Chapter 1480: The Ming Yang Group/ You Too?

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Chapter 1735: The Ming Yang Group

Jing Xiaolu never expected this guy to be so persistent. She had just changed the topic, yet he had already started to attack her.

“Our Ming Yang Company has already sent a leader over. I believe that she will be here very soon,” Jing Xiaolu remembered what Bao Sanli had told her just now. She said calmly, “I believe that you all have the patience to wait for a while, right?”

Jing Xiaolu’s tone was quite calm, and she was smiling. This gave off a feeling of affinity. The few reporters were unable to cause havoc anymore even if they wanted to do so as most people here had already agreed to Jing Xiaolu’s speech.

They came here for the truth, and to acquire the news first. They weren’t here to attack those that were not in charge! From their point of view, since Jing Xiaolu said that a leader was coming over, then Jing Xiaolu naturally had no power to decide anything. Rather than asking Jing Xiaolu some useless questions, they would rather interrogate someone who would be able to give them an answer.

In the Jiangyan Group’s headquarters, Liu Zhenan and Liu Jifei were watching the Ming Jiang Escort Company’s press conference while sipping tea.

“Why is this Jing lady standing out?” Liu Zhenan was a little angry. “We should make things harder for Liu Huamei! Grandfather must also be watching the live broadcast. When the time comes, his impression of Liu Huamei will definitely worsen.”

“It’s fine. Let her be happy for a while,” Liu Jifei said indifferently and waved his hand, “This time, I also want to make things difficult for Jing Xiaolu! I have investigated the Ming Yang Group’s background. At most, the amount of funds they can use will be a billion. If they used all of it to compensate, then their capital chain will immediately collapse. With that, their entire group will go bankrupt very soon!”

“Really? That’s really good.” Liu Zhenan nodded, “I really want to see my sister begging the old man to help take care of her mess during the Board of Directors meeting. Haha, I feel very satisfied just thinking about it.”

“The old man can help settle her problems?” Liu Jifei asked. He was shocked after hearing what Liu Zhenan said.

“That’s for sure.” Liu Zhenan waved his hand, “No matter what, Liu Huamei is still from our Liu Family. The old man cherishes his dignity. How can he just leave it be? However, my sister should never expect herself to have any important role anymore.”

“Isn’t that what we wanted?” Liu Jifei immediately said with respect, “Then I should congratulate Brother Nan.”

“For this matter, you have made some contributions as well,” Liu Zhenan patted Liu Jifei’s shoulders and said. “Relax. I won’t treat you badly. If there’s an opportunity, I will give the old man a suggestion to arrange a position for you in the group.”

“There’s no need for this!” Liu Jifei rejected. “Brother Nan, don’t go against the old man just for me. It’s not worth it. Besides, isn’t it not good for me to advise you behind your back?”

“En, that’s true. It’s good that you are open-minded on this matter.” Liu Zhenan nodded. “Give those few reporters a phone call, and ask them to stop delaying. Continue making things difficult for Liu Huamei!”

“Yes!” Liu Jifei immediately took out his phone and dialed the reporters, and gave them a few orders.

At the press conference, the reporter that was making things difficult for Liu Huamei stood up again. “Vice President Jing, we have already waited for so long, and the person you mentioned has not even arrived yet. How about we ask Vice President Liu about the Jiangyan Group’s response? Even if the person in charge you talked about came, they can only represent your Ming Yang Company. They can’t represent the Jiangyan Group, can they?”

“That’s right! We want to continue asking!” Another reporter that had received Liu Jifei’s order also stood up.

All of a sudden, the press conference became chaotic, and a few of the reporters were prepared to stir up more trouble.

Liu Huamei frowned, and glanced at Jing Xiaolu with a helpless face. Liu Huamei knew what these people wanted. Her brother wanted to embarrass her in public as much as he could. With that, her chance of becoming the group’s successor would decrease.

All of a sudden, the press conference’s room was pushed open, and a graceful body walked in. When the reporters lay eyes on the person that came in, their eyes widened!

It was impossible for them to not know who she was. The largest enterprise in Donghai in the provincial capital was the Hongjun Group. Sun Jie who had just walked in was not only the Hongjun Group’s Princess but also their president. The reporters were already very familiar with her. Even if they had not seen her in person before, they knew about her identity after their colleagues reminded them.

Donghai had a special position in the provincial capital. Although the few reporters sent here by Liu Zhenan were not afraid of Bao Sanli, they did not dare to offend the Donghai Sun Family.

The Sun Family seemed to have the intention to back out from the market at the start of the year, and the Sun Family’s old man, as well as Tian Family’s old man, had gone missing. There were rumors that they had both gone to scout overseas and handed over the family’s affairs to their children. The people supervising the Sun Family were Old Man Sun San and Sun Jie. As for the Tian Family, it was being managed by Tian Donghua.

These reporters knew about the Sun Family and the Tian Family’s business in Donghai for the past ten years, and knew about their influence and connections in the provincial capital. They could not afford to offend any of them!

Bao Sanli only had a little influence in Song Jiang. He wasn’t in any great position the moment he left Song Jiang. This was why the reporters dared to be so arrogant.

As for the reporter that wanted to continue making things difficult, he ducked his head down when he saw Sun Jie come in. He really was not capable of offending this woman. He decided to just see what she wanted.

“Vice President Jing Xiaolu, right?” Sun Jie was indifferent to the reporters’ discussions and surprised gazes. She directly walked up to the stage, and looked at Jing Xiaolu. She then smiled and nodded her head.

“That’s right. And you are…” This was the first time that Jing Xiaolu saw Sun Jie. Although Jing Xiaolu had been working in the Ming Yang Company for a long time, she had never seen Sun Jie before, and thus she was confused.

“I am Yang Ming’s wife,” Sun Jie answered naturally.

“Ah?” Jing Xiaolu was surprised, and she couldn’t help but blush. Yang Ming’s wife came here? Did she come to take revenge against me? All Jing Xiaolu was thinking about now was if Sun Jie had come here to trouble her. Her worries about the company had already been forgotten.

“We’ll talk more about it after the press conference.” Sun Jie looked at Jing Xiaolu, “It seems like Yang Ming really cares about you, his little lover. He woke me up from my bed and told me to rush here to help you so early in the morning.”

“Ah-” Jing Xiaolu was dumbstruck.

After Sun Jie finished speaking, she did not care about Jing Xiaolu anymore. Instead, she took the microphone, turned it on and placed it in front of her, “I believe a lot of you know who I am. However, allow me to introduce myself. I am the president of the Donghai Hongjun Group, Sun Jie. I am also the Ming Yang Group’s… En, assistant of the chairman.”

“Woah!” An uproar happened on the spot when Sun Jie introduced herself. Before this, when Sun Jie introduced herself as the chairman of the Hongjun Group, there was no big reaction. After all, Sun Jie had taken over the chairman position a month ago. This was nothing new. However, it was the first time that they heard that Sun Jie was also the assistant chairperson of the Ming Yang Group.”

Is there any relationship between the Ming Yang Group and the Hongjun Group?

Sun Jie’s appearance and her short self-introduction had dramatically shifted the atmosphere! Originally, many people thought that the Ming Jiang Escort Company would be done for this time. However, Sun Jie’s speech had caused their thoughts to change drastically.

Since they had Sun Jie’s Hongjun Group backing them up, what problems could they not solve, and what difficulties could they not overcome?

“Maybe not a lot of you here understand the Ming Yang Group. Allow me to summarise the constitution of the Ming Yang Group. This will also be the first time the Ming Yang Group explains this to the public.” Sun Jie said slowly after everyone present calmed down.

Sun Jie’s words caused another uproar! When Sun Jie mentioned the Ming Yang Group previously, almost everyone thought that Sun Jie had said it wrongly. They thought that she had mistaken the Ming Yang Company as the Ming Yang Group.

A group meant an organization. A common way of describing it was a diversified company. It was a company that had control over many subsidiary companies in different industries. When the holding company, as well as their subsidiary companies, merged together, they would form a corporate group.

As for the Ming Yang Security Company, they were only part of a joint venture to establish the Ming Jiang Escort Company. It was a bit of a stretch to refer to them as a group.

“Under the Ming Yang Group, there’s Ming Yang Entertainment. I believe that some of you have already understood the brotherly relationship between the Ming Yang Security Company and Ming Yang Entertainment. Ming Yang also has other properties. For example, the Nightless Club and Song Jiang International Hotel. However, I’m sure that everyone would be familiar with it’s most famous wholly owned subsidiary, which is the Ming Yang Heavy Industry,” Sun Jie introduced them slowly.

Chapter 1736: You Too?

Sun Jie’s words shocked everyone to death.

“Ming Yang Heavy Industry!” When this enterprise’s name came out, all the reporters were shocked. Ming Yang Heavy Industry and the Ming Yang Security Company are sister corporations? They belong under the same group? Is this real?

It should be known that there were many heavy industries or enterprises with similar names. It wasn’t anything out of the ordinary. Because of that, no one related Ming Yang Heavy Industry and the Ming Yang Security Company together, and no one had guessed their unusual relationship.

After Sun Jie’s introduction, everyone finally understood how dope the backer of the Ming Yang Security Company was! Even without accounting for Sun Jie’s Hongjun Group, Ming Yang Heavy Industry could also easily compensate for this billion yuan.

“What!” After hearing what Sun Jie said, a cup of tea crashed into the television.

Previously, when Liu Zhenan saw Sun Jie appearing, he already felt that something bad was going to happen. He naturally knew who Sun Jie was. As the princess of Donghai, her background was not any weaker than his. In fact, his family’s old man Liu Jiangyan held the same amount of respect as Sun Jie’s father. If he were to compare, he would be considered as Sun Jie’s junior.

When he heard that Sun Jie was the Ming Yang Group’s chairman assistant, his uneasiness worsened. Does this mean that Sun Jie wants to stick up for the Ming Yang Company?

However, when he heard that the Ming Yang Heavy Industry that was currently in the provincial capital’s limelight was the Ming Yang Group’s wholly owned subsidiary, he was absolutely dumbstruck. The Ming Yang Security Company’s background is this huge?

This can’t be real, right? Am I dreaming? And yet I still wanted to scheme them? Their background is not any weaker than the Jiangyan Group. In fact, it’s even stronger!

“Liu Jifei! Didn’t you tell me before that you had already investigated the Ming Yang Security Company’s background? What in the world is this?” Liu Zhenan was angry. This time, he was really furious. “How did the Ming Yang Group appear on top of this Ming Yang Security Company?”

“This…” Liu Jifei was also shocked, “Previously, I went to the Bureau of Industry and Commerce to investigate it. The Ming Yang Security Company was established by someone called Bao Sanli. How can there be a group above them?”

“You idiot! Just because the founding person is different, it doesn’t mean that they do not have the support of a holding company!” Liu Zhenan said while being apoplectic with rage. “This time, we have caused ourselves a huge trouble!”

“Calm down, Brother Nan…” Liu Jifei said quickly, “Brother Nan, don’t be angry first. Think about it. Even if the Ming Yang Security Company had such a background, it’s not related to you at all! Who can prove that this havoc was created by us?”

“En, that’s true.” Liu Zhenan started to think deeply after he heard what Liu Jifei said. “However, it’s a pity that Liu Huamei was able to overcome this problem so easily. I really wanted to see her beg for money from the old man during the Board of Directors meeting.”

“Brother Nan, think about it. Right now, it doesn’t matter to the old man whether Liu Huamei wants money or not,” Liu Jifei analyzed.

“Why do you say so?” Liu Zhenan asked.

“Brother Nan, even if you don’t really care about a billion yuan, do you think that the old man cares about it?” Liu Jifei said, “Like I said, it’s not important anymore if the old man compensated this billion yuan. The important thing is that Liu Huamei has caused such a big problem. Even if the problem is settled, her issues with handling stuff are pretty obvious. Do you think that it’s still important if the old man gave this one billion yuan or not?”

“Uh… You have a point.” Liu Zhenan nodded after hearing Liu Jifei’s analysis. “But she still managed to get away too easily!”

“Brother Nan, under such circumstances, it doesn’t matter if she got away easily or not. Instead, I feel like it’s time for us to act!” Liu Jifei was hesitant for a while and said.

“Us to act? Do what? Do you still have some means under your sleeves? The other party’s background isn’t weak. We better not do anything reckless during this period,” Liu Zhenan frowned and said.

“I don’t have any more means hidden under my sleeve. It’s time for our Jiangyan Group to show our stance. Since the other party has already shown their stance, we can’t fall behind them.” Liu Jifei said, “Brother Nan, you should also stand out to say that you support Liu Huamei, and will help her take responsibility for the Jiangyan Group’s shares.”

“Oh?” Liu Zhenan thought about it thoroughly. He then slapped his thigh and said, “Brilliant! Such a brilliant plan! Jifei, your sudden thought came right on time! Since Liu Huamei’s danger is already resolved, why don’t I become the good guy and let the old man see how benevolent I am?”

“That was what I meant!” Liu Jifei nodded.

In Songjiang, while the Ming Jiang Escort Company was holding a press conference, the Jiangyan Group’s Executive Vice President Liu Zhenan suddenly announced to the media that he was willing to help compensate partly the one billion yuan that was lost by the Ming Jiang Escort Company. No matter if that missing one billion yuan could be found or not, they would help the Ming Jiang Group overcome their situation.

In the press conference of the Ming Jiang Escort Company, Liu Huamei received a text from Liu Zhenan giving her his condolences and informing her of his decision. Liu Huamei snorted in her heart. Such a talented brother. He really knows how to pick the timing. He came out and pretended to be a good guy after my danger was solved.

However, Liu Huamei still politely replied to the text, and thanked him.

“This girl! It seems like she has realized something,” When Liu Zhenan saw Liu Huamei’s reply that had some malicious undertones, he pressed the delete button fiercely.

“Brother Nan, what’s the big deal if Liu Huamei realized something? It’s fine as long as the old man approves of you,” Liu Jifei smiled indifferently.

“That’s true.” Liu Zhenan nodded. When he thought about how his grandfather purposely called him to give him words of encouragement after he had announced Jiangyan Group’s stance, Liu Zhenan felt very satisfied. He felt that the chairman position was already beckoning to him.

“I believe that now that everyone knows about the Ming Yang Group’s composition, you won’t ask useless questions like how will the Ming Jiang Escort Company overcome this problem, right?” Sun Jie shrugged, and smiled alluringly.

Most of the reporters were guys. When Sun Jie smiled, they were suddenly captivated, and all of them nodded in agreement. As for the few reporters that were making a mess, they did not dare to say anything more as they were afraid of the power behind Sun Jie and the Ming Yang Group.

“Alright, since there are no more questions, let’s end the press conference now,” Sun Jie said, “Lastly, I would like to say something. Although the Ming Jiang Escort Company is a newly established company, it has the Hongjun Group, the Ming Yang Group, and the Jiangyan Group backing it up. It will definitely develop to become strong and powerful. We will use a billion yuan to compensate the money to the bank first. After that, we will cooperate with the police force to locate the whereabouts of the escort vehicle.”

Sun Jie’s words satisfied all the reporters present. Today, they had received a much better scoop than that of the Ming Jiangs company’s internal affairs and the reason the escort vehicle went missing. In fact, they got more than they expected.

Since they now knew a little about the Ming Yang Group’s composition as well as it’s relationship with the Hongjun Group, they had enough to report back to their headquarters.

“Phew!” Jing Xiaolu and Liu Huamei sighed a breath of relief after the reporters left. As for Sun Jie, she walked away slowly. This wasn’t anything abnormal for her.

Sun Jie looked at Jing Xiaolu. She is quite pretty indeed. Yang Ming’s taste is not bad. She then looked at Liu Huamei, She looks like a classical beauty.

“Are you also Yang Ming’s little sweetheart?”

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