Chapter 1509: Don’t Think of Leaving Without Paying/ Destroy the Shop (A)

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Chapter 1793: Don’t Think of Leaving Without Paying

“This isn’t about which car I’m driving. It’s the bill that’s not right,” Bi Hai also frowned. “Show me the receipt!”

“Here.” The boss casually handed the receipt over to Bi Hai, and was not afraid of him looking at it.

Bi Hai received the bill, held it up and appraised it. He immediately realized which part was not right. Each lamb skewer cost twenty yuan! Isn’t it two yuan on the menu?

As for the chicken neck, it’s price was raised from three yuan to fifty yuan. The chicken wing’s price had also changed from five yuan to eighty yuan. As for other foods, their prices were increased by at least tenfold.

“Boss, how can you count the bill like this? The lamb skewers are supposedly two yuan each. How come it is twenty yuan each now? And these chicken necks, aren’t they supposed to be three yuan each? Why did you write fifty yuan?” Bi Hai said as he pointed at the numbers on the bill.

“Two yuan for a lamb skewer? Who told you that it’s two yuan? I wouldn’t even profit if it was two yuan,” The shop owner rolled his eyes and said, “My shop’s lamb skewers were originally twenty yuan to begin with. Did you see wrongly, or did you imagine it?”

“Show me the menu again!” Bi Hai’s face turned a little gloomy. Before this, he didn’t feel anything and thought that the owner had counted the bill wrongly. Now, he vaguely guessed something. This boss wants to scam me, right?

The shop owner didn’t mind at all. He took out a menu and casually handed it to Bi Hai, “The price is written here and it is very fair. Check it yourself!”

Bi Hai took the menu and flipped through it. He immediately realized that something was wrong when he saw the first page. Although this menu seemed to be the same as the one he had used to order, the prices on it were the same as the inflated prices on the bill.

On the menu, it was written very clearly that one lamb skewer was twenty yuan, and one grilled chicken neck was fifty yuan. As for the other stuff, the indicated price was the one that had been increased by more than tenfold.

Did I really get it wrong? Bi Hai squinted his eyes. It can’t be. Even if I saw wrongly, Yang Ming, Jing Xiaolu and Ge Xinyao would have been able to tell when I was ordering. If the price was really that high, it would be impossible for them to not have any objections.

“Xinyao, come here for a while!” Bi Hai waved his hand at Ge Xinyao and asked her to come over.

Ge Xinyao was blushing and felt embarrassed when she saw Bi Hai did not come back for so long after going to settle the bill. He kept looking at the receipt and the menu.

You rarely treat us. Why are you so stingy? Why are you comparing the receipt with the menu? She was quite some distance away from Bi Hai and the shop owner, so Ge Xinyao could not hear what they were talking about.

When she saw Bi Hai calling her over, she suddenly felt puzzled. Just settle the bill. Why are you calling me over? However, Ge Xinyao still stood up and went over.

“What’s wrong? Why is it so hard for you to settle the bill?” Ge Xinyao complained as she walked over.

“Xinyao, look at the menu and the receipt. Doesn’t it have some problem?” Bi Hai frowned and handed both the menu and the receipt to Ge Xinyao.

“Look at what? What’s there to look at? Just settle the bill quickly. Don’t get laughed at by Brother Yang and Xiaolu,” Ge Xinyao felt a little sorry and said. She thought, Is Bi Hai being so persistent just because of a few yuan? If Brother Yang and Jing Xiaolu come to know of this, wouldn’t he be making a fool out of himself in front of them?

“Xinyao, there are some problems with this receipt. Have a look before you say anything!” Bi Hai said firmly.

“What’s there to look at?” Ge Xinyao took the menu and receipt. She frowned like Bi Hai after glancing at it, “What? This meal is four thousand plus yuan? Is this a joke?”

“Look at the menu again. I remember that when I was ordering the lamb skewers just now, they were two yuan each. How did it change to twenty yuan for one?” Bi Hai said as he pointed on the menu in Ge Xinyao’s hand. “I thought that I remembered wrongly, so I asked you to come to take a look.”

“It was two yuan to begin with!” Ge Xinyao opened the menu and saw that the lamb skewer’s price had really changed to twenty yuan. Although Ge Xinyao wasn’t lacking any money now, she didn’t want to spend unnecessarily.

If it was three to five yuan, then she would just let it be. Ge Xinyao would be too lazy to argue. However, this barbeque would cost four thousand and eight hundred yuan. Isn’t this a joke? What did we eat? Seafood or abalone?

“Boss, what’s the meaning of this? Are you trying to scam us?” Ge Xinyao was now certain that the shop owner was trying to scam them. This kind of stuff always appeared on the paper. After tourists went to eat at a tourist spot, the meal that was originally a few hundred yuan would suddenly become a few thousand yuan.

“Scam? What scam? The price is written on the menu, and it is very fair. You ate here, and you ordered the dishes. This means that you agreed with the menu’s price. How can you say that I’m scamming you?” The shop owner said with a determined face. He was intent on scamming them.

In actuality, the boss had used this method to scam an unknown amount of tourists that came here to visit. He always felt satisfied whenever he did it.

All these people were similar. They were all from overseas, and did not want to cause any troubles. Most of them were rich, and did not really mind these few thousand yuan.

Because of this, although they were angry, they were not willing to persist. They thought that the boss would have strong background locally since it was his turf. As foreigners, they wouldn’t be able to fight off the locals.

The boss had captured their mentality, and always felt satisfied whenever he scammed them. The boss had prepared two menus. One was for the locals, and the other was to trick the foreigners.

The boss saw Bi Hai and the others driving a BMW that had a foreign license plate. Thus, he decided to scam them.

Although the locals in this restaurant knew that the boss was scamming Bi Hai and the others, none of them were busybodies. They did not expose it. Who would care about this matter? It had nothing to do with them at all. They would not just offend the boss for no reason.

Besides, they were from the same town. They met him regularly. It would be awkward for them to disrupt his business.

“You have prepared two sets of menus. The menu you showed us before wasn’t the same as this one!” said Ge Xinyao. “Show me the menu you gave us just now!”

“What menu just now?” The boss widened his eyes and said, “Miss, don’t spout nonsense! I’m running a business here, and it’s fair and square. How can I have two sets of menus? From the looks of it, you guys are trying to run away without paying the bill after eating?”

“I don’t care about running away without paying the bill. However, if I were to do so, what can you do?” Ge Xinyao also got angry. She was not someone kind to begin with, and was also an overbearing person during her time as a student. Now that Bi Hai was doing very greatly, and was working under Yang Ming and Bao Sanli, no one dared to offend Ge Xinyao in Song Jiang City.

How could Ge Xinyao not be angry when this little barbeque shop owner wanted to scam her?

“What can I do? Don’t even think about leaving without giving money!” The shop owner gritted his teeth, and shouted at the kitchen, “Zhang Dapao, go clamp their car!”

“I got it, boss!” A fatty with a meaty face strolled out from the kitchen. In his hand was a car clamp. He directly walked towards the shop’s door, raised his hand and locked Jing Xiaolu’s BMW. After that, he casually took the key, walked inside the shop and passed it to the boss.

“You…” Ge Xinyao never expected to meet a more overbearing person this time. In Song Jiang City, no one dared to act like this towards her. However, someone dared to act like this in a small town like Jidun City! They even asked someone to clamp her car.

“Miss, tell me this time. Are you going to give me money?” The shop owner sneered while holding the keys. His face was filled with a “don’t think of leaving without giving me money” expression.

Originally, Yang Ming and Jing Xiaolu did not really notice the matter regarding Bi Hai and Ge Xinyao. Since they had developed their relationship to a more intimate level they stuck to each other like glue. Only when the boss asked someone to clamp the car outside after arguing with Ge Xinyao did Yang Ming and Jing Xiaolu notice the problem.

Chapter 1794: Destroy the Shop (A)

However, Yang Ming did not stand up. He could just let Bi Hai settle this kind of problem. If Bi Hai really could not settle it, it wouldn’t be too late for him to intervene then.

“Boss, right?” Bi Hai’s gaze turned cold, “Before doing something, you better think of the consequences. Don’t do things that you will regret. Before scamming someone, you should consider their identity first. See if they’re someone you can offend!”

“Yeehaw? You’re threatening me?” The shop owner did not show any signs of being afraid after hearing Bi Hai’s words. Instead, he laughed loudly. He had heard this kind of speech many times. These tourists that he had scammed had come from many different lands, and some were very influential in their area. However, their powers were useless when they arrived here. This place was his territory, and his will was absolute!

“I guess it’s counted as a threat,” said Bi Hai plainly.

“Haha, I’m not afraid of threats! Many people have threatened me. I have heard this kind of threat at least a hundred times. But how about now?” The shop owner laughed without any worries, “I’m still standing here perfectly fine! I don’t care what identity you have over there, and how influential you are. If you’re here, don’t think of leaving without giving money!”

“Do you not believe that I’ll destroy your shop?” Bi Hai said calmly after looking at the shop owner.

“Ha, that is the funniest joke I’ve ever heard! Destroy my shop? Give it a try! See if you can leave this village while standing!” The shop owner sneered, and yelled in the direction of the kitchen, “Dapao, bring some men out!”

After the shop owner’s voice sounded, Zhang Dapao that went to clamp the car just now brought four to five delinquents out. They surrounded Bi Hai and Ge Xinyao.

“Why? You still want to destroy my shop now?” The boss looked at Bi Hai complacently. The shop owner was not afraid at all because there were these men in the kitchen. There were some punks among those tourists that were scammed. However, they gave in when they saw the broad-shouldered Zhang Dapao leading a group of teenagers out. They just admitted that they were unlucky, gave the money and left.

This was also why the boss dared to take action against Yang Ming, Bi Hai and the others.

Bi Hai still had a little confidence in fighting against Zhang Dapao. After all, Bi Hai also grew up in a chaotic environment. Sometimes, fighting does not only rely on pure strength and body size, but also techniques.

It was no problem for Bi Hai to face Zhang Dapao one-on-one. However, Zhang Dapao was not alone. He still had four to five delinquents beside him. From a glance, it was apparent that they were experienced in fighting, which made Bi Hai lack confidence.

All of a sudden, Bi Hai’s face turned uncertain. If this was Song Jiang City, he could call a bunch of people with a single phone call, and immediately flatten this barbeque shop. However, now…

“Talk, kid. Weren’t you very capable just now? Didn’t you want to destroy my shop? Why aren’t you destroying it now? Destroy it! If you don’t destroy it, you’re a coward!” The shop owner could naturally feel Bi Hai’s fear, and said insultingly.

“Since you want it to be destroyed so much, then let me fulfill your wish.” Bi Hai did not say anything, but another voice sounded. It caused the shop owner, Zhang Dapao, the delinquents and the customers in the restaurant to turn their heads at the same time.

The one who spoke was Yang Ming. When Yang Ming saw Zhang Dapao bringing out the few delinquents, he knew that Bi Hai could not handle them. Seems like I’ll have to deal with this myself.

He then stood up and slowly walked towards Bi Hai and the shop owner. He said while walking, “Everyone here saw it. When the time comes, please be my witness. It was this shop owner that begged me to destroy his shop!”

Although the customers did not dare to offend the shop owner, they did not know about Yang Ming’s origins. Since Yang Ming dared to say such words, he must have some backing. The customers lowered their heads and did not dare to say anything. They decided to side with the more powerful person. Before the victorious one was decided, they wouldn’t speak.

Yang Ming was just casually speaking. He didn’t even need any witnesses. If he wanted to destroy anyone’s shop, he didn’t need any reason to do so. A reason is merely used to comfort the heart before doing something evil.

“Brat, are you tired of living?” The shop owner concluded that this punkish Yang Ming who had just appeared was the leader of the group when he noticed that Bi Hai was not saying anything. “Brat, you seem like you are the leader, right? I’ll give you one sentence. Pay for the meal, and you all can leave.”

However, Yang Ming did not even bother looking at the boss. He directly walked in front of Zhang Dapao and checked him out. He then said plainly, “You’re called Zhang Dapao, right? Was my car clamped by you?”

Without waiting for Zhang Dapao to finish speaking, he immediately raised his hand and grabbed Zhang Dapao’s throat, and lifted him up, “I’ll give you one second. Unclamp my car.”

“Cough cough… You scumbag! I curse your mom!” Zhang Dapao’s breathing became labored after his throat was grabbed by Yang Ming. He started to cough violently, “Let me go. I’ll kill you! Why are you all just standing there? Take action!”

When Yang Ming grabbed Zhang Dapao’s neck, both the shop owner and Zhang Dapao’s underlings were dumbstruck. He never expected Yang Ming to really take action, especially in front of so many people!

Yang Ming also looked much skinnier than Zhang Dapao. However, he could lift him up with one hand. This guy is not ordinary.

Zhang Dapao’s underlings came back to their senses after receiving Zhang Dapao’s order. They fiercely pounced at Yang Ming with raised fists. They wanted to start a fight.

Yang Ming did not let Zhang Dapao go, and did not even look at the few delinquents that were coming in his direction. Instead, he raised a leg and simply parried a few times. The few delinquents ended up all falling to the ground at the same time, wailing like kids.

Yang Ming had already killed someone previously, so he did not want to be cruel. He just wanted to give them a warning, so he just broke their bones.

Yang Ming’s actions stunned the shop owner. Zhang Dapao who was scolding Yang Ming was also stunned.

In the blink of an eye, Yang Ming had defeated five delinquents. The shop owner did not even see what happened clearly. They were already lying on the ground before he noticed.

No matter how stupid the shop owner was, he knew he had encountered someone hard to deal with today. Yang Ming was much stronger than the few delinquents he hired.

“What did you tell me just now? You were scolding my mother?” Yang Ming’s hand that was grabbing onto Zhang Dapao did not relent at all. He did not even bother looking at the few delinquents, and directly stared at and questioned Zhang Dapao.

“I… I didn’t…” Zhang Dapao’s started to break into a cold sweat. He was the kind of punk that liked to bully the weak, but feared the strong. When he saw how Yang Ming defeated five of his underlings in an instant, Zhang Dapao did not dare to have any temper anymore. In fact, he had become afraid of Yang Ming.

He didn’t know how badly the five delinquents were wounded. But he knew that they must have been wounded badly from their tragic screams. I’m the leader, and I scolded Yang Ming just now. Doesn’t that mean I’m in much more danger?


Yang Ming casually pressed Zhang Dapao’s face into the wall heavily. The back of Zhang Dapao’s head crashed into the wall and started bleeding. Luckily, Zhang Dapao was thick-headed, and wouldn’t die just from a crash.

“I’ll ask you one more time. What did you say about me…?” Yang Ming asked.

“I… I… I said curse your mother…” Zhang Dapao almost wanted to cry.

“Go unclamp my car.” Yang Ming released his hand. He was too lazy to argue with him. His mood before this was quite good, but it was ruined by this Zhang Dapao

Zhang Dapao sat on the ground. Although he was very nervous, he did not dare to delay Yang Ming’s orders to unclamp the car. He turned his head to the boss, and the boss quickly passed the keys in his hand over to Zhang Dapao.

Zhang Dapao did not care about the pain at the back of his head. He ran to the door and unclamped Yang Ming’s car. After that, he quickly ran back, “Brother, I’ve unclamped it…”

“En.” Yang Ming nodded. “It was a bit longer than one second, but I’m too lazy to argue with you.”

“Thank you brother, thank you brother!” Zhang Dapao immediately said gratefully. He felt wronged as he was already in such a state, yet he had to gratefully thank the person who beat him up. It can’t be helped. He’s more powerful than I am.

Yang Ming’s fight just now had truly shocked Zhang Dapao and the shop owner. They thought that they had encountered an international Chinese kickboxing champion. Isn’t he too agile?

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