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The 9th Prince knew the name of Charlize Ronan. She’s also famous in society.

She’s a nuisance lady, and she’s still 15 years old, so he thought he’d just put his eyes on her.

In the aftermath of the morning dream, Charlize had a strangely acquiring atmosphere somewhere. Even then, it was too fascinating.

“I am Lady Charlize Ronan, pleased to meet you the 9th Prince.”

Charlize had the courtesy of the royal family. He couldn’t think of any expression on her face.

The 9th prince inadvertently swallowed his saliva.

“I heard that the only thing you can do is to seduce a man… You’re really teaching, aren’t you? Oh, my God.”

The 9th prince was easily interested in Dylan.

For the 9th prince, Charlize in front of him looked more like a funnier toy than Dylan.

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‘Why not?’

Charlize thought.

She was used to the ridicule. The 9th prince was so young.

Of course, he was 16, so on the surface, he was 1 year older than Charlize.

However, physical age is meaningless. Keira’s age is hundreds of years.

Charlize didn’t even feel worthy dealing with this shallow level of insult.

‘I’ve heard from the maid that you wants to see me.”

“Yeah. I’m curious. What the hell is it that you can make a decision to become a teacher of the 13th Prince?”

“I wrote down a small application on the application form, so if you’re curious, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to look it up yourself.”

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“Are you already going to drop off your guest who has just arrived?”

Charlize had never heard of speaking informally from Dylan. Therefore, the 9th prince’s attitude did not feel familiar.

Technically speaking, however, the 9th prince’s attitude is not against etiquette.

“Don’t stand like that, why don’t you come and sit down and pour me a cup of tea, my lady?”

To Charlize, the 9th prince’s teasing was like a child’s childish mischief.

It sounds like a pesky parrot of Paris.

However, she’s slowly getting annoyed.


Suddenly in the air, Charlize and Dylan’s gaze were intertwined like a magnet.

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Dylan sank quietly, and Charlize noticed that Dylan didn’t like the situation.

Strangely enough, the 9th prince will probably die sooner than before his return. He’ll die naturally after being caught up in the war of the succession.

The 9th prince was deeply offended that Charlize did not see him.

Dylan dropped his gaze and withdrew from the situation.

The 9th prince told Charlize.

“Don’t you think I’m better than that young kid? It’s been a while since I came here.”

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Charlize did not reply with her languid eyes open.

The 9th prince, who thought she was silent because Charlize agreed, was excited and chatted.

“Why don’t you be a knight who moves from my ‘bellow’? Oh, I like the sword, so I’ll make it called the 9th prince’s sword. That’s a good title. The sword of the living imperial family.”

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The sword of the living imperial family?

It was a language that stuck in Charlize’s ears more clearly than sexual speech.

Not even aware of what was reflected in Charlize’s eyes, the 9th prince opened his arms.

“Do you think this is an easy chance for a knight to have such an honor? It’s an opportunity to be the sword of the imperial family, which is as glorious as it is.”

It would have been better if it had been a harassment or an insult. But it was not a good match to play in front of Charlize, who has been living as a Keira for 400 years.

‘Keira. Keira.’

‘Cursed Sword.’

It was a moment when the mood of Charlize, who had been indifferent to any insult, changed.

Charlize remembered her dream in the morning.

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“…..The sword? I mean, seriously.”

A line of former emperors who wielded ‘Keira’ at will came to my mind.

The scars of the years that had to be treated just as an object without even the least respect as a person.

The 9th Prince, who did not notice that Charlize’s mood was cold, put his shoulders confidently.

“Wouldn’t I be much better than that little kid?”

Hatred toward the bloodline of the royal family, which is getting cooler and cooler.

Even the tip of the hatred was enough to make Charles move.

“Have you ever heard of a sword?”

“The sword?”

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Charlize smiled convincingly. The 9th prince hesitated because of her dazzling smile.

“I am the Lady Charlize Ronan, and now is the imperial teacher of the prince. Even a prince can’t insult me.”

She was thinking of using the power of the Duke of Ronan to press the prince, but she didn’t. Instead, she found a better way.

Using Dylan as an excuse.

“Also. You have insulted the Prince, a student I teach. So, accordingly.”

Charlize looked at the 9th prince.

“I ask you to lift the sword.”


The blue eyes were filled with the light that was called the sword.

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He was the 9th prince who had never encountered a horse or a sword, but he instinctively danced the main dance. This is because she felt a sense of momentary pressure.

“I’m officially request for a duel.”

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“A duel? My lady and me?”

The 9th prince, who had been under the pressure of a momentarily, tried to laugh at Charlize.

However, his mouth was not detached from the opposite sex.

It was an area of instinct that would never be known by the head.

“I was a knight before I became the master of the 13th Prince. Is there a problem?”

There wasn’t.

The feeling of being scared disappeared when he looked at Charlize’s appearance.

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The 9th prince laughed at her. How can he be afraid of such a weak girl?

“Hahaha- Yeah. If an honorary knight is also a knight.” he said.

He think an honorary knight is a sword, and all the bitch he’s never even looked at are admirable and he carries a medal.

The same goes for that beautiful lady.

“Okay. But. It’s not me going to a duel.”

There’s something crossed her mind.

Isn’t there a new mercenary who just happened to escort the 9th prince?

He even earned the nickname of a butcher by killing people.

‘I can’t believe it’s thrilling just to think of your crying face.

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For the sword, Charlize, who have swung rapier several times, it was good to see him cry and hanging pitifully.

“My escort will act as a substitute.”

That giant was laughing at Charlize. The difference in physique between the two foreshadowed a reckless duel.

Charlize was silent for a moment.

The 9th prince, who thought the lady was frightened, raised his chin generously.

“Yes. How about withdrawing it now?”


Charlize cut it off resolutely.

“My mind doesn’t change.”

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It’s a good thing to vent one’s anger.

The smile on Charlize’s mouth was fading in an instant.

A gruesome arsenic.

The 9th prince was instantly hardened. But when he blinked again and looked at Charlize, the smile was already gone.

“If you insist.”

The victory has already been decided. At least the 9th prince believed so.


Are you concerned?

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Dylan rarely had an expression. The prince has a good reputation anyway. It would be better to take care of his facial expressions.

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“I’m fine, Prince.”


Charlize lightly took Dylan’s worries.

With Charlize’s laughter, Dylan seemed to hesitate for a moment. She was worried as if she’s trying to add something to it, but there are too many people.

The board got bigger than she thought.

“A duel?”

“An honorary knight, Lady Charlize Ronan, and an escort of the 9th prince.”

The duel is the exclusive property of a knight.

Due to the position of the sacred knights, they face each other at the official duel.

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Whether it was informal or formal, Charlize didn’t care.

It was the 9th prince who played the game.

“I only respect the opinion of the My lady who applied for the duel.

The 9th prince spoke to himself as if he was aware of the gaze.

When she looked at the 9th prince’s sly expression. He seemed to want to humiliate Charlize.

Dozens of observers have already been attracted by the 9th prince’s aides.

Most of the knights of the 5th Division of the imperial family were from the court.

“How could you do that to Lady?”

“You’re putting that killer on a subordinate knights?”

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The knights chattered. They thought Charlize was a subordinate knight because she never go outside.

The chivalry honors the Lady.

It is not easy for a knight to point a sword at a Lady in a fancy dress.

But the 9th prince’s escort was from mercenaries. She doesn’t care about chivalry.

It was a black long sword chosen by Charlize.

The longest and heaviest of all swords.

“That girl…”

Someone admired.

Most adults hold a long sword with their hands. But Charlize’s face with a long sword was so fresh.

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Soon, Charlize and the giant faced each other inside the cylindrical duel.

The giant laughed ferociously.


The referee shouted.

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Charlize lifted the sword. At that moment, everything was decided.

At first, the giant mercenary was not serious.

The fancy dress frills, wavy hair, and a noble young girl who would be more suited to tea time than to duel.

But the moment he stood at the same drill hall, he felt an unknown chills.


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It’s as if he were dealing with a monster for the first time. It seems to be crushed by energy.

Charlize smiled, slowly closed her eyes. At any rate, she seemed far from the etiquette of the knight due to her poor posture.

“I’ll give you the first shot.”

He talks without knowing that he’ll fall into one move. That’s what the giant thought.

‘It’s better not to have a home.’ he thought.

His owner, the 9th prince, hated getting a scratch on the woman’s body.

With the idea of finishing it at once, he swung a huge sword at once. He was going to blow the sword.


Charlize turned her head lightly to avoid the sword gracefully like a butterfly.

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The expression was calm, and the princess did not move her body much.

Maybe it seemed boring

It was a ridiculous situation that she was vigilant but avoided a quick blow with power.

“Are you done?”

Charlize, who asked so, was still not using the sword.

Suddenly, she felt that she had been ignored, so she opened her eyes horribly.

The berserk sword was terribly rushing towards Charlize. The fragile woman’s body was about to break into pieces.

The 9th prince jumped up from his seat.

Instead of avoiding it, Charlize’s sword blocked the sword of the mercenary.

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The difference in physique between Charlize and mercenaries was huge.

Because of that, it looked quite breathtaking.

It was clear that the fearsome sword would hurt Charlize soon.

The knights who were watching jumped to their feet.

“How can the sword exhibit such killing intent!”

The severity was too much. They think it’s too much.

But Charlize’s expression hasn’t changed. She slowly lifted the sword.

Charlize’s eyes with the sword. It was shining coldly.

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