Chapter 1502: Came Fast/ Malicious Plan

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Chapter 1779: Came Fast

Zhang Kaiyuan squatted next to the wall below the villa. It was fine at the beginning, but after a while, he began to freeze and shiver. Spring in the North was cold. Zhang Kaiyuan didn’t eat much because of his previous depression. After drinking a lot of alcohol, he was exposed to the chill wind and he immediately felt hungry and cold.

“Why hasn’t Brother De come yet? He couldn’t be messing up with me, right?” Zhang Kaiyuan was holding his phone. He hadn’t received a phone call for so long, and he didn’t know if Brother De had started the journey or not.

Zhang Kaiyuan wanted to call Brother De and ask, but he was afraid that Brother De would be annoyed. So, after thinking for a long time, he put the phone back in his pocket, took out a cigarette, and started smoking.


Jing Xiaolu’s tantrum eased the ambiguous tension in the room by a lot. It was at least not as awkward as before. Jing Xiaolu had opened her heart and the distance between them had disappeared.

Yang Ming had also learned the fragile side of Jing Xiaolu’s heart. But to be honest, Yang Ming really didn’t think much of Jing Xiaolu’s past! Yang Ming, who also had similar experiences, felt that Jing Xiaolu was a unique delinquent girl. It was quite rare to be able to remain chaste after being in such a society for a long time! During his punk years, there were so many delinquent girls who flung themselves towards him and the people around him. Yang Ming knew all about the rotten lifestyle of those delinquent girls. Because Yang Ming was thinking of Su Ya at that time, he had no intention to bother with other women. Otherwise, he might be fooling around all day.

“Are you happy now?” Yang Ming asked Jing Xiaolu, who was no longer sorrowful but happy.

“En… I’m sorry, I misunderstood you before…” Jing Xiaolu thought of herself wrongly accusing Yang Ming before of wanting to find a masseuse and could not help but be embarrassed.

“It’s fine. But you said that you are a certified masseuse? What did you mean?” Yang Ming remembered Jing Xiaolu’s previous sentence on the phone

“I… I was just simply speaking,” Jing Xiaolu said embarrassedly. “Why? Do you really want to try?”

“… That’s alright…” Yang Ming really wanted to say why not, but his reason still defeated his desire.

“En, then I have to learn when I have free time and give you a massage in the future,” said Jing Xiaolu.

“This…” Yang Ming didn’t know how to answer, and was silent for a while before he said, “Why don’t we go out for a walk? I didn’t eat much just now. Let’s see if there are any snacks around here.”

“En, what about Sister Xinyao and the others? Are we not waiting for them?” Jing Xiaolu was a bit hungry after hearing Yang MIng’s words. She had; also not eaten much before.

“It’s been two hours and they’re not finished yet. Bi Hai is really fierce…” Yang Ming looked at the time and said helplessly.

“Oh…” Jing Xiaolu blushed, apparently thinking of something. Jing Xiaolu noticed that she had become so pure now. I used to talk dirty with Sister Xinyao and it was fine. Why am I blushing now?

He left the room together with Jing Xiaolu and took the elevator downstairs.

“Yi? What’s that?” Jing Xiaolu looked strangely at a blinking red dot under a wall near the villa.

Jing Xiaolu couldn’t see clearly in the darkness. It was pitch black.

Yang Ming looked up and was a bit surprised! The red dot Jing Xiaolu mentioned was the light from a burning cigarette. The smoker was actually Zhang Kaiyuan! What the hell is this kid doing here in the middle of the night?

If not for Yang Ming’s special ability that allowed him to see that Zhang Kaiyuan had not taken off his pants, Yang Ming would have thought he was squatting there and pooping!

“Oh, what a stupid person with no quality. He is actually pooping there,” Yang Ming said while glancing at Jing Xiaolu. He deliberately spoke louder so that Zhang Kaiyuan could hear it clearly.

“Ah! How is this happening!” Jing Xiaolu listened to Yang Ming’s words and covered her mouth subconsciously with her hand, and even turned her head away. “It is too uncivilized!”

“Yes, should I teach him a lesson?” Yang Ming asked with a smirk.

Zhang Kaiyuan naturally heard Yang Ming’s words. He was angry! He thought, You are the one pooping! I’m just squatting here to smoke a cigarette… Ugh. As soon as he thought of this, Zhang Kaiyuan assessed his posture. I really do look like someone who is squatting to poop… This look is so unusual.

Zhang Kaiyuan was angry hearing that Yang Ming wanted to come and teach him a lesson. You’re going to teach me a lesson? That Wang Lin is not with you. You think you are outstanding? How dare you teach me a lesson?

However, Zhang Kaiyuan did not want to have a conflict with Yang Ming so early for the sake of his future plans with Brother De. He could only bear Yang Ming’s satire.

“Forget it. It’s very dirty…” Jing Xiaolu shook her head after hearing Yang Ming’s suggestion.

“Alright. Let’s ignore him,” Yang Ming shrugged. Originally, Yang Ming didn’t intend to trouble Zhang Kaiyuan. He just said these few words to frighten him.

This was because Yang Ming could see clearly that Zhang Kaiyuan was squatting and smoking instead of pooping. If he was really pooping, Yang Ming wouldn’t mind going to make him sit on his own poop.

Yang Ming didn’t understand why Zhang Kaiyuan was squatting on the ground and smoking. Isn’t this problematic? However, Yang Ming didn’t want to bother about other people’s business.

Yang Ming and Jing Xiaolu stopped looking at Zhang Kaiyuan and walked far away. Zhang Kaiyuan was relieved. To be honest, he was very afraid of Yang Ming approaching him. If Yang Ming saw him squatting here, it was difficult to guarantee that he wouldn’t be suspicious. If Yang Ming discovered beforehand that he was looking for Brother De, he would not achieve his purpose.

Looking at Yang Ming and Jing Xiaolu leaving, Zhang Kaiyuan was relieved while secretly rejoicing at the same time. It seems that even God wants to help me! Zhang Kaiyuan noticed that Yang Ming and Jing Xiaolu had returned to the room for so long without coming out. He thought they wouldn’t come out. He was thinking about how to trick Yang Ming and Jing Xiaolu to come out after Brother De arrives. Now, there was no need. The problem now was that he didn’t know when Brother De would arrive. It was better for Brother De to reach here before Yang Ming and Jing Xiaolu returned to the villa. Otherwise, it would be useless.

However, Zhang Kaiyuan was not in a hurry to follow Yang Ming and Jing Xiaolu. If they did not venture far from the villa, they were most likely walking in the surrounding streets. They could not go too far. There was only a small town near the resort. The whole town was about the same size as a village, so it was easy to find people.

Zhang Kaiyuan was just anxious about Brother De’s locations. After Yang Ming and Jing Xiaolu left, Zhang Kaiyuan couldn’t help but finally dial Brother De’s phone number.

“Hello? Zhang Xiaonao, right?” Brother De answered the phone quickly, “Why did you call me? Are you in a hurry?”

“I’m not in a hurry… it’s alright. Brother De, I was afraid that this kid wouldn’t come out of the villa’s room. It would be hard to handle if that was the case !” Zhang Kaiyuan quickly explained. “It just so happens that this kid is outside walking around. I think it’s easier to take action now!”

“Oh, so it’s like this. Hehe, don’t worry. We will be there soon. We’re on the way. We have just reached Songyu Town!” said Brother De.

“Ah, you have already arrived in Songyu Town? So fast?” Zhang Kaiyuan was a little surprised by Brother De’s speed. Songyu Town was not far from Jidun City, so he was not far from the Immortal Resort. It would only take another half hour to reach here by driving. Of course, this was if Brother De drove at normal speed. The expressway had a speed limit. Zhang Kaiyuan didn’t know how Brother De could drive so fast!

According to expressway’s speed limit, they should take at least four hours to reach the destination from my hometown unless they speed! I know this from the last time I went home with my father!

Did Brother De speed? Isn’t he afraid of being fined?

“Haha, my Nissan van has been modified so it can drive very fast!” Brother De said, “I promised you, so naturally, I have to arrive there sooner!”

“Thank you, Brother De!” Zhang Kaiyuan was touched. Brother De is really handling this matter! It seems that the one-hundred-thousand yuan spent on new years was not in vain.

“Okay, no need to thank me. Let’s meet later and talk about it!” Brother De just wanted Zhang Kaiyuan to remember his favor so that it would be easier to handle things in the future.

Brother De did not care about speeding. Anyway, the car’s license was fake. It didn’t matter if they were caught on tape.

Chapter 1780: Malicious Plan

Sure enough, Brother De came quickly. Within half an hour, a phone call was made to let Zhang Kaiyuan know that they had reached the Immortal Resort’s gate.

Zhang Kaiyuan became excited when he received the call. He even rushed to the resort’s gate. He had been squatting under this wall for several hours. Zhang Kaiyuan felt that his butt was going to freeze!

Zhang Kaiyuan wouldn’t freeze here and would instead return to his room if he wasn’t afraid of not being able to track Yang Ming’s whereabouts. Since Brother De had arrived, Zhang Kaiyuan hurried over to greet him. He then planned to hurry back to his room after this to avoid others’ doubts.

Zhang Kaiyuan saw a white old-fashioned Nissan van at the resort’s entrance. Zhang Kaiyuan doubted his eyes a little. This old broken car can drive so fast? But thinking about it, Brother De said before that this car has been modified. It is probably a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

As Zhang Kaiyuan approached, the Nissan van’s door opened. Brother De stuck his head out from the door, and called Zhang Kaiyuan, “Zhang Xiaonao, get in the car!”

After Zhang Kaiyuan greeted Brother De, he quickly got on the Nissan van. He was overjoyed to see Brother De bring several underlings with him. These people could not only settle Yang Ming, but even Wang Lin would also not be their opponent!

“Brother De! You are so fast!” Zhang Kaiyuan said flatteringly, “Your car is really good. It isn’t eye-catching on the outside, but it’s so fast!”

“Of course, I replaced the engine with that of a sports car’s!” Brother De nodded proudly. “This car is specially used as a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Last time, there was a car that looked down on me on the expressway. So, I stepped on the gas and overtook him. He couldn’t catch up with me the entire way. In the end, the dumb fellow didn’t look carefully when overtaking a car, so he crashed into the curb. Fortunately, his car was good. Otherwise, he would die with the speed he was driving at!”

“Haha…” Zhang Kaiyuan naturally knew that Brother De must be bragging. Even if he changed this Nissan’s engine, it would not be possible for him to drive faster than a professional sports car. However, Zhang Kaiyuan did not expose him, but only said with an envious expression, “Really? That’s awesome! Brother De, I think your car is better than my dad’s Mercedez!”

“En, that’s normal!” Brother De nodded contentedly, “Right, where is this kid you mentioned? Tell me in detail about how you want me to teach him a lesson.

“Right, talk about business, talk about business!” Zhang Kaiyuan naturally also wanted to get to the topic quickly. But he was afraid that Brother De would be unhappy if he brought it up as soon as they met. So, he had to do some boot-licking for a while. However, since Brother De took the initiative to bring it up, shouldn’t he take advantage?

“You asked me to teach him a lesson. Will the boy suspect you afterward?” Brother De asked. “Does your father know about this?”

Brother De was not afraid that the boy who would be taught a lesson would investigate him. But he was afraid that the boy would know it was perpetrated by Zhang Kaiyuan and would look for Zhang Laofu. Then, he would have done a bad thing with good intentions!

“No, he won’t as long as I don’t show up!” Zhang Kaiyuan said. “My dad doesn’t know about this, but I don’t need to let him know. Brother De, you wouldn’t not help me because of this, right…”

“How could that be!” Brother De heard Zhang Kaiyuan say this and thought about it. There are pros and cons to this matter! It might be possible for Zhang Laofu to complain that I condoned Zhang Kaiyuan’s fights. But from another perspective, if Zhang Laofu is kept unknowing, it would be a common secret between me and Zhang Kaiyuan. At that time, in order to keep this secret, doesn’t Zhang Kaiyuan have to be obedient and help me?

In the future, if Zhang Kaiyuan, a person close to Zhang Laofu, is on my side, my plan can be implemented more smoothly. So he said, “I was just simply asking. In this case, don’t let your dad know about it. After all, it’s not a glorious thing!”

“Brother De, you are so particular!” Zhang Kaiyuan initially thought that Brother De wanted to back off and not help him. But when he heard this sentence from Brother Die he was overjoyed!

This was no wonder. Although he was the one who lost one-hundred-thousand yuan to Brother De, Brother De was not stupid. Brother De knew that without Zhang Laofu inciting it, how could Zhang Kaiyuan have the courage to lose a hundred-thousand yuan?

Now, he was here to help Zhang Kaiyuan, but he didn’t let Zhang Laofu know. Then, he would be returning this one-hundred-thousand yuan favor in vain. He still had to return the favor to Zhang Laofu again in the future!

“To mingle in society, you need to have a code of brotherhood. If you don’t have it, then you can’t mingle in society! Right?” Brother De said arrogantly. “Well, tell me what to do later!”

“Okay, okay!” Zhang Kaiyuan nodded again and again, and told Brother De about his plan, “In a while, after you see the kid, so and so… and then the girl next to him…”

Zhang Kaiyuan began to talk about the malicious plan he had thought of before.

“What?” Brother De was a little surprised when he heard Zhang Kaiyuan’s plan. “This isn’t good, right? Aren’t you breaking the law? If the girl reports this to the police, wouldn’t you be sent to prison?”

“Hehe, rest assured, Brother De! At that time, just give her some medicine and let her take the initiative to find me. Wouldn’t that make it alright? Then record a video to threaten her with. Let’s see if she dares report to the police or not!” Zhang Kaiyuan said indifferently.

“That is also possible!” Brother De was not a good guy at all. He had performed murder and arson, let alone this. However, he was a little worried about Zhang Kaiyuan’s future, so he reminded him.

After all, if Zhang Kaiyuan really went to prison because of this, then the matter of wanting to attract Zhang Laofu to invest in the company would certainly fizzle out. That would certainly be a loss.

However, when he heard that Zhang Kaiyuan had planned so carefully, Brother De was fine with it.

“No problem. Brother De, that girl is not someone good. By the time the video is in our hands, I will definitely discredit and finish her if she dares to call the police!” said Zhang Kaiyuan.

“Okay, but are you sure that rich second generation will not call the police?” Brother De nodded and asked again. It appeared that Brother De was not a reckless person. He always thought carefully before he acted.

“It is he who gave up the woman to survive. Would he still have the face to call the police? Besides, if he doesn’t admit it, what is the use of him calling the police?” Zhang Kaiyuan said it as if it was a given. “Also, it’s just a woman. I don’t believe he will avenge a woman. He is not a fool!”

“This is true. Since he can give up on the woman, he is a timid person. Such timid people will not avenge others,” Brother De nodded in agreement. “Okay, I’ll just do as you say!”

Actually, there was still a bit of risk in this matter. But how could there be large returns without any risk? When Zhang Kaiyuan proposed this plan, Brother De couldn’t be more tempted!

Once Zhang Kaiyuan commits this kind of crime, he will be on the same boat as me. If I hold his criminal evidence in my hands, Zhang Kaiyuan will obediently listen to my words and do things for me in the future!

Especially when Zhang Kaiyuan mentioned the video, Brother De was reminded that he could back up another video for himself. It was tantamount to grasping Zhang Kaiyuan’s lifeline.

“Ma Laosi, a few of you will do this in a moment. Can you do it?” Brother De commanded Ma Laosi.

“Relax Brother De. It’s a small matter!” Ma Laosi agreed easily. He was familiar with this kind of thing. He did it a lot in his hometown, so he didn’t take it seriously

The crimes he had done over the years were enough for him to die multiple times, so such things were no longer important in his eyes.

“Zhang Xiaonao, where is that kid you mentioned?” asked Brother De.

“He should be near the resort. Just now, I saw that kid take the girl out. Let’s drive around the resort. Maybe we can see them!” said Zhang Kaiyuan.

“Let’s go. Ma Laosi, drive!” Brother De commanded Ma Laosi.

“Okay!” Ma Laosi started the car and drove slowly along the street in front of the resort…

I haven’t been here for a long time. I remember the last time I came here was a year ago. However, at that time, I was well-regarded. Even Jidun City’s boss had to nod his head when he saw me… but now… Brother De secretly reminisced about his past…

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