Chapter 1478: Online Dating/ Sun Jie’s Idea

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Chapter 1731: Online Dating

Yang Ming still did not know the escort company’s happenings when he woke up early in the morning. However, even if Yang Ming knew, he wouldn’t be that anxious. From Yang Ming’s perspective, if a problem arose, he just had to solve it. It was no big deal.

Sin Jie was still asleep. It was apparent that she was still exhausted from last night.

Yang Ming’s biological clock was already established. After he woke up, he did some simple training and then ordered soya milk through the phone. After that, he opened his laptop and started surfing the internet.

It had been a long time since he felt so leisurely. During this time, Yang Ming felt like he had something to do every day. He had been busy for a few months.

“Huh?” Yang Ming was surprised when he saw “Wild Female Teacher”, Zhao Ying’s avatar, shining when he opened his Weibo. Usually, Zhao Ying would stay incognito. However, because her relationship with “There’s No True Love In This World” was close, she set it as “incognito but could be seen”.

“Why are you online so early in the morning?” Yang Ming was curious. He clicked on “Wild Female Teacher”‘s avatar and sent a smiling emoji.

“Wild Female Teacher” took a while to reply. However, she replied with an exhausted emoji.

“Why are you online so early in the morning? Don’t you have classes today?” Yang Ming asked.

“Wild Female Teacher”‘s reply speed was quite fast, “You’re up early too. Besides, it’s already eight. It’s not early anymore.”

“Seems like you came online much earlier than this?” Yang Ming said.

“I didn’t sleep last night. There’s no such thing as early or not,””Wild Female Teacher” complained, and sent a

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