Chapter 524: The Blood Demon Came to Test Ye Changge

Guba raised his head, not daring to meet Ye Changge’s eyes.

He looked at the transparent object on the ground, trembling, and shook his head in a daze.

“Although I don’t know, our leader is very knowledgeable.

“He definitely knows what this is.”

Seeing the killing intent in Ye Changge’s eyes, Guba spoke very quickly.

At this moment, in order to survive, he could not even care about his own leader.

Right now, the most important thing was still his own life.

He would think about the future later.

Ye Changge was very direct, almost condemning him. “Bring me there.”

He was not afraid of Guba escaping.

It was just that it would be faster this way.

No one had ever been able to escape his hands.

The power of space spread out, and the four figures instantly disappeared.

In the next moment, they appeared around a large hall.

Seeing what was in the middle, Ye Changge also understood what was going on here.

Simply put, this place was not the territory of the Netherworld, but a place that the Netherworld did not care about.

The Yellow Springs Region.

There were lone souls and wild ghosts that had entered the Netherworld.

They had joined an organization of an old demon from Black Mountain. Under the old demon from Black Mountain, there were four great ghost generals.

The Blood Devil lord was one of them, and he held a high position and power.

His cultivation was also extremely powerful, and he was highly regarded by the old demon of Black Mountain.

Other than Blood Devil, the other three great ghost generals were Moluo, Guiqi, and the witch.

The witch was the one that Ye Changge was most interested in.

According to Guba, the witch was good at charming sounds, and even the old demon of Black Mountain had to show her some respect.

The other three ghost generals looked at her as if they had seen a ghost.

They did not even dare to say anything fierce, let alone contend with her.

The Blood Demon Palace.

This was the blood demon’s lair.

“Who dares to enter the Blood Demon Palace!”

When Ye Changge and the other two entered, a large number of monsters poured in.

They surrounded Ye Changge and the others.

“Yes, Guba!

“You actually betrayed us and brought outsiders to the core.

“Just wait to be executed!”

A man in armor said in front of the monsters.

Guba’s body trembled when he heard that.

The Blood Demon Hall had an extremely strict hierarchy.

If they violated the rules, they would be executed.

This was not something that people could imagine.

Compared to the torture in the eighteen levels of hell, this place was not inferior.

“Stop talking nonsense, let the blood demon come out!”

“You actually dare to directly call his excellency by his name.

“This is a capital crime!

“Kill him!”

With that command, a large number of monsters wanted to attack.

But at this moment, Ye Changge waved his hand, and a powerful force instantly surged out.

With him as its center, it spread out.

These monsters that had not yet charged up were instantly overturned on the ground.

Ye Changge did not kill them. After all, he was here to look for someone.

This was different from the previous attack on them. That one was truly offensive.

He would never show mercy to those who offended him.

The monster wearing armor was instantly knocked down by this force.

There was turmoil in his heart. “What a powerful force!”

What shocked him was the vague majesty.

It was already comparable to their leader.

When did such a powerful cultivator appear in the Netherworld?

They were completely no match for him.

It was a pity that their lord was out and was not in the hall.

Otherwise, he would definitely be able to subdue a few people.

But now that they were in this situation, they had no choice but to lower their heads.

The armored monster said, “Respected lord, our leader is not in the hall right now. Please rest first.

“I’ll send a voice transmission to our leader.”

After that, Ye Changge and the others entered the hall.

The armored monster left.

Guba’s courage was gone, and his entire body began to spasm.

It was as if he had already anticipated the consequences.

“Don’t worry, as long as you obey my arrangements, I’ll guarantee your safety.”

Ye Changge’s words caused his entire body to tremble.

Thinking of how powerful this lord was, Guba immediately knelt down.

He said gratefully, “Thank you, Lord.”

With Ye Changge’s guarantee, he became much more comfortable.

Even the golden-armored monster was no match for this his lord. Presumably, his cultivation level must have reached a level that shook the past and the present.

Perhaps he had already reached the level of his Excellency the blood demon.

If he clung on to this thigh of his, he did not have to be strong in everything.

Guba felt that his life was full of motivation again, and his future was bright.

“Fellow Daoist Ye…”

Zhan Xianyi was about to speak, but was stopped by Ye Changge.

This made her clearly stunned.

“Fellow Daoist Ye… You’re too long-winded. If you don’t mind, why don’t You call me Big Brother Ye!”

Ye Changge really didn’t like this fellow Daoist.

He still remembered what Shen Gongpao had said in the God Ascension ankings in his previous life.

“Fellow Daoist, please wait.”

She felt something strange.

When Zhan Xianyi heard Ye Changge say this, she was obviously stunned.

Not only him, even Huan Caiyi’s expression froze.

‘Big Brother Ye!’

Zhan Xianyi did not know why, but her pretty face was flushed.

“Big… Big Brother Ye!”

Zhan Xianyi was really not used to calling him that.

The expression on her face betrayed her discomfort.

Although their realms were higher than Ye Changge’s, when putting it all together, it was not an exaggeration for Ye Changge to say that he was their teacher.

Especially when they were in the forbidden area. Zhan Xianyi still owed Ye Changge for the primal purple clouds.

Strictly speaking, Zhan Xianyi could be considered half a disciple of Ye Changge.

As for Huan Caiyi, she did not feel uncomfortable at all.

Putting aside the fact that Ye Changge had solved Miao Kexin’s hidden problems.

This time, for Elder Wan, he personally came to the Netherworld.

This originally had nothing to do with him.

But he still came.

Moreover, with Ye Changge’s talent, advancing to the True Immortal Realm in the future was a certainty.

He also grasped the array path and alchemy, these two professions that were popular.

His future was limitless.

Although his current realm was a level higher than hers, he would catch up to her soon.

Towards this Brother Ye, she was also willing to accept it.

There was even a trace of joy in her heart.

As for why, she did not know.


A tyrannical aura came from outside the hall.

Then, they saw a two-meter-tall figure standing in front of them, his entire body was red.

His body was emitting a red light, as if he had drunk a lot of blood.

As soon as he arrived, he stared at Ye Changge.

Obviously, the armored ghost had already informed him of the matter.

“Fellow Daoist, why are you here?”

As he spoke, he even used his own aura.

However, in the face of this imposing manner, Ye Changge still appeared calm and collected.

Even the two people beside him were unmoved.

The blood demon was shocked.

He immediately knew that these three people were not ordinary people.

One had to know that he had already used 90% of his imposing aura, but the other party was still as steady as a mountain.

This caused his mind to race.

This could be a super powerhouse in the greater world.

He could not be compared to the previous elders.

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