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Chapter 64 – Ice Lord’s Birthday (part 5)

The dignified prime minister, the head of the Feng family, the dream lover for women who was worshipped and respected. How could such a person be alone on his birthday? Even if the Prime Minister’s mansion wasn’t crowded, it should still be busy. It shouldn’t be like what it is now. As soon as Bai Xi stepped into Luo Yue Xuan, she looked suspiciously at the man who was sitting languidly on the couch reading his book. Was today his birthday?

“Come here.” Feng Ming put down his book and looked at Bai Xi with his golden eyes.

Bai Xi moved her feet obediently, but only took a few steps forward.


“…” What did he want her to say?

“Say whatever you’re thinking in your heart.” Feng Ming suddenly sat upright and his tone of voice was calm.

Bai Xi was stunned. Was her expression that obvious?

After a long while, Bai Xi still didn’t say anything. Feng Ming took the initiative to speak. “Less than five people know that it is my birthday today.” Before, he had never thought that today was special, but now his thinking was different.

“Hm?” Less than five people? Isn’t that impossible? Was it possible that the people in the Feng family didn’t know? Did that mean his subordinates didn’t know either?

“Come here.”

Bai Xi didn’t move. But… in the next moment, she was already sitting on Feng Ming’s lap and being hugged by him. “You said you would listen to me.”

As soon as he said that, the struggling Bai Xi dismissed her thoughts. Damn it. She promised him too soon at that time, but she didn’t regret it. She only had to listen to him obediently for a day. Him hugging her like this was still acceptable, and it would be fine so long as he didn’t cross her bottom line.

“Bai Xi, what do lovers do?”


“Since (forbidden) love is something that couples can do, what can lovers do?” Feng Ming blinked. At this time, he asked questions like a pure child.

Bai Xi froze immediately. Was this man pretending to be stupid or did he really not understand? Bai Xi was immediately on guard. “Why are you asking?”

“I want to upgrade you to Madam Feng soon.” His tone was as indifferent as before, which matched his expression. It made people unable to tell if he was telling the truth. “This is also my birthday wish this year.”

Bai Xi clearly felt her heart was pounding. For some reason, when she heard ‘Madam Feng’, her heart seemed to feel full. After a long while, she said, “Your birthday wish won’t come true if you say it out loud.”

“Then you didn’t hear it.” Feng Ming chuckled. His white-jade fingers carefully pushed Bai Xi’s messy hair behind her ears, then moved to rest on her cheek. He whispered in her ear, “Bai Xi, have you noticed that your face and your body don’t match?”

Bai Xi stabilised her rapid heartbeat. “What… What do you mean?” Did he figure anything out?

“I regret it.” Feng Ming suddenly said something that didn’t match the conversation. His sentence didn’t allow Bai Xi to relax, but instead made her more nervous. He regrets something? What does he regret? Bai Xi felt her heart pounding as she waited for the man’s next words. “If I wiped you off that night in the hot springs in the mountains, then you would be Madam Feng right now.”

Bai Xi wanted to get up immediately, but the hand around her waist tightened. She breathed a sigh of relief. He didn’t regret liking her, he regretted agreeing to the half year agreement. Suddenly, Bai Xi shook her head. What happened to her? Why was she grateful about this? And why was there a little joy in her heart when she heard the words ‘Madam Feng’? Was it possible that she really liked him?

“Feng Ming, can you answer the right question for once? Also, I never promised to marry you?”

“It’s because you didn’t agree, so I will try my best to make you nod in agreement.” Feng Ming ignored the anger of the person in his arms, with a slight smile on his face. “No matter what your face is, I will like it.”

“Do you think I’m ugly?” Bai Xi deliberately lowered her voice as she pretended to be angry. It turned out that she thought too much. Fortunately, he didn’t notice it. It was just that she had this idea, and another idea came out suddenly. He really didn’t notice?

“Then, do you think you look good with me?” Feng Ming chose not to answer.

“So your answer is that I’m ugly.” She didn’t know if everyone had seen him, but she knew that if they hadn’t, even her identity as Yue Hua wasn’t comparable to him. At least, his elegant and noble temperament couldn’t be compared.

“There is no distinction between beauty and ugliness in my eyes. You are you, the person Feng Ming wants, and the future Madam Feng.”

Bai Xi pursed her lips and said nothing, as if she was thinking about something.

“Go.” Feng Ming released Bai Xi, then got up and took her out.

“Go where?” Bai Xi asked.

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Feng Ming answered casually, “Go out for a walk.”

“Oh? Go out? Like this?” She remembered that wherever he went, there were either giant crowds or chaos. She didn’t want to be stared at like a rare animal.

“Is there a problem?” Feng Ming didn’t stop walking.

“Don’t you need to put on a disguise?”

“A disguise?” Feng Ming paused. His gold eyes looked at Bai Xi with a little confusion.

“Do you think that you can go shopping on the street like this?” She was pretty sure that if he walked out like this, there would be a small commotion at the very least.

“What if I can’t?”

“Why not? It’s just…” Shouldn’t he keep a low profile?

“It’s just that you want to keep a low profile and not draw attention, isn’t it?” Feng Ming pulled Bai Xi forward.

Bai XI was shocked that he could actually read her thoughts. She didn’t have time to reply before he said, “Bai Xi, what is ‘low profile’? Why should we keep a low profile? Even if it draws a crowd, it has nothing to do with us.”

Bai Xi’s eyes lit up suddenly. Right, why should they keep a low profile? If they drew the attention of everyone in the capital, it had nothing to do with them. Why should she care about this? Since they wanted to see them, then let them see. It didn’t matter as long as she didn’t care.

As soon as she walked out of the door, Bai Xi saw Qing Yun, who had been waiting at the door for a long time. She suddenly remembered what Feng Ming had said. Bai Xi looked at Qing Yun carefully. She suddenly wanted to know how Qing Yun figured out the answer and who the woman was.

Feng Ming’s handsome face dimmed for an instant. He uttered indifferently, “Qing Yun, you will send the betrothal gifts to that woman tomorrow.” He then got on the carriage and didn’t give Qing Yun a chance to speak at all.

“Hey, Qing Yun, do you have time to tell me how exactly you and that woman developed a relationship?” Qing Yun was definitely not a person who would casually have sex with a woman to find out the answer Feng Ming wanted. She was also sure that the woman wasn’t someone from a brothel, which was why she was curious at Qing Yun’s affair.

Suddenly, the expressionless Qing Yun blushed deeply.

“Bai Xi, get on the carriage,” an indifferent voice called from the carriage.

“Qing Yun, remember what I said.” Bai Xi jumped into the car. Qing Yun was rather cute and not as cold as he looked. It was only now that she felt that Qing Yun and Qing Wu were a bit like twins.

When Qing Yun was about to drive, he felt a chill on his back. The redness on his face subsided and was replaced by black clouds.

Bai Xi’s previous guess was correct. As soon as Feng Ming appeared, there was a small commotion on the street. Since it was Feng Ming who was passing by, people wanted to see His Excellency, The Ice Lord. Even though there were rumours a few days ago saying that His Excellency, The Ice Lord liked men, it didn’t affect his status in their hearts.

“Puppets?” Bai Xi got off the carriage and saw the puppet stall in front of her. She didn’t think that the carriage being parked here was a coincidence. Besides, they could have gone anywhere and yet the puppet stall was here. Did this man want to buy some puppets?

Feng Ming didn’t notice Bai Xi’s puzzled expression and walked directly to the stall. His white, jade-like fingers picked up a puppet and he carefully observed it for a long time without saying a word.

“Do you like it?” Bai Xi thought that it was strange that Feng Ming, who was a man, would like this sort of thing.

“Make one for me.” Brilliant gold eyes looked at Bai Xi unblinkingly. His eyes were full of expectation, which made it hard for people to refuse him.

“You know I can make these?” Bai Xi didn’t refuse immediately, but took the puppet Feng Ming handed her. She remembered that she only told Little Qiu Qiu about this. How did he know she could make puppets?

 Feng Ming raised his head a little and looked at the clear sky. His gold eyes flashed and he said indifferently, “Qing Wu found out from the servant next to you.”

Little Qiu Qiu? It seemed that Little Qiu Qiu and Qing Wu had a good chat as they could talk about anything. Mu Qiu, who was at the Bai mansion, sneezed.

“Then what kind of face do you want?” She’d make one for his birthday.

“What you look like.”

Bai Xi was shocked, but didn’t say anything. Instead, she focused on making the face seriously. Feng Ming looked at Bai Xi quietly. An unknown emotion flashed in his heart, so fast that he couldn’t figure out what it was.

The noisy voices surrounding them died down, as if the people didn’t dare to disturb these two. They also seemed to be interested in Bai Xi’s skilful hands. They wanted to find out what they were doing, but they didn’t dare to come closer and could only watch from a distance.

“Mm.” Bai Xi was satisfied with the face on the puppet. She handed it to Feng Ming.

“Make another one.”


Feng Ming didn’t say anything, but his gold eyes looked straight at Bai Xi as if saying, ‘make one more, okay?’

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After they stared at each other for a long time, Bai Xi asked him, “Fine, what should it look like?” It was his birthday today, so she went along with it.

“Like me.”

Bai Xi didn’t think much and made another one earnestly. This time, Feng Ming focused on Bai Xi’s skilful hands and carefully remembered the steps used to make the puppet. He watched her shape the face slowly, and he smiled slightly.

The moment Bai Xi squeezed the puppet, Feng Ming quickly snatched the puppet from her, fearing Bai Xi wouldn’t give it to him.

When Bai Xi saw this, she just shook her head and smiled without a sound.

Feng Ming glanced at the two puppets in his hands and put them away carefully. His movements were very gentle, as if they were rare treasures. To him, these two puppets were more precious than any rare treasure.

“Let’s go.”

“Aren’t you paying?” Bai Xi asked as Feng Ming turned around to leave.

Feng Ming looked at Bai Xi, confused.


“I don’t have money,” Feng Ming said lightly as if he was talking about something normal.

“You didn’t bring any?” Bai Xi wasn’t surprised. She frowned. She didn’t bring any either, so why did they come out?

“You also don’t have any?”

Bai Xi rolled her eyes. Why would she carry money? She didn’t plan to go out, let alone bring money with her.

“Uh… That… that… No… no… Use… Give…” the stall owner stammered out.

Bai Xi didn’t bother with the store owner and instead asked, “Where is Qing Yun?”

“He went to prepare the betrothal gifts.”

“What about Qing Wu?”

“Don’t know.”

“Isn’t there someone at your side?”


Bai Xi took a deep breath. Just as she was about to say something, a dark shadow appeared and respectfully said, “Master.”

Feng Ming took the stack of silver taels from the black shadow and handed one to the stall owner before saying, “I have some now.”

“Oh.” Bai Xi didn’t know whether she should be happy or worried.

The stall owner was trembling. After Feng Ming and Bai Xi left, he collapsed on the floor. He was really scared to death. He never thought that His Excellency, The Ice Lord would patronise his business. The worst thing was when that woman asked His Excellency, The Ice Lord to pay; he had almost pissed his pants.

The black shadow that had appeared suddenly did not follow them. He stared after them incredulously. He had heard from Qing Yun that Master was on the street with a woman and he hadn’t believed it. Now, he definitely did, but was that woman worthy of Master?

The surrounding crowd was also shocked. They didn’t recover until Bai Xi and Feng Ming completely disappeared from their sight.

The two of them wandered aimlessly on the street and ignored the shocked crowd and noisy exclamations. After walking the streets for a while, Bai Xi asked, “Feng Ming, is there anywhere you’d like to go?”



“Are you tired?”

She was a bit tired. Maybe she took too long making the puppets. After walking a couple of blocks, her legs were a little sore.

“Let’s go over there and eat some dessert tofu1.”

Feng Ming didn’t answer, but took Bai Xi’s hand and walked to the opposite side of the street. Bai Xi didn’t resist and allowed him to do so.

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Holding hands is what lovers do the most often. She also discovered that although he is a natural air conditioner, the temperature from his hand was hot and flowed directly to her heart.

A gorgeous carriage that was ten metres away from them suddenly stopped.

“What’s the matter?” An angry voice came from the carriage.

“We… We’ve returned, princess… His… His Excellency, The Ice Lord…” Before the carriage driver could finish speaking, the voice inside the carriage interrupted him and the person pushed open the curtain.

“What did you say?”

“Princess, His Excellency, The Ice Lord is here.”

Princess Min Min looked at the direction the carriage driver pointed in and saw a man and woman walking together on the street as they held hands. No, she didn’t believe that Lord Feng would actually hold a woman’s hand. Who was that woman? Why was she with Prime Minister Feng? Why was Master Feng holding hands with her? Why? Princess Min Min clutched the carriage curtain tightly. If she put a bit more strength into it, she would have certainly torn the curtain in half.

“It’s her!” When Princess Min Min saw Bai Xi’s face, she tore the curtain apart. Bai Xi was the ugly woman from the Bai family. How could it be her? How was she able to be with Master Feng? Why, why?

“Return home.” After Princess Min Min finished speaking, she sat back in the carriage.

“Is the princess not going to the prime minister’s mansion?” Before he finished speaking, he suddenly remembered the face of the servant girl who had spoken before and how she was slapped by the princess.

She was really mad at her. She finally found out that today was Master Feng’s birthday, but the ugly woman of the Bai family had stepped in. Why? Could that woman get the heart of Master Feng? How could that ugly woman compare to her? Why would Master Feng like that ugly woman? Why? The ugly woman must have used some tricks to confuse Master Feng. Yes, that must be it.

No, she had to expose the ugly woman’s tricks soon, she couldn’t let Master Feng continue to be fooled.

After hearing those words, the carriage driver didn’t dare to ask anything else. He drove back on the same route.

On the other side, Feng Ming and Bai Xi had arrived at the dessert tofu stall and had sat down. The owners were an old loving couple.

“Two bowls of dessert tofu.” At a glance, she noticed the old couple, not because of their appearance, but because she could feel their happiness. Their happiness wasn’t overt, but simple, and simple happiness could make others feel happy too.

She noticed how happy they were when they had sold mooncakes last time. She didn’t expect to meet them again. However, why did they switch from selling mooncakes to selling dessert tofu?


“Have you been here?”

“Hm?” Bai Xi looked at the man, bewildered. “What did you say?”

“Do you envy them?”

“Of course. A couple who can grow old together and still love each other so much are enviable,” Bai Xi said frankly. In this age of imperial power where men were superior to women, the old couple who remained in love was enviable. She too envied them.

“You don’t need to envy them because you already have me.” Feng Ming stretched out his hand and stroked Bai Xi’s hair. His movements were extremely gentle and so was his expression.

“Here is the dessert tofu,” the old woman said with a smile on her face. “This young couple really makes this old woman envious.”

“We’re not…”

Before Bai Xi could finish speaking, Feng Ming cut in and said, “Madam Feng, your favourite dessert tofu is here.” He held up a spoon of dessert tofu next to her mouth.


“Good, obedient.”

“Don’t be shy, little wife. The old lady won’t laugh at you. It is a blessing to have a husband who loves you so much. The old lady is really envious.”

Bai Xi felt her cheeks heat up. Under the eager gazes of the two, she ate the dessert tofu the man fed her. After the old lady left smiling, she glared at Feng Ming and bowed her head. She could still taste the dessert tofu after eating it. She wanted to leave when she finished eating.

“Madam Feng, it is time for you to feed me.” Feng Ming didn’t seem to notice her demeanour and looked expectant.

“Do it yourself,” Bai Xi said without raising her head.

“Madam Feng.”

“I’m not.”

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“You are.”

“I’m not.”

“They all think you are.”

Bai Xi raised her head a little and happened to see the old couple smiling at her. Even the surrounding people were staring, but they probably didn’t hear the conversation.

“You promised that you’d listen to me today,” he said with an aggrieved tone.

Once again, Bai Xi took a deep breath and exhaled.

“Good food.”

“You like sweets?” This man didn’t look like he had a sweet tooth. There is a saying that if a man has a sweet tooth, then he will love his wife. She didn’t know if this was true, she just heard it somewhere.

“I like everything you feed me.”

Bai Xi lowered her head and continued to eat the dessert tofu. The anger in her heart had been replaced by faint joy.

After a while, the two of them got up and left. The old man looked at the two of them walking away. His frown remained as he stared at Bai Xi’s figure.

“Damn old man, staring at a pretty girl in a daze…” The old woman nudged the dazed old man. Her tone was a little reproachful, but also full of ridicule.

“What? Just stare at the handsome guy and don’t worry about me staring at the pretty girl.”

“So you finally admitted to staring at other beautiful girls, huh?” The old lady pretended to snort coldly. “That young man is really handsome, even more so than the previous one. How come there are handsome men everywhere now? Why am I not forty years younger? What a pity. Now the boys are so handsome.”

“Ah, I remember.”

“Damn old man. You scared me to death.” The old lady patted her chest and looked at the old man, dissatisfied.

“Old lady, I remembered. Didn’t I say that the kind gentleman was in mortal danger last time? If he can find a noble person, then he can escape the disaster.”

“Ah… It’s been so long since I saw that handsome guy appear. I’m afraid he’s already…”

“I just saw that the girl just now has the same fate as that of the young man, that she is in mortal danger,” he said. How could they have the same fate? Was this even possible?

“Old man, are you telling fortunes for others again?”


“But old lady, I think that handsome guy loved his little wife very much. That handsome guy seems to be very good, so I think that girl will be fine.”

“Hm, I hope so.”


Next, Bai Xi and Feng Ming walked along two more streets and ate dinner at Yi Pin Lou. The sky was dark by the time they returned to the prime minister’s mansion (7 pm).

“I’m heading back.” Bai Xi waved her hand. She just wanted to take a hot bath and then lie down on her big bed.

“Today isn’t over yet,” Feng Ming reminded Bai Xi. So long as the day wasn’t over, she had to remain by his side.

Bai Xi paused after a few steps. Before she could react, she was picked up by someone.

“Madam Feng, let me serve you next. How about it?” His gentle voice floated into Bai Xi’s ears. She was in disbelief. Him serving her?

“I want to take a bath.” Bai Xi jumped out of Feng Ming’s arms and backed up 3 metres. She remained vigilant.

“Since you don’t want me to wait for you to take a bath, you can wait for me instead.”

“No,” Bai Xi refused.

Feng Ming raised his eyebrows and approached Bai Xi. He said softly, “If you don’t want to, then you have to kiss me.”

1 (dou fu hua) dessert tofu – made with soft tofu and a sweet syrup

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