Chapter 1472: Heartbreaker/ You Offended the Vengeful Spirit

Chapter 1719: Heartbreaker

“Affect our friendship?” Sun Jie raised her eyebrows and looked at Yang Ming charmingly. She said, “You overestimate your influence. Will you affect our friendship? Zhao Ying, do you think so?”

Zhao Ying was astonished by Sun Jie’s question, but she couldn’t help but feel amused by Sun Jie’s expression. She shook her head and whispered, “Naturally, it will not…”

“Haha, that’s good…” Yang Ming didn’t care. He touched the back of his head and laughed. He secretly admired how remarkable Sun Jie was. A simple sentence of hers could immediately relieve the present awkwardness.

It seemed to be attacking Yang Ming, but it was actually forcing Zhao Ying to make a statement. Also, Sun Jie’s relaxed and generous attitude had also allowed Zhao Ying to easily resolve the knot in her heart so that there would not be even a slight crack in their friendship.

Yang Ming secretly gave Sun Jie a look of approval. Sun Jie smirked proudly.

“Yang Ming, it turns out that the heartless rat that Zhao Ying mentioned is you?” Sun Jie switched the topic to Yang Ming, but did not deviate from the purpose of coming here today.

Yang Ming frowned slightly when he heard Sun Jie’s question, and didn’t answer. He couldn’t figure out what Sun Jie meant to say. Is she supporting my relationship with Zhao Ying or not?

“A heartless rat… it isn’t that bad, right?” Yang Ming smiled awkwardly.

“Isn’t that bad? Zhao Ying said that your relationship with her is lukewarm and you didn’t take a stand?” asked Sun Jie.

“Little Jie, don’t scold him. In fact, I am the one at fault…” Zhao Ying noticed Sun Jie attacking Yang Ming and was immediately embarrassed, so she quickly explained.

Zhao Ying was unclear why she was only slightly sad and quickly returned to normal after finding out about Yang Ming and Sun Jie’s relationship.

She felt better compared to the time she saw Yang Ming and Wang Xiaoyan together. At that time, she was really depressed. Could it be that with Wang Xiaoyan as a precedent, I have learned a lesson and became immune to it?

Or maybe, is it not a big deal because Sun Jie and Yang Ming were already together at a time where I was not striving for a relationship with Yang Ming? Or is it Sun Jie’s easy-going nature that stopped me from having any hostile feelings?

Maybe it is all of them combined… Although Zhao Ying’s mind was very chaotic now, she was not as disappointed as before.

“What progress can you make with your character?” Sun Jie looked at Zhao Ying helplessly. “In this kind of moment, you have to fight against him with me. What is going to happen to you in the future if you just exonerate him?”

“I… I…” Zhao Ying was speechless at Sun Jie’s words. For a long time, she didn’t even know what to say; her mind was in a mess. Today’s events were completely out of her expectations!

She was meant to have brought Yang Ming to meet Sun Jie, but she had become someone who stole Sun Jie’s boyfriend. Although Sun Jie didn’t say this, or didn’t think so, Zhao Ying still felt guilty. She couldn’t openly talk to Sun Jie about Yang Ming.

Zhao Ying was an overcautious person. Her character made her choose to back off, “Little Jie, thank you for these words, but I feel like a mess now. I want to go back home and calm down. Is that okay?”

“You!” Sun Jie looked at Zhao Ying disappointedly. Sun Jie never thought that Zhao Ying would be a potential threat to her. When it comes to resourcefulness, even Chen Mengyan wasn’t her opponent. She was just a bit jealous of Chen Mengyan’s status next to Yang Ming. So, Sun Jie mostly maintained a supportive role in Yang Ming’s life.

Zhao Ying lowered her head and did not dare to look at Sun Jie and Yang Ming. For a while, there was an awkward silence inside the private room.

At that moment, there was a knock on the door.

“Please come in,” said Yang Ming.

A waiter came in and asked respectfully, “Mr. Yang, may I serve the dishes?”

“Oh… okay,” Yang Ming nodded and said.

“Okay, do you have any other requests?” asked the waiter.

“No.” Yang Ming waved his hand and signaled for the waiter to leave.

The waiter smiled slightly and left the private room. He turned around and almost ran into Fan Jinzhe, who was sneakily standing behind him!

“Who are you?” The waiter closed the private room’s door and asked Fan Jinzhe with a slightly upset tone.

Fan Jinzhe had just seen the waiter entering Zhao Ying and Sun Jie’s private room, so he quickly followed. He wanted to see how many people were in the private room, and he did see clearly that only three people were sitting on the sofa. So Fan Jinzhe also made up his mind to enter the private room.

So, despite being questioned by the waiter, Fan Jinzhe didn’t show the slightest nervousness, “I’m from this private room. How do you walk? Don’t you look at where you’re going?”

The waiter was stunned by Fan Jinzhe’s confidence. Fan Jinzhe’s tone made it sound like he was really a member of the private room, so the waiter apologized, “I’m sorry. The rules of this restaurant state that the waiter must walk backward while leaving the private room, so I didn’t see you, sir.”

“Forget it!” Fan Jinzhe waved, turned, and knocked on the door.

When the waiter saw Fan Jinzhe knocking on the door of Private Room 307, he believed that Fan Jinzhe was a member of the private room. He quickly turned around and left.

He was afraid that Fan Jinzhe would turn back around, and scold him again for what just happened.

“What’s the matter?” Yang Ming thought it was the waiter from just now, so he said with a hint of impatience.

“Hello!” Fan Jinzhe pushed open the door and walked in, nodding politely to Yang Ming, “Are you Sun Jie’s boyfriend?”

“You are?” Yang Ming looked at this person suspiciously, wondering where he came from, and how he knew that he was Sun Jie’s boyfriend. It was simply because he didn’t know the person in front of him.

“Hehe, I am a classmate in Sun Jie’s graduate class and a good friend of Zhao Ying!” Fan Jinzhe deliberately said it ambiguously, and winked at Yang Ming, giving him a “you know” look.

From Fan Jinzhe’s point of view, since Yang Ming was Sun Jie’s boyfriend, then Yang Ming could help him to a certain extent in pursuing Zhao Ying. It could also be regarded as a tacit understanding and friendship between men.

“Good friend?” Yang Ming furrowed his brow. This time, Yang Ming understood Fan Jinzhe’s meaning by reading his eye signals. Is this guy Zhao Ying’s suitor? I didn’t expect him to follow her all the way here!

“Yeah!” Fan Jinzhe naturally did not notice the slight dissatisfaction in Yang Ming’s eyes. He smiled at Yang Ming flatteringly, “Brother, you already have a beauty as a girlfriend. I still need to work hard!”

“Ke Ke…” Sun Jie couldn’t help but cover her mouth and laugh. Fan Jinzhe’s words are too funny. Isn’t he looking for trouble by telling Yang Ming this?

The touch of maturity when Sun Jie smiled made Fan Jinzhe envious! However, at this moment, he could only suppress his inner desire and turn his head instead of glancing at Sun Jie.

He knew that if he kept his eyes on Sun Jie, he would have a tragic ending. Sun Jie, the sly fox, might take the opportunity to cause trouble. With that, his pursuit of Zhao Ying would become hopeless.

Of course, he was also afraid that Yang Ming would despise him. Fan Jinzhe still wanted to establish a good relationship with Yang Ming as of right now.

“Hello, this is my business card!” Fan Jinzhe took out his business card and handed it to Yang Ming.

“Oh?” Yang Ming glanced at the business card. It said, “Fan Jinzhe, CEO of the Jinzhe Trading Company.” “So you are President Jin. It is an honor to meet you at last. However, I don’t have a business card, so I apologize. I’m an unemployed person.”

“It is okay…” Fan Jinzhe waved his hands again and again, and he thought of Yang Ming as a rich kid from a wealthy family. However, he finally responded after waving for a long time, and quickly said, “Ugh… I am not President Jin. My surname is Fan.”

“Oh… I read it wrong, I read “Jinzhe Trading Company” on the card, so I thought your surname was Jin.” Yang Ming had really read it wrong. He wasn’t trying to provoke Fan Jinzhe. The reason was simple. Yang Ming really looked down on Fan Jinzhe and didn’t put him in his eyes. “Alright, let me call you President Fan. It is an honor to meet you too!”

Chapter 1720: You Offended the Vengeful Spirit

“No matter!” Fan Jinzhe waved his hands again, but he was secretly fueled with anger! Previously, when he called me President Jin, he said that it was an honor. But now, he still says that it is an honor. He is simply insulting me!

However, in order to establish a good relationship with Yang Ming, Fan Jinzhe still forced himself to say, “May I ask what is your name?”

“My name is Yang Ming,” Yang Ming said plainly.

“It is an honor to meet you…” Fan Jinzhe also imitated Yang Ming. “So you are President Ming!”

“Oh? How do you know my nickname is President Ming?” Yang Ming stood up and shouted in surprise while patting Fan Jinzhe’s shoulder vigorously, “My friends call me President Ming in private!”

“Ugh… Is it?” Fan Jinzhe almost vomited blood when he was patted by Yang Ming, but he didn’t know if Yang Ming did this intentionally or not. Seeing Yang Ming’s enthusiasm, Fan Jinzhe could only regard Yang Ming as being too happy.

“Yeah, you are amazing!” Yang Ming continued to smile and pat Fan Jinzhe’s shoulder with force, “I miss them so much!”

“I miss… Oh, I see, it must be your former friends.” Fan Jinzhe looked at Yang Ming in understanding.

“Yeah, I burn paper offerings for them every year,” Yang Ming sighed.

“Burn paper offerings… Ah? Burn paper offerings? What do you mean?” Fan Jinzhe was startled.

“It is nothing. Ai, it is just that these friends who called me President Ming are all dead…” Yang Ming said sadly.

“Ha?” Fan Jinzhe, stopped abruptly like a duck just as he was about to say something, “Dead- dead?”

“Yeah, I miss those who used to call me President Ming, but… I don’t know why they are all dead,” Yang Ming said as he wiped his eyes sadly, as if he was crying.

“This…” Fan Jinzhe was a little lost as he looked at Yang Ming. He didn’t know if what Yang Ming said was true or false. However, looking at Yang Ming’s sadness, it seemed to be true!

Fan Jinzhe really wanted to slap himself. Why must I be such a bad-mouth? Why did I say “President Ming” out of the blue? Yang Ming might have called me “Mr. Jin” unintentionally, but I did it on purpose. Great! Not only did I evoke his sad past, but I also cursed myself!

If the people who once called Yang Ming as “President Ming” are all dead, then aren’t I in danger?

Thinking of this, Fan Jinzhe felt a creeping chill and he trembled slightly.

“That… Mr. Yang, I’m sorry to evoke your sad past!” Fan Jinzhe said with remorse. “I shouldn’t have called you President Ming…”

“It is okay. It doesn’t matter. When I heard you call me President Ming, I was immediately excited, and I remembered the past!” Yang Ming said. “I really like this name…”

“*Cough*… Is that so…” Fan Jinzhe was a little helpless, and did not know whether he should continue to call Yang Ming as “President Ming” or not.

“Yeah… Forget it. However, it is better if you don’t call me that. I went to a fortune-teller after my friends died. The fortune-teller said that there is a vengeful spirit in me and that this vengeful spirit is called President Ming. Those who called me President Ming are cursed to death because they offended the vengeful spirits.” Yang Ming said solemnly, “So, for your sake, don’t call me President Ming…”

“What?” Fan Jinzhe completely froze, and his chest tightened.Is that so? How am I so unlucky? A name that I simply called is actually a curse. Isn’t this too unlucky?

“Ah! Oh no! President Fan, the vengeful spirit said in my ear just now that your thoughts have offended him, so he wants to curse you!” Yang Ming exclaimed suddenly.

“Ah? The vengeful spirit can also talk to you?” Fan Jinzhe looked at Yang Ming in astonishment for a moment, then his face became a little unsightly and angry, “Are you messing with me? How can a vengeful spirit talk to you?”

“I don’t know, it is a strange feeling. It seems that the vengeful spirit told me your thoughts. He said he will punish you!” Yang Ming didn’t rush to argue, but said it seriously.

“Really?” Fan Jinzhe frowned. “You’re messing with me, right? Why don’t I believe it?”

Fan Jinzhe somewhat believed in those dead friends, fortune-telling, and vengeful spirits that Yang Ming talked about. Although he did not believe it completely, he still felt panicked and uneasy in his heart.

However, when Yang Ming said that the vengeful spirit had told him that his thought had offended it, Fan Jinzhe found it unacceptable! He was a graduate student and had a master’s degree. How could he believe such nonsense?

After Yang Ming said these words, he was a little skeptical! He sneered in his heart. Yang Ming is really superfluous! He probably hates me for calling him “President Ming” as revenge, so he told me such a cold joke.

If Yang Ming didn’t mention something about the vengeful spirit talking to him, then Fan Jinzhe would not be completely doubtful.

“It’s true! Why would I lie to you!?” Yang Ming still had a serious expression with no hint of pretense.

“Then tell me what did the vengeful spirit say to you?” Fan Jinzhe asked with a sneer.

“The vengeful spirit told me that your thoughts were – Is that so? How am I so unlucky? A name that I simply called is actually a curse; isn’t this too unlucky?” said Yang Ming.

“This… This is impossible!” As soon as Yang Ming finished talking, Fan Jinzhe’s face went green and his eyes widened. Panic was written all over his face.”This is impossible. How is this possible? How did you know what I thought just now?”

Yang Ming sneered. Of course I know what you think. My special ability is used for this purpose. Fan Jinzhe was nervous before, so it was convenient for Yang Ming to use his special ability. He probed into Fan Jinzhe’s thoughts, so he was able to recite them to Fan Jinzhe word for word. Of course, Yang Ming could not tell Fan Jinzhe this.

“I already told you. The vengeful spirit told me.” Yang Ming threw his hand up, acting as if this was exactly what had happened.

This time, Fan Jinzhe had to believe Yang Ming’s words! Previously, he still felt that Yang Ming was lying to him and fooling him, but after he heard Yang Ming repeating his thoughts, Fan Jinzhe had no doubt at all!

He didn’t think that Yang Ming could guess what he thought. Even if he could guess it, it would already be amazing to guess the general meaning. However, how could Yang Ming recite it word for word?

“What did the vengeful spirit say?” Fan Jinzhe felt that his entire body was about to collapse, “What will the vengeful spirit do to me?”

“The vengeful spirit said that your thoughts have offended him, so he is going to curse you!” Yang Ming said with regret and sympathy. “I’m sorry, President Fan. You and I just met, and this brought you a lot of trouble. I’m really sorry!”

“Curse me…” Fan Jinzhe remembered Yang Ming saying that all his friends were dead and his eyes rolled. He almost fainted on the spot. Fortunately, his mentality was strong, so he resisted the fear in his heart. He shouted at Yang Ming, “Why didn’t you remind me before? Why didn’t you remind me? Why didn’t you tell me to not call you President Ming! Why? Do you have a grudge against me? Why do you harm me like this?”

As Fan Jinzhe talked, he rushed towards Yang Ming. He looked like he was going to oppose Yang Ming with all his might.

“I… How could I know that you would call me President Ming!?” Yang Ming said in grievance and slightly dodged. Fan Jinzhe’s action became useless and he almost fell to the ground.

“This…” Fan Jinzhe was at a loss for words, and he became a little more clear-headed! Indeed, Yang Ming never asked me to call him “President Ming”. I only called him “President Ming” on a whim. Who can I blame?

“Also, I already apologized for this. I also have no choice…” Yang Ming sighed.

“But… what should I do now?” Fan Jinzhe asked anxiously.

“I don’t know.” Yang Ming shook his head.

“Then tell me how your friends died!” shouted Fan Jinzhe.

“There were all kinds of deaths. Some were sick, some were hit by a car, some accidentally fell to death, some died of cancer or were hit by a motorcycle on the road…” Yang Ming reached out his hand and counted…

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