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The party was over.

Charlize breathed a sigh of relief as soon as she returned to the 13th prince’s palace.

‘I’m alive.’

It was unpleasant because people’s gazes felt sticky on her skin.

Also, the dazzling chandelier lights made her eyes feel heavy. She couldn’t even eat properly, so she endured all this on an empty stomach.

‘Now it really feels like my home.’

The 13th prince’s palace was not big, but it offered her everything.

This place was much more comfortable than the fancy lodging for the selection of the fencing competition.

‘I feel relieved and feel like I’ve returned to a safe haven.’

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‘I’ve become attached to you even though I don’t know you.’

“My lady! You’re back.”

Mary approached with a bright smile. After seeing Charlize’s face, it quickly softened.

“I want to bathe. Would you go get some warm water?”

“Ah! Yes, my lady.”

Charlize turned around, pretending not to know. She knew Mary, who possessed great romantic imagination, would love to gossip about Kahu, but she didn’t feel like it.

Mary sensibly backed down.

Charlize just wanted to wash herself off. Whenever her emotions were so complicated, she liked to take a bath.


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Soon she heard that the bathtub had been filled with water, so she went into the bathroom and bathed for a long time.

She lowered herself into the water with her eyes open. Her face was completely covered.

A swaying wave. A warm water temperature that touches the naked body. Floating hair. A complicated feeling.

‘I wish I could forget everything. Kahu. Kahu. Kahu.’

‘What the hell am I thinking?’

‘No, it’s none of my business. Revenge is the most important thing. Revenge. Let’s take it out. Anything that doesn’t need. No sympathy, no excitement, no curiosity, no heart flutters, no lingering feelings…’

There really wasn’t much time left.

The 7th concubine would die soon.


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Charlize suddenly raised her upper body. There was a rattling sound. The drops of water fell down scattering.

She didn’t want to leave the bathroom. She gathered her knees together and put her chin on them.

Breathless, she buried her head. She remained sitting like that for a long time.

Charlize dried her hair…

Without thinking.

Her face was red after taking the long bath. It was quite hot, so she left the windows and the door open.

‘I feel better every time the cool night breeze brushes against my skin.’

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‘By the way, the most important thing remains. Soon the 7th concubine will complain of extreme pain. Today? Tomorrow?’

“Prince! We’re in big trouble! The 7th concubine!”

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‘It’s today.’

Charlize’s face hardened.

Charlize’s hand, which was drying her hair, suddenly stopped moving. Charlize slowly put a towel on her lap.

Soon she heard Dylan’s bedroom door open.

‘Perhaps by now, you’ve heard the news that the 7th concubine is madly delirious and complaining of pain.’

Dylan’s face showed a look of puzzlement. He was in a great hurry.

Charlize saw Dylan running through the open door frightened.

Dylan, who ran out as soon as he woke up, was unusually disheveled.

Charlize suddenly realized how neat Dylan normally was.

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Dylan, whom she encountered at every breakfast, was always neat and calm.

‘For now, let’s wait until morning.’

She could hand him the Heelu-herb right away, but she had to at least wait until morning.

Dylan must see the 7th concubine writhing in pain with his own eyes. He must be anxious and tired.

For the most dramatic effect, she had to hand over the Heelu-herb then.

‘You may be resentful and ask why I did not give it to you now, but I can’t help it.’

In the end, only thanks would be left. Is it because she met the 7th concubine once?

She couldn’t concentrate at all.

Time passed horribly slow. It was a more painful time for the 7th concubine than for Dylan himself.

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“The prince asked me to tell you that he can’t attend today’s class.”


The news came to her.

Now she has a reason to move. Charlize, who was having breakfast, put down her fork in relief.


“Yes, the 7th concubine was in so much pain… In the middle of the night, she had an emergency consultation with the doctor yet she did not get better.”

“It must be difficult.”

Charlize closed her mouth once before saying.

“As a teacher, I must support the prince by his side.”

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Charlize got up from her seat.

She had already packed a bottle of Heelu-herb in her arms.

Charlize had a good memory.

Charlize soon arrived near the building. It was close to the building where the 7th concubine was staying. A piercing, ear-numbing scream.

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The closer she got to the building, the louder the screams she heard.

She remembered the 7th concubine that was classy and elegant. How painful it must be for her to scream until her throat was torn.

“What’s the matter, my lady?”

“I’m here to see the prince.”

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“…Please wait for a moment.”

After politely retreating, the maid soon guided Charlize to Dylan.

Dylan was in the bedroom of the 7th concubine. She caught a glimpse of the pitiful scene through the open door.

The 7th concubine crying out of suffering in bed. The medical staff was restless.

‘They are incompetent.’

Until the moment the 7th concubine died, there was no solution to eliminate the pain.

Dylan came out together with a maid. The maid walked in behind Dylan’s back, and after a while, the door was closed behind her.

Short, quiet screams beyond the door.

Dylan looked very sensitive.

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“What is it, Master? I thought I told you through the maid that I couldn’t take today’s class…”

“But I had something to give you.”

“What is it?”

Dylan’s voice was clearly sharper than usual. Is it a situation that is mentally challenging so that he can’t act as usual?

The boy, who was shortening his words, was frowning at the moment. There was something out of the ordinary, but it was his face that made her wonder.

For a moment Dylan’s face hardened.

“We’d better talk alone. Master.”


The building of the 7th concubine was spacious.

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Dylan entered the vacant room, and Charlize followed calmly. He deliberately put both hands together politely.

Dylan glanced at the bottle in Charlize’s hand. The bottle was black, so he couldn’t figure out what was inside.

Charlize handed the bottle to Dylan.

Dylan read Charlize’s unusual mood and opened the bottle without asking.

And there.


There was a heelu-herb in it.

Known to be very rare, even the Emperor of the Empire has only one precious medicine.

Charlize was nervous. No matter how Dylan reacted, she was willing to take it all. Just for today.

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Dylan’s voice trembled.

“Isn’t this Heelu-herb? It is said that all the pain will be healed just by boiling and eating it as if it washed away… No way.”

Dylan was clever. Given a few clues, he quickly knew how to put together the big picture. Charlize looked at Dylan’s expression as it became increasingly curious.

“Did you wish for Heelu-herb as the winner of the fencing competition?”

Charlize remained silent. Dylan, who interpreted the silence as a yes, sighed and grabbed the bottle.

A fragment of suppressed emotion stabbed Charlize’s skin painfully.

“…I, I don’t know you.”

Charlize flinched. A sound of shock escaped her throat. It was her first time hearing Dylan speak informally.

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Maybe that’s why it sounded more irritating.

“Why are you approaching me?”

Dylan bit his lips.

“What are you going to do to me now?”

The Prince seemed busy getting his emotions together.

A moment passed by, and Dylan left the room.

He called the maid.

She heard his voice ordering to make a tea made with Heelu-herb.

The 7th concubine seemed to be noticed that the pain had disappeared.

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Dylan was close by guarding his mother. The 7th concubine held hands with Dylan as if praying.

The boy’s posture of closing his eyes and burying his head looked delicate.

Charlize hesitated. As soon as she drank the tea made of Heelu-herb, there were a few screams from the 7th concubine.

Then the 7th concubine asked where he got the Heelu-herb. Dylan replied that it was from his Master. And the 7th concubine called Charlize.

So now there were only three people in the bedroom, Dylan, Charlize, and the 7th concubine.


Dylan said nothing. The silence was heavy.

The breath of the 7th concubine was still rough and urgent.

Charlize lived for a long time as a ‘Keira’. Perhaps due to hundreds of years of age, Charlize could sense the energy of death inside the 7th concubine.

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And perhaps the 7th concubine.

Will die soon.

“Come closer.”

Said Dylan to Charlize after hearing the 7th concubine whisper. He desperately avoided gazing at her.

Charlize approached the 7th concubine. Perhaps the thought that these words might be the will of the 7th concubine left to her crossed her mind.

Dylan let go of his mother’s hand, and Charlize sat down. The chair was hot proving Dylan’s tension.

The 7th concubine licked her lips. She was not sounding well, so Charlize drew her ears close.

“…My son.”

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A faint voice as if it would fade soon.

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“I look forward to your kind cooperation.”

Every word is drawn out again and again.

At that moment, Charlize felt like her heart was pounding.


‘My thoughts are complicated. It feels like something heavy was placed on my chest. It seems stuffy, choking, and strangling. ‘


“… Yes.”

Charlize tried not to tremble. As if saying thank you, the 7th concubine’s gaze desperately pursued Charlize.

A look of gratitude for her pain, no matter what the circumstances may be, or whatever the inside story may be.

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The faintly smiling face of the 7th concubine is vague.

“I’ll do it, Your Ladyship.”

It was not until she heard the definite answer that the 7th concubine was relieved and chose to let go of the power of her hands holding Charlize.

The 7th concubine slowly closed her eyes. She may not die yet, but soon.

She must be tired because she had been crying her throat out since dawn. The 7th concubine slowly fell asleep.

Charlize got up without looking at Dylan.

Dylan didn’t talk to Charlize. Charlize left after a silent salute.

Before her return in time, the boy had not been able to witness the death of the 7th concubine.

Charlize lived with a keen desire to know what would have caused Dylan to vacate the imperial palace.

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It was intended to lead to his death.

Fortunately or unluckily, however, Dylan never left the palace. Later on, Dylan would tell her:

[Actually, just before receiving Heelu-herb, I tried to hold on to a little hope. I was thinking of going to the Dark Street to save the Heelu-herb myself. For some reason, thanks to Master wishing for Heelu-herb as a wish for the championship to save us, it was gone.]

Thank so his confession, Charlize could understand.

Before her return, unfortunately, when Dylan was away to gain Heelu-herb, the 7th concubine died.

Considering Dylan who was deeply distressed by guilt before her return, by twisting the flow Charlize had saved the boy.

‘The plot to turn him into a tyrant eventually saving him…’

It was ironic, but it was true.

As a result, Dylan didn’t have to leave the 7th concubine’s side for a second.

Dylan nursed the now painless and comfortable 7th concubine every day.

Classes were interrupted, but Charlize didn’t rush. Charlize lived quietly, filling the empty hours alone.

And after a while, news came out.

As Charlize thought.

It was the news of the death of the 7th concubine.

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