Chapter 1516: Big Shot/ I Am His Master

Chapter 1807: Big Shot

“What are you doing?” Zhang Dapao glanced at Sui Yuemin and asked.

“I am this resort’s Manager! What do you think I’m doing?” Sui Yuemin behaved like a harmless kitten in front of Yang Ming, yet he now turned into a lion and began to fight.

“Oh, Manager. You can leave now. There is nothing for you here,” Yao Sanpao swayed leisurely over and said as he patted Sui Yuemin’s shoulder.

Sui Yuemin did not know Zhang Dapao and the shop owner, but he knew Yao Sanpao! He was a bully from a nearby village. Yan Sanpao was not as ruthless as Zhang Penbai, but hang Penbai no longer meddled with things like underworld fights. He was also running a legal business of hotels and security companies. So, Yao Sanpao had become really famous in the last half year, thus becoming the new talent.

Usually, Sui Yuemin and Yao Sanpao would not cross each other. Yap Sanpao knew that Sui Yuemin’s backer was the Sui Family of Mount Jing. In the face of a distinguished family like this, Yao Sanpao knew where he stood. Although he was a local bully, those people were very capable. However, Yao Sanpao still couldn’t resist the opportunity to come here to collect money. Sui Yuemin also didn’t have a choice. A small financial loss could prevent disaster, and so he would give Yan Sanpao just a little to get him to leave.

“San… Sanpao, why are you here?” Sui Yuemin was obviously stunned when he saw Yao Sanpao.

“Hehe, Sui Yuemin. A few brothers are here to do business. If you are acquainted with the owner of this car, it’s better for you to not get in the way,” Yao Sanpao said threateningly.

“Yao Sanpao, we don’t usually cross each other. Why are you causing problems in my territory today? Do you not take me seriously?” Sui Yuemin didn’t seem to flinch as he said in a stern voice.

If this car was owned by another guest, Sui Yuemin would not care about it. The hotel parking lot was free and convenient, but they had no obligation to watch the cars. If a car was smashed, it wouldn’t be the hotel’s responsibility.

However, this car belonged to Yang Ming, his newly recognized boss. He could not ignore it! He had just escaped from Yang Ming’s hands earlier, so it was time for him to perform now. If Yang Ming knew that Sui Yuemin had turned a blind eye to someone smashing his car, what would he think?

“I say, Sui Yuemin. Do you really consider yourself a major character in the city? I used to give you face because your elder brother is Sui Yuejin, the head of Mount Jing’s Sui Family. I did not want to start a feud with you,” said Yao Sanpao indifferently. “Your nephew is in power now. I heard that you were kicked out of the Immortal Group a few days ago, and bought this resort for yourself. Don’t think that I don’t know. If you get lost today, we will have no problems. In the future, we will remain separate and not interfere with each other. But if you are nosy, hehe…”

Yao Sanpao was actually not quite willing to oppose Sui Yuemin, the local resort Manager. After all, it was only because the resort existed here that his underground business could exist!

Otherwise, how could there be so many people going out and having fun in this small village? How could there be so many people opening up shops here? Where would he go to collect the protection fees?

However, if Sui Yuemin got in the way of his business forcefully, he could only start a fight. Yao Sanpao was not afraid that Sui Yuemin would bring the resort away. The resort was built here, and it was not as if it could be demolished.

“Yao Sanpao, I will give you a word of advice. If you recognize the situation, leave this place at once. Otherwise, don’t blame me for not warning you. The big shot that will be coming in a while is not someone you can offend.” The reason why Sui Yuemin was so confident was because he knew that Zhang Penbai had followed him and was about to show up. With Zhang Penbai here, there would be no need for Sui Yuemin to be afraid of Yao Sanpao!”

“Big shot? What big shot? Could you, Sui Yuemin, also have some sort of big shot backer? Could it be your dead brother?” Yao Sanpao laughed after hearing Sui Yuemin’s words. “If your dead brother were to come, I would actually give him some face. However, if it’s that brat nephew of yours, you don’t have to mention it. I don’t care about that brat.”

“I was just wondering who is it that is so arrogant. It turns out to be Yao Sanpao. Why? Did you get so sick and bored of being a bully in your own village that you came out for a walk?” Zhang Penbai’s voice was heard. Although he didn’t see how Sui Yuemin and Yao Sanpao had gotten into a conflict before this, Sui Yuemin had been chosen by Yang Ming. It was obvious that Zhang Penbai would have to protect him.

Moreover, Zhang Penbai had long found Yao Sanpao unpleasant to his eyes. This guy was too arrogant. When Guo Jinbiao was around in the past, this kid was honest and humble. After he took over the territory of Jidun City and quit the underworld to start up a legal business, Yao Sanpao thought that he was weak and began to fight.

“Pfft, I was just wondering who the big shot would be. It turns out to be Zhang Penbai!” Yao Sanpao said in slight disdain when he saw Zhang Penbai come over. Zhang Penbai couldn’t stand Yao Sanpao, and Yao Sanpao also couldn’t stand Zhang Penbai.

Zhang Penbai was like a huge mountain pressing on Yao Sanpao’s head in Jidun City, making it impossible for him to maneuver. Although Yao Sanpao was already a big boss in this mountain village, Zhang Penbai was the big boss of Jidun City. Yao Sanpao’s village was just one of the villages in Jidun City. The gap between these two was as vast as the gap between the sky and the earth!

Yao Sanpao had long wanted to replace Zhang Penbai. You say that you are now engaged in legitimate industries, so why are you still holding the name of an underworld boss? Doesn’t this equate to being a dog in the manger [1]?

In the past, Yao Sanpao was afraid of Zhang Penbai’s capability and did not dare to do much to him. On the surface, he would still appear respectful. However, things were different now. Today, he had his fourth brother, Feng Sibiao, by his side. He was someone with the Boxing King status. No matter how great Zhang Penbai’s men were, they would probably get beaten up badly by Feng Sibiao.

When Zhang Penbai heard Yao Sanpao’s arrogant words, his face muscles twitched. He didn’t expect Yao Sanpao to be so bold. Yao Sanpao dared to call him by his name, and even had a face full of disdain.

Although Zhang Penbai knew that Yao Sanpao did not respect him before, he still appeared respectful on the surface. This was why Zhang Penbai also had no intention of doing anything to Yao Sanpao.

“Yao Sanpao, have you been a bit impatient recently?” Zhang Penbai frowned and asked Yao Sanpao.

Yao Sanpao in turn smiled strangely and patted Feng Sibiao’s shoulder. “Fourth brother, I shall hand this man over to you.”

Feng Sibiao nodded. He took a step forward, and asked as he looked at Zhang Penbai, “Third Brother, is this the martial arts expert?”

“No, he’s just a pretender. He didn’t know what to do after opening a few venues in Jidun City, and came over to show off in our West Star Village!” said Yao Sanpao. “Fourth brother, show him!”

“No problem.” Feng Sibiao nodded. “Since you are not some martial arts expert, I have no need to chat with you!”

After saying this, Feng Sibiao rushed over to Zhang Penbai. Zhang Penbai was also a fighting expert before this. When he saw that Feng Sibiao was coming at him with ill intentions, his face changed. He didn’t expect that Yao Sanpao would dare to let someone attack him. Did Yao Sanpao take something for him to have the guts of a leopard, or does he have some sort of backer? And who exactly is this fourth brother?

However, before Zhang Penbai could think about it in detail, Feng Sibiao’s punch flew over. Zhang Penbai was just about to dodge, but he was shocked to find out that his opponent’s punch was too quick. He was unable to respond, and the punch smashed into the bridge of his nose. Blood sprayed out immediately, and Zhang Penbai was knocked out to the ground by that punch.

Zhang Penbai had not fought in a very long time. No matter how good he was at fighting, how could he be a professional boxer’s opponent? Zhang Penbai’s underling, Qiang Zi, was just about to check on Zhang Penbai. However, he also realized that a fist was coming quickly toward him. It was his final trace of consciousness before he also got knocked out.

The underlings Yao Sanpao brought over all looked at Feng Sibiao in admiration. What an instantaneous defeat! A true instantaneous defeat! The fights they usually fought were group fights, and it was unusual for them to knock people out even after fighting for a long time. Feng Sibiao was incredible. He got rid of Zhang Penbai and that little brother with just one punch!

At that moment, Feng Sibiao’s image had immediately become a godlike existence in these followers’ eyes! This was Zhang Penbai, a man whom they used to be incredibly afraid of. Feng Sibiao had actually knocked him out with no hesitation!

Chapter 1808: I am His Master

“Fourth brother, you are too great. Could this be the perfect combination of speed and strength?” An underling asked in excitement.

“This is considered nothing!” Feng Sibiao waved his hands mysteriously. “They are just small fries. I didn’t even have to use ten percent of my strength!”

“Ah! You’re already so great with less than ten percent of your strength?” Yan Sanpao’s men exclaimed.

“In a while, when the martial arts expert comes, I will show more than fifty percent of my skills. Look carefully then. That will be the perfect combination of power and speed!” said Feng Sibiao.

Sui Yuemin did not expect that Yao Sanpao had become so arrogant. He didn’t even take Zhang Penbai seriously. Although Sui Yuemin was anxious to show his loyalty toward Yang Ming, he couldn’t just give up his life. He ran quickly toward the villa after Feng Sibiao knocked out Zhang Penbai…

“Third Brother… That boy fled…” Feng Sibiao looked at Sui Yuemin’s silhouette and said to Yao Sanpao.

“En, let him go. He is going to report to that martial expert. You can tell that Zhang Penbai and Sui Yuemin are probably with that brat!” Yao Sanpao was not a fool. He could already infer the relationship between these people when Sui Yuemin stopped him from smashing the car.

However, Yao Sanpao was not worried about anything. Today, he was simply in for an inch, in for a mile [2]. Since Zhang Penbai had already been knocked out, a few more people wouldn’t matter. When Feng Sibiao defeats the martial arts expert after he arrives, his position in Jidun city would definitely be established.

“Bad news… Brother Yang, something has happened!” Sui Yuemin rushed hastily to Yang Ming’s room door. After looking back to see that no one was after him, he let out a sigh of relief. He didn’t think that Yao Sanpao would come to cause trouble here today. He didn’t even put Zhang Penbai in his eyes. It was apparent that he was prepared.

Hearing the loud knocking on the door as well as Sui Yuemin’s yells, Yang Ming opened the door with some astonishment. He looked at the panicked Sui Yuemin and asked, “What happened to you?”

“Brother Yang, bad news! Something big has happened!” Sui Yuemin said, “Yao Sanpao brought a group of people here to cause trouble!”

“Yao Sanpao? Who is Yao Sanpao?” Yang Ming had never heard of such a name.

“Yao Sanpao is a village bully in West Star Village here at West Star Mountain. He has a few men under him, and is extremely arrogant in this area. However, he has never caused me any trouble!” Sui Yuemin said in a breath, “But I’m not sure what happened today. He brought a few men to the resort and went straight to your BMW wanting to smash it. I just so happened to see it when I went downstairs and immediately went over to stop them. However, Yao Sanpao didn’t give me any face. Afterward, Brother Bai came out. As a result, Yao Sanpao ordered someone called Fourth Brother to deal with him. He knocked out Zhang Penbai and his man to the ground with just one punch. I then immediately came upstairs to report to you!”

Although Sui Yuemin was panicking, he was still articulate and concise. He spoke with simple words but precise meaning. Yang Ming understood what he was saying easily. In general, someone called Yao Sanpao had come to cause trouble, and wanted to smash his car.

Yao Sanpao… I don’t remember such a person though?

“Yao Sanpao… What’s his relationship with Zhang Dapao?” Yang Ming suddenly thought of Zhang Dapao from the barbecue restaurant before. The only name he knew with the word “Pao” in it was Zhang Dapao. There was no one else.

“Zhang Dapao? He is Yao Sanpao’s sworn brother. Yao Sanpao is his third brother.” Sui Yuemin knew Zhang Dapao, and so he blurted out.

“Oh? Sworn brothers?” Enlightened, Yang Ming nodded. “That’s it then. I know why they came.”

Yang Ming didn’t expect that the owner of the barbecue restaurant had still not given up, and that Zhang Dapao had used one of his sworn brothers, Yao Sanpao, to cause a scene. That was why they wanted to smash his car.

It was just unfortunate that Sui Yuemin and Zhang Penbai had spotted it. As a result, Zhang Penbai was unlucky, and Sui Yuemin had run up to report the news.

It was possible that Yao Sanpao had deliberately let Sui Yuemin go to notify Yang Ming, to make him go downstairs.

“Let’s go. I’ll take a look with you.” Yang Ming said as he stood up.

“Yang Ming… I want to go too!” Jing Xiaolu wanted to join in on the fun when she heard that the incident was caused by Zhang Dapao.

“Let’s go together then.” Yang Ming simply didn’t take Zhang Dapao or Yao Sanpao seriously. So, he agreed easily when Jing Xiaolu proposed to go together.

“Brother Yang, the opponent has a very powerful man. He managed to knock out Brother Bai and his man with just one punch. They have even brought a whole group of people. Perhaps…?” Sui Yuemin asked with concern.

“No need. Let’s go straight away.” Yang Ming stopped Sui Yuemin from continuing. Sui Yuemin’s intention was probably to stop Yang Ming from going downstairs for now. He wanted to call a few men, and only go downstairs after a while.

Sui Yuemin stopped talking when he saw Yang Ming’s persistence. He went downstairs with Yang Ming and Jing Xiaolu.

When Yang Ming appeared at the villa’s entrance, he saw a BMW that had broken front and rear windows. Naturally, it was Jing Xiaolu’s. Perhaps the metal body of the car was relatively strong, hence only the glass was shattered. In a short period of time, no other serious damage had been done.

“Third Brother, Fourth Brother. It’s him!” Zhang Dapao recognized Yang Ming and Jing Xiaolu at a glance. “That’s the kid!”

“Fourth Brother, it’s up to you!” Yao Sanpao patted Feng Sibiao’s shoulder and said as he knew that the main character was coming.

Feng Sibiao nodded. He took a few big steps and strode toward Yang Ming. “I heard that you are incredibly powerful? A martial arts expert? You can single-handedly fight several men? Hehe, kid. Today, I will let you see what we call the perfect combination of speed and power!”

Yang Ming frowned as he looked at Feng Sibiao! This person is so familiar. I have definitely met him before… Wait…

“Your name is Feng Sibiao, right?” Yang Ming did not answer Feng Sibiao’s question, but asked directly.

Feng Sibiao didn’t expect the kid in front of him to call out his name. He was stunned. “How do you know?”

“You have a younger brother, Fei Biao. Right?” Yang Ming continued to ask.

“You… Who are you?” It was not unusual to be able to call out Feng Sibiao’s name. Many people had watched Feng Sibiao’s matches when he fought in the underground boxing ring. It was possible to know his name. However, there were not many people who were able to call out his brother’s name!

“I didn’t think that you had recovered,” Yang Ming looked at Feng Sibiao and said calmly. “I thought that my disciple had beaten you into a vegetative state.”

Yang Ming had completely confirmed Feng Sibiao’s identity when he saw Feng Sibiao’s shocked expression! Feng Sibiao was the southern underground boxing champion whom one of Yu Xiangde’s men, Fei Biaom had brought to fight against Hou Zhenhan. As a result, he was defeated instantly by Hou Zhenhan!

Yang Ming remembered clearly as he had studied this person in detail back then.

“Your disciple… Who is your disciple?” Feng Sibiao was even more taken aback when he heard Yang Ming’s words. An ominous premonition flooded his heart.

“Hou Zhenhan. Don’t you remember?” Yang Ming smiled as he looked at Feng Sibiao. “He didn’t make you lose your memory, right?”

“You … You are Hou Zhenhan’s master?” Feng Sibiao’s face twisted up immediately when he heard that name! Hou Zhenhan was an eternal pain in his heart!

That kind of strength was not something he could compete with. The quick defeat inflicted by his opponent led to a great trauma in Feng Sibiao’s heart. The reason why he had not reached his peak after recuperating for the last half year was also because of this trauma!

In other words, the three words, Hou Zhenhan, had become the ghosts of Feng Sibiao’s heart.

Feng Sibiao did not expect that this person who stood in front of him was actually Hou Zhenhan’s master! Of course, Feng Sibiao was not a fool. However, this was in fact an incredibly private matter that even Yao Sanpao didn’t know about. Excluding the people involved, who else could have known about this?

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