Chapter 1481: Faction Problem/ New Mission

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Chapter 1737: Faction Problem

“Are you also Yang Ming’s little lover?” Sun Jie checked Liu Huamei out and felt that she had this traditional aura around her which made her look like a classic beauty. It was unacceptable for Yang Ming to let such a girl go.

“Ah?! Me?” Liu Huamei was stunned and stared at Sun Jie absentmindedly.

Although Liu Huamei usually got left out by the Liu Family, no one dared to joke with her about her relationship. This kind of joke touched the bottom line of her grandfather. If he were to know about it, the person who joked around would definitely have a bad outcome.

As for Liu Huamei, she took over her father’s position after she dropped out of school, and was busy fighting and scheming against Liu Zhenan in the Jiangyan Group. She had no time to find a boyfriend. As a result, she practically had no experience in romance, and no one would mention this kind of topic in front of her.

In the house, her mother would accompany her father by the hospital bed, and did not have many chances to meet up with Liu Huamei. As for the outside world, although most of the people in the group were from the Liu Family, barely anyone paid any concern to Liu Huamei. Only the old man didn’t wish for Liu Huamei to get married so early. First of all, Liu Huamei would be able to work for the Liu Family for a few more years. Secondly, he could use Liu Huamei’s marriage as a bargaining chip when doing business.

Because of that, Liu Huamei froze after Sun Jie asked her about such a sensitive topic. Although she had an outstanding talent in doing business, she was inexperienced in the field of love. She did not know what to say in response to Sun Jie’s teasing.

“En?” Sun Jie was stunned when she saw Liu Huamei’s reaction. “You aren’t?”

“Neither am I…” Without waiting for Liu Huamei, Jing Xiaolu quickly answered Sun Jie’s question.

“I know about you. You’re just very ambiguous with him. You both aren’t officially together yet,” Sun Jie looked at Jing Xiaolu and said.

“Ah?” Jing Xiaolu blushed after hearing Sun Jie’s words “This… You know all about this?”

Sun Jie felt proud upon seeing Jing Xiaolu’s embarrassed look. She looked at Liu Huamei again, “Are you also like that with him?”

“Me?” Liu Huamei finally recovered from her shock. She immediately shook her head, “You got it wrong. I don’t know Yang Ming, and I have never even seen him before.”

“Oh?” Sun Jie looked at Liu Huamei’s expression closely and realized that she didn’t seem to be lying. She then apologized, “I’m sorry, I got it all wrong.”

“It’s nothing…” Liu Huamei shook her head. After all, Sun Jie had helped her company to overcome the problem. Even if Sun Jie teased her a few times, it wasn’t anything harmful. Liu Huamei wasn’t angry. She was just curious. Who is Yang Ming? Sun Jie is actually his wife too!

Liu Huamei naturally knew who Sun Jie was. Although she had not been involved in the business field for a long time, she still knew about Sun Jie who was very famous in the provincial capital. Just now, when Sun Jie told Jing Xiaolu softly that she was Yang Ming’s wife, Liu Huamei had heard it very clearly.

However, she was very curious as to why Sun Jie was so generous to JIng Xiaolu.

Previously, Jing Xiaolu was distracted by the company’s matters and had no time to think about Sun Jie’s previous words. She instinctively believed Sun Jie. However, after she thought about it deeply, she felt that something wasn’t right. Isn’t Yang Ming’s wife Chen Mengyan? How did it become Sun Jie?

Jing Xiaolu wasn’t someone that was easy to mess with too. Although she was grateful for Sun Jie coming here to help her resolve the trouble, her principles did not allow her to be vague. She wanted to confirm it.

I am already considered to be Chen Mengyan’s good friend. Why have I not heard of Sun Jie’s existence? Could it be that she is Yang Ming’s woman from a different faction?

She had to make her stance clear. After all, she belonged to Chen Mengyan’s faction. She could not be biased towards an outsider. It was inappropriate to have a foot in both camps.

“Miss Sun Jie, although I am very grateful that you helped our company settle our problems, I still have some questions regarding my principles. I have to make it clear,” Jing Xiaolu contemplated for a while and decided to ask.

“Oh?” Sun Jie looked at Jing Xiaolu with a hint of surprise. She never expected Jing Xiaolu to become so mature just after she was so shy. She was indeed a capable person.

“As far as I know, Yang Ming’s wife is Chen Mengyan, right? Then, who are you?” Jing Xiaolu said word by word. Although it sounded like she was pressuring Sun Jie, her tone was still very polite.

“Hehe…” Sun Jie laughed after hearing Jing Xiaolu’s question, “You wanted to ask this? Then let me tell you. I am his other wife. Are you satisfied with this answer?”

“Huh?” Jing Xiaolu did not expect Sun Jie’s reaction to be like this. Originally, she expected Sun Jie to either feel guilty or be angry and argue with her. She did not expect her to be so relaxed and even joke about it.

“From the looks of it, you want to stick out for Chen Mengyan?” Sun Jie blinked, and guessed Jing Xiaolu’s thoughts. “Don’t deny it so hastily. I also don’t have any intention of blaming you. After all, we do not know each other.”

“…” Jing Xiaolu really did not know what to do when she saw Sun Jie’s calm expression. Jing Xiaolu couldn’t help but be impressed by Sun Jie. This girl is really something. Regardless of the situation, she can present herself very appropriately and handle it. Only this kind of woman is worthy of being Yang Ming’s aid. As for Chen Mengyan, she currently can’t rival Sun Jie.

Jing Xiaolu had always wanted to become a woman like Sun Jie.

“Surprisingly, you are not just the vice president of Ming Jiang, but also the vice president of Ming Yang Entertainment and the Ming Yang Security Company. This makes me confused. Do you enjoy working?” Sun Jie’s observation skills were very sharp. She immediately saw through Jing Xiaolu’s weakness, so she was prepared to attack it.

Although Sun Jie did not want to have any conflicts with Chen Mengyan, she was still a little girl in Sun Jie’s eyes. It would be better for them to not meet each other, and not be involved with each other in their daily lives. However, after Zhao Ying had joined in, Sun Jie could not help but start thinking about the problems she would face after meeting Chen Mengyan.

There were no relations between Sun Jie and Chen Mengyan. However, now that there was Zhao Ying who was bonded to both of them, it increased the risk of the two of them meeting each other. Zhao Ying was Chen Mengyan’s teacher and her good friend. Especially when she knew about Chen Mengyan’s temper, Sun Jie had to take some precautions.

When Sun Jie saw Jing Xiaolu, she wanted to get Xiaolu into her faction. Even if she could not succeed immediately, it was good enough for Jing Xiaolu to be a small spy beside Chen Mengyan. Worst case scenario, Jing Xiaolu could just be neutral and not help the two of them. That was also an acceptable result for Sun Jie.

Jing Xiaolu pouted, She vaguely guessed what Sun Jie intended, and started to hesitate. Naturally, she could not betray Chen Mengyan. She wasn’t Yang Ming’s girlfriend yet. Even if she was, she would not perform such immoral acts such as being a spy. However, she did not want to miss the chance to learn from Sun Jie.

“It seems like it’s much easier to talk to a wise woman,” Sun Jie smiled faintly when she saw that Jing Xiaolu had understood her meaning. She did not have to explain any further, “I’m still lacking an assistant. Are you interested?”

“There’s no need for that. Staying here is good enough. This place will train me…” Jing Xiaolu struggled in her heart for a long time, and finally made a decision. She rejected Sun Jie’s alluring offer.

Although she would grow faster if she was under Sun Jie, that was not what she wanted. She originally wanted to be able to become an independent woman that was able to help Yang Ming settle some matters and relieve his burden. However, if she were to work together with Sun Jie and oppose Chen Mengyan, it would cause troubles for Yang Ming.

Although Sun Jie did not say it clearly, Jing Xiaolu could vaguely guess Sun Jie’s intention. She preferred not to involve herself in these kinds of matters.

“Oh? Then forget it.” Sun Jie had only come up with this idea very recently. Since Jing Xiaolu was so stubborn, she did not say anything else. “Indeed, this place really trains people up. Problems arise every time.”

Sun Jie’s criticism made Jing Xiaolu blush. However, she was not to be blamed. Ming Jiang was not successful from the start.

“Just call me anytime if you have any troubles,” Sun Jie gave Jing Xiaolu a name card. “I understand what you’re thinking. I also will not make things difficult for you. And truth be told, I don’t want that day to happen.”

Chapter 1738: New Mission

Sun Jie’s words caused Jing Xiaolu to be a little surprised. Originally, she thought that Sun Jie was trying to recruit her to oppose Chen Mengyan. However, Sun Jie’s last sentence made it sound like she did not want it to happen as well.

Could there be that something is happening? And it is happening because it is inevitable? Jing Xiaolu vaguely had a bad feeling. Sun Jie knew who Chen Mengyan was, but Chen Mengyan did not know about Sun Jie’s existence. With Chen Mengyan’s temper, what kind of reaction will she have once she knows about this?

As a matter of fact, a woman’s sixth sense was very sensitive. A scheme that was aimed at Yang Ming and all his women was slowly unfolding…

Yang Ming also saw the press conference live on the television and let out a sigh. This Sun Jie is so wild. She even exposed this internal affair. However, she successfully diverted the reporters’ attention away, and managed to overcome the company’s danger.

Yang Ming shook his head. Although most people wouldn’t notice it, Yang Ming saw very clearly what Sun Jie did when she went up the stage. She turned off the microphone and whispered something to Jing Xiaolu. Although no one heard what she said, Yang Ming could tell because he knew how to read lips.

Only Yang Ming would notice these kinds of small details. He was not worried that anyone would realize anything.

This Sun Jie, asserting dominance on Jing Xiaolu the moment they met. Yang Ming shook his head. Sun Jie’s unyielding personality caused Yang Ming a little headache. This was also why Yang Ming did not tell Sun Jie about Chen Mengyan. Yang Ming was afraid that his family would lose its harmony.

Yang Ming’s phone rang. At first he thought it was Sun Jie, but, he realized that it was Xia Bingbao after looking at the phone number.

“Brother Bingbao, why is it you? I wanted to find you as well,” Yang Ming picked up the phone and said.

“Brother Bingbao? What Brother Bingbao? Don’t simply call me that.” Xia Bingbao didn’t know whether to cry or laugh, “Either you call me Brother Xia, or call me Deputy Captain Xia. Don’t simply come up with a nickname for me.”

“Oh, then I’ll go with Brother Xia. From the start till now, I joined you because I wanted to help. I do not have any intentions of being above or under anyone,” said Yang Ming said. “So just forget Deputy Captain Xia.”

“Alright, suit yourself,” Xia Bingbao said. “I have already helped you with the thing you asked about last time. Relax, Xie Wenjin and the others will be in prison for more than ten years.”

“Ten years huh… It’s too little, but whatever,” said Yang Ming. It would be as easy as blinking if Yang Ming wanted a few people dead. After all, if the King of Assassins’ disciple wanted to kill someone, they would not be able to live peacefully.

(Author notes: I looked at the previous chapters today thoroughly. Supposedly, Yang Ming had met up with Shen Yuxi’s parents, but I had forgotten about it. I wrote a scene of them meeting each other at the back. I’m really sorry, please forgive me. – Fishman the Second.)

“Don’t be hasty and ask me to clean up your mess later,” Xia Bingbao warned Yang Ming after hearing what he said.

“I won’t take action. I’m quite close to the Butterfly Family. This isn’t even a secret. I’m sure you all know about it as well,” Yang Ming and Wang Xiaoyan’s affairs had caused a huge ruckus in Europe. Yang Ming’s whereabouts back then wasn’t any secret to Xia Bingbao.

And currently, Yang Ming did not mind Xia Bingbao knowing more about him. As long as there was no solid proof, he could disagree.

“Hehe…” Xia Bingbao forcefully laughed. It was just like what Yang Ming said. He knew about the relations between Yang Ming and the Assassin Organisation.

“Alright, just don’t cause me any troubles.” Xia Bingbao reminded him. “Also, we have already confirmed for you to go to Yunnan Miaojiang. This time’s mission is very dangerous. Other than you, our trump card, we will also dispatch someone to assist you. This person is also one of our trump cards, and was training in California, America. After some time, he will reach Song Jiang and meet up with you. After that, you, Xia Xue and him will go to Yunnan together.”

“Hold on. Xia Xue is going too?” Yang Ming frowned, “Why is she going to such a dangerous place?”

“This… cough cough…” Xia Bingbao coughed twice, “It was the higher up’s arrangements… To let her train for a while…”

“Higher ups?” Yang Ming was surprised.

“Ahem… I meant my boss…” Xia Bingbao explained awkwardly.

“Your boss? He asked her to go out for training? Are you both in the same group?” Yang Ming was confused by Xia Bingbao’s words.

“Actually, that person is my grandfather… and also Xia Xue’s…” said Xia Bingbao.

“…” Yang Ming was a little speechless. So it was this kind of relationship. I knew that Xia Xue’s background wasn’t simple. So she had such a powerful backer. Could it be that this Supernatural Investigation Bureau is also handled by Xia Xue’s grandfather?

“Alright. I know your relationship with my sister is not bad. On the way, please take care of her…” said Xia Bingbao. “Although I don’t really want her to go, I have no choice… My opinion means nothing…”

“Hey! You’re just finding problems for me!” Yang Ming said helplessly, “Do you know how dangerous Elder You is? I might even be sending myself to death…”

“How can you be so unconfident? Since defeated Elder You once, you can defeat him twice. Besides, I received the latest intel. It’s very important,” said Xia Bingbao.

“Oh? What intel?” Yang Ming asked.

“Our country’s famous doctor of Chinese traditional medicine, Li Cifang, had gone missing three years ago. A student said that the last person Li Cifang met was identical to Elder You…” said Xia Bingbao.

“So you all suspect that this Li Ciyuan was captured by Elder You?” Yang Ming rolled his eyes. “You want me to save this Li Cifang?”

“Yang Ming, I realized that other than special abilities, you also have the ability to predict the future!” Xia Bingbao said loudly.

“Scram!” Yang Ming said angrily. “Who is this Li Cifang? Why have I not heard of him before?”

“He is Li Shizhen’s successor, and is a very powerful practitioner of Chinese traditional medicine. His acupuncture skills were legendary… Such a pity. Before he was caught, he did not find a successor that understood the essence of his practices… Although he had a few students, none of them has learned the essence of his teachings…” Xia Bingbao sighed.

“Li Shizhen?” Yang Ming rolled his eyes again, “You aren’t telling me nonsense?”

“Nope. I’m telling the truth. I also know how dangerous this mission is, but…” Xia Bingbao stopped here. He felt a little awkward, and could not continue his speech.

“And yet you decided to let me go?” Yang Ming continued, “I’m such a miserable cannon folder. If I make a mistake, I will die.”

“Don’t say that… Li Cifang has the medical skills to bring the dead back to life. If you saved him, Mr. Li Cifang will definitely do his best to help your friends and relatives whenever they have an intractable disease,” said Xia Bingbao.

“Can’t you say things in a better manner?” Yang Ming sighed, “Can I refuse?”

“No,” Xia Bingbao said affirmatively.

“Then why am I still discussing with you? Just notify me. Don’t waste my breath.” Yang Ming smiled bitterly.

“You were the one that asked me.” Xia Bingbao was speechless.

“Alright, I’ll accept it for the time being. However, I’ll just try my best. I won’t make any guarantees. If my life is in danger, I will protect myself first,” Yang Ming said straightforwardly.

“No problem,” Xia Bingbao agreed readily. He did not want someone like Yang Ming to die so early.

“Then let’s leave this matter aside. I still need something from you,” said Yang Ming.

“You haven’t even done anything for me yet, and yet I already have to run errands for you.” Xia Bingbao was angry at Yang Ming’s words. “You really do not want to suffer any loss, huh.”

“I felt that I should be low key since I am a member of the Supernatural Investigation Bureau. Otherwise, I would take action myself…” Yang Ming said with a poker face.

“Fine then. What do you want? Allow me to help you,” Xia Bingbao was frightened, and quickly said.

“Help me find someone. He is called Liu Xiaolei and is a former deputy captain of the Ming Jiang Escort Company,” said Yang Ming.

“Alright, I’ll give you a call after I manage to find him.” Xia Bingbao let out a sigh of relief when he heard that it was about this matter. He was afraid that Yang Ming would give him more troubles.

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