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Chapter 56 – How About A Real Life Version?

She thought that this man was studying an important book, which was why he was so serious, but it turned out to be an erotic magazine. No wonder he didn’t even notice her come in. She was really careful.

Feng Ming raised his eyes to meet the curious black pupils of Bai Xi. There was no tension in those golden eyes or embarrassment or shame at being caught. He was indifferent, and even when he closed the book, he did so elegantly, as if it wasn’t an erotic magazine but an ordinary book.

“You’ve arrived.”

Bai Xi rolled her eyes. This person was so calm. Even when he was caught, he could still greet her so calmly. He was pretending.

“Show me the erotic magazine.” She was curious as to what erotic magazines looked like in the ancient times.

“You want to look?”

“You don’t want to show me?” When Bai Xi finished speaking, she reached out to grab the magazine from Feng Ming. She thought he wouldn’t let her see it, but she managed to get it so easily.

“You looking is not a bad idea.”

“Hm?” Bai Xi was surprised. She could take a look? It seemed that this book was very good for her. Wait, what did he mean? It couldn’t be that… But she wouldn’t be fooled so easily. This man was pretending. She didn’t want to bypass this topic.

As soon as Bai Xi opened the first page, she regretted it a little. Her enthusiasm quickly died. It just depicted a man and a woman making love. How ordinary. Even if she hadn’t done it before, she could still tell what it was. Besides, she and a close friend had watched this sort of thing before, so she wasn’t affected.

She also heard that these erotic drawings were also called dowry drawings. The day before a woman gets married, the woman’s family will give her a copy of some erotic drawings. Therefore, this was an ordinary book.

In order to look at it, Bai Xi sat next to Feng Ming. Suddenly, Bai Xi opened one of the pages and was amazed. “There are actually 69 things in here. You have it in your collection.”


“You don’t understand? This is a 69.” Bai Xi pointed at the erotic picture with it. “Weren’t you studying just now? Didn’t you see this?”

Gold eyes looked at the so-called 69, but his indifferent, jade-like face was stained with a touch of pink embarrassment. After hearing Bai Xi’s words, he looked away.

Bai Xi was in a very good mood upon seeing his reaction. It turned out that this man would blush as well. Suddenly, Bai Xi closed the distance between them and said with a smile, “You didn’t have enough time to study it. I caught you.”

It’s a pity that a certain person didn’t respond. However, Bai Xi wouldn’t let him dodge this topic, rather, she continued this line of questioning. “I heard that these erotic magazines come in a set of thirty-two. How many have you collected?”

Feng Ming didn’t say a word and glanced out the window. Actually, he still didn’t know what he was looking at. Bai Xi looked at his godly beautiful face and found it difficult to imagine that this man would look at erotic magazines.

“Finished looking?” Feng Ming suddenly looked at Bai Xi. Before she could answer, he said, “I’ll give it to you.”

“No need, no need. You can keep it.” Bai Xi fiercely shoved the magazine back at Feng Ming. She retreated. She wasn’t that interested and had only looked at it out of curiosity.

“Take it.”


“Take it.”

The two fought like this for a while. In the end, Bai Xi impatiently shouted, “I have seen the real thing. You are boring!”

Feng Ming’s eyebrows rose and his gold eyes stared straight at the black pupils, who avoided his look. Bai Xi was annoyed with herself. How could she say such a thing in the moment? He must think that she was obsessed with sex. Originally it was him who was caught in the act, but now the tables had turned.

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“You have seen the real version?”

Bai Xi laughed weakly. Why did she feel that there was an unknown, dangerous feeling behind that question, even though his expression remained indifferent?

“You say this is boring?”

“Hehe, actually it isn’t a real version.” Bai Xi rose and took a few steps back. She felt uncomfortable under his gaze.

“It was a mistake. I was mistaken. I should say that these pictures are quite realistic.”

It’s a pity that someone still stared at her without blinking.

“I was mistaken. I meant that this has that kind of visual effect. Yes, a visual effect. In fact, nothing happened. Do you understand?” Bai Xi asked him cautiously.


Bai Xi breathed a sigh of relief that the man agreed, but…

“You look at it alone?”

Bai Xi became nervous once more. Why was this topic still not finished?

“Bai Xi, do you watch it alone?” he asked lightly, going so far as to call her by her full name.


“With who?”

“Eh…” What happened to her? Why should she be afraid of him? Isn’t it just looking at porn? Who hasn’t seen a couple by now?

“With who?” Feng Ming rose and approached Bai Xi, grabbing her by the jaw and making her look directly at him.

“I… I look at it by myself.”

“Be honest.” Feng Ming’s tone had softened, and was somewhat coaxing.

“This… This is the truth.”

Before she finished speaking, Feng Ming kissed her. Bai Xi’s eyes widened and he kissed her again. Since they were actually a couple, she couldn’t blame him for this move as kissing was common as a couple.

“Why don’t we try a live version that isn’t just visual effects?” Feng Ming smiled charmingly.

“Huh?” Live version? “Hehe, you must be joking.”

“I’m not joking.”

Bai Xi was shocked. The words were stuck in her throat.

After taking a deep look at Bai Xi, Feng Ming let go of her and said, “Tell Little White Face to come find me tomorrow.”

“Why?” Bai Xi turned around and asked. She was relieved, but why did this man suddenly change the subject?

“You don’t need to know.”

“He is not free.”

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“Then the day after.”

“He is also not free.”

“Little White Face will be free,” Feng Ming said with an unpredictable smile.


“The day after tomorrow. Yi Pin Lou. Tian Zi room number one.”

Bai Xi wondered how this man was so sure that she would go the day after tomorrow. No, it should be Little White Face who would go. She then followed Feng Ming to the other end of the room. Only then did she realise that his room was originally connected to the study. She then noticed the style of his room.

The pillars in the room were made of white marble. The surrounding walls were made of white stone bricks. Gold orchids bloomed amongst the white stones, and slivers of sunlight peeked through the hollow carved window. This man was too luxurious.


Bai Xi walked over obediently and sat on the white marble chair by the desk.

“Copy it.” As soon as Bai Xi sat down, Feng Ming threw a thick book at her. No, it was a scripture. Suddenly, Bai Xi was dispirited. Hard days were soon to come.

“You can’t copy?” he spit out with an imploring tone. If he wanted her to meditate, there were many other ways to meditate. She didn’t have to copy scriptures.


“You made me come here to copy this?”


“I don’t…” Before she could continue, the man seemed to be able to read her thoughts. “After only a few days, you already forgot to respect your teacher?”

These words immediately made Bai Xi deflate. “But we are lovers, so there’s no need for respect for the teacher.”

“It’s okay if you don’t copy this.” Feng Ming’s words made Bai Xi energetic and she looked at him with sparkling eyes. Suddenly, she felt that he was actually quite gentle.

“The day after tomorrow. Yi Pin Lou. Tian Zi room number one.”

“Okay, that’s fine. He will be there on time.” Wasn’t it just a meeting? It was no problem. As long as she doesn’t have to copy scriptures, he could meet anyone.

A smile flashed across his gold eyes. He fulfilled his promise and took the scripture, but he replaced it with a foreign book. Even though it was thinner, it was still a scripture.

“Didn’t you say I don’t need to copy it?” Bai Xi stared at the scripture in her hand and realised that she had been tricked by him.

“Mm, you don’t need to copy that one anymore, but I didn’t say you could stop copying, my good disciple,” Feng Ming said with a smile.

His words of ‘a good disciple’ suppressed her anger. It was her fault for promising so quickly. If she knew that this would happen, she wouldn’t have promised him.

“This…” Bai Xi stopped suddenly, and a pair of black pupils looked at the inkstone on the desk. She wondered how the inkstone was a blood red colour.

“Blood inkstone,” Feng Ming said lightly.

“Oh.” Bai Xi nodded. The Feng family was really rich. Everything in this room was expensive, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that he had a rare blood inkstone. Even the brush was made of sapphires. In fact, Ye Mu Li was correct. This man really knew how to enjoy himself.

Therefore, Bai Xi ended up copying scriptures until evening. During this period, Feng Ming didn’t leave. He just lay on the couch in the study and read a book. Nobody spoke. The only sounds heard were the sounds of the book.

Bai Xi stretched. She was tired, but she found that while she was copying scriptures, her mood was quite peaceful.

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“Hungry?” At the same time, Feng Ming also put the book down and stood up. His expression was soft and even his tone of voice was somewhat gentle.

“Mm.” Bai Xi nodded her head after touching her stomach.

White sliced chicken, roast duck, sweet and sour pork ribs, hydrangea scallops, braised swallow… They were all her favourite dishes, but yesterday that man said that she didn’t like to eat it, so why did he…

“Why did you always take the food out of my bowl yesterday?”

“The people weren’t right.”

“What do you mean?”

“You can only eat what I give you,” Feng Ming said, as if it was obvious. He also put a chicken leg inside her bowl.

 “Are you jealous?” For some reason, she felt a bit happy when she learned that he was jealous.

Someone didn’t respond and instead ate slowly.

“But it was my older brother.”

“Still no good.”

“How about the old man? She remembered that the old man gave her food, but he didn’t take it away.

“Forgot,” Feng Ming replied lightly.

Bai Xi smiled slightly and ate her favourite chicken leg.

“How rude.”

“But you like it, don’t you?” Bai Xi was not upset or shy at his words. She was in a good mood.


“By the way, why did you make Ye Mu Li give a marriage decree to my older brother?” She thought about it for a long time, but she couldn’t figure out the reason behind his actions. Also, how did he know that woman was the one who the old man was trying to arrange a marriage for her brother with? It seemed unlikely that it was due to jealousy.

“You let me do it.”

Bai Xi was surprised. Her black pupils looked at those golden eyes full of innocence. She let him do it? When did she let him make Ye Mu Li do something like that? Why didn’t she know? Why did he look so innocent? Was he innocent? Was she innocent?

“You asked me to do it when I helped you undress that day.” Those innocent eyes looked like they had been wronged.

Bai Xi instantly blushed. The chicken leg fell from her hands. Her beautiful eyes flashed and her voice trembled, “Aren’t you talking nonsense?”

How could she want him to do such a thing? Was she drunk? When she was falling asleep, how could she say that kind of thing? Surely she didn’t say it while he was helping her undress. He was obviously lying.

“Why would I lie to you?” Someone was wronged again. He even put down the chopsticks and lowered his eyes, as if he had suffered a great grievance. His appearance was one of if you were to say something else to him, he would cry.

“Okay, okay, never mind.” Looking at his aggrieved appearance, Bai Xi couldn’t bear to continue the topic.

“Then I helped you realise a wish. Shouldn’t you reward me?” When Feng Ming raised his head, his eyes returned to their former indifference, but now they also contained some expectation.

“Reward? What reward?”

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“A real life version. You just talked about 69, so how about that?”

Bai Xi coughed. The sweet and sour pork ribs she had just taken a bite of almost got stuck in her throat. Her face reddened a bit, either due to shyness or because she was choking.

“You don’t want to?” Feng Min asked with a playful smile as he gently patted Bai Xi’s back.

Bai Xi immediately took a few steps back. The man hadn’t forgotten the previous topic. He also said a live 69. She didn’t want to a thousand, no ten thousand times over.

“I don’t want to. That’s something you do as a husband and wife. We aren’t that.”

“Then when we get married, it’ll be fine?” Feng Ming asked with smiling eyes.

She wasn’t going to talk about this. “We can talk about it then, but not now.”

“Bai Xi, remember what you said.”

Bai Xi inwardly sighed in relief. She was really scared to death, but now this matter had finally been settled. Who knew what would happen in the future. If she had known earlier that this would happen, then she wouldn’t have bothered him.

Feng Ming watched the changes in Bai Xi’s expression and suddenly laughed. “Since the live action requires being married, then my reward should be replaced by you copying the scriptures.”

“Mm.” Bai Xi nodded and continued to eat. She should eat until she was full, then return to Xi Yuan. If this continued, she would be scared to death by him.

“Eat slowly.” Feng Ming smiled. This Bai Xi was really easily deceived, but…

The Second Day

Early in the morning, Bai Xi came to Mo Xuan Yuan. The old man hid so many secrets from her. She even had to wait for her so-called cousin to appear before she learned about him.

Unfortunately, she came for nothing.

“Uncle Bai Shi, can you send someone to tell me when the old man comes back?” Weird, what was that damn old man doing so early in the morning?


“Thanks, Uncle Bai Shi.” Bai Xi glanced at the courtyard behind Bai Shi, then turned and left. Just after she took a step, Bai Shi called out, “I wonder if the second young miss has some time?”


“The old general’s pansy is about to die. Does the second young miss know how to save it?” Bai Shi asked after hesitating.

Bai Xi walked back towards Bai Shi and saw the small pansy was beginning to wither again. Strange… Didn’t she teach the old man how to take care of this flower? Didn’t he listen? As long as you cared for it properly, it would easily survive. How could it end up like this?

“Uncle Bai Shi, you can let someone send it to Xi Yuan. I will send it back after I save it.” Forget it, she should look after it herself.

“Second young miss should sit for a while. This servant will go prepare it.” Bai Shi hurried out to the front yard. Bai Xi did not stop him since she presumed that he was going to arrange for someone to take the flower to Xi Yuan.

However, it seemed that she had assumed incorrectly. Bai Shi appeared once more with a brush, inkstone, and paper.

“Second young miss, can you write out the congratulatory poem that the second young miss gave to the old general again?”

“Huh? Why?” That poem? Why did he want it?

“This one will trouble the second young miss.” Bai Shi didn’t answer her, but instead started grinding the ink.

Bai Xi didn’t ask and wrote down the poem. She wondered why uncle Bai Shi asked her to do this, and she soon got her answer. When she finished writing, he asked slowly, “You are not the second young miss. Who are you?”

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