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But soon Charlize realized that she was overthinking.

‘No matter how hard it is, Dylan can’t use his hands yet.’

Later on, she had heard that the 9th prince had a trauma concerning swords from ’the battle with the mercenary escort that day,’ and that he was very disgusted by it.

He’d be shaking like from an allergic reaction.

“It’s the second battle of the participant, Reeze. He was the 85th to advance to the finals! He’s only a boy, but he doesn’t lag behind!

Charlize stepped onto the stage with an unfamiliar introduction from the broadcast booth.

She thought about why the referee encouraged me before the match, but she soon found out why.

“Reeze’s opponent is the eldest son of the Grand Duke of Ronan: Lord Akan! He’s one of the most promising knights!”

’You’re my first brother.’

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Only then did Charlize remember that her first brother’s name was Akan.

Information that was erased because it was not worth it.

‘He was called a sword genius.’

Charlize was like that too.

Before her return the winner had been Akan.

From the beginning of the competition, he was selected as a strong winner candidate.

Even now, people were taking it for granted that Akan would win. The result seemed clear even if you don’t look at the competition.

A bored crowd yawning.

The referee was brighter than usual to try to get their attention somehow.

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“Unfortunately, Dante, the second Lord who also participated in the competition, was defeated in the first final. The only survivor of the Ronan family, Akan. What will be the end of this showdown?”

The only survivor.

Charlize thought it was a little hilarious because it felt like a rural drama.

If she was like before her return, she would have broken her sword for Akan in this phase.

But now Charlize was different.

She picked up the sword without hesitation.

“The match starts!”

The referee shouted.

Unlike his first competition counterpart that had looked down on Charlize, Akan was cautious.

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Even though Charlize did not take the basic posture of a double sword.

Akan was also wielding a double sword. The left-hand aims the sword outward to attack, and the right-hand blocks the sword over the head to defend.

Compared to Akan’s serious attitude, Charlize was only holding the sword with both hands relatively lightly.

A lady’s defenseless posture, as if she were holding a dress with both hands.


With a frown on his face, Akan slowly changed his sword, approaching Charlize.

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And he attacked with a single blow.

Charlize blocked Akan’s attack, which came in after stabbing her with two swords in a row, with one sword to prevent it.


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That was when Charlize realized something.

Charlize looked closely at Akan’s changing expression.

The more serious Akan’s movement became sharper.

Charlize flew around in the same posture as in the textbook. Akan uses gravity to stab the sword.

It was too obvious.

Charlize blocked Akan’s sword with one sword and then immediately aimed at his stomach with the other sword.


It hurt right away.

As much as you’d think, there were many injuries during a sword competition.

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His guard had been torn.

Akan’s eyes flashed.

Charlize was not vigilant.

Sure enough, Akan’s sword hit her in an instant. The grip force was enormous. She could see that he was serious about killing.

Chaeng chaeng!

Charlize gently blocked the two swords, crossing them both from side to side like water.

Block two times and hit five times.

A free movement like a fish playing in the sea.

On the other hand, Akan’s sword was angular and static. A swing that seems to be a copy of a textbook.

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“Very well, Mr. Reeze.”

“You are.”

Charlize responded indifferently to Akan’s words.

It was a better skill than she anticipated. She thought she would have had a hard time before she became a sword.

Of course, it was not an actual fight but a fencing competition where one should not kill the opponent.

“Akan! Attack Reeze sharply!”

A frown formed on Charlize’s forehead.

Akan’s sword brushed Charlize’s side. But at that moment, Akan’s vital points were clearly revealed.

If the situation had been real, Charlize would have been able to cut Akan’s throat instead of getting a small cut in his side.

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However, murder is prohibited in competitions. Yeah, she couldn’t kill him.


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Charlize stabbed Akan’s jaw protector with a sword and tore it apart at once.

The other sword blocked Akan’s two swords.

Abandoning the preconception that the use of the two swords should always be divided into attack and defense. Both swords could be used as an attack.

Embarrassed by Charlize’s blitz attack, Akan backed away.

’He cut this?’

The material of the torn protector was strong material, Mithril.

But the referee and spectators did not know what they had just seen.

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“Look at that. You can’t even touch his body, and you’re just tearing down the protective gear.”

“Reeze is nothing special.”

If they knew they’d see a little more swordsmanship.

The free-spirited and unblemished Charlize’s attitude and swordsmanship must have been praised for reaching the highest level.

The high reputation of Akan, which was built with a handsome day and a serious attitude of high-ranking noblemen, covered the people’s minds.

“Ha, haa…”

Akan breathed slowly.

The little boy in front of him seemed to be seven years younger than Akan. However, he was not a little behind in competing with him.

In fact, Akan was vaguely aware that the boy’s skills were all superior to his own.

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’Not once.’

Akan’s sword was out of reach.

Even now.

Unlike himself, who is out of breath. The boy’s face is perfectly fresh.

’How? How?’

He’s not a nobleman, and he’s not a standard swordsman.

There seemed to be something in the boy who knew no limits. Akan was used to being supported by being praised as a genius. His pride was hurt.

Just in time, the hourglass ran out of the sand.

“Time’s up!”

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The referee shouted as if he had been waiting.

“I’m sure both of you would be eliminated in the original case… It was a great match. Follow me, it’s a draw with the unanimous vote of all the contestants! Both participants passed the finals and advanced to the selection round.”

Charlize lightly accepted the sword and put it in the collection.

It was not good to have a record of winning over the great nobleman.

It’s okay now that we’ve dragged on as planned.

I could feel Akan looking at the time, but Charlize was not very interested in the fencing competition itself. Wasn’t Dylan the only reason she attended the competition from the beginning?


Charlize left the stadium without giving Akan a glance.

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Akan’s cheeks hardened.

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“The final selection is assigned a lodging facility. Follow me, please.”

The servant said, glancing at Charlize. It was a curious look.

At first, Charlize wasn’t very expectant. The boy’s small body caught the eye, but that was it.

There were many participants. But now there are only 100 people left.

“There are cases where someone put laxatives in the meal to interfere with participants, so be careful, Mr. Reeze.”

The servant was kind.

Perhaps the young Charlize seemed pathetic. Charlize replied.

“Thank you.”

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To prevent each other’s schemes in advance, the selection was given a private room.

When I entered the lodging, I noticed that the imperial family spent a huge amount of money on the fencing competition.

It was much better than the room at the 13th Palace.

The place where the competition was held was crowded with people who came to see the event after a long time. One had to pay 10 times more than usual to stay at the nearby accommodation.

Now that the pre-election eve is already being held, no matter how much money you brought, you will not be able to save it.

It’s already been decades since war broke out in the Empire. People were accustomed to peace and starved for blood.

Charlize looked around the lodging. When she was alone, she realized something.

‘Tomorrow I can get the Helu-herb.’

For Charlize, the value of winning the competition was nothing more than Helu-herb. At that time, the audience seat will be crowded with hundreds of thousands of people.

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The competition’s video close-up will float in the sky with a magical video sphere.

‘Changing into a man was a wise choice. I’d like to avoid being suspected of being ’the winner of the sword competition’ in the future.’

Charlize looked down at the sword.

“Good job.”

Before I applied for the competition, I went to a blacksmith and bought a sword that propelled her.

After all, tools depend on the ability of the person to use them.

But as she gazed down at the two swords, Charlize felt strange.

“Thank you.”

She smiled beautifully and said hello softly.

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Let’s not spend the day by ourselves.


Charlize washed her body completely. Sleep did not come easily. So Charlize went to the eve festival to check out the situation.

Even at this late hour, the streets were teeming with people. It’s a super boom. There was no peak season like this.

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‘I heard that once you held a sword competition, the added value was enormous and it’s really true.’

Charlize was a starter, so all the restaurants were free of charge.

She ordered a light drink.

It was a purple drink with lemon slices placed upside down on the glass. The taste was quite sweet. Charlize looked at the distance while drinking in a relaxed way.

Colorful sparkling lights. Exotic tents are lined up.

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The merchants hurriedly laughed as they had been in urgent need of the eve.

“I sell dreamcatchers that take away nightmares! Only one gold!”

“It’s a traditional sweet from the Mato Kingdom. It’s characterized by dissolving in your mouth. It was hard to get! Have a bite!”

“Kids, you can just go check out the clothes! Come and see!”

The village had a heated atmosphere. The thing that caught people’s attention the most is. It was definitely a betting board.

“The opportunity that came after 10 years. Come on, everyone! Isn’t the competition meant for betting?”

The names of the 100 starters was written all over the betting board.

“It’ll be a big hit for the winner! It’s not coming, it’s not coming. This opportunity is not coming!”

“I’ll bet 100,000 gold to ‘Akan’!”

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Charlize shrugged lightly.

The traders who made the game and the instigators who encourage them. All the people who drunk pleasantly were excited.

People bet their money like crazy. Numbering like a racetrack, the fewer people who paid, the higher the odds.

“How about Reeze? He was never pushed back in the fight against Akan.”

“Akan took it easy because Reeze was a boy. A noble should not attack the weak. Where would Reeze be selected for his skills?”

People wanted to bet on a certain hand.

So they bet the most money on Akan. Unlike before her return, anyone who bet on him would lose.

If someone with a keen eye bet on Charlize, they will win a very large amount of money.

‘It doesn’t matter whether you recognize the value or not.’

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Charlize was, so to speak, a jackpot. She was a pearl buried in the soil.

The gemstone, that shines brilliantly like diamonds if you cut it well, even now it’s ridiculously complete.

Charlize sipped her drink standing against the wall. Someone passed by her.

It wasn’t a big deal because there were so many people on the street. But since he’s Dylan, it’s a different story.

Charlize’s face hardened.

‘Why is Dylan here?’

As soon as she thought about it, Dylan stopped walking.

But Charlize was soon relieved. Dylan couldn’t have recognized herself. Even her family couldn’t recognize herself.

But incredibly, he turned around.

And he looked at me.

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