at Bai Xi with disbelief in their eyes. Wasn’t the Bai family’s second young miss stupid? How could she possibly draw such a vivid and realistic painting as a birthday gift? What is happening?

“Xi’r, your painting skills have improved again,” Bai Yu Jie said with a gentle smile. There was no surprise in his eyes, just approval.

Bai Jin Hang: “Xi’r, your writing skills have improved.”

“Cousin Xi has many hidden talents,” Mu Rong Qing Chen said softly. A normal person couldn’t make a congratulatory painting and poem so vivid. It seems that his cousin wasn’t simple.

“Yeah, yeah. The Bai family’s second young miss is really talented.” The officials nodded in approval after returning to their senses. They seemed to understand why Prime Minister Feng would treat the Bai family’s second young miss well. But her face was still… Maybe Prime Minister Feng’s eyes were special.

“Old man Bai.” An indifferent voice suddenly intervened and the hall instantly became quiet. The officials surrounding Bai Chong Yuan gave way.

Feng Ming stood upright and his feet were steady. His gold eyes didn’t pay attention to anyone around him and instead focused on the birthday drawing in Bai Chong Yuan’s hands.

“Doesn’t Feng boy think that the girl draws well?” Bai Chong Yuan asked as if showing off. The triumph in his eyes seemed to say that the people of the Bai family were naturally worthy of you.

Feng Ming pursed his lips and said nothing. He continued to stare at the painting. Just when Bai Xi was about to ask Feng Ming what he was doing, she saw Feng Ming’s white, jade-like hand holding a seal. Before she could do anything, Feng Ming had already stamped his name on the birthday painting.

“What did you do?” Bai Xi rushed over and grabbed the painting. When she saw the words ‘Feng Ming’ next to her name ‘Bai Xi’, she looked at him angrily. “What is this?”

“A congratulatory gift to old man Bai,” Feng Ming said lightly, ignoring the anger in Bai Xi’s eyes.

“Hey, what do you mean a gift? I drew this and you just stamped your name on it.” What the hell was this? This was the gift she prepared with a lot of effort, and his seal was supposed to be a gift? It was clear that she had signed her name on it, and then he put his seal on it. How shameless!

“We don’t need to split things.” His gold eyes were smiling as they looked at Bai Chong Yuan. “Old man Bai, do you like this gift?”

“Yes, of course I like it. This is my favourite gift this year.” Bai Chong Yuan laughed loudly and only the two of them knew the meaning of his words.

“Old man, you…”

“The dishes are ready. It’s time to eat.” Bai Chong Yuan didn’t see the dissatisfaction in Bai Xi’s eyes and instead walked directly to the side table.

“Xi’r, be good. Eat first.” Bai Yu Jie reached out and touched Bai Xi’s head in a coaxing manner.

Bai Xi glanced at Feng Ming, who was already sitting at the table. After swallowing her dissatisfaction, she moved to the table. As she was about to sit down, she heard a shout from outside. “The emperor is auspicious!”

The next moment, an ice-blue figure appeared and everyone who had sat down immediately stood up straight, except for Feng Ming and Bai Xi. Bai Xi would have stood, but someone forcibly pulled her back down on the seat.

“Paying respects to the emperor!”

The officials in the hall who had seen the interactions between Feng Ming and Bai Xi were not surprised, but for the guests who had not seen them before held their breath upon seeing him pull Bai Xi.

“We are here to celebrate General Bai’s birthday. Let’s avoid the formalities.” Today, Ye Mu Li was wearing an ice blue brocade robe. With his gentle demeanour, there was no sign of imperial temperament at all. He looked more like the son of a noble. This was the second time Bai Xi got this feeling from Ye Mu Li.

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The more times the emperor said this, the more caution the officials would take. They feared that if they weren’t careful, they would offend the emperor. As the saying goes, the emperor is like a tiger. Their emperor was all smiles, but hid a more ruthless temperament beneath. He was a smiling tiger.

“It seems that We came at the right time.” Ye Mu Li smiled slightly and walked over to the table. He sat down and stared straight at Bai Xi. “Hi, Little Xi Xi. We meet again.”

“Mm,” Bai Xi replied quietly.

“That was a pretty cold response.” Ye Mu Li pretended to be a bit disappointed.

Bai Xi was shocked. What did he mean?

“Prime Minister Feng is really blessed recently. There are beautiful women to accompany you everywhere.” Ye Mu Li shifted his gaze to Feng Ming, who appeared indifferent. His tone was one of envy.

Feng Ming moved his chopsticks and didn’t look at Ye Mu Li.

“Everyone is standing. Sit down. We didn’t eat lunch so We could specially come here and celebrate with General Bai. We are very hungry now.” After Ye Mu Li finished speaking, he also picked up his chopsticks and started eating.

The officials didn’t dare to eat at the same table as the emperor, so they went to eat outside. Naturally, Bai Jin Hang accompanied them, leaving the main seat empty. Ye Mu Li didn’t stop him. Feng Ming, Bai Xi, Ye Mu Li, Bai Yu Jie, Mu Rong Qing Chen, and of course, Bai Chong Yuan were the only ones who remained in the hall.

Bai Chong Yuan and Ye Mu Li were sitting in the seats next to the main seat. Next to Bai Chong Yuan was Mu Rong Qing Chen, then Bai Yu Jie. Next to Ye Mu Li was Feng Ming, then Bai Xi. Bai Xi was sitting between Feng Ming and Bai Yu Jie, which was a coincidence.

“Xi’r, eat more meat. You’ve lost weight again.” Bai Yu Jie picked up a chicken leg and placed it in Bai Xi’s bowl. He was distressed. After only a few days, his Xi’r looked thinner. He glanced at the culprit who made Xi’r thinner.

“Thank you, older brother.” Her older brother knew that her favourite food was chicken legs. When she was about to put the chicken leg in her mouth, a pair of chopsticks knocked the chicken leg from her chopsticks.

A thin voice said, “She is not thin. There is a place that needs to grow.”

Bai Xi felt her face turning red. She pinched her thigh to stop her embarrassment and replied calmly, “True. I’m not as tall as some of the other girls my age.”

“The girl is right, but Yu boy is also right. The girl is really thin. Come, this old man will give you your favourite pork ribs.”  Bai Chong Yuan smiled, thinking that things seemed to be moving in the direction he had hoped. His mood improved.

“General Bai seems to be in a good mood.” Ye Mu Li raised his head and looked over with a curious smile.

“This old man is very happy that the emperor came to this birthday banquet.”

“There’s food and Little Xi Xi is here to accompany Us, so of course We can’t miss it.” After Ye Mu Li finished speaking, he smiled softly and charmingly at Bai Xi. “But We are quite surprised to see young master Mu Rong here.”

“This young master did not expect to be able to eat at the same table with the emperor,” said Mu Rong Qing Chen, neither humble nor overbearing. People couldn’t fault his tone.

“We heard that young master Mu Rong has studied Cu Ju4 a lot. We wonder if young master Mu Rong has time to play with Us?” Ye Mu Li asked eagerly, as if he had finally found a friend and was afraid he would disappear. His tone was not as light as before.


“Good. If that’s the case, how about a game with young master Mu Rong after We finish eating?”


“Fine, it’s scheduled for tomorrow. We will discuss the details later.”


The two set up a Cu Ju game tomorrow. It was a quick, simple conversation.

“She doesn’t like to eat,” Feng Ming said lightly. He looked carefully over at the food in front of Bai Xi. There were many dishes in front of her including chicken legs, sweet and sour pork ribs, adenophora5, dried scallops, braised swallow-tailed kite, and more.

“Are you going to let me eat?” Bai Xi asked coldly. What was wrong with this man? The food that her older brother gave her was taken away or batted away. He even had the audacity to say that she didn’t like eating.

“Eat this,” Feng Ming said as he put a piece of sweet and sour pork into Bai Xi’s bowl.

“You…” Didn’t he just say that she doesn’t like this? Why did he give this to her?

“Little Xi Xi, does Feng Ming want to fight against your older brother?” Ye Mu Li kindly explained it to her.

The atmosphere instantly became suffocating.

“If they want to fight, go outside. Don’t bother me. I want to eat.” She didn’t want to understand why the two of them were going to fight. She was just annoyed that it would prevent her from eating.

“You two, Little Xi Xi has already spoken. Shouldn’t you go outside and continue your unfinished five-year agreement?” He had waited for this battle for so long, but now they might actually resolve it.

Feng Ming didn’t stop eating and neither did Bai Yu Jie.

“Hey, We see… The two of you will fight when you’ve finished eating since you’ll only have strength when you’re full.” Ye Mu Li finally put down his chopsticks. His gaze moved from Feng Ming, to Bai Yu Jie, and finally ended on Bai Xi. “Little Xi Xi, who do you think will win?”

“After they start, I’ll know.” She wasn’t sure about Feng Ming’s skill, but she also had no idea about her older brother’s skill level. When she was at the foot of the mountain, she learned about this fight from the onlookers that six years ago, the two had fought for four hours and weren’t able to determine a winner. Their strengths back then were equal, but now six years later, nobody knew who was stronger, not even her.

She was still worried for her older brother since she had an idea of Feng Ming’s skills based on what she knew about him from their few days of interaction.

After Feng Ming glanced at Bai Xi, he suddenly put down his chopsticks and spat out coldly, “Bai Yu Jie, go.” He got up and walked out of the hall.

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After hearing Feng Ming’s words, Bai Yu Jie put down his chopsticks and headed out.

“Eh? Are they about to start? Little Xi Xi, do you want to watch?” Ye Mu Li said with excitement, as if he had discovered something interesting.

“Not interested.”

After Ye Mu Li struggled inwardly for a long time, he said, “Since Little Xi XI won’t go, neither will We. We are here to accompany you to eat.” After, Ye Mu Li moved next to Bai Xi and continued eating.

Bai Chong Yuan, who hadn’t said anything before, smiled and put a duck leg in Bai Xi’s bowl. “Girl, come, eat a duck leg.”

“Old man, thank you.”

“Eat more. You don’t need to lose more weight.”

Bai Xi was surprised at his words. Was she really that thin? She ate a lot in the past few days.

Mu Rong Qing Chen smiled faintly, as if everything that had just happened had nothing to do with him. He lowered his head and continued to eat.

“Little Xi Xi, why don’t we make a bet on which one wins?” Ye Mu Li asked while eating, ignoring the two people fighting outside. He wasn’t afraid of the two suddenly putting a halt to their competition and coming in to fight him together.

“What is the bet?”

“What kind of bet does Little Xi Xi want?”

Bai Xi thought for a while and said, “One condition.”

“Okay, that’s fine. Who do you want to bet on?”

“Who is the emperor betting on?”

“Of course it’s Little Ming Ming,” Ye Mu Li replied without thinking.

“Isn’t the emperor good friends with my older brother? The emperor believes that my older brother will lose?” Bai Xi asked as she raised her eyebrows.

“Hehe…” Ye Mu Li smiled faintly.

“Old man, do you want to bet?”

“I won’t take part in your young people’s affairs.” Bai Chong Yuan thought that he shouldn’t get into the muddy water.

“What about cousin Chen?”

“No,” Mu Rong Qing Chen said lightly.

Bai XI wondered whether the two people didn’t dare to bet or didn’t want to gamble.

“Little Xi Xi, so you’ll bet on Little Jie Jie to win?”


“Eh, did you also want to bet on Little Ming Ming to win?” Ye Mu Li frowned. If that was the case, then there was no point betting.

“No, I’ll bet on a tie.” Bai Xi smiled, a sly look flashing through her eyes.

“Oh? Little Xi Xi, are you sure?” Ye Mu Li raised his eyebrows and blinked. The gentle smile on his face didn’t fade.

“Of course.”

“Good, then we’ll bet on that.”

“Talk is cheap. We should have a contract as proof. What do you think? The old man and cousin Chen will be witnesses to the bet.” As Bai Xi was speaking, she had already begun to grind ink.

“We can do what Little Xi Xi wants.” Ye Mu Li was in a good mood.

Soon after, the contract was written. After the two signed their names, Bai Chong Yuan and Mu Rong Qing Chen signed as well. They walked out of the hall to watch the contest.

The guests outside the hall had already stepped to the side and were watching the competition. They didn’t even notice Ye Mu Li walking out of the hall. The tables and chairs were already lying on the ground in pieces, and the food had spilled all over the floor. The two figures were indistinguishable in the air. The only indicator was the colour of their clothes.

Bai Xi discovered that Feng Ming didn’t appear to have any weapons. Even her older brother was holding a sharp sword that shone in the sun. Feng Ming was just bare-handed. Did he not want to use a weapon? However, her older brother looked a little strange. Could it be that her older brother was injured?

Bai Xi also noticed that the women on the side stopped eating and rushed over here to take a look. When she saw their obsessive gazes locked on the crescent white figure, her eyes flashed.

“Little Xi Xi, it looks like in another ten exchanges, the winner will be obvious. The one who loses this bet is you,” Ye Mu Li said confidently.

“Really? That may not be the case.” From this situation, the final winner will definitely be Feng Ming, but it’s not impossible to change the situation.

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Ye Mu Li was taken aback for a moment, his peach eyes surveying the scene. How was she so sure that it would be a tie? Suddenly, a possibility crossed his mind. Could it be…?

He only heard Bai Xi’s unhurried voice. “Feng Ming, older brother, I just made a bet with the emperor. The emperor bet that Feng Ming will win and I bet that you two will tie.”

Bai Xi clearly saw them pause in mid-air.

The guests outside the hall also heard these words and only then did they notice Ye Mu Li standing at the entrance of the hall. They quickly kneeled.

“Little Xi Xi you…”

“The bet has a condition,” two voices called out.

With a bang, there was a sound of two palms hitting each other. The guests looked up and saw that the two people who had been fighting had separated and landed.

When Bai Xi saw Bai Yu Jie’s somewhat pale complexion, she was more certain of her guess. It seemed that her older brother was really injured, but she couldn’t see one. Could it be an internal injury? Bai Xi looked at Feng Ming again and found that he was as indifferent as ever. The look in her older brother’s eyes seemed to be somewhat taunting, and his expression in the past also seemed to have held enmity. Did she see correctly?

“Eh, is it over?”

“Seems like it.”

“Who won?”


The guests whispered amongst each other.

Bai Xi grinned. She won the bet. Just now, she was not only betting with Ye Mu Li, but also with Feng Ming and Bai Yu Jie. She bet that her older brother was not willing to lose to Ye Mu Li with a condition, and as for Feng Ming, she bet that he would stand on her side to work against Ye Mu Li with her. Feng Ming liked to do this sort of thing, right? And it was Ye Mu Li who schemed against him, so she dared to place the bet with Ye Mu Li.

“The emperor lost.”

“You were playing tricks. This can only be regarded as an unfinished bet.” Unexpectedly, he also experienced being schemed against, and it was a woman too.

“With this paper as proof, the emperor still wants to say the bet is unfinished?” Bai Xi shook the contract in her hand with a grin on her face.

Ye Mu Li glanced at Feng Ming and Bai Yu Jie. He then looked unwillingly at Bai Xi. “Okay, We will conclude the bet. Little Xi Xi, what are your terms?”

“I haven’t thought of any yet. I need to think about it.” This was a bet made on a whim, so she hadn’t had any conditions yet.

An indifferent voice said, “She didn’t. I did.” Everyone’s gaze instantly moved to Feng Ming.

“The five-year agreement has come to fruition. Shouldn’t it be time for you to fulfil your promise?” Feng Ming said lightly and ignored everyone’s looks.

“Oh? But We don’t think the five-year agreement has come to fruition.” What kind of result was this draw?

“The day before the Mid-Autumn festival was when the results were decided.”

“What?” Ye Mu Li was taken aback. The two of them had competed before, and it was on the day before the Mid-Autumn festival? Why didn’t he know?

Everyone was stunned, including Bai Xi. Her older brother and Feng Ming had already fought, and it was the day before the Mid-Autumn festival? But she thought Feng Ming hadn’t returned to the capital at that time. Could it be that her older brother went to find Feng Ming to start a fight? That didn’t sound right. She remembered seeing her older brother again that day. Therefore, Feng Ming must have returned to the capital already and only appeared in Luo Yue Xuan early in the morning.

“Mm.” Bai Yu Jie agreed.

“Little Ming Ming, did you win?”

Too bad nobody answered him, but the expressions on the two of them told him his answer.

Ye Mu Li secretly regretted that he didn’t see the real match between the two. After controlling his emotions, he only smiled slightly. “Well, what wish does Prime Minister Feng want?” What did Little Ming Ming want? Actually, what did he even need his help with?

“A marriage decree.”

1(表哥) cousin – more specifically, this is a title used to address a male cousin on your mother’s side who is older than you. So it’s more like ‘older cousin brother from the mother’s family’. Since English doesn’t differentiate between cousins, I’ll just use the general term, cousin.

2.(南極仙翁) Antarctic Immoral Weng – also known as the emperor of longevity.

3.I don’t know how to better translate this poem, but it looks like this:

4.(蹴鞠) Cu Ju – ancient Chinese soccer

5.(沙參) Adenophora

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