“I will make you become a living sword.”

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When the Emperor said that, Charlize expressed her grat.i.tude. Charlize Ronan was a disgrace to the Duke family of Ronan.

Still, Charlize was a skilled swordsman, which was the only thing she was good at. Charlize had not learned anything about swordsmanship from anyone but apparently, her skills were better than any other knight.

When the Emperor announced that she would become the living sword, she thought that she would become the glorious knight for the Emperor.

“Now you will be made to be the magical sword for the Empire.”

A number of wizards and sages and the emperor were laughing among them told me that.

n.o.body can’t believe the what was just said but it was actually true. Charlize literally became the sword.

At first, she couldn’t even believe it.

‘How could a human be a sword?’

n.o.body could change the nature of life. The creation of life belonged to only G.o.d.

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Considering that flowers cannot be a river and garlic cannot be foxes, it was unrealistic and weird that a human would be a sword.

But, it was possible. It was proved.

Those wizards were surprised at that Charlize endured all the cruel torture.

It was the moment that Charlize did not want to be reminded about. In the prison, boys and girls, who were in the same situation with her, were crying and dying.

“Charlize Ronan is the only survivor so far.”

“Charlize has endured the severe torture…… Charlize actually has a strong spirit for the magical


They talked in the way n.o.body couldn’t understand except for them, and they treated her as they wanted.

The torture continued more than hundreds of times. The pain continued endlessly.

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One day, she opened her eyes and saw that her right arm became a hard lump of metal. Charlize was a human. Unfortunately, n.o.body saw Charlize her as a human when they saw her arm.

“It succeeded!”

“This is the miracle we made……”

“Please come over here, everyone. Look at this. Finally, we achieved a complete result……!”

As they surrounded her, they expressed excitement and cried out at their success. The shock Charlize experienced at that time has still remained in her mind vividly.

‘What is this? Why do I have to endure this pain?’

Charles was distressed all the time.

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“You will sacrifice your life for the Empire’s eternal glory. Be proud of youself.”

“There is nothing stronger than the sword with the inner self to protect the Empire.

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The almighty power of G.o.d that creates life.

‘The piece of Ehirate had this kind of power. This was the blue stone that you can find when you dig for the carca.s.s of mysterious things.

Charlize was forced to eat ‘the piece of Ehirate’ every day.

Why of all the people?

n.o.body replied to me even though I was crying out in the severe pain.

“Make sure to sacrifice and dedicate your life for the n.o.ble and great Blade Empire.”

The sages and wizards who were researching for the origin of the mysterious things broke the nature of Charlize as they wanted, regardless of her own will.

Charlize was not the youngest daughter of the Duke anymore. She was not even a human.

If you say someone is a human, he or she has skin, blood, and bone. The only thing that Charles felt was the inner self.

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When the whole body of Charlize became the iron, wizards called in the sword smith.

“Please, make this to be the perfect sword for the safety of the Empire.”

“Yes. I will.”

The swordsmith was happy, seeing the enormous amount of gold coins.

Eventually, Charlize was to be put into the fire pit to be refined by the wizards.

Charles had to be in the brazier where the temperature was over 2,000 ℃, and she had to endure the hitting of hammering by the muscular man.

She was broken, cut, and grounded to become a sharp blade.

“This is truly the sword masterpiece of my life.”

The smith did not hear her crying from the severe pain.

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The inner self of Charlize was awake at every moment. She felt all the pains vividly. When she saw her in the mirror, she was desperate.

“How beautiful the sword is.”

It was a silver sword with a subtle blue color. The smith was so satisfied and continued to pat the sword.

“Your name is Keira.”

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The swordsmith who really loved the sword, carved his name and Keira on the sword. He treated me as a thing, not a human.

‘Maybe this is not reality.’

But, it was real.

“If you resist, your family will die because of you.”

Crazy f.u.c.ks, no way.

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“Apparently, don’t you love your family?”

The Emperor laughed as he knew everything.

“Then, how about your boyfriend who was going to marry you? If you do not obey me, I will cut off your boyfriend’s fingers.”

The Emperor threatened me.

Charlize was not able to resist anymore.

The Emperor acquired Keira. Dietrich I became the owner of the sword and Keira was his. The wizards were happy for their success but it did not last long.

The Emperor killed all of them to destroy all the evidence.

“The sword strong enough to protect the Empire must be the only one.”

The blood on the sword was really hot.

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She was the sword. She saw what the faces looked like when people died.

She felt death very closely. The Emperor killed so many people. Thus, she had to partic.i.p.ate in all these murders.

I did not kill anyone.

I had to live in the blood. If I resist the Emperor, my family would be hurt the next day. First, my older brother was tortured and killed. And then, my dad was killed. Whenever the Emperor hara.s.sed the family of the Duke, he used Keira.

She had a bad relationship with her family but the family meant something to her in a sense. This was not what she wanted at all.

The Emperor left Keira to his son. The new Emperor left to his son. This continued to Dietrich II, Dietrich III, and Dietrich IV.

Keira became the symbol for the Emperor’s sword. Time pa.s.sed hundreds of years. It was impossible to count how many people were killed by Keira. Probably, almost a million people.

‘…It was not me. I did not kill anyone.’

No one would blame the instrument, it would be the user instead.

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But, this was about the instrument without the inner self. Keira was the sword that had the inner self.

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I felt guilty and painful all the time.

But, Keira was not able to sleep, eat something, and die.

It’s a real h.e.l.l.

‘Why can’t I stop thinking and have to be going crazy?’

It’s awful. Keira only talked to the Emperor. The Emperor treated Keira as a human.

It’s so lonely. n.o.body treated the sword kindly. She felt every emotion. Happy. Sad. Joyful. Angry. It’s still kind of a human.

Does my pain bring the Emperors happiness?

Dietrich III conquered the mysterious things when they appeared.

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Mirichonue ended the civil war.

Mirichonue III expanded the colony year by year.

Jiason V united the country for the first time.

All praises were given to only the Emperors.

Meanwhile, the families of the Duke had been hara.s.sed generation by generation. They had been killed cruelly, including their relatives.

For these, Keira was used. Dietrich I wrote his will like this: If you want to handle Keira, make use of the fact that Keira is related to the family of Ronan.

Almighty Ehirate.

The piece of Ehirate occurred to me that the wizards forced me to eat. I ate the piece of G.o.d. With this, there might be a way to put G.o.d in me.

I wanted to believe this.

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I want to have my revenge.

If you exist, please give me an opportunity to punish those who used the power of G.o.d and made the creation as they wanted.

I am in so much pain. Meanwhile, the sons of the Emperor who caused me to become like this are very well.

They told me that I should be thankful because I am working for the glory of the Empire but I never wanted this. At least, this way is not what I wanted.

I was not a magical sword. I am so desperate. I was born as a human. I am a human. I am really a human.

I wanted to be human. That’s all I wanted. I have prayed for a very long time.

Finally, G.o.d replied. I returned.

400 years. The miracle happened that I returned to the past over the cruel time.

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“Hu. Ha.”

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It was strange for me to breath in and out. It’s been such a long time since I did this.

I was able to move my body according to my will. I was not a sword anymore.

Human’s skin, blood, and bone. When I saw my feet, it was chubby.

This couldn’t be a dream. I had never had any dreams since I became the sword.

“Ha, ah……”

She stood up but fell down. Charlize was crawling to the mirror.

It’s a miracle.

She saw herself in the mirror. She was slow. She was small.

She had pink cheeks, white skin, navy eyes, and ash-blond hair.

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She kept looking at the mirror. She couldn’t believe she actually went back in time.

‘I had lost everything before.’

My life. My body. My rights. My family. My honor. My relatives.

But finally….

I returned to the past.

“……I came back.”

She was surprised when she spoke out.

I can speak out. I can feel my lip moving. Finally, I became the real me.

“I have come back.”

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As soon as she was able to think, Charles decided this.

‘To make everyone lose all their pride,’

I will destroy this country.

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