Chapter 72 – Madam Feng, I’ll Elope With You

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“Young Master Yue, my master has a request,” Qing Wu said politely as he glanced at Bai Xi. His face was rather ugly. He really didn’t like this Young Master Yue. Even if he wasn’t young miss Bai Xi’s lover previously, he had the audacity to forcibly kiss his master. Now, he dared to elope with young miss Bai Xi. He really didn’t want to live.

He couldn’t figure out why his master would treat him with such politeness.

“Oh? The prime minister? What a coincidence to meet the prime minister here,” Bai Xi said with a clear smile. She didn’t think it was a coincidence at all. She received the news four hours ago that this man had left the city, so why was he at the gate now? Was her source wrong? Or did Feng Ming wait here for four hours? If it was the latter, then that meant that he was quite sure that she was still in the city and hadn’t left.

“Young Master Yue, please,” Qing Wu said. Inwardly he thought ‘this wasn’t a coincidence’.

Bai Xi raised her head and looked at the sky. Then, she looked at the same jet-black curtain, trying to peer at the crescent-white figure behind. “Prime minister, I’m afraid that I will decline your invitation today. I have something to do today. Perhaps another day.” Bai Xi then flicked the reins and she ushered the horse forward.


Just as she was riding past, she felt a burst of internal force. She quickly realised that the blow wasn’t aimed at her. However, she was too late. Her horse neighed suddenly and fell down.

When the horse fell to the ground, Bai Xi had hopped off and landed safely. She stared at the horse without blinking. The horse’s eyes were wide open. She knew exactly who did this. It couldn’t be anyone else. It seemed that he was making her enter the carriage.


Bai Xi condensed her internal force in her palm and struck out quickly and accurately at the horse. The horse would be disabled if it didn’t die. But, a sudden force flew out next to her.

A big tree not far from them fell down.

“Get on,” a light voice called from inside the carriage.

“Young Master Yue, please.”

Bai Xi glanced at the carriage and then at the broken tree. This time she didn’t refuse and glanced at Qing Wu. She then got into the carriage and saw the one guy she wanted to punch in the face. She endured.

“What do you need to tell me that requires me getting into the carriage?” Why did he have to ruin her horse to get her into the carriage? Now that she was in the carriage, the man had his eyes closed and was resting. What was he doing? Playing with her?

The entire carriage was quiet, except for Bai Xi’s question just now. Feng Ming, who was leaning against the carriage wall, appeared to be asleep. She didn’t move. She couldn’t sense him breathing at all. If she didn’t see him sitting opposite her, she would have thought she was alone in the carriage.

“Since the prime minister wants to rest, then I won’t bother you.” For some reason, a voice in her heart told her not to stay and that she should leave quickly.

Jade hands touched the carriage curtain. Her wrist was then clasped and pulled back. She fell into Feng Ming’s arms without warning. He lifted her jaw with his white-jade fingers, forcing her to meet his gold eyes.

“Madam Feng, was it fun?”

Her black pupils trembled. “It turned out that the prime minister is so handsome and wants to marry a man. I don’t think I am the right person since my sexuality is normal.” Bai Xi quickly shook off his hand and turned around. She then sat back on the chair, but the jade hand that was clasping her wrist remained and she was unable to shake it off.

“If Madam Feng finds it fun, then I am very happy to continue playing with Madam.” He smiled slightly and his gold eyes watched Bai Xi’s rapidly changing expression.

“Oh, it turned out that I misunderstood the prime minister. It seems that the prime minister misses his wife, so I won’t bother the prime minister anymore.” Bai Xi closed her mouth obediently and sat quietly in the corner. Outwardly, she appeared calm, but inwardly her emotions were turbulent.

Did he already know? Otherwise, why would he suddenly say such a thing?

“Madam Feng, you are not well behaved.” And an indifferent and slightly evil smile was on his face.

“I’m really not…” Madam Feng was not able to finish her sentence. She felt a chill on her lips and her unfinished words were drowned by his lips and tongue.

Bai Xi wanted to avoid him, but a large hand pressed against her back tightly, preventing her from moving. He deepened the kiss. Her hands were pressed against his broad chest. Another arm looped around her waist and hugged her tightly.

“This is your punishment for misbehaving.” Feng Ming smiled and pulled the hair band from Bai Xi’s head. Her soft inky hair spilled down like a waterfall.

“You…” Before she could speak further, her lips were kissed heavily again. His tongue plundered her mouth and it quickly took her breath away.

“Hn…” Bai Xi breathed out, but her lips were soon blocked by his.

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The hand around her waist moved to touch her belt. The slender fingers hooked the belt and gently untied it, pulling it away. Bai Xi’s robe opened wide. The intoxicated Bai Xi felt a chill and immediately regained her senses.

She wanted to resist, but she was held close by that powerful arm. Just when she was worried that the spring scenes would show up, she raised her left foot and kneed Feng Ming in the stomach. However, when she was only an inch away from her target, her knee was blocked by Feng Ming’s hand.

“Madam Feng, you are really bad,” Feng Ming said indifferently, but softly.

Bai Xi felt her body lighten. She was already sitting on Feng Ming’s thigh. Her body was shackled, and she couldn’t pull away. Her clothes were a mess, showing her white and tender skin. She still had her cloth strip on. His white, jade-like fingers hooked the corners of the cloth strips. If he exerted a bit more force, he would tear them away.

“Madam Feng, do you still want to say that you are a man?” Feng Ming’s voice was a little hoarse, but it was surprisingly gentle.

Bai Xi’s face turned white, then red. This man threatened her. He knew that, as long as she dared, he would tear off the cloth strip and find out what was underneath.

“Madam Feng, you are not that big. If you keep doing this, it will make it harder for them to grow.”

Bai Xi’s complexion instantly turned red. One hand anxiously closed her clothes and the other punched his cheek. She was surprised that the man didn’t avoid it.

“If Madam Feng wants to hit me, then go ahead. But, Madam Feng shouldn’t hit this face again, otherwise the world will think that Madam Feng is a tigress.” Feng Ming’s tone was teasing. He tightened his hold on Bai Xi.

“I am not a tiger.”

The slender fingers were still near the cloth strips, as if he wanted to tear them off, but instead grabbed the small hill under. “Yes, you don’t really look like a tigress. You are more like a wolf who eats little white rabbits like me.”

 “Indecent.” Little white rabbit? He dared to say he was a little white rabbit? If he was, then what was she? Carrots? Bai Xi instantly turned red. She was angry and annoyed.

“You are my wife, this is fun.”


“Madam Feng occasionally wants to play a hooligan.” Feng Ming smiled and kissed her again. This time it was gentler.

“Asshole, let me go!”

Feng Ming did not let go and instead deepened the kiss, teasing her evasive tongue. Perhaps because of his tenderness, or perhaps because she actually liked him in her heart, she began to get lost in his gentle and cautious kiss and soon reciprocated.

The temperature in the carriage rose rapidly. Feng Ming had already ordered Qing Wu to block his ears with cotton. Qing Wu drove the carriage seriously as he couldn’t hear the movements in the carriage. He wasn’t sure what was going on inside, but he would never be able to guess what was going on in the carriage.

Feng Ming reluctantly left the alluring red lips, but kissed her on her delicate collarbone and neck, leaving traces of him behind. In fact, he was afraid that if he continued, he would not be able to control the burning in his body, and he would eat the person in front of him.

“Don’t move!”

These two words worked well. Bai Xi, who was struggling to leave, stopped immediately and slumped obediently in Feng Ming’s arms. She rested her head against his shoulders, panting. She didn’t dare to move randomly. Because she had felt someone’s need directly against her, she believed that if she moved a bit, he would definitely be controlled by it.

“Bai Xi, next time you hide from me, I will definitely take care of you.” Feng Ming’s breathing was also disordered, and there was a trace of annoyance on his usual indifferent face.

“You…” When Bai Xi opened her mouth, she found that her voice was hoarse.

“Remember my words because I’m not just saying things.” Feng Ming gently rubbed Bai Xi’s smooth hair. His gold eyes looked at her unblinkingly.

The already beautiful eyes were very charming. The long eyelashes trembled. The small and exquisite nose, the red and swollen mouth, and the white skin exuded a certain charm. This was her true face.

Bai Xi opened her mouth, but there was no sound.

Feng Ming suddenly straightened Bai Xi’s body and looked at her. “You are really brave, going to the casino and brothel. Are these places fun?”

“Eh… How did you know?” She believed that this man wouldn’t have expected her to go to Hong Xiang Pavilion and that she had already left the capital. But, she was wrong. Not only did he know, he knew that she had gone to Ju Cai Zhuang. However, the people at Ju Cai Zhuang could have notified him.

However, if he had found out early in the morning, then it would have been difficult for Ju Cai Zhuang to open its doors…

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“What should I know?”

“How did you know that I was a Ju Cai Zhuang and Hong Xiang Pavilion?”

“I didn’t. I could guess you would go to the casino since I took your silver ticket. As for Hong Xiang Pavilion… I didn’t think you would stay overnight, but I know that you wouldn’t think I would expect you to live in a brothel.” He didn’t know what she was thinking about, but he could guess that she would not leave the capital willingly, especially not when she hadn’t gotten back her money.

“So all the gambling houses in the city opened today because you expected me to go to Ju Cai Zhuang when I heard the news.” No wonder why he was sure she didn’t leave early.

“Madam Feng, did you have fun?” Feng Ming asked.

Bai Xi thought about it for a while. “Then, how did you know I was Bai Xi?” How did he find out? She didn’t get along with him when she was disguised as a man, so how was he so sure that Yue Hua was her?


“How did I know? I didn’t,” Feng Ming said lightly. “No matter how much a person changes, their taste won’t.”

“Eh? Taste?” Bai Xi’s anger died. So he concluded that she was Bai Xi based off of this. That reason was too far-fetched. “So you already knew that the so-called Little White Face was me?”

Feng Ming shook his head. “No, I was only suspicious before. I only confirmed it recently.”


“Yes, although the taste of a person can’t be changed, as long as two people have close contact, then the tastes can overlap.” Feng Ming paused. “If Little White Face was with you and did ambiguous things with you, then Little White Face would taste like you. So, I couldn’t conclude that Little White Face was you until…”

Bai Xi blushed. “Until what?”

“You know, every time that I smelled you on Little White Face, I wanted to kill him.” While Feng Ming spoke, he carefully tidied Bai Xi’s open clothes.

Bai Xi’s cheeks turned redder. She was completely spellbound by his words and didn’t realise that her clothes were open.

“I’ll do it myself.”

“I am willing to dress my wife.”

 Bai Xi continued to blush as Feng Ming helped her get dressed. “You wanted to kill Little White Face because you were jealous?”

“Yes, very much so.”

“You also like to drink vinegar.” She hadn’t forgotten about the time he drank red vinegar. He drank glass after glass, like it wasn’t vinegar but a fine wine.

“If you didn’t make up Little White Face, then I wouldn’t have had to drink the sour red vinegar,” Feng Ming said with a slightly aggrieved tone.

Bai Xi smirked and a warm feeling flowed into her heart. “Then should I thank you for not killing me?”

“You should.”

Bai Xi wanted to get down from Feng Ming’s thigh, but she was caught by him again. After struggling a few times and still unable to leave, she said, “Let me down!”

“Let go of you so you can continue to hide from me?” Feng Ming’s arm around Bai Xi’s waist tightened. In order to avoid him, this woman came up with the pathetic excuse of eloping.

“I… no.” Her voice lacked confidence.

“Speak, why did you avoid me?” Feng Ming saw that Bai Xi didn’t respond and his white, jade-like hand pinched Bai Xi.

“I wasn’t avoiding you. I just happened to have something to do outside of the city.” She wasn’t going to admit that she really was trying to hide from him and decided to go to Qing Cheng temporarily.

“Really?” Feng Ming obviously didn’t believe what Bai Xi said.

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“As long as you remember my words, then it doesn’t matter.” His slender fingers touched Bai Xi’s exquisite and stunning face. “You can easily provoke peach blossoms1.”

Bai Xi raised her hand and shook his hand off. She was dissatisfied. “You have already attracted a lot of attention.”

Gold eyes looked up. “Madam Feng, are you jealous?”

“I don’t like to be jealous.”

Feng Ming smiled more, as if a hundred flowers bloomed. “A large crowd is useless. I only exist here for you.” Feng Ming grabbed Bai Xi’s hand and pressed it to his heart, letting her feel his heartbeat. “You let it exist so you must be responsible.”

She could feel his strong heartbeat. A strange emotion flashed through her heart. She withdrew her hand. “What does that have to do with me?”

“Bai Xi, I am willing to try for you. After I understood this emotion, I did not choose to escape, but chose to face it directly. What about you? You also said that you are willing to try with me, but when you found your heart, you chose to run away, didn’t you?” Feng Ming looked directly into her black pupils which looked like black pearls and didn’t allow her to avoid him.

When Bai Xi was about to protest, Feng Ming spoke again. “Don’t rush to answer me. I will give you time to figure it out, but during this time you have to be responsible.” Feng Ming pointed to his heart. “Have you heard it?”

Bai Xi nodded, agreeing. Inwardly, she wondered if she was really like as he said. Was she running away because she was afraid of liking him?

Feng Ming raised his eyebrows. His gold eyes gleamed. “Don’t you want to ask me how you are responsible?”

“Hm?” Bai Xi was startled.

“I want to tell you again.” Feng Ming smiled.

He was thinking of telling her again? Wasn’t that the same as Ye Mu Li’s blank imperial edict? Wasn’t she the one who suffered in the end? “I think…”

Feng Ming didn’t give Bai Xi a chance to finish speaking. He took out a thin human skin mask from his sleeve. “As for this, I will help you keep it temporarily.”

“Sure enough, you took it.” Bai Xi reached out to grab it, but failed. The mask he was holding was the one she was missing. She had put it on, but he ended up taking it away. When did he remove it from her face?

“Madam Feng, do you think that just loosening the soil can result in mud all over the face?” Why did she do that? Even Bai Yu Jie couldn’t hide from him, and she wanted to hide from him? Coupled with her nervous and scared eyes, he knew that she did that deliberately so that he couldn’t see her face. That made it obvious.

Bai Xi saw him put the human skin mask down and said, displeased, “Didn’t you say that my face provokes peach blossoms now? Then you should give that mask back to me.” What did he mean? He said that, but didn’t return her mask.

“When you are with me, I will chop off any peach blossoms.”

Bai Xi snorted coldly. “So you knew last night?” After dealing with it for so long, why did she have to ask the old man about the secret of her life history last night? Why did she have to tear off the human skin mask on her face? And why did Feng Ming appear so coincidentally? Was this a result of her hiding from him when they were at the palace?


“Then why didn’t you expose me?”

“Madam Feng, didn’t you say it to your husband already? Since you wanted to play, then your husband will play with you.”

Bai Xi’s heart tightened. “If that’s the case, then why expose me now?” He decided to continue to play stupid, so why was he telling her everything now?

“We are eloping together.”

“Eh? Eloping?” A figure flashed through Bai Xi’s thoughts. Mu Qiu. It seemed that the person she wanted to matchmake was going to be the matchmaker.

“Madam Feng decided to elope and stay with her husband in the end!”

“Feng Ming, let me say it again, I am not your Madam Feng.” Madam Feng, Madam Feng. When did she marry? He called her this with ease.

“Bai Xi, I will say it again. You are my Madam Feng.”

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“I…” She couldn’t finish her sentence.

Feng Ming leaned over and kissed her, reluctantly parting after a long time. “Old Man Bai has sold you to me.”

“What? What do you mean? What did that damn old man do?”

At the same time in the Bai mansion in Mo Xuan Yuan

Bai Chong Yuan suddenly sneezed while he was pruning his bonsai.

“It’s almost November and it is getting colder. The old general should enter the house. This subordinate will get people to move these bonsai inside,” Bai Shi said with concern.

“No need. I can still bear this kind of cold. Even if I soak in cold water for an hour or two, I’ll be fine. Maybe someone was thinking about me just now,” Bai Chong Yuan said with a smile.

Bai Shi nodded and stood quietly to the side.

Bai Chong Yuan suddenly stopped pruning the bonsai and looked up at the sky. “Bai Shi, you said that Ming boy should have caught up to Xi girl by now.”

“The second young miss was unable to leave the city last night. Even if the second young lady wanted to leave in a hurry, she would have to wait until the gate was opened this morning before leaving. But, if the second young lady wanted to avoid the Feng family patriarch, then it would be difficult for the Feng family patriarch to find the second young miss, but…”

“Hm? Continue.”

“The Feng family patriarch may not be blinded by the appearance created by the second young miss.”

Bai Chong Yuan chuckled. “Don’t look at that indifferent and arrogant expression on Ming boy. In fact, his heart is thinner than anyone else. Also, it turned out that you also noticed that Xi girl was hiding from Ming boy.”

Bai Shi smiled, but didn’t answer.

“It seems that Xi girl is lying, that there is no-one she likes in her heart.”

“Is the old general willing to leave the second young miss?” Bai Shi asked.

“I can’t bear it.”

“If the old general is reluctant, you can tell the second young miss. Why do you always irritate the second miss?” Since that time, every time the old general mentioned this, the second young miss always turned around and left. What was the point?

“You don’t understand. This is the only way I can be willing to marry her off.”

Bai Shi didn’t understand this, so he didn’t continue speaking.

Bai Chong Yuan continued to look after the bonsai. A while later, he suddenly thought of something and looked at Bai Shi. “Yes, the new year is in two and a half months. You should get someone to send Lan Lan an invitation in my name. We want to invite her to come to the Bai mansion to celebrate the new year.”

“Old general, this…”

“Also, Lan Lan likes to drink the plum wine I make, especially the one that is older than five years. Remember to bring a few jars of plum wine with you when you send the invitation, otherwise Lan Lan won’t come and she’ll nag.”

“This subordinate knows.”

“Mm, let’s go.” He estimated that when Xi girl and Ming boy returned from the Qing Cheng, Lan Lan should arrive in the capital.

Soon, Bai Chong Yuan was the only one left in the yard. He stood next to the bonsai and had a silly smile on his face.

1 provoking peach blossoms – this means attracting romantic attention.

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