Chapter 1466: Glad to be Beaten Up/ Preventing Accidental Harm

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Chapter 1707: Glad to be Beaten Up

This Zhang Laibao usually treated Zhang Yuliang well, so Zhang Yuliang still explained patiently. If it was another person, Zhang Yuliang would have ignored him.

“Bao Sanli… Hou Zhenhan…” Zhang Laibao repeated those two names. His face suddenly paled. He was almost fully sober from the drunkenness, “Liangzi, what did you say? Say it again? He… He is with Brother Bao? ”

“Yeah…” Zhang Yuliang nodded with a wry smile, “Fourth Master, we …”

“You wretch. Why didn’t you say it earlier!” Zhang Laibao’s heart twitched and his eyes almost rolled. “Why didn’t you report such a big matter to me?”

Zhang Laibao usually didn’t have the chance to get in touch with Bao Sanli. Today, he had just offended his people. How could he not be angry? This was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to suck up to them, but it was ruined just like that. Not only that, it would be a relief if he did not cause them to have a bad feeling, let alone leaving a good impression!

“Fourth Master, I wanted to say it previously but you didn’t let me…” Zhang Yuliang smiled bitterly, “I just said half of it and you interrupted me…”

“You…” Zhang Laibao was suddenly at a loss for words. He was indeed the one who interrupted Zhang Yuliang just now! However, he still said, “It’s such a big matter. You still have to say it even if I don’t let you say it!”

“Didn’t I say it already…?” Zhang Yuliang said in his heart, If it wasn’t for your anxiousness, would things end up like they are now? I had already appeased Yang Ming on my side. But you came in and stirred up trouble, so things are now out of control.

“This…” Zhang Laibao blamed himself in his heart, Drinking does ruin matters. I wouldn’t be so impulsive if I didn’t drink today. At least I would think carefully about Zhang Yuliang’s previous reminder. Look at how it is now. I drank too much and my brain is not working. Ignoring Zhang Yuliang’s words previously has led me to the current consequences.

Sun Kun’s facial expression also changed. He had also heard the names of Bao Sanli and Hou Zhenhan before. After all, these two were too famous in Song Jiang. Sun Kun did not expect Yang Ming to be related to Bao Sanli.

Things had taken a different turn one again! Originally, Sun Kun thought that after Zhang Laibao got involved, not only would his company’s transfer matter fail, but today’s affairs would also not end well. However, Zhang Yuliang’s words had pointed out Yang Ming’s connections. This made Zhang Laibao, who was initially so angry, become instantly scared and pale. Sun Kun could see the emotional change clearly. What a twist and turn of events indeed!

There were a lot of plot twists today, but now it seemed that the results were good. It really trained people’s mental capacity!

“Yang… Mr. Yang. Before this, I didn’t figure out the situation. As you can see, I drank too much…” Zhang Laibao looked at Yang Ming with a shocked expression. He said carefully, “This drinking really ruined things. Previously, I… ”

“Didn’t you say previously that even if Jade Emperor is here, you will still beat me to the point of being disabled?” Yang Ming looked at Zhang Laibao and asked.

“That… If the Jade Emperor comes, then I will beat. If the Jade Emperor does not come, then I’ll not beat. Now the Jade Emperor didn’t come, right?” Zhang Laibao suddenly had a bright idea and explained accordingly.

“Pfft…” Yang Ming almost laughed out loud when he heard Zhang Laibao’s explanation. What a shameless person. It is really marvelous that he can explain himself like that.

“Haha, I will hit you when the Jade Emperor comes, and you will hit me if the Jade Emperor does not come. This Jade Emperor does not exist, so of course he can’t come. Therefore, I surely can’t hit you!” Seeing Yang Ming smile, Zhang Laibao seemed to see a glimpse of hope, so he continued to explain quickly. “Since the Jade Emperor does not exist, my previous words are nonsense. Zhang Yuliang, hurry up! What are you still looking at?”

“Hurry up? What do you mean hurry up?” Zhang Yuliang was shocked. He thought that this Fourth Master had lost his mind. Why does he still ask me to hurry up in this situation?

“Hurry and beat me up! Didn’t you hear me?” said Zhang Laibao anxiously.

“This…” Zhang Yuliang was immediately dumbfounded. He did not expect that this was what Fourth Master meant.

Yang Ming really didn’t know whether to cry or laugh about Zhang Laibao’s explanation and approach. He originally wanted to teach this guy a lesson, but his current performance really made Yang Ming unable to make a move.

Although Yang Ming disliked such feeble villains, their style and behavior were indeed a life-saving secret in the underworld. They could shake off disasters and dangers numerous times. As long as they were shameless, they could make it through anything.

“Beat me up. Hurry!” Zhang Laibao became anxious when he saw that Zhang Yuliang was stunned and unmoving, so he rushed him.

“Yes…” Zhang Yuliang had no choice but to nod. He raised his hand and prepared to slap Zhang Laibao. But when he reached Zhang Laibao’s face, he couldn’t do it. After all, Zhang Laibao was older than him and he was also the company leader. How could Zhang Yuliang hit him?

“What are you waiting for? Hit me quickly!” Zhang Laibao shouted anxiously when he saw that Zhang Yuliang’s hand was just hanging there. He now hoped that Yang Ming would quickly get rid of his anger. Otherwise, if Yang Ming was not willing to spare him, he wouldn’t be able to mingle in Song Jiang anymore. This taxi company probably couldn’t operate either.

“Oh… yes.” Zhang Yuliang was helpless. He had no choice but to slap Zhang Laibao.

Zhang Laibao was afraid that Zhang Yuliang would flinch again, so he quickly moved his big face in the direction of Zhang Yuliang’s hand. This time, Zhang Yuliang finally slapped Zhang Laibao’s face with a loud “pak”.

This act of pushing his face towards the slapping hand really made Yang Ming completely speechless. It was so awesome. It was a whole new level of awesomeness!

“Why did you use so little force? It is just like a mosquito bite,” Zhang Laibao touched his already red face and said with some dissatisfaction. “Come again. Try harder. Hit with all your might!”

“Ah? Oh…” Zhang Yuliang was stunned for a moment and then he nodded. He had no choice but to lift his arm again to slap him. This time Zhang Yuliang also went all in. He added some strength to his hand.

With a loud “pak”, Zhang Laibao’s face was slapped again. Suddenly, Zhang Laibao could see stars in his eyes. He was dizzy, and his ears were buzzing.

“No, use more force. It’s not enough!” Zhang Laibao commanded Zhang Yuliang dizzily.

“This… okay!” Zhang Yuliang gritted his teeth and raised his arms. This time he used all his strength to slap Zhang Laibao’s face. A ‘bang’ sound immediately followed.

Zhang Laibao’s cheeks were swollen and blood leaked from the corners of his mouth. His mouth and eyes were deformed, and he looked at Yang Ming with a pitiful face. When he saw that Yang Ming still didn’t speak, he said to Zhang Yuliang, “This side. Continue hitting the other side of my face! ”

As he said this, Zhang Laibao rushed the other side of his face towards Zhang Yuliang.

Zhang Yuliang was about to raise his arms again to slap Zhang Laibao, but Yang Ming frowned and stopped him, “Okay, that’s enough.”

Zhang Laibao didn’t understand what Yang Ming meant. Was he satisfied or dissatisfied? He suddenly looked at Yang Ming with fear and sincerity, “I failed to recognize great talent, so I must learn a bloody lesson to make me remember … ”

“It’s good enough. No need to hit anymore. I’ll forget it this time.” Yang Ming said to the wretched and miserable looking Zhang Laibao. Before this, Yang Ming really wouldn’t bother to teach a person like Zhang Laibao a lesson. It was a good choice for Zhang Yuliang to do the work for him.

So Yang Ming watched Zhang Yuliang slap Zhang Laibao’s face until it was coated with blood. Only then did Yang Ming feel it was good enough and stop them.

Zhang Laibao suddenly showed a relieved expression after hearing Yang Ming’s words. It meant that Yang Ming had forgiven him. Enduring these slaps were not wasted effort. If not, he was ready to let Zhang Yuliang continue to slap him. If it still didn’t work, he would hit himself with an iron rod until Yang Ming forgave him. In short, Zhang Laibao had gone all in. He was already prepared to stay in hospital for half a year.

He did not expect Yang Ming to forgive him just like that. This made Zhang Laibao overjoyed. Suddenly, the fresh pain on his face turned into a happy feeling which made him extremely comfortable.

It turned out that being beaten was also a happy thing!

Chapter 1708: Preventing Accidental Harm

“Mr. Yang, it’s great that you can forgive me!” Zhang Laibao said happily. “Don’t worry. I will do Mr. Sun Kun’s transfer procedures for you immediately. Zhang Yuliang, quickly issue a certificate for Mr. Sun Kun.”

“Of course you need to issue a certificate. But before that, I still want to remind you.” Yang Ming said, ” I don’t know what other taxi companies are like. I don’t know whether they also have so many problems and violently force drivers to sign contracts. But judging from the fact that Brother Kun wants to transfer to another company, I am afraid that other companies are definitely not like this.”

“This…” When Zhang Laibao heard Yang Ming’s words, his forehead started dripping with sweat immediately, “Mr. Yang, I…”

“You don’t talk first,” Yang Ming waved his hand. “The things that happened in the past, let it be. I don’t want to look into it. But from now on, I hope you don’t keep going down this crooked path. What is so bad about running the business properly? Establish a good image that will be spread by word-of-mouth and I believe these taxi drivers will not leave. We must look for the long term benefits in everything, and not just seek the temporary advantage.”

“Yes, yes. What Mr. Yang said is right. I will correct it in the future!” Zhang Laibao did not expect Yang Ming to say these words to him. He was shocked for a moment, and then he quickly agreed.

Yang Ming saw Zhang Laibao promise so quickly and knew that he was probably being perfunctory. It was hard to say if he really listened to it. So he said with a laugh, “Of course, you can choose not to listen to me. However, I will come to inquire after a while. If the business is still run the same way, then I don’t mind suggesting to Brother Bao to also enter the taxi industry and start a taxi company to compete with you. At that time, it’s not up to you to decide whether you want to let people go… ”

When Zhang Laibao heard Yang Ming’s words, he was stunned deep down in his heart! Yang Ming’s last sentence was what worried Zhang Laibao the most! As Yang Ming said, if Bao Sanli also entered the taxi industry to start a taxi company, after his company’s taxi contracts expired and the drivers wanted to transfer to Bao Sanli’s company, how could he dare to stop them?

However, if they were allowed to switch companies, it probably wouldn’t be long before all the people in his company ran away. If these people transferred to Bao Sanli’s company, he really didn’t dare to say anything. He would even have to issue certificates to them with a smile…

Zhang Laibao’s face immediately turned green as soon as he thought of the possible happenings! Even if he knew that he would be doomed this way, there was no way to stop it. This feeling really made him grieve to the extent of wishing to die.

“Mr. Yang… The taxi industry is not very profitable. Brother Bao is a person who does big things. Why would he be interested in these small profits?” Zhang Laibao begged for mercy hurriedly and carefully, “Mr. Yang, rest assured, our company will start reorganizing tomorrow… No, we will start reorganizing in just a moment. We will start a new journey with a new look. We will refund all unreasonable deposits. Please look forward to it, Mr. Yang…”

At this moment, Zhang Laibao figured out that if it went on like this, he would probably be doomed. The earthen pot must keep clear of the brass kettle [1]. It was impossible to reason with Yang Ming and Bao Sanli, so it was better to do as Yang Ming said!

Although there might not be too many short-term benefits, what Yang Ming said was right. It was a good idea for long-term development.

The most important thing was to be able to continue the business by not offending Bao Sanli.

“Great. Since that’s the case, I will observe for a while and we’ll see then.” Yang Ming nodded.

“No problem, Mr. Yang. I will hold a meeting right now. I want to welcome the future with a brand new look!” Zhang Laibao guaranteed quickly.

Yang Ming didn’t fully believe Zhang Laibao’s words. He just said, “I hope so.”

“Zhang Yuliang, didn’t I ask you to issue a certificate to Mr. Sun Kun? What are you still doing here?” Zhang Laibao shouted impatiently when he saw that Zhang Yuliang had not gone to issue the certificate yet.

“I’m going now, going now!” Zhang Yuliang said to himself, This Sun Kun didn’t give me any materials, so how can I issue it? So he quickly turned to look at Sun Kun, “That… Brother Kun, give me the paperwork of your request to switch companies and your expired contract. I’ll issue a certificate for you! ”

“There’s no need!” Sun Kun waved his hand, “I don’t want to change company anymore.”

“Ah?” Zhang Yuliang was stunned. Even Zhang Laibao and Yang Ming were dumbfounded.

“Mr. Sun Kun, are you still angry…? I’m really sorry for the past incidents…” Zhang Laibao was surprised and thought, Is this Sun Kun still dissatisfied? After all, Sun Kun had also come to the company multiple times before this to request to transfer to another company, but it was not done. It would be normal for him to have grievances in his heart. So Zhang Laibao quickly apologized to Sun Kun with a smile.

Zhang Laibao didn’t care too much about Sun Kun. But now Sun Kun’s status had naturally risen since he was with Yang Ming. Therefore, Zhang Laibao couldn’t treat Sun Kun as he used to.

“Angry? Why should I be angry? I’m not angry anymore!” Sun Kun waved with a smile, “The reason I’m not changing companies is not that I’m deliberately trying to find faults. It is because of President Zhang. You said just now that the company will reshape itself in the future, so why do I still have to go? I’ll just stay here and be a witness!”

“Oh?” Zhang Laibao froze for a moment, then he immediately rejoiced, “That’s great, Mr. Sun Kun. Rest assured, we will work out a new contract-signing method in the next few days to ensure that you will not be disappointed. Even the worst will not be worse than other companies! ”

Now that Zhang Laibao had decided to change, he didn’t care that Sun Kun would supervise him. Instead, he hoped that Sun Kun would stay here so that he could say some good things to Yang Ming after experiencing the company’s transformation personally. This would let Yang Ming dismiss the idea of recommending Bao Sanli to start a taxi company. This was why he welcomed Sun Kun’s stay with open arms.

Anyway, Sun Kun’s decision to stay was a recognition of his ability. Zhang Laibao held Sun Kun’s hand warmly, “Mr. Sun Kun, thank you for your trust again!”

“Alright, President Zhang. Don’t say these courteous words anymore. Since Brother Kun has decided to stay here, it is also a good thing.” Yang Ming was afraid that Zhang Laibao would hold a grudge against Sun Kun. Although it seemed that Zhang Laibao was very welcoming now, who knew what he was thinking? It was impossible to judge a man’s heart from his face. In case Zhang Laibao wanted to muddle through, then Sun Kun would naturally become a thorn on his side if he stayed here! So Yang Ming warned specifically, “This way, at least Brother Bao won’t harm you by mistake! With Brother Kun here, he can also learn more about the situation!”

Harm me by mistake? Zhang Laibao was shocked and felt miserable in his heart. Turns out that I was almost harmed by mistake. Listening to the meaning in Yang Ming’s words, it seemed that Yang Ming wanted Bao Sanli to teach him a lesson no matter what. Sun Kun’s decision to stay had saved his life!

Thinking of this, Zhang Laibao secretly felt relieved. He must treat Sun Kun like a master in the future so that Sun Kun would speak a word or two for him. With that, he would not need to suffer harm mistakenly!

In fact, Sun Kun thought the same. Since Yang Ming had intimidated Zhang Laibao, Zhang Laibao would only treat him with courtesy if he stayed in the Dade Elegant Company. Perhaps even if he transferred to a new company and needed to pay lower rental costs, he would not be treated with this much courtesy.

Therefore, when Sun Kun heard Zhang Laibao’s decision to transform the company, he was determined to stay. With others around, no one would make life difficult for him.

“Yes, yes!” Zhang Laibao said, “Well now, I have decided to appoint Mr. Sun Kun as the supervisor of our Dade Elegant Taxi Company. He can raise objections to the company’s management and fee collection system. Besides that, he reserves the right to inform Mr. Yang of these problems. This will help with the planning and supervision for us to reimage our company!”

Zhang Laibao’s brain was relatively fast. As soon as he changed his mind, he came out with a job title for Sun Kun. This enabled Sun Kun to participate in the change officially! What Zhang Laibao feared most was that even if he changed his system, Yang Ming would still be dissatisfied. Then, if Yang Ming simply made an excuse for Bao Sanli to compete with him, he would be extremely unlucky.

By letting Sun Kun participate with him officially, it would mean that the new system would also be partly formulated by Sun Kun. This way, even if Yang Ming was dissatisfied with the new system, it would be inappropriate for him to comment much!

Watching Yang Ming calling Sun Kun as ‘Brother Kun’ every now and then, Zhang Laibai could discern that the relationship between the two was definitely good. He believed that Yang Ming would surely give face to Sun Kun.

[1] One must avoid provoking someone of a higher status.

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