Charlize was happy as Dylan approved the offer. She knows how much the prince loves the 7th concubine. She opened her closet to find a fitting dress to wear.

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“Which one suits me better?’

“Everything suits you, my lady.”

She tried on two different dresses. Her maid, Mary, was telling the truth. Whether it be the conspicuous red dress or the soft beige dress, it suited her very well.

“What dress would the royal concubine like?”

Charlize, after long consideration, chose the beige dress. Mary, who was also trying to decide which dress would be the better option, applauded Charlize’s choice.

“The Royal Concubine also loves sapphire jewels!”

“Is that so? Then it would be best to wear sapphires as the main accessory.”

Mary opened the jewelry box where she gently pulled out a necklace with a large sapphire dangling from the chain.

“Isn’t this her favorite jewel because the colour of sapphire is the same as the prince’s eyes?”

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Mary mumbled as she draped the necklace around her neck. There were diamonds imbued on a gold string. In the middle hung a sapphire in the form of a teardrop. This color definitely resembled Dylan’s magnificent blue eyes.

Unsure whether or not he’d be able to notice this detail in her outfit, the idea still shows great sincerity.

‘Dylan is also trying his best to decorate himself, so it’s only fair for me to do the same.’

“Oh my G.o.d… You look so beautiful.”

“Thank you, Mary.”

Charlize looked at the image of herself reflected in the mirror in satisfaction before happily patting Mary upon the head in grat.i.tude. The young maid’s eyes opened widely. Her two eyes, which resembled a dog’s, were big. Mary was embarra.s.sed to be complimented in such a way.

Paying no mind to the starstruck maid, Charlize opened the door to leave the room. The building was quite small; after descending the stairs there was a garden where Dylan was waiting.

Once Dylan noticed Charlize, he paused for a moment… but only for a moment. Char wished for Dylan to notice the sincerity displayed in her outfit in the form of her sapphire necklace, but he turned away and looked somewhere else.

‘I can’t believe that half of Dylan’s budget is given and used for the royal concubine.’

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The merits of those two were completely different, but she already knew what the 7th concubine meant to Dylan. However, knowing the truth and seeing the truth was completely different.

“You came, your highness.”

The maids were meticulous and polite.

The 7th concubine was also staying at the royal palace, so it didn’t take long to arrive at her palace.

“This is amazing…..”

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7th concubine’s building was beautiful. It was also much bigger and higher than Dylan’s house. The garden was also fascinating. 7th concubine stayed on the 4th floor.

As the concubine was suffering from an incurable disease, she could only welcome her guests while on her bed. Dylan gave the concubine the flowers he raised as a gift, and all the kind words the prince spoke were warm.

“I’m here, mother.”


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Charlize clasped her hands together and walked outside first to give the pair some s.p.a.ce and privacy to talk. Dylan showed a rare, genuine smile to the concubine.

‘I’ve never seen him express himself in such an enthusiastically pa.s.sionate way.’

As I overheard what they were talking about….

“It’s getting hotter, I could sweat by just standing outside for 20 minutes. The sky is also very clear and blue, but before it rains clouds form and are scattered all over the sky.”

Their conversation mainly consisted of Dylan talking about the outside world while the 7th concubine sincerely listened to all his words. From time to time she would ask him a question to continue the discussion.

“What flowers are there in your garden, my prince?”

“There are Manchurian yellow loosestrife, and there are also sedum sarmentosum flowers. Also, there are sedum latiovalifoliums which I’ve brought today…..”

Dylan was kind. The boy could also be poetic.

“I’ve also seen a b.u.t.terfly on my way here. The b.u.t.terfly flying from the nasturtium into the air was dreamlike.”

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To Charlize, it seemed he spoke of all this in consideration of the 7th concubine, his mother, who wasn’t able to leave her room due to her current condition.

‘I’ve never seen him act so kindly before.’

“The winds are often very cooling. If you stay under the shed in the shade it doesn’t seem as hot outside too.”

The prince spoke in a very and elegant manner.

“The green gra.s.s is more lively now than it was in spring. I think all the living creatures are happy that a drought isn’t arriving…”

The 7th concubine laughed as she imagined the world the prince was describing.

‘The princess from Shan kingdom.’

Char thought as she glanced at the concubine.

Although she was forgotten and sick, she still had an aura of elegance. She was much more lovely rather than pretty as she held Dylan’s hands in her own thin ones.

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The two greatly resemble each other—her soft black hair and beautiful features were just like Dylans. Char felt a little strange. She strategically approached the 7th concubine, but when she saw the concubine moving around, something was….

‘It’s known she was poisoned just after delivering Dylan.’

The concubine had problems breathing. Her health was seriously in disarray and she no longer had the power to stand up. Summer is soon to pa.s.s and Fall will follow after.

By the time the seasons reach late summer, the 7th concubine will be forced to suffer through great pains worse than death itself.

It’s impossible to stop time and prevent the seasons from changing—the moment the poison takes full effect will soon come.

‘The only way to prevent her from undergoing that excruciating pain is to give her Heeru gra.s.s.’

Heeru gra.s.s was so rare that only the emperor had possession over it. But the emperor wouldn’t hand it over to the 7th concubine, so she needs to find another way to obtain it.


Suddenly, Charlize thought of a possible solution to obtain the gra.s.s Around this time the emperor opens a swordsmanship compet.i.tion. The emperor grants the winner one wish.

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This compet.i.tion opens every 10 years and numerous people partic.i.p.ate in it, including people coming from foreign countries.

Anybody—regardless of occupation, nationality, gender, and age—could partic.i.p.ate in the contest. This was the only compet.i.tion that was dictated by skill and skill alone.

The emperor would even grant a building to the winner if it was their wish, so the compet.i.tion was intense.

‘But I won’t have any problem.’

Charlize thought.

‘I can ask for the Heeru gra.s.s as my wish.’

Dylan would definitely pay her back for this debt if Charlize hands it over to him….

“My prince, did you come with any company today?”

Suddenly, the concubine’s attention centered towards Charlize as she asked this, pulling the young lady away from her inner thoughts. Dylan promptly turned back and stared at Charlize.

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Waiting with the maids behind the door, Char began to grow anxious. Dylan let go of the concubine’s hands. While looking at Char, he began his reply.

“Sorry for introducing her so late. Mother, she is my teacher.”

“h.e.l.lo, royal concubine. Glad to meet you. My name is Charlize, I’m from the Ronan family.”

The time Charlize spent practicing royal etiquette was for moments like these.

She pulled up the end of her dress. She kneeled with her right leg placed gracefully behind her. Her back was bent a perfect 35 degrees. It was so perfect that it looked like a photo from an etiquette textbook was pulled out and placed on display before them.

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As she raised her head, she was faced with the concubine’s bright smile. The concubine was friendly to Char.

“I can’t believe our prince already has a master. He has truly grown up quite a lot.”

Dylan stepped aside as if to signal Charlizeto move up. Following his indication, Charlize slowly approached the bed where the two were talking previously.

Her steps were elegant and silent, not a sound was created by any move she made. The concubine was satisfied with Charlize.

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“Although my son isn’t very clever, please be considerate as he is still young.”

It was the perfect att.i.tude towards the master of her kid.

The Shan kingdom often advised or praised the teacher by criticizing their own child. They stress on being humble in relations between masters and pupils.

She knew this, but Charlize lowered her body with confusion written on her face as she replied.

“No, he is too excellent for me to teach him anything. I was shocked more than a couple of times.”

“You are a big help…. I’m so happy. You are from the Ronans. I can’t believe a lady from a famous family became the master of our prince.”

The concubine grasped Charlize’s hand.

“I will teach him well, royal concubine. Thank you for trusting me.”

Charlize unconsciously held the concubine’s hand back which held no power. Her skin was dry, and her hand was thin and fragile.

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But the warmth emanating from the concubine’s hands were filling Charlize’s chest. She could feel something heavy now weighing on her heart.

After a long conversation, the 7th concubine began to become visibly tired.

Charlize now knew why Dylan didn’t visit the 7th concubine that often. The 7th concubine only wished to show herself to Dylan while in perfect condition, but she wasn’t often in good condition.


On the way back Dylan stopped at the garden and remained silent for a while. He suddenly turned back and stared at Charlize.

Charlize smiled back as she was expecting this moment to come, but Dylan would only stare at her. Soon, she began to feel uncomfortable.

‘Again, he won’t ask anything.’

You know, the thirsty man digs a well. You shouldn’t wait around for something, take the initiative and do what’s needed before it’s too late—Charlize wasn’t planning on patiently waiting around for his question.

She took a step forward towards Dylan as he stood there and continued to simply watch her.

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“I think the 7th royal concubine is a really nice person from what I saw today…”


“You were right.”

A gust of wind blew past them. During hotter seasons the sunlight is just too strong. But the scent of the garden was stronger.

The wind blew over and tousled Charlize’s hair. A b.u.t.terfly resting on the petals of a nearby flower flew towards Charlize and circled around her.

“She was a really respectable person.”

Dylan focused all his attention upon Charlize as she continued her praises. Her blue eyes were dark, yet held a glistening brightness akin to the night sky.

Although it is daytime, he could feel the covertness of night seeping from her still form. Is it because of her genetics?. Is it because she is famously known as the Cinderella of the Ronan Duke family?

One thing is for sure, the Charlize right now at this very moment is excessively attractive. Although she displayed this certain gentleness, there was a powerful sense of allurement flowing off from her.

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It was so strong that it became irresistible. It was a noticeable and unavoidable type of attractiveness which couldn’t be missed. Her small body was thin, but what made Dylan hesitate wasn’t her appearance.

‘This is.’

Dylan could thoroughly see through things more often than not. His insight could read the deepest thoughts hidden in one’s mind. What Dylan saw within Charlize looked like cold metal.

Although she was extraordinarily beautiful, she looked more alike to sharp metal than a real person.

‘But that’s impossible. It doesn’t make sense’

Dylan thought for a while about what he wanted to say as he tried to understand his absurd thoughts.

‘Firstly, I have to tell her what’s forefront in my mind.’

The boy broke his silence after hesitating for a long while.

“Thank you.”

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A soft breeze blew between Charlize and Dylan before he took a breath and slowly continued.

“Thank you, my master.”

Dylan raised his head after giving a subtle nod of respect towards is proclaimed master. Charlize was confused as she wasn’t expecting this turn of events, however, soon smiled brightly in response.

Although it was a soft smile, it was still as sharp as a sword.

In the song ‘Secret h.e.l.lo’ that Dylan played, the subt.i.tle read: ‘there is a thorn in the rose.`. But her cold heart definitely didn’t have any plots. It’s completely different from a thorn in the rose.

If we name that weapon… A chilling, burning, beautiful sword. Rather than the cold holy sword, it was designed to both hurt and lure someone.

Dylan acknowledged his absurd thoughts and came to an understanding. She is just like… a magical sword.

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