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Chapter 55

These words immediately set off a small storm and everyone at present was shocked. Prime Minister Feng, His Excellency, The Ice Lord was requesting the emperor for a marriage decree? Were they dreaming? Some people pinched themselves hard and found that it hurt, which meant that this wasn’t a dream. Prime Minister Feng really asked for a marriage decree from the emperor.

Some were weak of heart and unwilling to accept the facts, so they suddenly passed out, but nobody paid attention to them right now. Those who hadn’t fainted wanted to know who it was Prime Minister Feng wanted to marry. They wanted to know who actually got the heart of the Ice Lord.

Bai Chong Yuan was also taken aback and dug his ears to make sure he had not misheard. The smile on his face froze and only returned to normal after a long time.

“Ming boy, are you sure?” Bai Chong Yuan’s voice was not as friendly and light-hearted as before, and was now serious.

He wanted to match the girl and Ming boy together, but wasn’t this a bit too fast? He didn’t want to marry her off yet. Last time, he just talked casually since he wanted to make fun of that girl. Now this guy wanted to marry her so soon? He couldn’t bear it.

He didn’t receive a response. Those indifferent gold eyes seemed to be staring at Bai Xi and Ye Mu Li.

Bai Jin Hang stood calmly, but after hearing his father’s question, his brows furrowed slightly. It was strange. Wasn’t this the result that his father wanted for a long time? Why was his father’s tone a bit reluctant? In fact, if Xi’r really married Feng Ming, then wouldn’t Xi’r be happy? Because of this, Xi’r would be protected well. Even if those people knew Xi’r’s identity, they couldn’t hurt her anymore, right?

Bai Yu Jie was pale and he didn’t make a sound. His gaze was focused on Bai Xi’s ordinary face.

Ye Mu Li raised his eyebrows and looked between Bai Xi and Feng Ming before he said, “Prime Minister Feng wants Us to give a marriage decree?”

“Yes.” A simple word once again caused the atmosphere to become suffocating.

Bai Xi was considered to be the most ordinary person here, so the things they were discussing seemed like they had nothing to do with her. In fact, it really had nothing to do with her because she knew that the person Feng Ming was requesting a marriage for was not her, so he was not requesting a marriage for himself.

If anyone asked her why she thought this, she could only say it was intuition. If she is further asked to give a reason, she could only say that Feng Ming would not allow Ye Mu Li to interfere with his matters, let alone such a major event in his life.

“Okay, for your steadfastness, We will certainly help you with this wish.” Ye Mu Li slapped his thighs and laughed, as if he already knew why Feng Ming was requesting a marriage decree.

Some people were confused. Why did the emperor’s tone feel like His Excellency, The Ice Lord would ask for the marriage because the woman’s side did not approve of this marriage? Did they understand it wrong?

However, some officials who knew of the situation also had no idea. It couldn’t be that General Bai didn’t allow the Bai family’s second young miss to marry Prime Minister Feng, so Prime Minister Feng asked the emperor? But, just now in the hall, didn’t it seem like General Bai liked Prime Minister Feng a lot? What was going on?

“Ming boy, are you sure?” Bai Chong Yuan asked seriously again as he walked over to Feng Ming. He wouldn’t allow him to escape.

“Yes.” Gold eyes looked down, glancing faintly at Bai Chong Yuan.


“General Bai, isn’t this what you have hoped for?” Ye Mu Li asked with a light smile.

“This…” It was good, but he didn’t want Xi girl to leave him so soon.

“General Bai, the relevant party hasn’t said anything. That means she’s looking forward to it. In this case, we shouldn’t hinder their happy life,” Ye Mu Li said pointedly as he looked at Bai Xi standing next to him.

It was only now that Bai Chong Yuan noticed Bai Xi’s odd behaviour. He remembered the disapproval when he first mentioned that he wanted to marry her off, so this time she should be displeased. But, she was standing there quietly. Could it be that, during those few days, this girl liked the guy from the Feng family?

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And Bai Yu Jie, who had been watching Bai Xi this entire time, had guessed it. In addition to the previous incident in the courtyard, his heart had sunk. Xi’r, who he had been guarding for over ten years, is about to leave him.

Some confused guests seemed to have guessed something, but a few more suddenly fainted.

“We must strike while the iron is still hot. We will immediately return to the palace to order the marriage.” If Little Ming Ming does marry Little Xi Xi, then even when their agreed deadline has passed, he will still have a reason to keep Little Ming Ming by his side. For Feng Ming to continue to be prime minister, how could he let go of this good opportunity?

“No need. You can just wait here,” Feng Ming said indifferently. Ye Mu Li, who was about to return to the palace, stopped.



“Wait?” What did he mean?

Everyone was confused again. Didn’t Prime Minister Feng ask for a marriage? Why did he stop the emperor from returning to the palace to make the decree? What was going on? Why did Prime Minister Feng tell the emperor to wait?

The entire banquet had stopped because of the fight between Prime Minister Feng and Young General Bai, and now it had stopped completely. Everyone stood in their original positions, not daring to move or sit or leave. Time passed by slowly and Qing Wu, who had disappeared before, suddenly appeared in front of everyone with many yellow silk cloths in his hand. Aren’t those imperial decrees? Yes, they were. How did Prime Minister Feng have imperial decrees?


“Affix a seal to it.” Gold eyes looked at Ye Mu Li.

Qing Wu handed the imperial decree over, along with a special seal.

The elegant smile on Ye Mu Li’s face froze, and his expression became serious. He was radiating hostility and people inside could feel it.

Bai Xi looked over at Ye Mu Li, who was no longer amiable. It seemed that this person was a smiling tiger. She was curious as to how Qing Wu stole the jade seal from the heavily guarded imperial study. Apart from her, the faces of the three officials who saw the jade seal in Qing Wu’s hands instantly turned pale. This…. This was too scary.

Bai Chong Yuan was taken aback, thinking that Ming boy was too courageous. But, if this had happened with someone else, it would have been scary. Since it was Ming boy, then it was merely surprising. It seemed that nobody could stop him. Was he really in such a hurry to marry that girl?

Bai Yu Jie’s eyes changed slightly.

Ye Mu Li picked up the imperial decree and looked at it seriously. The next moment, the aura on his body became less cold until his seriousness was replaced with laughter.

“Haha…” His stern laughter interrupted the solemn atmosphere.

“Eh?” Everyone was confused. They thought that today was both the most memorable day of their lives and also the most confusing day of their lives.

“Can this matter be resolved quickly?” Bai Xi asked. She was tired, even if they were not.

“The seal,” Feng Ming said at the same time.

“You have a good heart.” Ye Mu Li glanced at Bai Yu Jie apologetically before affixing the seal to the imperial decree.

Bai Yu Jie’s figure staggered a bit, but Bai Jin Hang stood beside him, so nobody noticed his strange behaviour.

“Is Prime Minister Feng satisfied?” Ye Mu Li ground his teeth. He was schemed against twice today.

Moreover, his people couldn’t stop Little Ming Ming’s people from taking the jade seal from the imperial study. They also prepared a decree. At this moment, he was glad that the offending party was Little Ming Ming and not an enemy.

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Feng Ming didn’t speak, but he smiled slightly.

“Is Lord He here?”

“Answering the emperor, this official is here!”

“Here is the imperial decree!”

“Yes.” After Lord He took the imperial decree and looked at the contents. He glanced over at Ye Mu Li, confused. It wasn’t until Ye Mu Li nodded that he opened his mouth and read out the contents. “Announcing the imperial decree!”

“Young General Bai should receive the decree!”


“Why is the imperial decree for Young General Bai?”

“Yeah, shouldn’t it be for Prime Minister Feng?”

Bai Yu Jie was startled and suddenly understood the apologetic look in the emperor’s eyes. Bai Xi also understood what Feng Ming’s purpose was in proposing a marriage decree. She guessed right. This man did not ask for the marriage for himself, but for her older brother. But what does her older brother’s marriage have to do with him? Also, why did that Yao or Ya sound familiar? Oh, right, wasn’t that the woman that the old man chose?

“Young General Bai should receive the decree!” Lord He announced again when he noticed that Bai Yu Jie had no response.

Everyone looked at Bai Yu Jie. It took a long time before they saw him kneel to receive the decree.

“By the grace of god, the emperor’s edict states: We heard that the Yao Xin Ya, the daughter of Yao Ri Shan, the Minister of Revenue, is skilled and generous, gentle and honest, and a true beauty. The Young General of the Bai household has come of age and should select a worthy woman for marriage. Among the women who have not yet been betrothed, she and Young General Bai could be said to have been created by the heavens and earth. For the sake of the beauty, We sanction a marriage between these two people. They will be married on the sixth of the next month. Respect this decree!”

It was silent. Nobody had recovered from hearing the content of the imperial decree. The imperial decree was actually sanctioning a marriage for Young General Bai. After a long time, it turned out that Prime Minister Feng was asking for a marriage for Young General Bai and not himself. Why? Prime Minister Feng’s wish is for the emperor to give a marriage to Young General Bai? They didn’t understand.

Bai Chong Yuan was also surprised. The purpose of the boy’s request was… Hehe, it looked like Ming boy also fooled him.

Bai Yu Jie stood aside without saying a word after he received the decree. He stared at Feng Ming coldly and was greeted by gold eyes. A smile flashed across his face and he said with his exclusive indifference, “Congratulations.”

“Yeah, Jie, congratulations, congratulations. We will definitely come and drink a glass of wine for your wedding. We have eaten enough and it is time to return to the palace.” Ye Mu Li stepped away. “Right, Young Master Mu Rong is also full.”

“Mm.” Mu Rong Qing Chen nodded.

“Why don’t you come with Us to discuss tomorrow’s Cu Ju game?”


Mu Rong Qing Chen bid farewell to Bai Chong Yuan and left the Bai mansion with Ye Mu Li.

“Old Man Bai’s birthday part will continue. After a cup of tea, all the dishes for today’s banquet will be delivered by Yi Pin Lou. I even gave the wedding gift to Young General Bai in advance,” Feng Ming said indifferently as he gracefully turned around to leave.

“Ming boy, today is this old man’s birthday. That gift is natural for this old man. You need to give another gift when the time comes,” Bai Chong Yuan smiled and shouted at Feng Ming, who was gradually walking away.

“Fine. Everyone, this old man’s birthday banquet continues. Everyone should eat and drink to their heart’s content. The dishes from Yi Pin Lou will be delivered later.” Bai Chong Yuan’s clear laughter brought back the stunned guests. The strange atmosphere lifted.

The tables and seats were cleaned up and all the dishes from Yi Pin Lou were brought to the Bai mansion after a cup of tea. After that commotion, the banquet continued as if nothing happened before, although everyone understood what happened in their hearts.

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Bai Xi was full. Instead of staying in the front hall, she went back to Xi Yuan. However, after she took a few steps, she heard the voices from some of her female relatives, one of which was familiar.

“Younger sister Lin, was that woman just now the Bai family’s second young miss?”


“She’s really as the rumours say. But how can such a woman stand next to the emperor? I heard that she was sitting with His Excellency, The Ice Lord for a meal. Why can she get such special treatment?” That voice was full of anger and jealousy.

“That’s because my grandfather loves her, my father pampers her, and even older brother protects her. Otherwise, she wouldn’t be able to get close to the emperor or His Excellency, The Ice Lord with her looks.” Bai Lin’s voice was full of jealousy.

“Younger sister Lin, you are all young misses of the Bai family, so why does that ugly woman get so much love?”

Bai Lin’s entire face turned grim.

“I heard some rumours a few days ago that said His Excellency, The Ice Lord liked that ugly woman. What did that ugly woman do to get His Excellency, The Ice Lord’s attention?”

Bai Lin paled. “What? Older sister Yang, are you telling me the truth? Is there really such a rumour?”

“Of course it’s true. It was on the day of the Qi Xi festival. I heard that this rumour had been spread in the palace long ago, and I heard it from Princess Min Min, so it must be true.”


“Younger sister Lin, we aren’t… Ah…” The woman did not finish her sentence as there was a pain in her stomach, like she had been kicked.

“Older sister Yang, what’s wrong?”

“Someone kicked me.”

The other side

Bai Xi no longer wanted to listen anymore, so she turned and left.

“Young miss, should we tell the old master about this matter?” Mu Qiu asked after seeing this scene.

“No need.”

“Eh? But it seems that the third young miss and Young Miss Xing want to deal with the young miss?” The third young miss looked so scary just now, like she wanted to kill the young miss.

“They are not qualified enough.” Now that she finally knows how to use her internal strength, it turns out the relationship between half siblings was this troublesome. But, Feng Ming said that the internal force in her body had not yet been completely stabilised. In order to avoid any backlash, she shouldn’t use her internal force when he wasn’t present.

“Yes, the young miss learned martial arts from the incoming master. The third young miss is definitely not the young miss’s opponent.”

Bai Xi turned around and knocked Mu Qiu’s forehead. “Remember, don’t call him the incoming master.”

“But A-Wu said that the young miss is already the incoming master’s wife,” Mu Qiu said in an aggrieved tone as she raised her hand to cover the place which had been hit.

“Eh? Little Qiu Qiu, I suddenly feel that you and Qing Qu are a good match. How about I play matchmaker and marry you to him?” These two had met several times. How come they have become so familiar?

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Mu Qiu’s eyes widened. “Young miss, I don’t want that!”

“Then it’s decided.” The more scared this girl was, the more she spoke like this, hehe!

Along the way, Bai Xi didn’t pay attention to Mu Qiu. No matter what Mu Qiu said, she just smiled or pretended not to hear. After returning to Xi Yuan, she lay on the comfortable bed. Heaven knows how much she missed this soft bed.

It didn’t take her long to fall asleep. She didn’t know how long she slept before she felt someone beside the bed. She felt as though that person was staring at her. Just when she was hesitating to open her eyes, a familiar voice spoke.

“Xi’r, from now on, I can only be your older brother.”

After that, she felt a kiss on her forehead, and the figure disappeared. At the same moment, Bai Xi opened her eyes and looked at the closed door.

Older brother? What happened to him? What does he mean by being her older brother? She felt sleepy again, so she decided not to think any longer and went back to sleep.

Second Day

Mu Qiu had just set up lunch. After hesitating for a while, she said, “Young miss, A-Wu said that… Your lover asked you to find him.” Mu Qiu ran out with a squeak, leaving Bai Xi behind with the corners of her mouth twitching.

Lover? Little Qiu Qiu also knew this word? Or did someone teach her? It must be that damn monkey.

Qing Wu suddenly sneezed and rubbed his nose. “Am I catching a cold?”

Inside Luo Yue Xuan

Feng Ming leaned back on the chair, his eyes looking indifferently at the black figure.

“This is the result of your efforts the past seven days.”

“Yes.” Qing Yun didn’t dare to raise his head. The past seven days, he wanted to slam his head against a wall. How was he supposed to marry and kiss someone? The master asked him to find a woman but… He didn’t dare to ask his subordinates, or the news would spread and he would be made out as a joke. He finally came up with this idea, an erotic magazine. This would have the answer his master wanted, right?

“Older brother, older brother… Strange. Why is older brother strange today? After a few days, older brother knows how to shake the god? How rare, really rare,” Qing Wu muttered to himself.

When Bai Xi arrived at Luo Yue Xuan, she found the monkey muttering to himself. “What’s rare?”

“Madam, you’ve come.”

Bai Xi frowned slightly. “Monkey, can’t you change your way of address?”

“Why?” He felt that his way of address was good and master praised him for it. Why would he change it.

Bai Xi didn’t continue arguing with Qing Wu. She knew that if this man wanted to change it, he would have already.

“Strange, people are weird today,” Qing Wu said to himself again, looking back at who entered the room.

After Bai Xi stepped into the room, she saw the man reading a book extremely seriously. She wondered what kind of book would cause Feng Ming to look so serious.

Bai Xi slowed down and held her breath as she approached. Feng Ming seemed to be engrossed in the book, so he didn’t notice Bai Xi gradually approaching him.

“An erotic magazine?”

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