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Chapter 60 – Birthday Present (part 1)

Bai Xi felt the world spin and a pain from her back. Before she had time to groan, her white and smooth jaw was held by white-jade fingers, forcing her to look directly at two golden eyes full of indifference.

He was just so fast. It happened in the blink of an eye, no, even faster than that. She hadn’t had time to react. He lifted her up and pressed her against the bed in the room.

No, to be precise, Bai Xi was half lying on the bed with her feet in the air. Feng Ming trapped her legs with his own so she couldn’t move. His left hand supported his body while his right held Bai Xi’s chin, forcing her to look at him. Their upper halves were only half an arm length away and their posture was quite ambiguous.

“Are you quite courageous?”

“Ye… Yeah.”

“I can’t help but…” Feng Ming deliberately lowered his body a bit so that they were close to each other.

“That… Prime Minister, if you have something to say, then let go of me first and we can talk, okay?” They were alone in the room with the door wide open. She was also dressed as a man, so their posture was too ambiguous.

He wasn’t afraid of being watched and neither was she.

“You said that ‘next time there is a chance, let’s continue’. Isn’t there a chance now?” He raised her head so that their lips were almost touching.

Bai Xi felt her heartbeat accelerate. She wanted to push him away, but she found that she didn’t have any strength while she was under him, so she couldn’t break free.

For the first time, she felt his real strength. But, why was he treating her like this?

After the two of them looked at each other for a long time, Feng Ming released Bai Xi’s chin. “We will leave the Yi Pin Lou matter aside for now, but this doesn’t mean I’ll let it go. There is still one thing I need to thank you for. You’ve helped me answer something I’ve always wanted to know.”

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Bai Xi didn’t bother listening to him at the moment. Her heart was in her throat and her body was tense. She feared that the other party would figure out her identity.

Just when she thought that the other person would figure it out, Feng Ming suddenly released her and stood upright. However, there was something in his white-jade hand. Wait, it was a silver bill, her silver bill.


“This will be kept for you.” Feng Ming looked over at Mu Rong Qing Chen, who had been watching the show. “Young Master Mu Rong should also leave.”

After he finished speaking, Feng Ming stepped out of the room, not looking at Bai Xi.

“Hey, why did you take my money?” Bai Xi immediately caught up with him. That was the money she won with her hard work. It was worth two hundred thousand taels. Why did he take it? She was so angry.

“Young Master Yue, Master will take good care of those silver bills for you,” Qing Wu said as he stepped in her path.

“Step aside!”

“Young Master Yue, the master said that if Young Master follows, Master will immediately tear up the silver bills.” After all, the money was Master’s.

Qing Wu didn’t wait for Bai Xi’s answer, but turned around and ran after his master. He was scared to death that something would happen between Master and Young Master Yue. What would the madam do? Fortunately, nothing happened. It turned out that Master wanted to take the silver bill from Young Master Yue. It was perfectly fine for Master to take them away since it was his originally.


She will definitely get the money back and pay them back ten-fold for stealing from her.

“Young… Young… Young Master Yue, do you still want a girl?” The brothel owner, who had been petrified, had regained her senses when Bai Xi kicked the door. She was really scared to death earlier. She thought that His Excellency, The Ice Lord had a good relationship with Uncle Yue, but it seemed like she was mistaken.

But, what was their relationship? Otherwise, why would His Excellency, The Ice Lord pin down Uncle Yue like that?

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“Get lost!” Bai Xi shouted coldly. She was in a very bad mood now.

The brothel owner was startled. “That… That silver…” She didn’t continue because she felt the temperature drop.

The brothel owner quickly backed away. It was important to save her life. Besides, the Young Master gave her five hundred taels of silver, so she still made a small amount of money.

Bai Xi glanced at the brothel owner, then walked away.

“If Young Master Yue requires anything, this young master can help you.” Mu Rong Qing Chen didn’t know why he said such a thing. Perhaps it was due to Feng Ming’s previous words. Maybe it was because Young Master Yue was cousin Xi’s lover. Or maybe it was because he just wanted to help this person now.

“No need.” Bai Xi didn’t stop.

“Will Young Master Yue tell this young master your full name?”

Bai Xi paused and turned to glance at Mu Rong Qing Chen. She saw his clothing and said, “Hua2.”

In fact, she merely left her name in case she needed Mu Rong Qing Chen’s help. As they say, a friend is better than an enemy.

Hua? Yue Hua? That name suited that person. Mu Rong Qing Chen smiled faintly.

“If Young Master Yue needs anything in the future, then you can come directly to this young master.”

“Okay.” Bai Xi did not turn around.

“Qing Chen, why are you standing here?” Bai Yu Jie asked softly. From a distance, he saw Qing Chen standing on the stairs with a smile on his face.

“It’s nothing. I just found an interesting person,” Mu Rong Qing Chen said faintly.

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 “Hm?” Bai Yu Jie looked in the direction Mu Rong Qing Chen had been looking at, but he didn’t see anything. He wondered what kind of person would interest Young Master Mu Rong as he had always looked on in indifference.

“Let’s go. Today is the last day. If there are still no results, then I’m afraid that our efforts would have been futile.” Mu Rong Qing Chen didn’t further explain things. He had entered the room to the right of the one that Bai Xi had been in.

Bai Yu Jie followed immediately.

The people on the first floor of the Hong Xiang Pavilion had no idea what just happened. They only knew that the legendary Ice Lord appeared in Hong Xiang Pavilion, who then left soon after. Then, a fairy-like person came down from the second floor. The young man looked angry though. Was it because His Excellency, The Ice Lord came to Hong Xiang for the sake of that young man?

Soon enough, many theories of the interaction spread from Hong Xiang Pavilion.

Luo Yue Xuan

Bai Xi changed back into female clothes when she came back to Luo Yue Xuan. She then searched all of Luo Yue Xuan and then went to search the entire Prime Minister’s mansion for Feng Ming, but she couldn’t find him. What the hell? Was he playing hide-and-seek with her? Just because he decided to hide didn’t mean that she would give up on getting her money back.

After searching the entire Prime Minister’s mansion, her arrogance died, but she didn’t give up. If she couldn’t find him today, she will continue searching tomorrow. She’ll find him, unless he wasn’t in the capital.

Just as she walked over to the wall between Luo Yue Xuan and Xi Yuan, a slightly depressed Qing Wu called out, “Madam.”

Bai Xi quickly turned around, but she didn’t see the person she was looking for. “Where is Feng Ming?”

“Master has left the capital for something,” Qing Wu answered truthfully.

He left the capital? Was it really such a coincidence that he wasn’t in the capital now? Bai Xi frowned. This man had some timing.

“Then why are you still here?” Wasn’t the monkey always with Feng Ming? Why wasn’t he with Feng Ming now? Was it possible that…

“Eldest brother has returned. Master has a message to pass on to Madam. If madam wants to get the money for Young Master Yue, Madam shouldn’t wait for Master to return.” Qing Wu was depressed. His master was right. Madam really came back to Luo Yue Xuan to get the money back for that man.

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Bai Xi narrowed her eyes a little. “Say it clearly.”

“Master said that, unless Young Master Yue admits his mistake, Master will keep the money on behalf of Young Master Yue.”


Blood? Why did the lady say ‘blood’ suddenly?3.”

“Tell your master that… I… Young Master Yue will never admit his mistakes.” Admit her mistakes? What kind of rubbish was this? Why didn’t she know what she did wrong? Wasn’t it just two hundred and fifty thousand?

“Ma-Madam…” Qing Wu slowly took a step. He watched the madam hop over the wall to return to Xi Yuan. “What should I do? Master hadn’t finished explaining…” Qing Wu muttered in a low voice while pacing back and forth.

“Not good. Madam is very angry now. She will definitely take her anger out on me.”

“But if I hadn’t said it, then master would know. His master would throw him back to his teacher and he would never see master again.”

Qing Wu paced around the grounds while talking to himself. After a long time, he finally had an idea. “Yes, I should tell Little Qiu Qiu to tell the madam not to do it. Haha, I am really too smart.”

His laughter echoed throughout Luo Yue Xuan and the shadow guards hiding in the dark began to sweat. They all had the same idea – they absolutely did not know this person.

1. Bai Xi actually says ‘shit’ in English.

2.(華, hua) this character could be either ‘Chinese’ or ‘floral’, which is what MRQC’s clothes have been described as.

3.Bai Xi says ‘shit’ in English here too, but it sounds a little like the character blood (血, xue)

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