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Chapter 58 – Young Master Yue Hua “Born” (part 2)

In this life, no, it was also in her previous life. This man was the first person to kiss her without her consent. However, Bai Xi did not say this sentence. Instead, she said, “You are the first person in this world who dares to speak to me in this tone.” Without knowing the real purpose of Feng Ming, how could she lose her momentum now that she was a ‘man’.

Qing Wu, who was guarding the door, suddenly squeezed the sword in his hand. That man was really looking for death. He dared to speak to his master that way.

Bai Xi took a step forward and felt a strong wind rush towards her. Even if she had no internal force, she could easily escape it, not to mention now that she had internal force.

After Bai Xi avoided it easily, she smiled faintly. “So angry? Oi, monkey standing outside, go get your master a bowl of soup for lowering his anger.”

Qing Wu snorted coldly, pretending that he didn’t hear him. He reached out to close the door and suddenly recalled something. He remembered that when he met the man last time, he had no internal force. Why did he now have fairly strong internal force?

“This monkey is really unpleasant,” Bai Xi sighed and leaned back on the chair with her legs crossed. A pair of black pupils looked at the man standing by the window. “Why did the Prime Minister ask me to come here?”

Those indifferent gold eyes stared straight at Bai Xi’s beautiful face. His beautiful eyebrows wrinkled and he said coldly, “Have you been to the casino?”

How did this man know she went to the casino? Did he send someone to follow her? Wouldn’t he have discovered her identity? She didn’t realise she was being followed or monitored. God.

“You are worthy of being His Excellency, The Ice Lord who is praised by everyone. You even know this. Everyone calls the casino hell, but I don’t think so. It’s a paradise where a gambler’s wish can come true.”

Gold eyes moved. He walked to the table and sat down. After pouring two glasses of wine, he said, “Taste it.”

Bai Xi was startled. Why did she have to drink this? Fortunately, she was used to his behaviour.

“Are you worried about poison?” White, jade-like fingers picked up the wine glass. He drank it in one gulp. His expression was indifferent and his eyes revealed nothing.

“If the Prime Minister wants to kill someone, there is no need for using such a despicable means.” Bai Xi smiled, rose, and walked to the dining table. As soon as she picked up the wine glass, she was taken aback. It was red wine? However, she quickly found out what was in the cup.

“Vinegar?” Bai Xi immediately poured a full cup of tea and drank it immediately. Red wine? No, it was red vinegar. This man actually wanted her to drink vinegar. What did he want?

“How does it taste?” Feng Ming asked. While he was talking, he filled a glass for himself. He then poured vinegar for Bai Xi.

Bai Xi took away her wine glass and said, “If the Prime Minister likes to drink it, then I won’t deprive you.”

“You don’t like it?”

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Nonsense, would she take the cup if she liked it. “I don’t like it.”

“Bai Xi likes it.”

“You’re wrong. She doesn’t like to drink it.”

“No, she likes to drink it,” Feng Ming said firmly, as if his words were correct.

“No, she doesn’t.”

“Yes, she does.”

Bai Xi did not continue to argue with him.

“Are you hungry?”

“Somewhat.” Bai Xi cursed this man in her heart. What did he want? But, she was actually a bit hungry right now. She couldn’t be bothered trying to figure him out for now.

“Qing Wu, get people to serve the food,” Feng Ming said lightly, making it so that people were unable to guess what his next step was.

“Yes, master.”

“Prime Minister asked me to come here. What do you want?” First, he made her drink vinegar, now he was serving food. When was he planning on getting to the point?

“Yi Pin Lou has some new dishes. You should try them.”

“Oh? It’s an honour to be invited by the esteemed Prime Minister to try some dishes at Yi Pin Lou.” The doubts in Bai Xi’s heart grew and she felt that the matter today was going to be complicated.

Her guess was pretty good. The so-called new dishes came up and they were the same as usual. But they were still good.

“Prime Minister, are you really here to try new dishes?”

“The vinegar is not bad. Are you sure you don’t want to drink it?” Feng Ming asked.

“Why did the Prime Minister invite me?” She was sure that his excuse for trying new dishes was false, so what did he want?

After Feng Ming drank the red vinegar in his hands, he looked at Bai Xi with his cold gold eyes. “Do you know what a ‘real life version’ is?”

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“Uh… of course.” Why were these three words ‘real life version’ coming back again? Since he asked her to come, does he think that she is the one who watched the live version with her? If so, what did he want? Was it to kill her?

“That’s fine,” Feng Ming replied indifferently.

Qing Wu, who was at the door, said, “Ready.”

Bai Xi didn’t have time to think about what the two of them wanted when the door suddenly opened and a man and woman came in. They weren’t bad. When they stepped through the door, they walked across to the soft couch and then took off their clothes. When she saw this, no matter how stupid she was, she knew exactly what those people were going to do.

“Bai Xi said that she watched this real life version. Did you accompany her?” Feng Ming’s indifferent voice sounded idle. Bai Xi looked away from the ‘real life version’ of the erotic magazines.

“So what?” He had originally said that he hadn’t seen the real life version of the erotic magazines at that time with her. Now, he had called Little White Face here. What the hell did he want? Why did he want to make a live-action version here?

“You watch with me.”

These simple words shocked Bai Xi. “What? You want me to watch this live-action version with you?” Bai Xi stood up fiercely, her eyes full of disbelief.

Bai Xi quietly swallowed. Two days ago, she discovered he was looking at erotic magazines, now today he invited her to watch a live porno. This… This was ‘ecstasy’?

The real-life version on the other side had started, and she heard a low voice. The voice filled the room and the temperature began to rise.

They were really fast, Bai Xi thought to herself.

“You have experience.” Feng Ming’s words were explosive despite his indifferent voice.

“A shitty experience.”

Feng Ming’s beautiful eyebrows wrinkled slightly, but he didn’t make another sound. He continued to drink the red vinegar calmly, but his gold eyes never looked at the live version on the other side of the room.

Bai Xi calmed down. He seemed to want something. A trace of cunning flashed through her eyes.

“Okay, you’re right. I do have experience with this. Come, let me explain it to you. It depends on the kind of live porno you’re watching. First of all, the atmosphere must be right. Just make this room darker and the porno at the end should be better. But, don’t worry about it for now. Remember it for next time. If the atmosphere is no good, then it’s not good to watch. Furthermore, as spectators, we need to sit together, just like this.” Bai Xi sat next to Feng Ming. When she looked over at the show at the other end of the room, her eyes lit up. This live version was really passionate.

She wanted to know where Feng Ming found these two people that were willing to do this kind of thing in front of other people. They weren’t ashamed at all, but instead enjoyed it.

“Prime Minister, you found some good people. They are very professional,” Bai Xi praised.

Feng Ming continued to look indifferently at real life porno. A trace of disgust flashed in his eyes.

“Prime Minister, you should let them try a 69. I heard that this action is difficult. When I watched it with darling Xi’r, we said that if there was an opportunity, we must certainly…” Before she could finish speaking, she felt the temperature around the man next to her drop.

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“Get out.”

“Eh? Who needs to get out?” Bai Xi asked, pretending like she didn’t know.

“Get out.”

The two passionate people at the other end separated and rolled off the couch. They picked up their clothes and ran away quickly. The atmosphere in the room still had traces of their passion.

“Didn’t Prime Minister invite me here to watch a live version? Why did you make them leave when they were about to climax? It was rare to see this guy angry. This was the first time she’d seen it.

“You and Bai Xi watched a real life version. Was it the same as this?”

Bai Xi didn’t understand why he was asking this, but she replied, “Almost, but at that time, I watched this with darling Xi’r and had a better atmosphere. Prime Minister, as long as the atmosphere is right, seeing this kind of porno can spark passion. At first it was a little… we just… Ah, it’s a pity that it ended too soon. Otherwise… Hehe, you know. This kind of fire is easy to set alight, but hard to extinguish.” Bai Xi deliberately guided Feng Ming to think that.

The wine glass in his hand was crushed and the red vinegar spilled on his white, jade-like hand.

“Prime Minister seems to have stoked a fire. I won’t bother Prime Minister any more.” She didn’t know what the man would do next, so she should leave.

“Why are you so anxious to leave? Since you are so experienced, you should train them personally.” As soon as Feng Ming finished speaking, the two people who had just run out suddenly appeared in the room once more. They were only half-dressed, but they were trembling in fear.

They were still here? Bai Xi looked at the two people who suddenly appeared, confused. In fact, they were moved to the room next door and they could be ordered to come back at any time.

Qing Wu’s eyes widened. He didn’t expect that his master would have this kind of hobby. When his master asked for him to arrange this, he only thought that his master was just saying it. But now… Qing Wu swallowed. His master’s hobby is so special!

“Little White Face, you said that they should try a 69. Then you can teach them how to do a 69. Feng Ming returned to a calm state and his expression was indifferent once more, as if he wasn’t angry previously.

“First, don’t call me Little White Face. Second, are you sure you want them to continue?”

“To me, you are just Little White Face. As for them, didn’t you say that they were about to climax? Then you want to continue to watch? Or do you not want to watch it now?”

“You can continue watching. I don’t have time to accompany you.” Bai Xi stepped out and walked towards the door. However, as soon as she touched the door, a strong force came from behind.

The attack lasted for about 7 minutes before it stopped. Everything in the room, except for the dining table Feng Ming was sitting at, was destroyed. Particularly, all the areas Bai Xi went to were destroyed. The man and the woman were unconscious on the ground. She wasn’t sure if they were hit by the attack or were just frightened and fainted.

“The legendary indifferent Prime Minister is a heartless rich boy. I see that although Prime Minister is indifferent, his heart is ablaze.” Although his attack would not kill people, it would still injure them. Fortunately, she has a strong internal force, or she would have been hurt. She also realised that she was not strong enough. In front of him, she couldn’t fight back, only dodge.

Gold eyes glanced at Bai Xi indifferently. He got up and slowly walked out of the room, leaving behind a highly vigilant Bai Xi and an unconscious man and woman on the ground.

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“Eh? He just left?” Bai Xi was taken aback. However, she wasn’t done playing around yet. She quickly chased after him. “Prime Minister, aren’t we eating?”

When the people who were blocked by Qing Wu heard those words, their hearts became hot. It turned out that His Excellency, The Ice Lord was the one who had made the ruckus earlier. After they saw the scene inside the room, they shuddered.

“This young man, please stop.” Qing Wu stopped Bai Xi. He heard the conversation inside the room just now. He didn’t expect this young man to provoke his master. He guessed the reason why his master didn’t kill this man was because of the madam. Hmph, he supposed this man narrowly escaped death.

Bai Xi smiled. Her figure flashed by Qing Wu and she followed Feng Ming.

“Prime Minister, I’ll tell you a secret about darling Xi’r.” Sure enough, when someone heard this, he stopped and turned to look at her.

Bai Xi smiled secretly. This man is actually not difficult to deceive. It seems that she has a lot of opportunities to fight back in the future. She wanted to get revenge for when that man took her first kiss.

“Prime Minister, please bend down.” Bai Xi glanced at the surrounding crowd, feeling satisfied.

Feng Ming stood indifferently and his gold eyes were fixed on Bai Xi’s beautiful face.

“This secret is about darling Xi’r. Does Prime Minister want others to hear this secret?” When she finished speaking, Feng Ming still stood there indifferently, but Bai Xi wasn’t worried. She just waited patiently. She was betting on her place in this man’s heart.

After a long time, Feng Ming finally bent down slightly. At this moment, Bai Xi kissed him.

When their lips touched, there were various exclamations from the crowd.



“Oh, god! This can’t be real!”

Screams erupted from the crowd.

“I can’t believe my eyes. His Excellency, The Ice Lord actually kissed a man. God, help me!”

“Quickly, tell me it’s not true! It’s not true!”


Bai Xi smirked inwardly. When Feng Ming was still in a daze, she bit his lips hard, drawing blood. She then let go and used her martial arts to escape from the scene.

“Prime Minister, next time we meet, we’ll continue.” Bai Xi’s voice was full of laughter as it floated into the sky.

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