Chapter 1507: Like Them/ Pinky Swear

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Chapter 1789: Pinky Swear

However, Yang Ming got over it after a moment of silence. Jing Xiaolu was such a person. She worshiped money and power and was quite vain. Although these were bad habits, if she changed one day, Yang Ming would not be used to it!

Jing Xiaolu would always be Jing Xiaolu. She would say whatever she liked, and would not make false pretenses. Yang Ming really liked her.

“Anyway, I think it would be very awesome. My classmates would be envious if they saw this at the resort,” said Jing Xiaolu.

“…” Yang Ming smiled helplessly, “I feel nothing…”

“Of course you think it’s nothing. You are in a privileged class!” Jing Xiaolu groaned, “Yeah, by the way, since Li Zhi’s car can have lights and sirens installed, can you install it in my car too? Or else, can we install it in my car?”

“…” Yang Ming was speechless for a while. “Li Zhi is really busy, and you… want to install it for fun…”

“Okay, I don’t want to install it!” Jing Xiaolu heard Yang Ming say this, and did not force it.

“You are willing to install these lights and sirens. I will just leave it to you. The courier company’s car should have the permission to install this stuff. Then let Bao Sanli get you a permit. Just don’t get caught,” Yang Ming said as he looked at Jing Xiaolu’s disappointed face.

“Ah? Really, that’s great!” Jing Xiaolu said excitedly immediately after hearing.

“…” Yang Ming thought to himself. Am I holding the candle to the devil?

Jing Xiaolu seemed to read Yang Ming’s mind and said, “Relax, I won’t mess with it. I’ll find an isolated place to play it to my heart’s content…”

“Then, isn’t there something wrong with you?” Yang Ming was speechless after hearing.

“So What! I like it!” said Jing Xiaolu.

Jing Xiaolu started the car and drove towards the Immortal Resort. Due to the previous conflict, the two had no intentions to eat. Although Jing Xiaolu did not seem to be excited on the surface, she trembled while holding the steering wheel. She was a little scared and fear lingered in her heart.

This was usually the case. She did not feel anything at that time. Later on the more she thought about it, the more scared she became. She felt the same way as Yang Ming the first time he killed someone, that Jiu Shuisheng.

He did not feel anything at the time. He only felt uncomfortable after he reached home.

“Are you okay?” Yang Ming asked, “Are you scared?”

“Me? How can I be scared…?” Jing Xiaolu was indeed very scared. Although she had seen many fights and had seen blood, this was the first time she had seen someone die. Although the process was not very bloody, the thought that a person just died like that was really scary!

Moreover, if Yang Ming had not snatched the gun away and had been shot at and killed Yu Xiangde, she would have fallen into Zhang Kaiyuan’s clutches. She was very clear what the outcome would have been.

“Hehe…” Yang Ming saw that Jing Xiaolu refused to admit to it. He did not say much but just smiled.

“Yes, Yang Ming, what is this mission I heard you talking about? You want to go to Yunnan? Are you going to take up the mission?” Jing Xiaolu suddenly remembered what Yang Ming mentioned before when he called Captain Xia.

“En…” Yang Ming hesitated, then nodded, “I thought you didn’t remember. I didn’t expect you to remember.”

“How can I not remember? I am not amnesic!” Jing Xiaolu frowned. “Yang Ming, what mission are you going to perform?”

“It is nothing…” Yang Ming shook his head, “You know, certain things are meant to be kept secret…”

“Oh…” Jing Xiaolu heard Yang Ming’s explanation and reluctantly groaned. “If you can’t say it, then forget it…”

Yang Ming was silent. The matter had already reached this point. Although Yang Ming did not want to hide from Jing Xiaolu anymore, it should, however, be hidden for as long as possible. Now that Jing Xiaolu had not found anything unusual, there was no need to say more. It was best that Jing Xiaolu did not know.

Yang Ming did not speak, and the car’s atmosphere chilled immediately. Jing Xiaolu was concentrating on driving the car… In her heart, she wondered what mission Yang Ming had to do.

“No!” Jing Xiaolu suddenly exclaimed, “Yang Ming, are you hiding anything from me?”

“Hiding from you? What do you mean?” Yang Ming was stunned by Jing Xiaolu’s sudden outburst.

“Yang Ming, you tell me. Is your mission very dangerous this time?” Jing Xiaolu stopped the car by pressing her foot on the brake pedal. She turned her head and asked while looking directly at Yang Ming.

“Dangerous? Why do you say that?” Yang Ming had to admire Jing Xiaolu’s keen intuition. He did not say a word, yet she could guess the danger of this mission.

“Because I remember a sentence you said before! What you said was – since I promised you, I will go!” said Jing Xiaolu. “Yang Ming, you don’t need to hide. What does this sentence mean? You know it better than me. If there is no danger, how come you speak so solemnly about this matter?”

“This…” Yang Ming thought, How could this be? You could deduce so much from one sentence? This is too… But Yang Ming had to admit that Jing Xiaolu’s analysis was very reasonable. If these words came from someone else, there was no guarantee that he would have the same idea.

“Am I right?” Jing Xiaolu asked Yang Ming without giving him a chance to think.

“Well, since that’s the case, I won’t hide it from you!” Yang Ming sighed and decided not to hide anymore. As a matter of fact, Yang Ming knew Jing Xiaolu’s temperament. If he did not explain clearly today, Jing Xiaolu would definitely not give up. She would investigate both openly and secretly. It would not be worthwhile if everyone knew by then.

So Yang Ming might as well talk to her and let her keep it a secret.

“You really are hiding something from me!” Jing Xiaolu was simply skeptical and uncertain previously, but Yang Ming acknowledged it immediately. This left Jing Xiaolu with no doubt.

“Drive first. We’ll go to the room and then talk about it,” Yang Ming said and looked at where Jing Xiaolu stopped the car. It was neither good nor bad. Although it was a remote place at night and there were not many passing cars, it was still not a place to talk.

“Then don’t fabricate nonsense to fool me!” Jing Xiaolu glanced at Yang Ming and said, “You are not thinking about how to lie to me on the way back, right?”

“How could that be?” Yang Ming rubbed his chin. “Since I have decided to tell you the truth, I will not lie to you.”

“Okay, these are your words. Pinky swear!” Jing Xiaolu said as she extended her little finger of her right hand towards Yang Ming.

“Ugh… Alright.” Yang Ming also reached out and tugged on Jing Xiaolu’s pinky finger with his own.

“Pinky swear lasts for a hundred years, whoever disregards it is a rascal…” said Jing Xiaolu eloquently.

“…” Yang Ming was somehow lost for words when he heard this. Isn’t this what children do? Who could be bound by this? However, Yang Ming still played along and gave her his pinky finger.

“You say it too!” Jing Xiaolu was a little upset that Yang Ming did not recite the words and reminded Yang Ming.

“I still need to say it?” Yang Ming was dumbfounded.

“Of course you need to say it. Pinky swear involves two people, so both people have to say it to be effective!” said Jing Xiaolu.

“Okay, I will recite it!” Yang Ming reluctantly said, “Pinky swear lasts for a hundred years, whoever disregards it is a rascal… Ok?”

“En, all right!” Jing Xiaolu seemed to be assured. She happily drove the car towards the resort.

Jing Xiaolu parked the car downstairs in the villa building, Yang Ming and Jing Xiaolu got off and went upstairs. They passed by the room of Bi Hai and Ge Xinyao. Jing Xiaolu wanted to knock on the door and inform them that she and Yang Ming were back, so there was no need to go out. But she suddenly blushed when she heard cries of ecstasy coming from the room.

“What’s wrong?” Yang Ming asked confusedly as he did not approach. He did not speculate either. He saw Jing Xiaolu suddenly return after she was about to knock on the door.

“No…nothing…” Jing Xiaolu blushed and shook her head.

“Oh?” Yang Ming glanced puzzled in the direction of Bi Hai’s room. Then he understood immediately. Through the door panel of Bi Hai’s room, Yang Ming saw what was going on inside…

I did not expect that Ge Xinyao is really crazy… Yang Ming took a glance and quickly withdrew his gaze. It was not proper to watch this scene.

Chapter 1790: Like Them

“Let’s go. Don’t bother the two of them! They are really into it. How long have they been at it?” Yang Ming said to Jing Xiaolu, a bit lost for words.

“En…” Jing Xiaolu heard what Yang Ming said, and knew that Yang Ming had discovered the secret within the room. Although she wondered how Yang Ming discovered it, she did not ask.

The two of them returned to their room. This time Jing Xiaolu was more relaxed. She took off her coat and hung it up. She lay on the bed lazily, “Aiya, coming back to the room is more relaxing!”

“En,” Yang Ming went to wash his hands and poured himself a glass of hot water.

“Yang Ming, can you say it now? What mission are you going to perform?”Jing Xiaolu sat upright and asked impatiently. “You said you’ll tell me when we are back.”

“I thought you forgot it again!” Yang Ming looked at Jing Xiaolu’s current seriousness. It was difficult to relate it to the relaxed mood when he first entered the room.

“I just stretched my lazy bones just now,” said Jing Xiaolu. “Yang Ming, tell me quickly. Do you have something to hide?

“I…” Yang Ming smiled painfully. “Indeed, I am going to execute a mission, and there are some risks to it.”

“Is it just some risks?” Jing Xiaolu frowned doubtfully, “If only that, why are you so solemn? You even said – since I promised you, I will go!”

“I said this because the mission is special and I have to go. No one else can,” said Yang Ming. “So if I don’t go, this mission will be difficult to accomplish…”

“So there are just some risks which are not serious at all?” Jing Xiaolu asked.

“It’s like this. Although there are some risks, I didn’t want to let you know because it will burden you psychologically. So I haven’t said it!” said Yang Ming. “Things have already ended up as such today. Since you asked me, I spoke the truth. Just keep it to yourself. I don’t want you to tell Chen Mengyan and the rest.”

“I can keep this a secret…” Jing Xiaolu nodded, “How come I have a feeling that you purposely kept things simple?”

“How is that possible?” Yang Ming smiled painfully, “I don’t know the specific details of the mission. So that’s all I can say at the moment…”

“Really…” Jing Xiaolu frowned and began to think carefully over Yang Ming’s words.

Yang Ming did not bother her, knowing that Jing Xiaolu did not quite believe him. It would take some time for her to digest his words. So he waited for her to figure it out before she spoke.

“No!” Jing Xiaolu said suddenly, “Yang Ming, your mission is definitely not so simple, right? Don’t lie to me!”

“This mission is indeed not easy, and I didn’t lie to you!” Yang Ming knew that Jing Xiaolu still did not believe his watered-down explanation, but he didn’t know why she was so determined.

“Yang Ming, why did you transfer all the company’s shares to me, Bao Sanli and Hou Zhenhan?” Jing Xiaolu finally realized what she felt was wrong! It was Yang Ming’s recent unusual behavior!

Somehow Yang Ming started to be nice to her and transferred most of the company’s shares to her name. The previous Yang Ming would not behave so unusually. If there was nothing unusual, why would Yang Ming give her the shares? She was not Yang Ming’s woman yet. Why should he give the shares to her?

Jing Xiaolu did not think much about it previously. She was just happily immersed in love. Now when she thought about it, it was quite fishy! There was only one reason for Yang Ming to do this, and that was to make arrangements before he left!

Maybe Yang Ming already knew that his mission this time was very dangerous, and it was unknown whether he could return. So he made prior arrangements before he left!

Although she had not really become Yang Ming’s woman, the two had known each other for some time and liked each other. Yang Ming left her a part of his shares. This explained it all…

However, thinking of the terrible implications of the arrangements he made prior to his departure, Jing Xiaolu could not help shaking! If her guess was all true, Yang Ming would not…

“Yang Ming, you tell me. Do you already know that your mission is very dangerous and it is likely that you will not be able to come back? Did you distribute the company shares to us in advance because of this?” Jing Xiaolu jumped from the bed and looked nervously at Yang Ming. Her voice became a bit sharp because of anxiety.

“It turns out that this caused your suspicion…” Yang Ming did not expect that such careful preparations would still be flawed. He did not think much about the company’s shares. As a result, Bao Sanli and Hou Zhenhan discovered a flaw.

And now it was Jing Xiaolu. It seems that he was still too arbitrary at first. It might be better to slow things down.

“Sure enough! Yang Ming, is your mission really dangerous?” Jing Xiaolu’s heart sank when she heard Yang Ming’s words, and was more convinced of her guess.

“You can say so.” Yang Ming could not hide at this moment, “There is a ninety percent chance that I will die this time.”

“But you are still going!” Jing Xiaolu was suddenly anxious, “Yang Ming, you are stupid! It is such a dangerous thing. No one else will go. Why do you have to go?”

“Someone has to go. If I go, I have a better chance,” Yang Ming said indifferently. “For me, it’s a ninety percent chance of dying, but for others, it is a hundred percent.”

“Oh…” After listening to Yang Ming’s words, Jing Xiaolu could not help but feel amused, “How can you still joke around at a time like this?!”

“Xiaolu, now that I’ve said this, there are things I still want to talk to you about!” Yang Ming said as he looked at Jing Xiaolu. “Xiaolu, I know how you feel about me. As for my feelings towards you, I can probably say that I like you. But you are different from Mengyan and the rest. Their dependence on me is far beyond imagination. So I will not tell them until the moment I leave.”

“I am the same as them. How is it different!” Jing Xiaolu could not help but interrupt.

“You listen to me first.” Yang Ming gestured at her to calm down, “After all, nothing has happened to you and me. After I leave, the company will be left to you. I hope you can start a new life in the future. That is why I am unwilling and am avoiding having any further relationship with you! ”

“As for Chen Mengyan and the rest, I have prepared enough money for a lifetime for them. They are willing to stay and wait for me, and I can’t change their minds. If one day they don’t want to wait, they can start a new life.” Yang Ming continued,” But based on my understanding of them, I’m afraid they will wait forever!”

“Why, Yang Ming. Do you think I can easily change my affections to another person?” Jing Xiaolu finally could not help it when she heard Yang Ming’s words. “Yang Ming, I, Jing Xiaolu can clearly tell you, the only man that I have really loved in my life is you. Why do you say that to me!?”

Yang Ming did not expect Jing Xiaolu to be angry with him, and quickly explained, “I am not admonishing you. I just think that we haven’t come to that stage yet. You should accept the situation and move on. Forget about me and start a new life.”

“That’s what you think. I don’t agree with you!” Jing Xiaolu raised her head stubbornly, staring straight at Yang Ming. “Yang Ming, although I, Jing Xiaolu, am not a manly man, I mean what I say. You want me to accept the situation and move on. Then, okay!”

“What do you mean?” Yang Ming suddenly found Jing Xiaolu’s glare a little scary, and asked quickly.

Jing Xiaolu did not answer. She rushed directly to Yang Ming’s body and began to tear his clothes forcefully, “Yang Ming, I’m going to be the same as Sister Mengyan and the rest!”

Jing Xiaolu did not know where her courage came from. She was worried about a lot of stuff before. But at this moment, she did not want anything. She just wanted to be Yang Ming’s woman to express her heart.

“Xiaolu, calm down…” Yang Ming did not expect Jing Xiaolu to be so crazy.

“No! Yang Ming, kiss me!” Jing Xiaolu said, and she took the initiative to kiss Yang Ming… This was not getting Yang Ming to kiss her. It was her initiative…

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