Chapter 530: Heishan Was Sent Flying By a Punch. How Was This Possible?

Ye Changge knew that the ghosts around him had not disappeared.

It was Heishan’s spell that blocked his vision.

He could be lurking around and waiting to launch a fatal attack on him.

He was familiar with this because of his battle experience.

In fact, Ye Changge was not wrong.

Heishan was on the left side of Ye Changge, and a powerful attack was quietly condensing in his hand.

Those monsters did not disappear, but were watching nervously and excitedly.

“Do you think Lord Heishan can defeat this person?”

Someone asked doubtfully.

But as soon as he finished his words, he felt a cold gaze.

It was the witch.

He was so scared that he shut his mouth on the spot.

“As for Lord Heishan’s technique, this is his unique move. Just now, he was just lucky. Now, he doesn’t have such good luck.”

The witch said confidently.

Although he did not know what method Ye Changge used, he thought that he must have been scheming.

Otherwise, at his age, to be able to cultivate to the Void Realm, he was already a genius.

How could he possibly erupt with the strength of the peak of the Void Realm.

This was a little inconceivable.

Therefore, in her mind, he must have used some strange method to forcefully increase his strength.

And this method definitely could not be used repeatedly.

Now, it seemed that Ye Changge was very strong. Perhaps he was just a paper tiger.

Maybe everything he was displaying now was just to deceive people.

“Look, he actually closed his eyes. Could it be that he’s prepared to admit defeat?”

The numerous ghosts looked over and indeed found that Ye Changge had closed his eyes.

In the Extreme Demon World, spiritual senses could not be used to begin with. Now that he closed his eyes, was he not courting death?

Although the observation of the naked eye was limited, it was still better than being blind.

When Heishan saw this, his eyes were filled with killing intent.

He was prepared to hit the target with one strike, not giving him a second chance.

As he approached Ye Changge, he did not dare to make a single sound, afraid of alerting the enemy.

At this moment, Heishan suddenly launched an attack, attacking Ye Changge’s back.

If this attack hit its target, it would be able to heavily injure Ye Changge no matter what.

And the numerous ghosts widened their eyes, afraid of missing out on something exciting.

Especially the witch, whose face was filled with the joy of revenge.

But what they did not expect was that this attack that was supposed to hit accurately was caught by Ye Changge.

Even Heishan was a little surprised.

He saw Ye Changge holding his fist back, and the two of them were in a stalemate.

“You… How did you do it?”

Heishan was extremely surprised.

He was confident that he did not make any sound just now, not to mention that he was blocked by the Extreme Demon World.

He was like the god of creation here. How could he be seen through?

This was the first time he had failed. One could imagine the shock in his heart.

“Your spell is a little strange, but you have overlooked one thing.”


Ye Changge’s words made Heishan’s emotions stir.

“It’s the cultivator’s intuition.”

Although he was unable to use his divine senses, his intuition, which he had honed in the face of danger, could not be blocked.

From the moment he stepped into the cultivation world until now, he had experienced countless large and small battles.

It could be said that he had already honed his extremely sharp senses.

In addition to his mystical technique, the Heavenly Dao of the soul, this kind of sensitivity was magnified infinitely.

With these, Heishan’s ending was already destined.

Ye Changge threw out a punch. In front of everyone’s eyes, Heishan directly turned into green smoke.

However, he was not surprised at all. This was just a clone.

He had discovered that previously.

“I admire you very much. You actually saw through my attack.

“Nowadays, there aren’t many outstanding young people like you. This makes me feel like cherishing talents.

“Why don’t you join us? That way, you won’t have to die. I also don’t want to let such a brilliant genius fall.

“If you agree, I can give you the position of Deputy Hall Master.”

Heishan’s words caused the other ghosts to turn pale with fright.

Deputy Hall Master?

This was the person with the most authority apart from Heishan himself.

Below one person, above ten thousand people!

But it was this position that Ye Changge shook his head at and rejected.

Forget about being a Deputy Hall Master, even if he was asked to be the boss…

He was not interested.

Heishan’s expression completely darkened.

He originally wanted to give Ye Changge a chance, and at the same time, increase their strength.

This way, not only could he protect his dignity, but he could also handle the rumours.

It would be like killing four birds with one stone.

But since he did not agree, Heishan did not force him.

If that was the case, then he would die.

Heishan’s body instantly disappeared into the air.

Ye Changge was unpredictable, but the ghosts outside could not be detected.

Ye Changge tried to get a sense of his surroundings. He understood that if he wanted to defeat Heishan, he had to break through this domain first.

As for how to break through, he already had an idea.

All the sources of power in the world came from the void.

The law of void was their nemesis.

Immediately after, Ye Changge did not hesitate and directly used the power of the void.

Everyone saw a burst of brilliant light erupt from his body.

This light swept in all directions with him as the center.

The others did not understand what was going on. Could it be that this light could cripple Lord Heishan’s domain?

The witch revealed a hint of mockery.

If Lord Heishan’s domain was so easy to break, it would not have become his trump card.

But at this time, Guiqi who was also one of the four great ghost generals, frowned because he noticed that Heishan’s expression was not right.

Not only was it wrong, he was panicking now.

Under the radiation of this light, he realized that he could no longer control his domain.

More importantly, his domain was on the verge of collapsing.

This was the first time he had encountered such a thing.

What kind of power was this?

It was actually able to dissolve his domain. Clearly, this power had directly crushed his demonic power.

This was the only way to dissolve his domain.

And in the instant he spent thinking, his domain had already been dissolved by more than half.

Ye Changge’s divine senses also returned to normal, and then spread out. “I found you.”

Then, to Heishan’s horror, he discovered that Ye Changge was attacking in his direction.

His speed was extremely fast. Just a moment ago, he was a dozen meters away from him, but in the blink of an eye, he was in front of him.

His fist carried an aura that made his heart palpitate, and he hurriedly moved to counterattack.


An explosion sounded.

Heishan felt a huge rebounding force coming at him, and he was instantly sent flying.

This force was very overbearing, and it did not give him the slightest ability to launch a counterattack.

His body was pushed back a dozen times before he could barely stabilize his body.

He looked at Ye Changge in disbelief.

Victory and defeat were clear.

He was actually forced back.

The others were even more dumbfounded.

Lord Heishan, who had always been supreme in their hearts, was actually sent flying by this kid with a punch.

How was this possible?!

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