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Remember, everyone, if someone is forcing you to do something you don’t want, you should drop that person from your life as soon as you are able to safely do so.

Chapter 65 – Ice Lord’s Birthday (part 6)

She only had those options? She didn’t want to choose. But, with her current skill level, she wasn’t likely to win against him.

“What if I also say no?”

“Then I have to make a sacrifice. I will kiss you instead.” Feng Ming slowly closed the gap between them. When he got closer, Bai Xi unconsciously took a step back.

“Hehe, I was just kidding. I’ll wait for you to take a bath.” He was a beautiful man, so it wouldn’t be a hardship. Why not? She was just a bit tired, but she could survive.

“Madam Feng, you have already missed the opportunity to choose.” He instantly approached her. Bai XI was at a disadvantage, whether it was from the difference in height or skill, or even the natural gap between men and women. She had no way to retreat completely and soon she was imprisoned by his tall body.

“Fine, you kiss.” Bai Xi closed her eyes and raised her head slightly, waiting for him. Wasn’t it just a kiss? It’s not as if she hadn’t been kissed by him before.

Feng Ming smiled and his brilliant golden eyes looked very dazzling in the dark night. Instead of lowering his head to kiss the red cherry blossom lips, he lifted Bai Xi and used his martial arts to move through the night.

“Hm?” Bai Xi suddenly opened her eyes. He changed his mind again?

In the blink of an eye, Feng Ming had already carried Bai Xi to his room. He headed to his big bed. He pressed something at the head of the bed, and a wall opened up.

“You have a secret room in your room?” Unexpectedly, there was a secret room in here. But, did this secret room exist before he moved in, or did he build it? Though, it didn’t matter when it was built. The design of this mechanism was very clever. The wisdom of the ancients was amazing.

Feng Ming didn’t answer her question and walked in.

“A swimming pool… No, a hot spring?” As soon as she entered the dark room, Bai Xi felt a warm mist on her face. She only saw the vague outline of a swimming pool, no, a hot spring in front of her.

“Does Madam Feng like it?” Feng Ming had put Bai Xi down and asked her with a smile on his face.

“You’re enjoying this.” If this dark room was used for other purposes, then she thought that it was likely to have existed before. But now, it seemed like this was only made after he came.

“Madam Feng, answer me. Do you like it?”

Bai Xi rolled her eyes and moved to stand at the edge of the pool. She didn’t answer his question.

“I knew you would like it.” Feng Ming raised his eyebrows and a smile flashed through his eyes.

“Why did you bring me here?” This was a pool. It couldn’t be that he wanted her to wait here for him to bathe? Didn’t he say that she had missed the opportunity to choose? That…

“Madam Feng, what are you doing there? Come help me undress.” Feng Ming’s handsome face returned to his usual indifference, which made people unable to guess what he was thinking at this time.

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Bai Xi frowned and looked at Feng Ming. “I am not your Madam Feng yet.”

“As long as you nod your head, you are my Madam Feng.”

“Why do you want to marry me?” A few days ago, this man didn’t even understand what ‘like’ was. Now, he suddenly wanted to marry her? During then and now, nothing happened between them, no increase in their feelings. Why did he say he wanted to marry her after he disappeared for a while?

He lowered his gold eyes to look at the side of the pool, as if he was in a daze over the question she asked. He did not speak for a long time.

Bai Xi didn’t leave. In fact, it was not that she didn’t want to, but the fact that the door had been closed and she had no idea where it was. She had no choice but to stay here.

Just as Bai Xi started zoning out, an indifferent voice said, “I don’t know.”

Eh? What? What did he say?

“I don’t know,” Feng Ming repeated.

Bai Xi’s expression clouded. “What do you mean you don’t know?”

“I don’t know why I want to marry you, but I know my heart wants to marry you.” Feng Ming’s quiet voice echoed in this dark pavilion. “This is my answer.”

That was his answer. He said he didn’t know why he wanted to marry her, just that he wanted to marry her. Was there a difference between those two sentences? Wait, he said his heart?

“Your heart?” Didn’t everyone say that His Excellency, The Ice Lord was a heartless gentleman? Since he was heartless, how could he know that his heart told him the answer?

“You can listen to it.” Feng Ming pointed at his heart to indicate that Bai Xi should come forward and listen to it.

Bai Xi didn’t hesitate. She walked over and listened carefully to his heart. She remembered that last time in the valley, she didn’t hear anything, but this time she heard it, though it was not obvious.

“You hear it?”

“Mm,” Bai Xi replied.

“Then are you willing to nod your head now?” Feng Ming’s voice suddenly became surprisingly gentle.

“I’ll help you undress first.” Bai Xi bypassed the topic. A pair of jade hands had already begun to untie Feng Ming’s clothes.

Feng Ming did not stop her and instead cooperated. Soon, he only had a pair of trousers on. Bai Xi did not continue and said, “Okay, get in the water.”

This was the first time she had taken the initiative to take off a man’s clothes. Her face was already red and she was afraid that if she saw his half-naked body again, she would have a nosebleed. It was too shameful.

Bai Xi, who was standing at the edge of the pool, was then pulled into the pool by Feng Ming.

“Why are you pulling me into the water?” She was thinking that she hadn’t heard the sound of water for a while, then this man unexpectedly dragged her into the water.

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“Help you take a bath,” Feng Ming said in a somewhat innocent tone.

“No need.” She was now all wet and annoyed. She never agreed to let him help her bathe.

“This spring water can relieve your fatigue and help you sleep more comfortably for a while.”

“No.” She would rather go back to Xi Yuan and take a hot bath by herself. It was too ‘dangerous’ here.

Feng Ming clasped Bai Xi’s wrist, making it impossible for her to leave. He pulled her into his arms.

“Bai Xi, what are you afraid of?” he asked with a gently, but slightly hoarse voice.

“I’m not afraid,” Bai Xi replied anxiously.

“If you aren’t afraid, then why did you avoid me just now?” His white jade-like hands wrapped around Bai Xi. He hugged her slender waist tightly and pressed their bodies together.

“Let go of me!” Bai Xi was exasperated.

Feng Ming ignored Bai Xi’s anger and held her jaw with his free hand. His gold eyes looked directly at her angry black pupils with a bit of shame. “You said you would like to try something you like with me, didn’t you?”

Black pupils looked away.

“Look at me.” Those beautiful eyes met the charming gold eyes.


“Answer me, yes or no?” Feng Ming continued to ask, not letting it go.


“In that case, why do you avoid your heart instead of facing it directly?”

“I… I don’t…” What happened to this man? He wasn’t normally like this.



As soon as she finished speaking, Feng Ming kissed her dishonest mouth heavily. His hand around Bai Xi’s waist increased in strength and pulled them even closer together. The warm air of the spring water was the best additive. Bai Xi wasn’t sure if it was the heat of the spring or the heat of the kiss that made her feel hot. She wanted to push him away, but she found that she didn’t have any strength.

It was just a French kiss, but it was unable to satisfy the rapidly increasing burning sensation in his body. He then slowly kissed her delicate collarbone and moved downwards.

The hand clasping Bai Xi’s chin slid down and pulled at the tie around Bai Xi’s waist, opening her robe. He pulled apart the clothing to reveal the pink bellyband underneath.

 At almost the same time, Bai Xi snapped out of it and some of her strength returned. However, she still couldn’t push Feng Ming away. He was holding her too tightly.

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“You…” Bai Xi couldn’t tell if her blush was from shame or annoyance, but she wanted to kick the man violently.

“I know that doing (forbidden) love is only allowed between husband and wife. Since you aren’t my Madam Feng now, we can’t do that, right?” Feng Ming’s voice was full of tenderness. Without waiting for Bai Xi’s reply, he continued softly, “So I was just preparing for our future married life.”

“Then can you let me go now?” She felt that he was making a fuss. No matter how stupid she was, she could figure it out, and she wasn’t stupid.

“But I think we still need to prepare.”

“If you don’t let me go, I’ll ignore you again, I swear.” If he continued, would he even be able to control himself?

Gold eyes stared at Bai Xi without blinking. Then, his graceful figure let go of Bai Xi. However, he didn’t leave the pool but stared at his hands in a daze.

Bai Xi, who was free, immediately fixed her clothes and quickly left the pool. After, she dried the wet clothes with her internal force.

“There is a mechanism in the corner near your left hand. Press it, and you can leave.” Feng Ming didn’t look at Bai Xi. He looked at the spring and his tone returned to its former indifference.

After Bai Xi heard his explanation, she stepped towards the wall. As expected, she found a protrusion there. She pressed it lightly and the wall next to it slowly opened like a door.

“Bai Xi, you can go back.” As soon as the door opened, an indifferent voice sounded.

Bai Xi had just taken a step before she turned around to look at the figure soaking in the spring water. A flash of indescribable emotion flashed in her heart.

At the same moment, gold eyes met Bai Xi’s beautiful eyes. His tone was surprisingly teasing. “If you don’t leave, I can’t guarantee that I will let you go back tonight.”

As soon as Bai Xi heard this, she immediately turned around and left quickly. Feng Ming leaned against the edge of the pool and closed his eyes. “What can I do? Too impatient.”


After Bai Xi returned to Xi Yuan, she headed to bed to get a good night’s rest. She wanted to forget everything that happened just now, but it seemed that God didn’t let her.

“Older brother?” From afar, she saw the figure standing at the door to her room. At a glance, she could tell it wasn’t Mu Qiu. Her older brother should be married by now and with his new wife. Why was he here at this hour?

Bai Yu Jie stood facing the wind. In the dark, he looked lonely and didn’t have the joy of someone who was newlywed.

Bai Yu Jie’s gaze was fixed on Bai Xi. He didn’t make a sound until Bai Xi gradually walked in and he noticed that she had wet hair. “Go inside soon. Don’t catch a cold.” After that, he went to find a towel.

When he was about to dry Bai Xi’s inky hair, he was stopped by her and she took the towel from him. “Older brother, I will dry it myself.”

She even forgot that her hair was wet. At that moment, she remembered the scene where Feng Ming helped her dry her hair in the valley. Then, for some reason, she didn’t want her older brother to dry her hair.

“Why isn’t older brother with my sister-in-law at the new house?”

“You were with him today?” Bai Yu Jie didn’t answer the question. His tone was not as gentle as before.

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“Mm.” She naturally knew who her older brother was referring to, so she didn’t need to explain who it was.

“Xi’r, do you like him?”

Bai Xi wiped her hair. “Why is older brother asking?”

“Xi’r, just answer me. Yes or no?”

“Yes,” Bai Xi answered truthfully.

Bai Yu Jie’s body shook after he heard those words. He then sat on a nearby chair and had a self-deprecating smile. There was a trace of sadness in his eyes, but these changes in expression happened in the blink of an eye, so it was hard to catch.

“Xi’r, you need to go to the imperial palace tomorrow to visit the third princess. The emperor sent someone with that message this morning.” Bai Yu Jie got up to leave.


Bai Yu Jie then suddenly remembered something. He turned around and said, “Xi’r, if you really like him, then you have to pay close attention and don’t miss it.”

“Oh.” Bai Xi nodded and watched her older brother walk away. It was strange that her older brother was here to wait for her at this time. Why did he come here just to tell her about the message? He could have just let Little Qiu Qiu tell her. Also, did his last words mean that she had to watch out for Feng Ming to make sure he didn’t get involved with other women?

The Other End

After Feng Ming walked out of the dark room and put on a new set of clothes, he looked at the two puppets in his hands and smiled.

“Wu Ying.”

“Master.” A dark shadow suddenly appeared.

“The things?”

“Yes.” The black shadow disappeared for a moment before reappearing with a small bag in his hand. He put the bag on the table and opened it.


After the shadow left, his gold eyes landed on the bag. He put the puppet down and started to make another one, recalling the steps in his mind.


“Hey, what was in that bag?” Qing Wu asked Wu Ying curiously as he placed a hand on his shoulder.

“A-Wu, shouldn’t you worry about the leader?” Wu Ying shook the hand off his shoulder and took a few steps back, as if he didn’t recognise the person in front of him.

“Eldest brother? Why do I need to worry about him?”

Wu Ying rolled his eyes and shook his head. He was speechless, as if he had guessed what Qing Wu’s reaction would be. He seemed to understand the feeling of the leader right now.

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