Dylan Shan Blade.

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Before my return, he was considered a very dangerous man. The ruler who secretly controlled the kingdom. His extraordinary intelligence and his thorough going character, he was never scared of killing anyone and he would even kill his relatives. If I tame this and control his talent, I can destroy the royal family and this kingdom.

‘It won’t be easy, though.’

But this perfect man was in front of me, and was still young and I can tame him now.

‘I have to control this man no matter how.’

She quietly entered the room.

“h.e.l.lo, your Royal Highness.”

When the door opened, the boy was reading a book. Dylan who stopped reading his book stood up.


He won’t answer. How should I approach?

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“I am…”

Char showed respect like a swan.

“I am Lady Charlize Ronan who will be teaching you from now on.”

Dylan who was staring at her, she felt the distinct and hard wall in his mind. Only his pose was respectful. If he was more mature, he would be able to hide his wariness. Charlize was delighted of his incompleteness. She looked down, hiding her satisfaction. She let him observe herself for a while. Few seconds pa.s.sed and he looked up. They made eye contact. She did not laugh.

‘I definitely seem suspicious to him.’

Unlike a princess, there had been no female royal master for a prince. She was unmarried and was only a year older than the prince. No one knew the reason why she wanted to be his master. Surprisingly, no one felt it was because of attraction because he was far too poor compared to her family. But after a few years, her father wouldn’t be able to get near this man. Dylan would dominate this kingdom.


Dylan first looked at her hair and, later looked at her white dress that exposed her shoulder. She purposely chose a transparent b.u.t.terfly wing material so it would look harmless. A dress that could get spotted if blood spattered. Her wreath decorating her hair was a sky blue, just like the 7th concubine who gave birth to him. Charlize looked calm and pure. He started to look a little confused. She tilted her head as if she were an innocent girl. Her silver and golden colored hair dropped right below her shoulders like the close border between a girl and an adult.

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“Why won’t you ask me?”

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“…Ask you what?”

“Why I wished to be your master. Everyone is curious about it.”

She acted like a mischievous child. As she grinned slightly, Dylan blinked his eyes a few times. By saying that hard part, she dominated the conversation. Even the Duke who hadn’t been interested in her for two years, asked Charlize about this. Dylan slowly blinked his eyes as if he were interested. Charlize dressed in an elegant dress and she appeared too young and too small to be the Prince’s Master. She looked somewhat like a fairy but also elegant and cold at the same time.

“I look forward for your kind cooperation, your Royal Highness.”

She took a single step and held out her hand. He stared at her who asked for a handshake. Silence was broken naturally. It was a natural step from greeting to contact. It wasn’t easy to reject this. Charlize remained calm. The boy had no chance to reject this. It won’t take long. Warm temperature made contact with her hand. A calm young beast was hiding his wariness replied slowly.

“I too, look forward for your kind cooperation.”

Black hair and blue eyes. His voice was low. She felt tingles and a weird shiver. After a handshake, she brushed his hands with her fingers. Remaining calm was important. There’s a slight crack in his palm. Her method was to become the person who is exceptional in his world rather than being a lame person. Dylan started to concentrate on Charlize.

“I brought you the tea you’ve ordered, your Royal Highness.”

The maid loosened the tension. He slightly looked at the maid. Charlize looked downward at the maid who was shivering while pouring the tea. She stared at Charlize’s alluring beauty. She was soon distracted by Charlize’s beauty.

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“Oh…I am sorry.”

As the maid was too concentrated on looking at her, the maid made a mistake. She poured the tea too much. Steam was coming out and books on the table were starting to get wet. The maid desperately took out her handkerchief and wiped the books.

“Oh! It’s so hot! I..I am sorry.”

Charlize wasn’t looking at the desperate maid; she was more interested in Dylan’s calm att.i.tude.

‘He must have wrinkled his brows.’

Charlize noticed his change in mood. The maid would probably lose he job tomorrow or she might be forced to take a leave for some time.

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“I’ll boil another one again, your Highness.”


He smiled softly.

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“You don’t have to.”

His words were somewhat strict. Charlize and Dylan made eye contact. The maid left the room silently. Charlize looked out to the dance hall outside the education room. Outside the window, a yellow b.u.t.terfly was flying in the air. She already tasted some honey on the wreath. b.u.t.terflies approached just in time. Charlize was sure he was looking at her. She drew her hair back over her ears. She could see her white skin of her neck. Before her return, he was never attracted to any one’s beauty.


‘He is definitely looking at me.’

Such small attention was very special for him. He surely was attracted to Charlize.


Sometimes silence explained more than words could. Charlize was waiting for him to ask her something but the boy remained silent. It must be his stubbornness. She slowly looked at him.

“I’ll call you my Master from now on.”

As if they promised, Dylan broke the silence. It wasn’t something she was expecting but she shouldn’t display a surprised look. As if she was praising him for approaching her first, she said:

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“I am happy. Are you acknowledging me as your Master?”


He was first cla.s.s in swordsmanship. Because he was still wary of her, he would not show her his skills.

‘I know you are a genius.’

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But Charlize wasn’t in a hurry. She knew time would cure it all. Charlize was confident that she could ease his guard one day.

The first day, she bathed for quite a while in warm water with petals floating.


“Hi, long time no see.”

She welcomed the fairy hiding in the flowers. It was true Charlize had fairy’s blood in her. It hadn’t been long since she knew this fact. Only the one with fairy’s blood can see the fairies.

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“Did you bring your friends with you?”

The fairy nodded. It’s the first time Char saw a fairy bring another fairy. They are as small as a thumb. Even though they are small, they all have different faces she could tell them apart. The fairy blinked magnificently and was also charming. It back-flipped as if it was trying to act cute. The fairy displayed a pleading look as if it wanted something.

Char smiled brightly:

“You must be hungry.”

Fairy eats mana for their diet and Charlize’s mana was infinite. That was the reason why fairies were attracted to her. She circulated her mana circle without any effort. A pink atmosphere was spreading in the air. It was so wide that it was filled the whole room. Two fairies started to consume the mana. They were very happy. Were they starving for a while? They feasted well. The fairies always repaid other’s kindness so one day, they would help her in return. With that in mind, she was always kind to fairies.

“Are you saying your thanks?”

The fairies smiled brightly looking at her. She sure looked like a b.u.t.terfly. Their flutters were swift. The fairies became transparent and soon disappeared.

‘I feel happier looking at the fairies.’

As she came out after taking a bath, she felt like things were going to turn better from now on.

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‘This is the room I’m going to stay in from now on.’

Now, she would eat and sleep in the Imperial Palace. She would never return to the Duke’s Castle. She crossed the threshold delightfully. Over the window, the stars were twinkling. She took in this realization after closing the window.

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Charlize drew back her hair. The scent of the bath foam filled the room. Now, she felt a little nervous.

The bed was blue and there were blue curtains. A table and a chair. A sofa where two people could sit at. There was dressing table and a closet. All she had were simple furniture but she still liked them. She hung the sword she brought first. The maids already tidied her other things.

‘I will have to stay here for few years.’

Char said to herself.

“I’ve just started.”

She bit her lips. She was inside the palace where she always wanted to destroy for so long. She still clearly remembered the time she decided to destroy this empire. She still remembered the scream she shouted as Keira.

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I want to kill them. Anger ignited inside her heart. It was full of hatred. Charlize clenched her fists and took a deep breath Every time she felt extreme anger, she would attempt to get rid of it. After she opened her eyes, her brown eyes were cold.

‘I’ve been doing well.’

Char soothed herself.

‘I’ve became Dylan’s Master already.’

Now all I have to do is teach him well. She went to sleep. Charlize was experienced for about hundred years and she was confident to tame a little prince but Dylan should never be looked down on. So many people who have known the prince for a long time didm’t know the Prince’s hidden skills.

The hardest part would be hiding her ident.i.ty.

“I have to be in good shape…..”

She was unconscious for a while. It was a dark midnight but she could clearly sense another person’s presence. Is it an a.s.sa.s.sin?

Charlize moved swiftly. Even though she was dressed in pajamas, she still had a dagger hiding inside her clothes. Her dagger reflected in the moonlight. A sword cut through the air.

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