Chapter 1508: No Discrimination Allowed/ Endlessly?

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Chapter 1791: No Discrimination Allowed

Yang Ming was not uncomfortable with Jing Xiaolu originally. But because he was worried about his trip to Yunnan, he kept a distance from her. However, when facing Jing Xiaolu who was as passionate as fire, Yang Ming was unable to restrain his emotions.

“Xiaolu…this…” Yang Ming was at a complete loss due to Jing Xiaolu’s abrupt behavior.

“Don’t say anything…” Jing Xiaolu did not allow Yang Ming to say anymore, and ferociously kissed his mouth…

After Bi Hai and Ge Xinyao finished their high-intensity exercise, they took another bath. Bi Hai suddenly remembered the matter that Yang Ming had come to discuss with him. He suddenly exclaimed, “Xinyao, Brother Yang called us just now!”

“Ah, why didn’t you say so earlier?” Ge Xinyao immediately felt anxious when she heard this. “Right, didn’t we say previously that we would go out after I went to our room for a bathroom break? How long has it been? Ah… It’s been more than two hours. Brother Yang and Xiaolu must be waiting impatiently! ”

“I told you when I answered the phone just now. You didn’t listen clearly…” Bi Hai said with a bitter expression. “Why pin the blame on me?”

“Is it?” Ge Xinyao was a little embarrassed when she heard Bi Hai’s words.

“Never mind. Let’s stop talking further. Let’s quickly freshen up and find Brother Yang and others. Otherwise, if Brother Yang starts to blame me, I can’t bear the consequences!” Bi Hai said as he put on his clothes quickly.

“You are still talking about it. It wouldn’t be like this if you answered that call!” said Ge Xinyao. “We are husband and wife. It will be embarrassing if Brother Yang and Xiaolu know about it. How are we supposed to meet in the future?”

“What’s wrong with being husband and wife? Brother Yang will only be happier when he sees that our relationship is good,” said Bi Hai. “Hurry up. Don’t dilly dally and quickly put on your clothes. Why are you still putting on makeup? Brother Yang and the others will not disdain you.”

“Okay, okay! I’ll be done right away!” said Ge Xinyao.

The two of them dilly-dallied for more than ten minutes before they finished dressing up. Bi Hai did not dare to delay. Together with Ge Xinyao, he left the room and went straight to Yang Ming and Jing Xiaolu’s room.

They rushed to the door of Yang Ming’s room. Bi Hai was about to knock on the door, but was pulled back by Ge Xinyao, “Wait!”

“What’s wrong? What are you doing?” Bi Hai turned back in confusion and looked at Ge Xinyao inexplicably, “What now?”

“Listen. What’s the sound inside?” Ge Xinyao said as she pointed at Yang Ming’s room.

“Oh? Is there a sound?” Bi Hai was startled. He was not paying attention previously. This time, Bi Hai listened carefully upon Ge Xinyao’s reminder. As expected, he heard a subtle yet strange activity inside the room.

At first, Ge Xinyao was afraid that Yang Ming and Jing Xiaolu were discussing something important. So, she did not allow Bi Hai to interrupt. She planned to assess the situation before she proceeded. But when she listened carefully, she clearly understood what the sound in the room was…

Bi Hai was not stupid and immediately realized what it was. The strange sound in Yang Ming’s room was also in his room earlier. Hence, he was not unfamiliar with it.

“Brother Yang and Xiaolu wouldn’t be doing that, right?” Ge Xinyao whispered with a blushing face.

“What do you think?” Bi Hai was also a little embarrassed. “It’s not like only the two of us can do it and others can’t!”

“Hmph, you are still reasoning? If I didn’t remind you, you would be stupid enough to knock on the door. At that time, even if Brother Yang didn’t say anything, Xiaolu would hate you!”

“Yeah, thank you for reminding me!” Bi Hai nodded in agreement as she was right. “You reminded me twice in a row today. Looks like I always need you by my side in the future. Otherwise, it will be hard to predict when I will make another mistake.”

“So you still know this,” said Ge Xinyao. “I thought that you wanted to break up with me after you got better. I don’t look pretty. I know. You were a little hooligan in the past. Hence, it was nothing. But now,…”

“Xinyao, what are you talking about? How can I break up with you?” Although Bi Hai did have such thoughts before, he now rejected such thoughts. “Even if you agree, Brother Yang and Xiaolu will kill me if they know. Please spare me. I’m still afraid that you will break up with me!”

“Are you telling the truth?” Although Ge Xinyao knew that what Bi Hai was saying might not be completely true, she was nevertheless happy when she heard those words.

“Of course, it is true!” Bi Hai swore to heaven. “I will let Brother Yang kill me if I say any false words…”

“What does your saying false words have to do with Brother Yang?” Ge Xinyao glared at Bi Hai.

“Hehe…” Bi Hai laughed twice. “What should we do now? Wait at the door?”

“Are you stupid? If you wait here, Brother Yang and Xiaolu will think that you were eavesdropping when they come out. Wouldn’t you just be annoying them?” said Ge Xinyao. “You are too slow at responding. I think that if I am not by your side keeping an eye on you, you will offend Brother Yang and Xiaolu sooner or later!”

“Then, let’s go back to the room?” Bi Hai was not annoyed and laughed.

“En,” Ge Xinyao nodded. “I think we should do that…”

“Hehe, me too…” Bi Hai wrapped his arm around Ge Xinyao’s waist and quickly returned to his room…


“Yang Ming, I didn’t lie to you. This is my first time!” Jing Xiaolu said while searching the bedsheets.

“I didn’t say you lied to me…” Yang Ming was lost for words.

“When I asked you to keep me as your mistress before and told you that I was still a virgin, you seemed skeptical,” said Jing Xiaolu.

“…” Yang Ming shook his head with a bitter smile, “It’s not that I did not believe you back then. I just didn’t want to keep you as my mistress.”

“Then, what about now?” Jing Xiaolu asked unsparingly.

“Now you support me. I have given you my company. I have no money left…” Yang Ming shrugged.

“Ha, that’s fine. No matter who supports who, I have achieved my objective! Yang Ming, you are not allowed to treat me differently to Sister Meng Yan and the rest in the future! If you go to Yunnan, I will wait for you to come back!” Jing Xiaolu felt very happy now.

In the past, she used to see some people posting all sorts of depressive messages and grievances on the internet after losing their virginity. However, she didn’t feel any of these at all. Instead, she felt relaxed, as if she had accomplished a major event in life.

“Okay.” Since it had developed to this stage, Yang Ming naturally would not persuade Jing Xiaolu with any meaningless advice. But Jing Xiaolu’s way of handling matters today really moved Yang Ming.

Although her perseverance was a bit silly, this was, however, the Jing Xiaolu he knew. Once she decided on something, she would never turn back.

“I can not persuade you about going to Yunnan to execute the mission either. You must have deliberated carefully before deciding. I know that persuading you will be futile,” Jing Xiaolu said solemnly. “However, let me tell you. Now, you have another woman who cares about you and misses you. Before you do anything, think about us! We are all waiting for you to return.”

“Relax, I’m not a fool.” Yang Ming embraced Jing Xiaolu in his arms, and smiled pitifully, “It’s true that I promised Brother Xia to perform this mission. But if my life is really in danger, I will still choose to run for my life at the first opportunity. Besides, I am not in a suicide squad. So, I will act according to my ability.”

“I have some peace of mind because you said this!” Jing Xiaolu nodded. “You never do things that you are not confident about, right?”

“Yeah…” Yang Ming was hesitant in his heart. Was he confident? It seemed that he was not confident at all. Yunnan was Elder You’s territory. Would he be able to come back after he went there?

“I’ll help you keep it a secret from sister Meng Yan and the others!” Although Jing Xiaolu was a little worried about Yang Ming’s dangerous job, Jing Xiaolu was more excited to have finally become Yang Ming’s woman. In particular, only she knew most of Yang Ming’s secrets. Not even Chen Mengyan knew.

“I will find an opportunity to talk to Chen Mengyan about your affairs. However, it may not be now. I hope you don’t mind.” Yang Ming did not want to create any family disputes before he left. At that time, even if he left for the mission, he would not be at peace.

“It’s okay. I understand.” Jing Xiaolu did not care much about this, “It’s not too late to wait for you to return and talk about it. I’ll go and strengthen my bond with Sister Mengyan and the others. Then, we’ll talk about it!’

“It’s great that you understand.” Yang Ming let out a sigh of relief, “Xiaolu, thank you.”

“Aiya, what is there to thank me for? Do you have to be so mushy? Between you and me, is there a need for this?” Jing Xiaolu frowned. “Yang Ming, I’m hungry. How about you?”

Chapter 1792: Endlessly?

“This is not nonsense? We haven’t eaten anything and we have been doing physical work here for so long. How can we not be hungry?” Yang Ming smiled sadly.

“Should we go out again to have some supper?” Jing Xiaolu suggested, ” We won’t run into bothersome people again, right?”

“Okay, I happen to be hungry. I’ll give Bi Hai a call to see if they are done,” Yang Ming laughed. “They must be done now since it’s been so long.”

Yang Ming picked up the intercom phone on the night table and dialed the phone in Bi Hai’s room.

Bi Hai and Ge Xinyao were engaging in a second battle. Suddenly, they heard the phone ringing. Bi Hai was startled, “Why is the phone ringing again?”

“Don’t bother with it!” Ge Xinyao was aroused. How could she be bothered by the phone?

“It can’t be Brother Yang calling, right? Otherwise, should I just answer it?” Bi Hai asked, worried.

“It’s impossible. You just went to Brother Yang’s room. It’s not like you didn’t hear what Brother Yang and Xiaolu were doing. How can it be them?” Ge Xinyao denied it.

“That’s true. I won’t answer it then.” Bi Hai nodded. He no longer bothered with the phone ringing and continued to battle with Ge Xinyao.

“No one answered?” Yang Ming frowned doubtfully, “The two of them wouldn’t have gone out by themselves, right?”

“Who knows?” said Jing Xiaolu. “Why not try to call his cell phone?”

“Okay.” Yang Ming hung up the phone and dialed Bi Hai’s cellphone with his own.

However, a busy tone sounded from the phone. Yang Ming was amazed to find out there was no phone signal in this villa building!

Since there was no signal on his cell phone, Bi Hai’s phone would not have any signal either.

“Does your phone have signal?” Yang Ming asked Jing Xiaolu.

“Ah? No signal? Wait a while. Let me take a look.” Jing Xiaolu took her handbag from the bedside table. She took out her mobile phone from it, and glanced at it, “Neither do I. There seems to be a shield in this villa.”

“Forget it, let me call the room phone again.” Yang Ming had no choice but to dial Bi Hai’s room phone again.

Bi Hai and Ge Xinyao didn’t expect the phone to be ringing endlessly. It had just stopped ringing but now it rang again.

“It’s so annoying. Bi Hai, why don’t you answer it?” Ge Xinyao was annoyed by the phone’s ringing.

“Okay, I’ll take it!” Bi Hai leaned over and reached out to answer the phone, “Hello?”

“Bi Hai, are you there? Why didn’t you answer the phone just now?” Yang Ming had lost hope. But unexpectedly, Bi Hai actually picked up the phone.

Alas, before Yang Ming heard Bi Hai’s reply, he heard Ge Xinyao’s strange sound…

Ugh, these two guys. How are they not done yet? They are way too potent!

“Ah? Brother Yang! I… I didn’t hear it just now…” Bi Hai didn’t expect that Yang Ming was the one who had called. He was shocked and quickly explained, “I didn’t hear it just now. The line broke off when I was about to answer the call…”

“What are you doing?” Although Yang Ming had probably guessed what Bi Hai and Ge Xinyao were doing, he was still bewildered and doubtful. Aren’t these two too potent? Isn’t this going against common sense?

“I…I…” Bi Hai didn’t dare to lie. He hesitated for a while, but said, “Xinyao and I are doing that…”

“You two are really potent. It’s been more than three hours.” Yang Ming sighed, “Okay, I admit defeat!”

Bi Hai smiled bitterly. What more than three hours? We were initially done. But, when we went to the door of your room and heard something that shouldn’t be heard, we suddenly had the urge again. Who can be blamed for this?

However, his thoughts were just his thoughts. Bi Hai did not dare to say them out loud. If he said it, Yang Ming would know that he was eavesdropping. How could Yang Ming still not deal with him?

“Hehe… we took a break in the middle…” Bi Hai explained.

“Alright then. Both of you hurry up. Xiaolu and I are going to have supper. If you can finish within ten minutes, come here. If not, we are not waiting for both of you,” Yang Ming hung up the phone after he finished talking.

“Wait… Brother Yang… We will definitely come over in ten minutes…” But before Bi Hai could finish talking, a busy tone came from the phone.

Ge Xinyao did not dare to move when she heard Bi Hai mutter the words “Brother Yang”. She plucked up her ears to carefully listen to Yang Ming’s words. At this moment, she did not bother with other matters. She got up from Bi Hai’s body and quickly put on her clothes.

“What were you moaning foolishly for? Brother Yang thought we were still not done yet!” Bi Hai glared angrily at Ge Xinyao, “We have severely embarrassed ourselves today!”

“You still criticize me? Didn’t you want it too? If you didn’t want it, would I be moaning on my own?” Ge Xinyao immediately retorted.

“Before this, you told me not to answer the phone. The call was made by Brother Yang!” Bi Hai was left speechless by Ge Xinyao and had to change the subject.

“Okay, don’t pin the blame on this and that. Let’s go and find Brother Yang this instant!” Ge Xinyao was unwilling to argue with Bi Hai and quickly put on her clothes.

Bi Hai was also thinking the same thing. So, he quickly put on his clothes. The two of them left the room one after another and quickly ran to Yang Ming’s room.

When they arrived, they saw Yang Ming and Jing Xiaolu coming out of the room. They suddenly awkwardly ran towards them and greeted, “Brother Yang, Sister-in-law Xiaolu.”

“You two are fast this time,” Yang Ming said while looking at Bi Hai and Ge Xinyao.

“Hehe…” Bi Hai forcefully laughed as he felt that it was inappropriate to explain anything else.

“Let’s go out and eat something together,” said Yang Ming.

The four people went downstairs together. But when he saw Jing Xiaolu’s BMW car parked just in front of the villa building, Bi Hai was a little surprised, “Brother Yang, did you go out just now?”

“En, we went out for a while.” Yang Ming nodded. “We waited for both of you but you didn’t turn up. So, the two of us went out for a stroll.”

“Ugh…hehe…” Bi Hai didn’t expect Yang Ming had already gone out beforehand and suddenly felt a bit embarrassed.

“Get in the car. Let’s all take Xiaolu’s car.” Yang Ming did not talk much and commanded Bi Hai and Ge Xinyao.

Jing Xiaolu was still the driver. They drove out of the Immortal Resort and arrived at a nearby snack street.

Yu Xiangde’s white Nissan van had already been driven away. The street was calm again. When Yu Xiangde was shot and killed by Yang Ming, no one saw the incident because it happened inside an alley. So there was no impact.

“Do you still want to have that mutton meat and bread soup?” Yang Ming asked with a smile when he saw Jing Xiaolu passing by Old Man Wang’s Xi’an-style Lamb Meat and Bread Soup Shop.

“No. Let’s change to another restaurant this time.” Jing Xiaolu shook her head, “How about we go for a barbecue?”

“Okay, I don’t mind. Bi Hai, what about you guys?” Yang Ming turned his head and asked.

“The two of us love to eat anything. We are not picky eaters,” said Bi Hai quickly.

“Okay, then barbecue it is” Jing Xiaolu parked the car next to a nearby barbecue stall.

The four of them got off and simply ordered something to eat.

Bi Hai and Ge Xinyao were also hungry. Before this, they did not eat much and used up more energy than Yang Ming. So, they did not care about their composure at this moment and started to gobble up.

With Yang Ming beside her, Jing Xiaolu felt that it was not appropriate to eat savagely. However, she did not have a huge appetite. She became full after eating some of the ordered food.

None of them drank alcohol. After filling up their stomachs, Bi Hai got up to pay the bill, “Boss, how much is it?”

The boss glanced at Bi Hai and looked at the BMW car parked at the door. He then pressed the calculator a few times and said, “The total is four thousand and eight!”

“Oh…ah?” Bi Hai was stunned when he heard four thousand and eight, “How much?”

“Four thousand and eight!” The boss repeated.

“Boss, did you calculate wrongly? The things that we ordered are at most two hundred yuan.” Bi Hai looked at the shop owner in astonishment.

“Yes, it’s four thousand and eight.” The boss frowned and irritatedly said, “What’s the matter? You can drive a BMW and yet you have no money to pay the bill?”

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