Chapter 1500: Brother De Made a Move/ You Miss Me…

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Chapter 1775: Brother De Made a Move

“No, it’s a resort near Jidun City called the Immortal Resort.” Zhang Kaiyuan didn’t know how Brother De knew Song Jiang. When he returned to his hometown, he only mentioned Song Jiang once when he was with his father. Brother De’s memory seemed to be good. He could remember it from that one time.

“Oh, that’s alright,” Brother De let out a sigh of relief after hearing that it was not in Song Jiang.

To be honest, Brother De didn’t really want to do things in Song Jiang. It was because he knew about the current power distribution in Song Jiang. He didn’t want to cause any problem before his big plan.

“This resort is located at Number XX on XX Road. Are you coming over now?” Zhang Kaiyuan asked.

“En, wait for me there. I’ll take someone with me now. I’ll give you a call when we arrive,” said Brother De.

“Okay, Brother De. I’ll be waiting for you!” Zhang Kaiyuan didn’t expect Brother De to promise to stick up for himself so easily. He couldn’t help but want to cheer a few times. “Please call me once you’re here. I’ll pick you up!”

“Okay, if you insist,” Brother De answered and hung up the phone.

Brother De was actually a very low profile person. In this situation where he didn’t have enough strength to respond and seek revenge, Brother De didn’t want to provoke any powerful enemies. However, what Zhang Kaiyuan entrusted him to do today was not a big deal. Brother De carefully thought about it. It’s just teaching a rich kid a lesson. It’s not a big deal.

This is such a simple matter. Plus Zhang Kaiyuan and his father will owe me one. Why don’t I do it?

Therefore, Brother De looked for his capable subordinate, Ma Laosi, after he hung up the phone.

“Brother De, are you looking for me?” Ma Laosi was playing mahjong with a group of brothers. He rushed over after receiving Brother De’s call.

“Come with me to do something later,” Brother De said, “Bring along a few more brothers.”

“Oh? Brother De, are we beating someone up this time? Do we need to bring some weapons?” Ma Laosi got excited upon hearing it. He was very bored every day as there was nothing to do. Basically, he knew everyone in this village and couldn’t pick a fight with anyone. He yearned to be like the hooligans in Tv shows who held huge knives.

“Why do you need to bring a weapon? It’s just teaching a little brat a lesson,” Brother De waved his hand and said. “But you can bring along some daggers to scare him.”

“So that’s it …” Ma Laosi was disappointed. He nodded his head and said, “I’ll do it now.”

Ma Laosi returned after about ten minutes. He brought three people who were all in their twenties this time. They were the village idlers and got recruited by Brother De as his underlings. Their daily lives were pretty nourishing and were much better than farming.

“Okay, all of you follow me.” Brother De ground his cigarette and stood up, “Laosi, is the car ready?”

“Which car are we driving?” Ma Laosi asked.

“Drive that scrapped Nissan,” Brother De said. “Go get a Song Jiang car plate and put it on.”

“Okay!” Ma Laosi answered and ran out to prepare. The three young men waited respectfully for Brother De to put on a coat before they accompanied him outside.

Zhang Kaiyan finally let out his anger as he hung up the phone. When he imagined that Yang Ming would be crying his heart out later, he no longer felt so uncomfortable about being humiliated previously.

No one asked him what he had just done after he returned to the restaurant. They thought he just went to the toilet and smoked. No one thought too much about it.

His hometown was far from here. There was no way Brother De could come here in three or five hours. Therefore, Zhang Kaiyuan was not worried. He continued to boast and drink with the people he knew.

Yang Ming was not captivated by the dishes on the table. Yang Ming was not eager to eat this kind of meal served in the resort. He preferred lighter food compared to large lavish meals.

“Yang Ming, don’t you want to eat?” Jing Xiaolu was not really interested in the food on the table either as she wanted to maintain her body shape. She was also no longer poor and unable to try anything. Therefore, she put down her chopsticks after a few bites.

“I actually prefer street snacks. I don’t have much appetite for such luxurious fish,” Yang Ming shook his head.

Initially, Little Wang was eating very well. He had been Yang Ming’s driver for a few days and he normally had no chance to have such a good meal. Therefore he polished the food off after seeing the table full of fish.

Little Wang immediately put down his chopsticks somewhat embarrassingly when he heard Yang Ming’s words. He lifted his head and looked around carefully. He was indeed the only one that was eating happily. Bi Hai didn’t eat anything. Ge Xinyao and his girlfriend, Little Ran, didn’t really eat a lot, nor did Yang Ming and Jing Xiaolu. Little Wang was the only one eating.

“Cough, cough…” Little Wang coughed awkwardly. “Brother Yang, does it not suit your appetite? Should I go to the kitchen to separately order something for you and sister-in-law?”

“It’s okay. We will walk around to see if there’s any snacks or something after this ends,” Yang Ming waved his hand. “Why are you looking at us? Hurry up and eat.”

Yang Ming obviously saw Little Wang gorging himself previously. He immediately asked when he saw Little Wang stop eating.

“Neither of you are eating. I’m the only one who is eating…” Little Wang said awkwardly, scratching his head embarrassed.

“Hurry up and eat more. We didn’t pay less. If you don’t eat more, how can we make our money’s worth?” Yang Ming laughed. “There aren’t any unfamiliar faces here, You don’t have to be so polite.”

“It’s… not so good…” Little Wang was still struggling. After all, no one was eating apart from him. It didn’t make sense in any way.

“You should just eat since Brother Yang allowed you. Why are you being overly fussy?” Sun Xiaoran hit Little Wang with her elbow and said, “You are a big man, but you are being too cautious!”

“Exactly. Look, Little Wang, Sun Xiaoran is better than you!” said Jing Xiaolu after listening to Sun Xiaoran’s words.

Little Wang blushed upon hearing Jing Xiaolu’s words. However, he no longer struggled after getting Yang Ming and Jing Xiaolu’s approval. He let his appetite take over and began to devour the food.

Originally, the annual class reunion’s banquet lasted a long time. In many circumstances, it would last until the early morning. After that, everyone returned to their rooms and began their free activities.

However, the banquet’s atmosphere and enthusiasm was somewhat subdued due to Zhang Kaiyuan’s matter. There was constantly a faint sense of depression. Zhang Kaiyan was not toasting from table to table or regulating the atmosphere as usual. He stayed at his table and talked softly with a few close friends.

About one hour after the banquet started, people started to leave one after another. Zhang Kaiyuan could do nothing about this situation as he was too embarrassed to ask them to stay or request them for anything.

He sighed secretly. If I don’t make Yang Ming suffer until he is terrified and gives in, I’m afraid that it may be hard for me to continue hosting the annual class reunion. Where can I put my face if he’s still here to make trouble?

Yang Ming stood up as he saw people starting to leave. When Yang Ming stood up, Bi Hai, Little Wang, Ge Xinyao, and Sun Xiaoran all stood up after him. Jing Xiaolu was actually the slowest one.

“Shall we go? Shall we walk around outside?” Yang Ming asked.

“Let’s walk around outside then. Brother Yang and Sister-in-law Xiaolu haven’t eaten much. Let’s have a look if there’s any food being sold out there,” said Bi Hai.

Although Zhang Kaiyuan was drinking and talking to the people at his table, he glanced at Yang Ming’s table continuously. When he saw Yang Ming standing up, he let out a sigh of relief. He was afraid that Yang Ming would stay in the banquet hall and follow the crowd back to their rooms.

Even if Brother De was here, he couldn’t do anything that way. Can Brother De do something to Yang Ming in front of so many classmates? Even if my classmates don’t care, the hotel’s security will definitely care about it.

However, things would be easier to handle once Yang Ming left. It was the best time for Brother De to do his thing while Yang Ming was alone.

Chapter 1776: You Miss Me…

“Brother Yang, Xinyao has a special situation today. I will accompany her back to the room and use the restroom,” Bi Hai said to Yang Ming after leaving the restaurant. Ge Xinyao was embarrassed to say it, so she hinted Bi Hai to say it for her.

“Oh, let’s go together then. I will use the restroom too,” said Yang Ming, feeling slightly embarrassed after hearing it.

Since Yang Ming and Bi Hai were going to the hotel room first, Little Wang and Sun Xiaoran had no objection. Therefore, the group walked directly towards the villa building.

Zhang Kaiyuan had no mood to sit and drink after he saw Yang Ming leaving. He bid farewell to the people at his table. He told them that he was overwhelmed by the alcohol and needed to rest in his room for a while. But he assured them he would still play cards at night.

Everyone basically knew that Zhang Kaiyuan was in a bad mood after being insulted. He was good enough to hold it in and eat until now. Zhang Kaiyuan obviously wouldn’t leave before Yang Ming as that would be a display of weakness. Now that Yang Ming’s group had left, Zhang Kaiyuan didn’t have any obligation to restrain himself anymore. Therefore, everyone was very understanding about Zhang Kaiyuan’s departure.

After Yang Ming’s group went out, Zhang Kaiyuan followed them from far behind. He found out that they were obviously going in the direction of the villa building and back to the rooms. Zhang Kaiyuan became slightly anxious and thought, Why are these people going back to their rooms instead of going out for some fun at night?

This resort had many entertainment facilities, including a disco hall, KTV, a swimming pool, a bowling alley, a video games room, a gym, an indoor fishing hall, and many more. After dinner, most people went to such places for fun and very few would head back to the rooms immediately.

Perhaps they went back to the room to change their clothes? Zhang Kaiyuan said to comfort himself.

Zhang Kaiyuan chose not to return to his room. He immediately found a place near the villa building’s entrance where he could hide. He squatted there and decided to wait for them.

It was better when they were heading upstairs. Once they entered the room, Yang Ming immediately felt that the atmosphere was a little weird! I am sharing this room with Jing Xiaolu! Yang Ming didn’t mind and didn’t think too much previously as Bi Hai was the one who helped him to pick the room card. He also entered the room naturally just now. However, he only realized that there was something wrong after closing the door!

Am I going to share this room with Jing Xiaolu tonight?

Although the room was a standard room with two beds, the atmosphere would still be somewhat dubious.

Jing Xiaolu obviously felt this too. Her face turned red once she entered the room. It was unclear if it was due to the room’s heater or another reason.

Calm down, Xiaolu. You have to calm down! Jing Xiaolu felt that her face was heating up so she started to cheer herself up. Why didn’t I feel this way when I was picking up guys and getting a room with them? No matter how dangerous it is, I can still escape from the room intact…

Also, Yang Ming won’t necessarily do something to me this time. What am I being nervous about? Besides, even if Yang Ming does something to me, isn’t that what I have been looking forward to? What is there for me to be nervous about?

But the more Jing Xiaolu thought the more she became nervous. She even started breathing a little faster.

Yang Ming glanced at her in surprise after feeling her peculiarity. “Xiaolu, what’s wrong? You seem hot. Do you want to take off your clothes?”

“Huh!” Jing Xiaolu was shocked after hearing Yang Ming’s words. Her face became redder and she asked stutteringly, “Wh… What… undress… now?”

Jing Xiaolu wasn’t expecting her thoughts to come true. Undress and go to bed as soon as we enter the room? But… But I’m not ready yet!

“Aren’t you hot?” Yang Ming gave Jing Xiaolu a strange look and wondered why she was so nervous. “Why would you wear a coat inside?”

“Ah… Coat… oh…” Jing Xiaolu suddenly felt relieved. But she was also slightly disappointed. Just the coat? Not anything else?

Thinking of this, Jing Xiaolu took off her coat and threw it with some anger to the bedside. But she started thinking about it. Is Yang Ming giving me a suggestion or testing me out?

If I take off all my clothes, will he seize the opportunity? There is nothing wrong with just taking off my coat too…

Thinking of this, Jing Xiaolu felt slightly bitter and tangled. Am I a little too timid? Sharing the same room with Yang Ming is an opportunity of a lifetime. It is difficult to have such an opportunity in the future. Do I really want to do something in the office with him during the day?

Also, I didn’t have the opportunity to be alone with Yang Ming this evening!

“Of course it’s the coat, or do you really want to take everything off instead?” Yang Ming was wondering why Jing Xiaolu was acting so strangely, so he made a joke. However, he felt that his joke was impolite right after making it and understood why Jing Xiaolu had such a strange expression just now!

I think Jing Xiaolu has misunderstood. She thinks I want her to take off all of her clothes. Yang Ming scolded himself silently for being slow. I made such a joke after that. How is this alright?

Yang Ming initially thought Jing Xiaolu would be angry or even shy, but he didn’t expect…

Jing Xiaolu didn’t answer immediately after hearing Yang Ming’s joke. She was sorrowful and kept wondering what Yang Ming meant by his joke. Could it be that Yang Ming failed to test her earlier on, and was testing her again?

However, is it what I think or not? Jing Xiaolu wasn’t certain either. Or should I ask Yang Ming if he is testing me out? What would happen if I actually asked him?

Jing Xiaolu was dejected for losing such a good opportunity. Now, another opportunity had presented itself. Jing Xiaolu didn’t want to give it up so easily. Sometimes, you would only know how to cherish something after losing it once. She also knew that this opportunity would not happen in the future. So, Jing Xiaolu hesitated…

Should give in to Yang Ming, or not? Jing Xiaolu gritted her teeth. I’m his sooner or later anyway, so should I just give it in to him? It’s just that thing anyways. If we don’t do it tonight, maybe we will have to wait until God knows when. Won’t I regret it to death by that time?

Moreover, even If I give in to Yang Ming tonight, I definitely won’t regret it. So what is there for me to be hesitant about?

Thinking of this, Jing Xiaolu started to feel constrained just when she wanted to say yes to Yang Ming. I’m a girl after all! Although I was the one who pursued Yang Ming, I can’t be too proactive, can I? Won’t I seem very casual by being overly proactive?

What should I do then? Jing Xiaolu mumbled to herself. She thought, Since you’re testing me out, I will also test you out and let you make the decision. I don’t have to feel embarrassed that way.

Thinking of this, Jing Xiaolu raised her head shyly. She looked at Yang Ming and said each word with a seductive voice, “So do you want me to take it all off, or just my coat?”

“Ah?” Jing Xiaolu’s response immediately petrified Yang Ming. He had previously predicted Jing Xiaolu to react in two ways. One was fury, and the other was silence. He didn’t expect Jing Xiaolu to throw the question back to him and ask a question in response!

Yang Ming didn’t expect his joke would force him into an impasse. How should I respond at this time? To be honest, Yang Ming was a person with a low EQ. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be in this situation with Zhao Ying.

Therefore, Jing Xiaolu’s question made it difficult for Yang Ming. Thinking about it, it seems that I am rushing it too much. I don’t actually want to do anything to Jing Xiaolu. Yang Ming didn’t want to take advantage of Jing Xiaolu as he didn’t know whether he could return safely from his Yunnan trip.

But if I say no, will Jing Xiaolu be angry? Will she think that I’m not interested in her?

This was a real headache for Yang Ming. He was in a dilemma. He yelled at himself in his mind, Why do I have a big mouth that will say anything and everything?

Jing Xiaolu felt amused when she saw Yang Ming’s embarrassment. It turns out that there are times when Yang Ming would also be left speechless. If she had known this earlier, she would have asked Yang Ming when he saw her in the restroom that day, Do you want to keep looking, keep looking, or keep on looking?

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