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For this moment, I’ve been hiding my skills. Charlize breathed slowly. The first question I’ve been waiting for.

‘It shouldn’t be a part of making mistakes’.

Once a word is planted, it takes root deeply, and an idea blooms with flowers.

Whether unconscious or conscious, there will always be a lingering afterimage at the lower level.

Why is there such a word? Words have spiritual power. At least Charlize believed in the power.

‘How can I say to capture him?’

Charlize thought coolly.

I had to be careful. It’s Dylan’s interest that I wanted to get so much. It was an opportunity that might never come again.

It was my job to get through the psychology first.

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Fortunately, Charlize was good at improvisation.

“I know that feeling.”

Charlize decided to be honest.

By showing off her hidden skills, she drew curiosity.

Now it’s time to satisfy this curiosity.

“Don’t you think there’s another genius like the Prince?”


“A genius who can understand the Prince.”

Charlize whispered as if she were telling a very secret.

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‘Of course you’re very special. But I am also special.’

Charlize was using this word in elegant style.

Dylan’s face cracks.


“…Yes, Your Highness.”

“I’ll admit that you’re excellent with Master’s swordsmanship. But as far as I know, there is no one like me in the world.”

Dylan’s eyes deepen.

It was arrogant in a way, but it was convincing because Dylan was the one who said it.

Charlize said.

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“Do you know the word self-esteem?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Can you explain it?”

“…It’s a psychological concept that says it keeps changing depending on the family environment, values, and personality.”


Charlize smiled softly.

“Before I even heard the word. I knew my self-esteem was high.”

“What does that have to do with the topic now?”

“Isn’t that the same for the Prince? You must have been confident in yourself. Always.”

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Dylan shut his mouth.

Because it was true.

The boy was born with dignity. He just knew it. This is a firm truth that he have never doubted in his life.

Charlize looked at Dylan.

“It didn’t matter if no one knew. I never needed to be recognized by someone. Okay, I got it, so it was high.”

Dylan’s eyes shook.

“Apples are red and birds fly.”

It was an Imperial proverb.

“This is natural common sense. Even a very young child knows basic human knowledge. And I knew it since I was a child like common sense. How noble, special, and great I am.”

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Charlize whispered softly to Dylan.

“It’s so easy to do anything, and sometimes it’s better to be so good that you don’t have to be helpless.”

Dylan hid his outstanding talent. As a result. Nobody knows he’s a genius. Before his return, he did so until his death.

But now Charlize said that, as if she knew the true nature of Dylan.

‘It’s a true image that no one noticed.’

Dylan recalled the rumors of Charlize, who was in fact a completely different person from the rumor, when she was stigmatized as an evil woman.

He sympathized with Charlize.

Sympathy, what does that mean?

“Do you know how I feel?”

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“What kind of feelings? A sense of boredom? A sense of deprivation that comes from where you can have anything you want?”

Dylan was very surprised.

Because it was the feelings he was suffering severely.

“I would have been happy if I were normal. I was bored because I’m excelled. Life is boring. I thought it would be fun to live like that, so I hid my abilities from other people, but it’s not as fun as I thought.”

It was a great answer that Dylan had never imagined.

Charlize was looking straight through his insides.

“But to keep looking at those people who don’t even recognize your value. It’s not fun anymore, is it?”

“…That’s right.”

The boy had no fun in his life.

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He often forget the reason why he live.

Dylan agreed carefully.

Charlize didn’t avoid Dylan’s eyes. It is necessary to imprint it one more time. And now it was definitely an opportunity.

‘What should I say?’

To shake him deeper, what should I do?

Even the moment Charlize was criticized by everyone, she was impressed with her appearance. She had never thought deeply about her appearance.

But at this moment, she felt that she had to use everything she had.

Charlize recalled the portrait of her biological mother she had seen in the memorial room.

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Her expression naturally became strange. Eyes calm down. Despite her small body, she had destructive power. Is it a trace of an indelible Keira?

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Even if she laughed innocently and calm like a child, she was powerful.

There was a refreshing feeling of popping to the extreme in one subject with a face that would look good when biting candy.

Like a mysterious fairy, without showing limits.

Dylan blinked quietly.

“You asked me if I fought for the honor of the Prince.”


“Yes, that’s right.”

Charlize was coquettish.

Dylan’s mouth was sealed tight.

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It didn’t shake at all like a stone sinking beneath a calm surface.

But at this moment, Charlize wanted to be fascinating, and her intentions worked. Dylan thought she was too attractive.

“The Prince didn’t ask, but would you allow me to say one more thing?”

“…I will allow it.”

“You can be wary of me. And you can ignore me like any other person.”

I felt Dylan stop breathing.

“If it is hard for the prince to be ambiguous, so you can only choose to be completely indifferent or obsessed.”

Ashblond hair is not a clear golden hair. An open and delicate impression. It’s wobbling with a chuckle.

White skin resembling ivory. Her lips were thick.

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“I don’t mind being obsessed with the Prince.”

I watch Dylan’s cheeks harden. Charlize had a hunch that she had shaken Dylan. Charlize laughed. It was a bright laugh.


I felt as if I had been hit on the head with a hammer. Dylan was shocked.

The moment Charlize said it was okay to be obsessed, she was incredibly attractive.

Dylan couldn’t agree that Charlize’s fascinating appearance was the power of the Venetia* bloodline.

That’s Charlize’s unique vibe.

The scent of lilacs, even when I stayed still, was fresh.

Apparently fragile and delicate, but the inside of it seemed to be a horrible monster.

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‘What on earth swallowed you up?’

Dylan was curious about Charlize.

I would rather have been convinced if the princess had been a flamboyant beauty with red hair.

It was clearly calm, but it attracted attention because it was decadent.

Is the seductive atmosphere to blame for the poison she has? Then why is it burning?

Dylan didn’t judge people by appearance. He felt confused after feeling the same feeling inside Charlize’s firm inner self.

He didn’t think there would be anyone who could read him, and that there would be someone similar to himself.

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This wasn’t arrogance. It’s really like that.

‘Yeah. You’re just like me.’

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In plain words, Dylan had no sense of living.

He knew he could have anything he wanted, but he had no desire. Charlize’s words of indifference or obsession are to point him out exactly.

As soon as I have a desire, I’ll try to keep it in my hands regardless of means and methods.

Charlize was laughing like Siren**, who encouraged him to desire.

‘It’s the same person.’

Charlize was reading Dylan correctly. His true self, which no one recognized.

Dylan wasn’t being inferior enough to react sensitively for trying to take off his mask. He know how to maintain a consistent tranquillity at any moment.

“I’ll accept whatever direction the obsession has been expressed.”

But only this time.

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Charlize wants to break Dylan’s wall.


Charlize took a four-day vacation. It was to attend a fencing competition.

However, there was one problem.

‘How do I hide my identity?’

I drew questions from Dylan, so I don’t regret revealing my swordsmanship. It was a good timing.

I had to keep it a secret just to attend a fencing competition. The winner gets too much attention.

As the winner, Charlize was thinking of asking for “Helu-herb” as a wish.

‘The female contestant is too eye-catching.’

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Charlize was thinking of dressing as a man.

I look into the mirror in the room. Even if I tie my hair up. It’s not even worth it.

Should I cut my hair? Or dyeing? Should I wear a wig? But I can’t cover my face.

What about the body type again? Even if I wrap it with a pressure bandage over my chest, I wouldn’t be able to recognize it.


But it’s not enough.

I’ll give it a try. I grabbed the pressure bandage that I prepared at will. I looked in the mirror carefully.

‘It’s Charlize Ronan, no matter who sees it.’

Fascinating looks were uncommon. Charlize bites her lips.

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At least Dylan will find out. There’s more. The knights who watched the duel. And some knights of the Grand Duke family.

Charlize’s gaze turned to the dagger on the desk. If I cut and dye my hair with that. Wouldn’t I look like a pretty guy?

But it was then.


Charlize blinked her eyes. The fairy pulled her face out of the vase decorated with flowers.

It is a familiar face. It was with a friend that I saw last time.

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“Are you hungry?”

Charlize folded her eyes, smiled and asked kindly.

This time the fairy shook her head.

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The fairy whispered around Charlize.

The two fairies alternated with each other. Charlize opened her eyes wide.

It’s certainly tactless to know what’s on your mind even if you don’t say it. The fairy flapped her wings.

Charlize quietly received the fairy’s help.

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A few white flashes before my eyes. It was a dreamy but mysterious experience. When I opened my eyes after a little dizziness, something had changed about Charlize.

I looked in the mirror with surprised eyes. There was a handsome boy standing in the mirror. Charlize’s mood still lingers, but it’s not strong enough to recognize Charlize as soon as you see her.

I didn’t think I should wear a pressure bandage. My breath became comfortable.

The fairy whispered. It was a voice that tickled my ears.

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When I wanted to quit dressing like a man, I felt like I was told to blow out the candles.

Charlize forgot her mind to hold the dagger. I was glad. I knew it would pay off, but I didn’t expect much.

I felt like I had unexpectedly picked up some money on the street.

Charlize laughed heartily.

“Thank you very much.”

The voice that was uttered was a beauty. But it was like a boy.

Charlize tilted her head.

“Thank you.”

I have to be careful with the way I speak. Charlize thought and reached out to the fairy.

The fairy also felt better along with the joyful Charlize, with a bright smile. Sitting on her finger, and then slowly disappeared.

‘I don’t want to worry about getting caught.’

Tomorrow was the first day of the fencing competition. She had already applied for the contest under the pseudonym ‘Reeze’.

There were many participants because it was the first competition in 10 years. The full-fledged tournament was held from the second day. The competition is held for three days.

The first day is the preliminary round. Charlize was confident.

* Venetia: The Latin name for the city of Venice; it has also been associated with the name of the Roman goddes of love, Venus.

** Siren: In Greek mythology, the Sirens were dangerous creatures, who lured nearby sailors with their enchanting music and singing voices to shipwreck on the rocky coast of their island.

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