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He didn’t mean to wake her up.

As Dylan held his breath and remained still, Charlize fell asleep again.

Dylan slowly lifted his finger. Don’t. He couldn’t touch her without permission. It’s just.

“I want to grow up.”

Dylan muttered slowly. The mountain sky was blue and clear. The calm air smelled pleasant and light. One scent was even stronger than that.

Charlize’s lavender scent.

Somewhere in his body, his heart beat quickly. His breath quietly trembled.


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Like a confessor, he confided.

“I want to be.”

‘I want to achieve everything you desire. Whatever you dream of. To make it a reality.’

The mountain silently cried because it was so beautiful. The birds were chirping. The boy was captivated.


Charlize used to think sometimes. No matter what desire she instilled, Dylan would have followed.

Four years have passed since then.

Dylan became the Crown Prince.

“Oh my God, My Lady is so beautiful.”

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“I’ve never seen anyone who looks so good with coral jewelry.”

The maids looked at Charlize in the mirror with admiration. The opening ceremony for the Crown Prince was today.

As a teacher, Charlize had to attend the ceremony. This was the reason why she put more effort into dressing than usual.

The smooth and calm color of the coral jewelry went very well with Charlize. Engenskin, also known as the skin of an angel, was light pink.

The pink coral ornaments on top of her head stood out because of Charlize’s calm yet captivating atmosphere.

Meanwhile, Charlize was looking back on the past. That day. The last moment of the funeral.

[Master, what do you want?]

No matter how she had answered Dylan’s question at that time, it would have all become reality.

If she said, ‘Please be a painter who will last for thousands of years’, Dylan would have become a painter that remains in history.

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If she said, ‘Please unify the continent’, Dylan would have unified the continent by any means.

Is it only the highest level?

Even more humble and extreme cases were possible.

If she said, ‘Starve to death’, Dylan would have starved to death.

Even if she had made a vulgar order, ‘Be a body seller’, Dylan would have accepted it without saying anything.

Charlize was the only one for Dylan. Dylan, yes. He was haughty and difficult.

No one had crossed his wall since the 7th concubine died. It was worth Charlize’s effort.

[Prince, the Empire is only an illusion after all.]

One spring day, Charlize asked,

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[Is there an empire? Can you touch the Empire?]

Dylan let Charlize dig into his inner self and redefine his essence. Charlize made him a tyrant with his permission.

[In the end, you’ll realize that it’s just a tool concept created to build up human relationships smoothly. What is this different from blind faith in religion?]

Dylan did not question Charlize’s words. Because Charlize was an absolute person to him.

[Destroy it. What is true freedom? Life is bondage. How can they be free to be born as a commoner and slave and to be bound by lifelong status? I don’t know if taking a life would be a boon to them.]

Distrust of the Empire, deep resentment toward the imperial family, the stupidity of discriminating people based on their natural status, and a violent and destructive way of thinking.

No matter what she said, Dylan listened. The clear mood of Dylan was getting foggy and secretive.

[All of Master’s words are right.]

Day after day, Dylan’s skills grew explosively. He was a comfortable and easy student. Charlize thoroughly raised Dylan as a tyrant.

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This was the most important step when trying to complete her revenge.

Of course, it was Charlize’s responsibility to fight the skepticism from time to time.

[Take whatever you want. The Prince deserves it. You don’t have to respect your property. You can take it away if you become the ruler. If you’re bothered, I can handle it.]

Charlize told Dylan to ascend the throne.

She said to have an ambition.

She told him to be cold-hearted.

The luxurious and extravagant imperial palace, countless women, and the knights who will devote their lives to him.

She said that he should take the aristocracy and pretend to be transferred to a new capital by borrowing the power of foreign powers.

[Put your desires ahead of the country. It’s okay to show your presence.]

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Charlize was busy painting the white drawing paper she had in her hand.

Dylan had more and more followers. He quickly absorbed her lessons. He was fascinating and charismatic.

‘And really.’

Dylan became the Crown Prince. Charlize knew this was going to happen. The Crown Prince was only the middle stage before becoming an emperor.

‘But it’s amazing.’

It was faster than she thought.

She was a little puzzled. Everyone would be when they see their goals really come true. A strange distance. A tingling feeling.

The original Crown Prince died around the same time as the pre-return flow. Few royal families survived after a fierce war for succession to the throne.

It was also the same as before the return, the only different thing was the fact that Dylan, not the 5th prince, was on the crown prince.

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“It’s all done. Grandmaster.”

“It’s unusual to have both the coming-of-age ceremony and the Crown Prince’s opening ceremony at the same time… The dress may be uncomfortable, My lady. Hold on a little.”

Charlize listened to the maids and nodded. It took about 30 minutes to get dressed.

The complex design of the dress was splendidly decorated with golden thread and jewelry, and it was worth a look.

“The people in charge of the Imperial Palace’s wardrobe burned their souls for today…”

The maid murmured.

It had already been four years since Charlize entered the palace. There’s still a rumor in society that she was a wicked woman. Anyone knew that.

How excellent Charlize was. The results were clear now. She was the genius who first discovered the prince, whom no one recognized, and even made him the Crown Prince.

Every time she walked by, three maids followed her to lift the hem of her dress.

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Charlize arrived soon.

“Please come this way.”

Charlize was guided to the seat of honor.

The coming-of-age ceremony of the imperial family usually ended by holding a national flower, tulip in their arms, and drinking the wine given by the emperor.

As Dylan lifted up a small glass of wine, his sleeves were stretched. He drinks quietly.

“Congratulations on your coming of age.”

The emperor looked proudly at Dylan and tapped him on the shoulder. Countless people looked at Dylan.

Charlize’s expression became strange.

The Crown Prince’s opening ceremony was even more grand and splendid. The nobles who stayed in the drawing-room gathered, and the people who worked were also standing.

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In front of them, the moment the Crown Prince announces that he is the ruler of the next empire.

“As the next ruler of the Empire, Prince Dylan’s title will be promoted to the Crown Prince, and all those involved will be given a rank.”

The prime minister read the letter.

“The prince’s teacher will be promoted to the Crown Prince’s grandmaster from now on. If the Crown Prince gets married to a woman, she will be called the Crown Princess, and if there is a successor, he will be called the son of the Crown Prince.”

From now on, Charlize would be called ‘Grandmaster’ rather than ‘Lady’.

“The empire has acquired a successor with amazing virtues and outstanding talents, so how can it not be a blessing?”

“It’s a day of everyone’s joy.”

The emperor helped him.

“In commemoration of the new crown prince’s inauguration, I grant a special pardon to the imprisoned criminals, and give a gold medal to the newly born children today.”

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The emperor looked really happy. Charlize felt people’s eyes pouring into her seat.

Especially the vivid ones. The eyes of her family.

Charlize didn’t care. Only Dylan was worth looking at.

‘I can’t believe the position of the ruler suits him so well.’

Charlize had seen more than ten emperors as Keira. Dylan was the best when compared to all of them together.

He was graceful and unrivaled like a natural ruler. She knew the feeling of the artist who was proud of creating a masterpiece with all their sincerity.

Numerous nobles bowed their heads in front of Dylan and chanted congratulations. Words praising the Empire.

“Congratulations. Your Royal Highness the Crown Prince.”

“The whole country will be pleased.”

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Dylan accepted the situation naturally without hesitation.

He was no longer the 13th prince without existence.

He was the second most noble and dignified man in the empire after the emperor. And he listened blindly only to Charlize.

“Your Excellency the Grand Duke, how did you raise your daughter so well… Please tell me the secret.”

Suddenly, Charlize heard it.

Words that raise the Grand Duke as if complimenting himself. The flattery nobles surround her father.

“That’s right.”

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“At the age of 20, she’s already a Crown Prince’s grandmaster. It’s a career that no one has ever achieved.”

“The eldest daughter has already won honor for the Ronans. How happy you must be.”

The nobles spoke loudly, as Charlize would listen. It was all about being flattering. Charlize looked indifferent.

‘You really don’t know how he raised me.’

The Grand Duke always ignored Charlize. With a look of resentment asking why she survived and not the Grand Duchess.

Was there anyone who didn’t know that Charlize was an abandoned princess?

“By the way, you’re amazing. The Emperor recognized your talent right away!”

The fact that the 13th prince, who had no presence, became the Crown Prince interested the people who drew near him and spoke to him.

“Are you afraid of your insight, Your Excellency?”

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“You lent your sagacity to the lady!”


There’s no way he could answer.

It was Charlize’s arbitrary behavior to be Dylan’s teacher.

Charlize did not make even a small report to the Duke of Ronan.

Charlize’s thoughts ended with a plain reminiscence that she did before.

It was nothing more than those dim past figures.

But the son of the Grand Duke, who was standing next to the Grand Duke, looked strange. The Grand Duke was also embarrassed.


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Charlize’s and Grand Duke’s eyes met in the air. As soon as the Grand Duke saw Charlize, he hardened coldly.

Charlize looked at him indifferently. Even after that, the nobles’ flattering remarks continued, but Charlize didn’t listen.

The opening ceremony ended after a while.

The crown prince followed the emperor. Charlize was about to return to her inner self now when they blocked her way.

“It’s been a long time since we’ve met.”

The Grand Duke, and the two sons of the Grand Duke.

It was Dante who talked to her first.

“Yes, long time no see.”

Charlize answered back. Dante looked at Charlize and bit his lips.

Dante was nervous. Charlize didn’t attend many parties. It was the first time in four years that a whole family gathered like this.

“What are your hidden intentions?”

The Grand Duke broke the silence. His cold silver hair shone in the sun. The black eye, like an abyss, stared as if he could not recognize Charlize.

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