Chapter 1475: Memories of Mengyan

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Chapter 1725: T09 New Year Special Chapter: Memories of Mengyan (3)

“You always have the urge to urinate or defecate when you are outside. You want to go to the washroom even before you eat!” Yang Dashan said with a cold sneer. How could he not tell that Yang Ming just wanted to hide?

Yang Ming frowned but didn’t say anything. He turned around and exited the private room. He closed the door behind him, and then breathed a sigh of relief.

Yang Dashan’s previous remarks in the private room had made Yang Ming feel very stifled.

“Hoo!” Yang Ming breathed a sigh of relief. Chinese New Year’s Eve was getting more and more unbearable. He and his father had become laughing stocks for his uncle’s family. The only one who did not laugh at him was probably his aunt, but his aunt had no right to speak in his uncle’s family.

Yang Ming walked towards the washroom. Yang Ming did not expect the hotel facilities to be so luxurious. Even the corridor’s decoration was gloriously bedecked in gold and jade[1].

“Huh?” Yang Ming exhaled a suspicious breath because he saw a familiar person! This person was his classmate, Chen Xiaolong, and one of Chen Mengyan’s suitors.

“Chen Xiaolong, what are you standing here for?” Yang Ming saw Chen Xiaolong standing sneakily outside the washroom and peeping at the women’s washroom. Yang Ming felt that this boy was up to no good. So, Yang Ming asked abruptly from behind him.

“Ah!” Chen Xiaolong was taken aback by Yang Ming’s abrupt query. He was shaking all over as he turned around.back. When he saw Yang Ming, his face dropped and he wondered in his heart, Why am I meeting this guy here?

Yang Ming would make an excuse to cause trouble for Chen Xiaolong even when there was nothing between them. Even Chen Xiaolong did not know how he had offended Yang Ming. Chen Xiaolong was always in fear and trepidation because he had offended such a violent person.

He had finally endured until the beginning of the holiday after which he would not meet Yang Ming any more. A few days ago, he had planned for a date with Chen Mengyan after the final exams ended. But unfortunately, he ran into Yang Ming’s follower, Li Dagain!

As a result, he did not manage to go on the date with Chen Mengyan and was beaten by Li Dagang. That made Chen Xiaolong very depressed.

During the first few days, Chen Xiaolong still had a lingering fear. He was afraid that Chen Mengyan would leak out that he wanted to forcefully kiss her. If this news spread to the Chen Family Village, he would be finished.

But, after a few days, Chen Xiaolong was relieved that he did not hear any damaging news. He mused that Chen Mengyan kept quiet to protect her reputation since she was a girl. Hence, his flirtatious nature surfaced again.

Today was the Chen Family Village’s New Year’s party. His uncle, Chen Zhifu, and Zhang Luo were hosting a banquet at the Tavern Heaven on Earth. Chen Mengyan was also a member of the Chen Family Village, so she had come too.

Chen Xiaolong’s original plan was to take this opportunity to get close to Chen Mengyan, but she did not change her attitude towards Chen Xiaolong. This made Chen Xiaolong very dismal.

Chen Mengyan did not reveal what happened the other day to the public in consideration of her reputation. But, how could she still pay attention to Chen Xiaolong? What Chen Xiaolong had done made Chen Mengyan hate him to the bone.

Chen Xiaolong had no choice. He waited for an opportunity. He wanted to see if there was an opportunity for him to be alone with Chen Mengyan so he could explain to her. If it did not work, he could try to kiss her again. Maybe, he would succeed this time.

Chen Xiaolong considered Chen Mengyan not revealing the incident as a positive thing. This showed that Chen Mengyan cherished her reputation. In this way, once he forcefully kissed her to kiss him, she would have no choice but to become his girlfriend. That was very possible.

Although he waited a long time, Chen Mengyan maintained distance from him. Since there were adults present, Chen Xiaolong could not do anything excessive. He waited and waited until an opportunity finally arose!

Chen Mengyan was going to the washroom! After Chen Mengyan exited the private room, Chen Xiaolong hurried exited as well and followed her!

This really scared Chen Mengyan. She immediately ran into the washroom and hid in the women’s washroom. She did not dare to come out.

However, Chen Xiaolong was like a pest. He stood at the washroom’s door and refused to leave. It seemed that he was not going to give up until Chen Mengyan came out.

Chen Mengyan looked out from the door several times and saw Chen Xiaolong’s shadow every time. This made Chen Mengyan stuck, and she did not know what to do.

She could not stay in the washroom all the time and not go out. Although this was a women’s washroom and Chen Xiaolong would not dare to come in, this was not a solution! Looking at Chen Xiaolong’s attitude, Chen Mengyan was a little terrified!

Chen Mengyan’s memories of that incident on the day of the final exam were still fresh. If Li Dagang did not appear and beat up Chen Xiaolong, she would have been in danger!

If Li Dagang was not there that day, the consequences would be inconceivable! Although Li Dagang fought with Chen Xiaolong, it should have nothing to do with her. It should be a personal grudge between him and Chen Xiaolong. But Chen Mengyan was still very grateful to Li Dagang!

That was the first time she thought that violence was also a possible solution to a problem! Chen Mengyan was not the kind of girl who advocated violence. That time, she felt happy and good that Li Dagang beat up Chen Xiaolong.

While Chen Mengyan was at a loss, she suddenly heard someone call Chen Xiaolong’s name from outside the bathroom. Chen Mengyan was relieved. Since someone had come, Chen Xiaolong would stop pestering her.

However, Chen Mengyan dared not just go out like this but decided to wait inside and observe the situation outside in the bathroom before deciding to go out.

“I’m asking you. What’s wrong? Are you deaf?” Yang Ming was filled with resentment in his heart because he had just been reproached by his uncle and cousin-sister. Then, he had just happened to run into a punching bag. How could he let it go easily?

Especially when Yang Ming thought about how Chen Xiaolong wronged Chen Mengyan on the day of the final exam, he hated Chen Xiaolong even more. If he did not find out sooner, he would be remorseful for his entire life.

Although Yang Ming also knew that he would not be able to get together with Chen Mengyan in the future, no matter what, Chen Mengyan was still his dream lover. How could Yang Ming’s heart be at peace when others were bullying her?

As a result, Yang Ming heaped all his grievances on Chen Xiaolong’s body straight away. He stretched and cupped his hand, beating the back of Chen Xiaolong’s head. He hit Chen Xiaolong until he was disoriented and tossing and turning in circles on the ground.

Yang Ming’s reputation was well-known. Chen Xiaolong told himself that he was not Yang Ming’s opponent. Otherwise, he would not have been beaten up by Yang Ming numerous times. But, what he did not understand was how he had provoked Yang Ming.

“Brother Yang… Sorry, I am waiting for someone…” Chen Xiaolong said with a pained expression on his face.

Waiting for someone? Yang Ming was dazed momentarily. Does Chen Xiaolong still have an assistant with him? He wrinkled his eyebrows and asked, “Who are you waiting for?”

“I… I’m waiting for Chen Mengyan. Today is the day of the gathering of our Chen Family Village…” Chen Xiaolong said carefully.

“Chen Mengyan?” Yang Ming’s heart fluttered when he heard the name. It was the name he had been yearning for days and nights. He suddenly understood Chen Xiaolong’s purpose here. Chen Xiaolong must still be looking for an opportunity to behave errantly with Chen Mengyan while Chen Mengyan hid in the washroom!

Otherwise, there was no doubt that he would have already revealed everything before he got beaten too much! Thinking of this, Yang Ming looked at the women’s washroom. As expected, he saw a shadow flashing in the bathroom, and he became even more certain of his speculations.

Yang Ming was furious when he thought of what Chen Xiaolong was going to do. He muttered to himself, All these beatings have not woken you up? Do you still have any recollection at all? How dare you still try to behave errantly with Chen Mengyan!

“You little rascal, who are you lying to?” Since Chen Mengyan was present, Yang Ming did not attempt to reveal his intentions. “Is there anyone here? If there is, please come out!”

“I… I didn’t lie to you, Brother Yang…” Chen Xiaolong said with a pained expression. He thought, Is this guy simply finding a reason to rough me up?

Looking at Yang Ming’s terrifying face, Chen Xiaolong felt that it was even more likely that he would be beaten up by Yang Ming badly.

“Crap!” Yang Ming grabbed Chen Xiaolong by the neck, lifted him, and pinned him against the wall. “I’ll ask you again. What are you doing here?”

“I… I’m really waiting for Chen Mengyan. I didn’t lie to you!” Chen Xiaolong explained.

“Well, if you are waiting for Chen Mengyan,” Yang Ming nodded. “Why are you waiting for her?”

Chen Xiaolong was sobbing quietly in his heart and thought, Why are you so nosy? What does me waiting for Chen Mengyan have to do with you? But, he did not dare not to answer. So, he said carefully, “I am going back to the private room with her…”

“You little rascal, that is nonsense. It’s fine if you go back first. Chen Mengyan is not that close to you. Reportedly, she had an unpleasant encounter with you a few days ago. Can it be that you are waiting for her to return to the private room together? Who would believe it? I think you are getting itchy!” Yang Ming punched Chen Xiaolong in the belly, hurting his bowels like crazy.

Chapter 1726: T10 New Year Special Chapter: Memories of Mengyan (4)

“I…I…” Chen Xiaolong grimaced. He was in so much pain that he could not speak.

Yang Ming knew about the fallout between Chen Xiaolong and Chen Mengyan. Chen Xiaolong was not surprised because the person who had beaten him up was Li Dagang. That Li Dagang told Yang Ming what he saw was also a normal thing.

Chen Xiaolong did not even consider that Yang Ming was in a relationship with Chen Mengyan because that was impossible in his opinion. Yang Ming was notorious for being a poor student and was nicknamed Crazy Yang, the brawling king. Chen Mengyan, on the other hand, was a model student, a member of the student committee, and a well-behaved girl. How could there be any interaction between Yang Ming and her?

So, Chen Xiaolong felt that he must have offended Yang Ming somehow or that Yang Ming just could not bear the sight of him and wanted to beat him up.

“I, I, I. What you and I? Do you have nothing to say? Are you still talking nonsense?” Yang Ming did not wait for Chen Xiaolong to finish speaking and punched him directly in the stomach. This made Chen Xiaolong tremble all over.

Since Chen Xiaolong came with his family, it was naturally impossible for Yang Ming to inflict obvious bruises and scars on Chen Xiaolong’s face and other places. Otherwise, when Chen Xiaolong’s parents come to look for him, it would be hard to explain.

So, Yang Ming aimed at areas with thick flesh that would not leave any last marks and beat Chen Xiaolong up severely. His beating made Chen Xiaolong yell and moan incessantly.

Yang Ming was thinking about Chen Mengyan in the bathroom. At the same time, he was afraid that he would attract other people’s attention if he took too long. So, although Yang Ming’s anger was not appeased, he decided to let Chen Xiaolong off the hook after beating him up for a while.

“Damn you, don’t let me see you again! Still not getting out of here?” Yang Ming kicked Chen Xiaolong and cursed, “If I am not in a hurry to pee, I would not let you go so easily!”

“Yes, yes, yes…” Chen Xiaolong hastily nodded apologetically. He ran away, scared witless, and no longer thought about Chen Mengyan.

He was moaning about his misfortunes in his heart. This Yang Ming can even go to such a high-end place to eat? Oh yes. Apparently, Yang Ming’s uncle ventured to sea just like my father did in his early years. He started a business, and it seemed to have progressed tremendously.

He did not dare to seek revenge on Yang Ming. He could only keep a stiff upper lip and admit defeat, limping back to the private room.

The people of the Chen Family Village were busy talking, and no one paid attention to Chen Xiaolong. They just glanced at him without looking again. They did not notice that he had been beaten.

On the contrary, Chen Mengyan’s father, Chen Fei was a little worried about Chen Mengyan. She had not returned from the washroom. When he saw Chen Xiaolong came back, he asked, “Xiaolong, did you see Mengyan?”

“Ah? Oh… She seemed to have met her classmates and was talking in the washroom. So, I came back first…” Chen Xiaolong did not dare to say that he was blocking Chen Mengyan at the washroom door and could only explain vaguely.

“Oh, no wonder. She met a classmate… What classmate? High school classmate? Isn’t that your classmate?” Chen Fei looked at Chen Xiaolong strangely. With his keen sense of intuition from being a criminal police officer, he felt that Chen Xiaolong was hiding something.

“It’s a female classmate…” Chen Xiaolong was startled and immediately answered.

“Oh, so that’s the case!” Chen Fei nodded. There were a lot of people here, and he felt that it was not appropriate to dig up roots and inquire at the base [2]. He thought that Chen Mengyan would be fine in the hotel. If something really happened, Chen Xiaolong would not be so calm. Hence, he did not pay further attention.

To recount, when Yang Ming finished up with Chen Xiaolong, he just made an excuse to let him go by casually saying that he was desperate to pee.

Chen Mengyan passively watched Yang Ming beat Chen Xiaolong from the bathroom. Although she did not feel at ease, she still heaved a sigh of relief from her heart.

To be honest, she did not agree with Yang Ming’s approach, but she did not know why she felt that Chen Xiaolong deserved this.

“Come out, School Committee Member Chen.” Yang Ming said nonchalantly as he lit a cigarette and glanced at the women’s washroom. “Chen Xiaolong is out of the way.”

“Ah!” Chen Mengyan did not expect Yang Ming to know that she was in the women’s washroom. Before this, Chen Mengyan had heard Chen Xiaolong and Yang Ming’s argument. Yang Ming did not seem to believe that I was still in the washroom then. Now, how could he still…

However, since Yang Ming had called her out, Chen Mengyan could not pretend she was not here. She coyly walked out of the toilet, glanced at Yang Ming, and whispered “Yang Ming…”

“You want to thank me? No need to,” Yang Ming said. He blew out a smoke ring while waving his hand.

“You…” Chen Mengyan rolled her pretty big eyes and was somewhat amused, “Is there anyone like you? I haven’t even spoken yet, and yet you told me there’s no need to thank you…”

“Wouldn’t it save you a lot of trouble?” Yang Ming shrugged his shoulders.

“Thank you for just now…” Chen Mengyan still wanted to say thank you. Otherwise, Chen Xiaolong would really be troublesome.

“I told you. You don’t have to thank me.” Yang Ming wanted to act like a knight in shining armor. But his words seemed indifferent and made him sound like he couldn’t care less.

“However, smoking is not allowed!” Chen Mengyan changed the topic. She yanked the cigarette from Yang Ming’s mouth and threw it into the trash can outside the washroom.

“…” Yang Ming was speechless for a while. “School Committee Member Chen, you are a study committee member. Aren’t you a little too authoritative? This isn’t school…”

“That still applies here. When I see it, I have to take care of it!” Chen Mengyan frowned and glared at Yang Ming. “Why, do you have another opinion?”

“No… No!” Yang Ming reluctantly said, “How can I dare have any opinions? I can only bully the stupid Chen Xiaolong…”

“Yang Ming, what do you mean? Are you praising me or looking down on me?” Chen Mengyan raised an eyebrow and said, “You bullied Chen Xiaolong, Chen Xiaolong bullied me…”

“That’s different. He’s a fool, and I’m not.” Yang Ming giggled and said, “It’s pretty good to be bullied by a beautiful woman.”

Chen Mengyan blushed at Yang Ming’s words. She thought in her heart, Yang Ming also knows that I am a beautiful woman. Usually, he just ignores me and puts on an indifferent attitude. I didn’t expect that he could occasionally be a sweet talker.

“Cough…” Chen Mengyan faintly coughed and quickly changed the subject. “Didn’t you not believe Chen Xialong when he said that I was inside? Why did you seem so certain afterward?”

“Me? Who said I didn’t believe it. I believed it from the start,” said Yang Ming, laughing.

“Then, why did you still say that?” Chen Mengyan gave Yang Ming a strange look.

“Hehe, isn’t that just an excuse to beat him up?” Yang Ming shrugged his shoulders indifferently. “I was enraged when I saw him. This boy looked like he needed a beating.”

“Yang Ming, why are you still so sloppy?” Chen Mengyan was a little angry when she saw Yang Ming’s frivolous attitude. “Before this, what did you agree with me? Didn’t you say that you will study hard? Can’t you see why you still ranked last in the final exam? You were already the last during the midterm exam. You haven’t improved at all!”

Yang Ming’s heart quivered at Chen Mengyan’s words. Could it be that Chen Mengyan still remembered last Christmas’ events? Did she still remember the agreement he made with her?

“During Christmas, the final exam was almost upon us. I couldn’t improve myself in a short time, even if I studied hard,” Yang Ming hurriedly explained.

“That’s true…” Chen Mengyan thought in her heart that Yang Ming’s explanation was reasonable, and she nodded. “Well then, I’ll see your performance next semester!”

“Okay, I will work hard.” Yang Ming nodded.

“So… I’ll leave now?” Chen Mengyan felt that it was awkward and embarrassing to stand outside the washroom with Yang Ming like this.

“You… are going to just leave…” Yang Ming was a little reluctant.

“I have been out for so long. If I don’t go back soon, my dad will be worried sick…” Chen Mengyan said gently.

“All right…” Yang Ming nodded.

“Then, I’m leaving…” Chen Mengyan turned around and left the bathroom. She walked towards the private room.

“Wait… wait a minute!” Yang Ming hesitated in his heart, but finally mustered the courage to call out to her.

“?” Chen Mengyan turned her head and looked at Yang Ming.

“You… the three-year agreement that you mentioned earlier. Is it still on?” Yang Ming blurted out his thoughts and felt relieved.

“Ah…” Chen Mengyan blushed, remembering the three-year promise she had given Yang Ming at Christmas. She hesitated for a while, nodded, and said, “En”.

Yang Ming smiled after he got the answer he wanted.

“Smoke less in the future. Stop getting into fights frequently. Otherwise, I will call off the agreement!” Chen Mengyan glared at Yang Ming, turned around, and hurriedly walked to the private room… (The paragraphs above were continued from chapters T03 and T04)

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